Forgiveness by the Zodiac Sign: The Only Gift of Giving You Will Need or have for 2016

December 15 2015

Are you feeling jolly yet? Has the spirit of the holiday season filled you with joy? If you are groaning just at the thought know that you are not alone. In fact you are among billions that are struggling right now in this moment of the holiday season. And it really doesn't matter what religion or race you are, the world and the human race is feeling this very human moment. For many, it is very difficult to catch up in the external spirit of joy and peace and goodwill that is spreading across the globe. And the reason for that is due to the fact that there is an internal battle happening with each and every one of us, right this very moment.

It doesn't matter how spiritually evolved you are, or what your astrology forecast says for the holidays, or even 2016. The truth is, that if you are not in full control of the internal battle we all face this time of year, life will be very difficult over the holidays, and through 2016. What is this human battle? It is the battle of forgiveness. It is physically and literally impossible to feel joy at any point in our lives, even neurologically impossible, when we are struggling with this very human and very real pain. We can't see it, but we definitely know it is there because we feel it every day.

Some of us are better at carrying this weight than others. To some degree it does depend on your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has personality secrets that are both their superpowers, and their kryptonite. This means some zodiac signs will forgive easier and move on, but what happens next could be a disaster if they don't do it in a way that promotes authentic healing. Then we have some of the more “won't let it go” zodiac signs, that really struggle with moving beyond pain towards joy. Sound familiar, Scorpio?

No matter what your zodiac sign is, or what your super power and kryptonite are though, you still can embrace the spirit of forgiving in a way that allows you to truly live in a place of joy, every day, all year long. And that is the most powerful gift of giving that you can give not just to you, but to the people around you, this time of year. It is the gift of peace. That is what the gift of peace over the holiday season is all about for-giving. Giving for those that really need it most. And sometimes it's the people that have hurt us most, and sometimes it is us that we need to forgive the most. Peace begins with you, during the holidays, and any time of year. And that's really all that peace really is. Forgiveness. Calling a truce within yourself from within, and from yourself for others all year long.

If you can master it now, then you really can spread the joy and have the best holiday season possible, and also the most spectacular 2016 as well. Because the gift of forgiving is so powerful, that it truly does help you to conquer all. Wouldn't you love to go through a day without a single solitary grudge, against your Self, or others? Who wouldn't?

Here's how to do it for each zodiac sign that is listed here, thinking and how you can help your self and the people you love with the greatest gift of all this holiday. For-giving. Where will you start? And who will you do that for this year? Follow this guide to be inspired as to how each zodiac sign can embrace their own super powers and overcome the potentially crippling challenges of their kryptonite that won't let them move past pain to healing.

Forgiveness tips

On a topic of forgiveness, we ALL need as much help as we can get. Remember these important tips and forgiveness soon too will become your super power.

1. To err is human, to forgive Divine. Enough said, right? So simple, and yet so very true. When someone wronged you, or you wronged you, let it go. It's called being human. Don't beat yourself up over every little thing. If you can't forgive your Self, you will have a tough time forgiving others. So start with you. The thing you are beating yourself up for? Let it go. You aren't a super hero, you don't have to live up to overwhelming standards.

2. Consider it your holiday pain medication. Forgiveness is about healing between two parties. But let's be real. Not everyone is really ready to be as emotionally evolved as you. So that's why forgiveness is really a gift to yourself. Consider it your daily dose of emotional pain meds. Begin practicing forgiveness today, and every day, in some small way and you will find it just becomes a habit. And it feels good like the rush of a good acetaminophen on a headache, but faster and more long lasting. Instant relief!

3. Forgiving is about taking care of you, no matter what others do or say. A lot of people refuse to forgive because they think that means the other person thinks they have forgotten it all. No. this is not the case. To forgive means to simply heal a wound. Buddha says, holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Silly right? But so true. So you can forgive and move on, but still not keep people in your life because they wronged you that deeply. You can both let go, and choose healing. That's what forgiveness is. Are you drinking someone else's poison, silly? Put it down, and forgive anyway. Would you refuse a band aid for yourself if you were bleeding, just because someone cut you? Of course you wouldn't. So forgive for yourself and your own benefits. Their karma is their karma, and yours is yours. Put band aids on where you need to and move on.

4. It's good for your brain. It's not just emotionally healthy to forgive and move on and let go of this pain, it's physically good for you. Some scientists have actually found changes to cardiovascular activity after forgiveness. Blood pressure goes down, heart rate goes down, and there is less depression reports as well. This leads to better relationships, and a more improved quality of life. Brain functioning also improves in areas like memory and hormonal balance when one is in a state of forgiveness. So if you have no other reason to give yourself this gift of peace this holiday season, then do it because it is brain and heart healthy!

5. Be proud of your bravery: It takes a really big person to be a really big person. You can and you should be proud of yourself for letting go. This is a true accomplishment in your life! Whether it is you or someone in a recent experience, forgive, be proud, celebrate, and repeat. The slate is clean, and you did that!

