What energy can do

 This is about what energy can do in effects as though the energy were action. Energy can run things in effect, as an action to keep it going. So nothing has to end and things can start up using the same cycle of energy or another cycle completely. Unless necessary, then things do end but get converted to another use in continuance elsewhere. So we can start doing something else and convert that energy to usage in the new things we do.

 As, the idea is due to a quantum physics effect that states, 'energy can continue on in an effect, to make the effect appear somewhere else or in the same loop of effects, that is its renewed and better as the energy polarities go on to invert to negative or positive to complete the cycle, again to meet itself in a loop pattern that can split off to somewhere else. Where each new cycle, the loop of events do a continuation of the effect in some manner and start the effect to do else.' Think and you know what is done through the point that you think or imagine.

 But also, the loop splits off in similiar events elsewhere, by sharing itself where appropriate in an effect that follow the similar set pattern as in starting in the mind as a memory, but with the same using and of the same energy. This energy is the action itself, and follows the same pattern as it shartes itself with other effects. So each new cycle it seems that we renew the effect until the energy is "shut off" by converting it to somewhere else. And then a similar but new effect occurs.

 This effect could go on almost forever in the same or similar pattern. Until a new pattern is decided upon to be in usage. The convergence effect follows in that, 'it, the energy, will cause the effort in the effect to converge on the new loop by effort and effects and it becomes a joined similar effect.'

 So with each loop effect, it becomes of a new loop as the cycle of energy reaches its peak. As combined, or not. It becomes a new version of yourself that does the action that is seen. All through this, it serves as a distraction when the event loop splits off, because enough of the attention is also on the alternative loop. The person is just on the attention of one thing an he or she actually hears from both loops. This is like a distraction from work.