The Mutable Signs: Forgiving is what you do Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Ophiuchus

The Mutable Signs of the zodiac are known for their flexible nature. The word “mutable” means, always evolving, or able to evolve or adapt to any situation at hand. For Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Ophiuchus, that means their kryptonite is that they are sometimes a little chaotic and all over the place. It's hard to get them to focus sometimes. But it also means that forgiving is what they do! The Mutable Signs do not like to hang onto grudges and the last thing they want is drama. They know how to let go very easily. If you are a Mutable Sign that needs work with forgiveness this year, then you are very good at focusing on something else other than anger, bitterness, and pain. Let it go and you will feel much better.

Think to use and use is then the keyword, if you want to be or are inspired by the Mutable by Signs when it comes to forgiveness. You can beg the difference or follow along the thought as a thought is suggestion. Simply do what they do, and forgive, and move on. That means you are aware, forgive and let it go. No really, actually let it go that means you allow or work things off.

As you think to work you are aware to the point that exists. See then if your aware the point is known. As for them is the point or sign as known as ophiuchus. This is the unknown sign as you think the point then work with others you are aware to their reaction by what you say. That is all the sign they give as they do things. So I think this means they are aware by thought or create suddenly by feel. This is the path or sign of ophiuchus.

The Cardinal Signs: Peace begins with you Capricorn, Aries, Libra, and Cancer

The hardest part about forgiveness, either asking for it or extending it, is taking that all important first step. Making that first move. Sometimes the word "I'm sorry for now I have to go" this is the hardest thing in the world for me to say how about you. So when it comes to this first step, all zodiac signs can take a lesson or two from Cardinal Signs, who are the initiators and leaders of the zodiac. You are the zodiac signs that launch seasons, and so one of your super powers is your ability to take first steps in everything that you do. Aries launches the Spring, Cancer launches the Summer, Libra launches the Fall, and Capricorn launches Winter. These zodiac signs are the movers and the shakers. You lead, others follow. So when it comes to forgiveness, the Cardinal Signs are great at taking that first step. You just want it done because you have other things to do, other first steps to take. You have real life moving and shaking to do and drama, grudges, and bitterness is just not on the agenda.

All zodiac signs can take a cue from the Cardinal Signs as the trail blazers of forgiveness. Peace begins with you, so take that first step. Forgive your Self, you are only human after all. And then, let those grudges go. You don't have to bring anybody back into your life. The only thing you let into your life with this move is healing. The Cardinal Signs know how to empower themselves towards success. And when you take that first step in forgiveness, you are filled with the freedom of empowerment as well. Go ahead and try it and see what it feels like to be a Cardinal Sign. Peace begins with you. Sometimes where Cardinal Signs meet their kryptonite is in finishing things. That's because they feel like they can't do it all. That's where you come in. Either start it like a Cardinal Sign, or finish it for the Cardinal Signs. Peace begins with you.

The Fixed Signs: Let it go already, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius

When you are looking for a loyal partner, relationship, friend, or companion, you want the loyalty and stubbornness of a Fixed Sign in your life. Once Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius, latches onto you, you have them for life. That is unless of course you tick them off or hurt them. Then you are dead to them in an instant. Loyalty comes in very handy during any relationship, but when someone is loyal to a grudge it can be very tough on the person that created the grudge. This is where the super power of the Fixed Signs is also their kryptonite. The song from the hit movie "Frozen" was made just for you, let it go already. The Fixed Signs need a little work in the grudge and forgiveness department. You are so fixated to your cause and woe to anyone that gets in your way.

That is great most of the time, except when you are mad. So Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius need some direction from the flexible Mutable Signs and the leaders of the Cardinal Signs who prefer to leave it all behind them. At the same time however, as much as you are fixated on grudges on occasion, it is really, really, really hard to cut you out of anybody's life. The crime has to be pretty significant. So if you have a Fixed Sign that you have hurt or ticked off, a lot of loving and grandiose displays of nearly obsessive loyalty will surely win their good graces again. They can't help but be fixated on you for life. And if you are a Fixed Sign that has forgiveness issues, it could be very well you that needs the fixing. Are you being a little too hard on your Self for whatever reason? Nothing is perfect all the time, so ease up on those exceptional standards you have placed on yourself and let those go towards a path of forgiveness, peace, and healing. Let it go, already! You are amazing, Fixed Signs, but you are after all, only human.

And there you have it. All of the tips and tools you need to remember that the only thing between you and your jolly place is the first step of forgiveness. Is it you that needs some healing? Just let it go, and choose a jolly place. No grudge is worth hanging on to, when you can be happy instead. You don't need to remain everybody's best friend when you forgive. But you do need to be your own best friend. Love yourself enough to choose jolly instead of grumpy this holiday season. Where will you start on this quest for peace?

How zodiac signs heal a broken heart

 This is a point you know that can work with forgiveness. This is how zodiac signs heal a broken heart. The point is made by a calling or ideal they follow or work with to not actually do or feel, you know unless they want to get over things that were done. The ideal is then the point that you think then focus, as you think they can focus for they can work or work thinking out by working with others. So I see this an ideal where this is just a point or phase to the area, that exists by what is done naturally.

 A heartbreak is an unquantifiable and unpredictable natural response. Some people pick themselves up in a matter of days; while others may find themselves in a pit of despair, questions for months, even years. It is obvious that dealing with a broken heart is harder for some signs than others. Others have difficulty with possessive feelings, abandonment, and trust; while the lucky ones learn to adapt quickly. Read on to find out how each sign heals by feel or feeling better, others are low down so you know what the ideal is to get gone or be done.

 A thought is this the point is done when they are finished with what they do. so the signs differ by the activity or ideal they follow. So if they are aware to the others feel then, they can call it off before the ideal or think to create as you think to work with them. So as they are if you feel then or call now then you could retain a friendship, that is where they retain by experience the feel or ideal. Then you keep a friendship at least from going down the drain.

 The signs who experience feelings of abandonment the most are the possessive signs: Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. Their grief is often mixed up with anger at being as they see it or they act betrayed. So they need to mourn what is gone and then try to disentangle their intensely muddled feelings. Anger can morph into hatred and that is just as binding an emotion as love. These signs need to be careful about not getting themselves stuck in what truly belongs to the past.

 Taurus dislikes their security being shaken, and although they appear placid, they can harbor dark thoughts that take a long time to eradicate. They need to jolt themselves onto a new forward track. Cancer hurts most of all since losing the beloved other feels as if part of their self has gone. They need to toughen up and move on.

 Scorpio loves intensely or feel is there and hates every bit as intensely. Their not-letting-go often involves vengeful thoughts. Of all the signs, mature Scorpio understands that life is a series of deep transformations that are a painful process of deconstructing the past and reconstructing a different future. Once they grasp that, it all becomes if not easier, then at least endurable.

 The other two fixed signs as a point Aquarius and Leo are what you call useful, that can hang around waiting for life to return to normal. Since they expect the world to adapt to them rather than the other way round. But patience won't bring back what’s gone, so they need to make the effort to adapt to the changed circumstance of being single and make the most of it. Leo will be nursing a bruised ego and dented pride, so will be fearful of a repeat experience. They need an think to be brave.

 Capricorn and Virgo will sigh as if being rejected was what they expected and bury themselves in constant doing, over work and ambition just to console themselves that they can at least make a success of that. In doing so, they risk shutting down their earthy magnetism. They should go in for a major pampering regime of massages, spas, beauty treatments. If they keep their animal body happy a new mate will appear, as the thought is there if use by magic feel goods or thinking the point is done they stop.

 Libra really is not happy without another half. They'll be hurt but it will be mixed in with embarrassment at being humiliated in the eyes of their social circle. They are, however, masters at turning on the social charm even when wounded, so won't be left on their own for long.

 Pisces will simply space out. If real life isn't always going to give them what they need, they'll substitute their dream world where it’s always happily-ever-after. But they aren't natural loners, so along the way someone will take pity on them and swoosh them off into another romance. They are good at being in the right place at the right time, so new romance will happen with very little effort by what you will. The area is effect by effort to do things, so expect the point to get done or you finish things for the point by them.

 Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini are the devil-may-care signs who hide their aching heart better than most and decide to make themselves feel by ideal better with a new romantic adventure. Aries definitely has that bouncing ball quality that they could use things and can simply go for what they want, so they won’t be wallflowers for long. Gemini always has options up its sleeve, their motto "I think so if one goes down, they'll have several other ports-of-call in mind". Sagittarius will decide to go off travelling and will likely find a new sizzling romance in the next harbor by what they feel when they ask advice. Any safe harbor is the point I think they use so by use is the point by feel. So the safe harbor can get choppy or creative by focus. Think calm then you are calm as though you count to 10 for calming down.

 Ophiucus is the ideal idealist with activity, that exists as they dream to create with others. So you see they will create with feel, as they think to work thinking out loud or working with others. If they are satisfied with work then, they dealt with the problem as though a situation. See as they are aware they are alert so they think then focus to create by some area points that use is usage or area creativity. Otherwise they don't just dismiss the ideal they work with it in their mind, as they exist things that suit their purpose. Otherwise they do things normally, so they break up as they think about what they do. Focus with knowledge is what they think to do.

 They break off when they feel the point then, as they do things with others when they think about the point. So they are aware or alert to what is there or done. Given the reason is applicable or acceptable their viewpoint could change by what they do. So they forgive or forget, as they could do things by what they feel is appropriate. As that is where their will is applying they are aware to what they do. As they use this ideal they are what they feel or use this with things they do as this could be sex, love or activity that's a part of their forgiveness where they aren't always a sign or thought.

How sexual feel is dealt with by feel

 So a change in point, this is a change by ideal in thought or feelings. Some of them feel having sex is using demonism that going up is sliding up then focus is feel. Sliding down is release of the person. Where they are aware they could exist by the feel that could exist elsewhere. This brings up the imaginary world view where going down is release from imagination. This is known as pagination, where you think then focus to create as focuser is able to perform. See then you know what is the truth to what exists there. If you don't perform good then you fall in your task, if you do then you perform better so that is all there is with conscious concent by talking or use to this ideal.

Source - WNQ Astrology