Enchantment seminar

  So the idea I am going to talk on in enchanting. What you do and what actually occurs in enchantments matter to the enchanter. As one person told me, 'they enchanted a sword and it didn't seem to do anything'. Well, the truth is that when the enchantment went on, it was exactly as the enchanter friend wanted. Just it wasn't realized as he wanted it to be, light weight and chop through anything. He got it lightweight and it could have chopped through anything if he tried and it did chop things easier. Just he had to think about what it did do different afterward. So the enchantments do occur, just not as you might think it does at first.

  The easy effect to enchant something with is that you think to the blade or item to become an artifact and what you want it to do. Then say the effects you decided it to do. Like 'I want ya to become lightweight and seek the heart of the thing and being that is struck at." Then do a signifying event that is like clapping your hands 3 times and saying "done". Optional is to think it locked as a property to being in the blade and usable.

  Another way is to simply stay open the hands to a natural energy source and adjust your intention to the energy that you naturally get, and pass it to the item. For an ending, some haven't needed a special ending, but a 'there you go', 'done!' or 'so mote it be' may work too. Or a sudden act of nonsense can work, as suddenly jumping without no reason. That would release the remained intented energies.

  There is also another harder way to enchantment, to have items that have a hold on an element or have stored things as in the essence of the effect. So, have them near the item and then pronounce what you named it, the item, then what properties that you want it to have. And then to say 'the [special] properties held as within these token items are transferred to the item in mind to enchant.' Then make the ending statement of 'Done' or 'Finished so let it be.'

  The more properties or energies that you put as enchantments for the blade or item, the more the blade will be special and with benefits. As one such person made a list in his mind to what the item properties are and at the bottom of the list was new enchantments and etc.. So it was easier to enchant the item. To end the ritual enchantment list there was a 'Done' or 'Done and locked' to finish it. So its like that to enchant something.

  Keep in mind as you do this, when newly formed of objective intent, the object will be weak at first. It will gain strength as you work with it and reaffirm its enchantment. The object will be childish at first, yet be firm in what you want it to do for you and it will mature. Treat it like a mature adult child. When you have a balanced set of properties that allow the survival of the object through survive by anything that it could be set through and yet deliver the necessary strength to give you what you want and need.

  Then you have a balanced enchantment, A necessary step to do is to make certain that only the weilder of the object can use it and none else. The wielder being you or one you give it to. Due note: If the object hates you, don't enchant it. You can always tell through the object projecting and causing negative emotion when you touch it or get near it. If the object does your will, without giving you negative emotion then it likes you. The object at hand will always take a little part of your mind. So, rest immediately afterwards or you could mess up in an activity without realizing it.

  Now there are enhancers to the effect that you can use, for enchantment. As in, how you approach it using extra materials or candles. The candles have to be lit or you can imagine candles that are lit. And try the ceremony to enchant with. Holding the item or touching it will increase the possibility to the enchantment and effectiveness of the blade and item. Marking it will make it yours as well as saying 'I name you this name' out loud while touching it somewhere at least with your aura. At most, by a physical touch. Be sure to turn off the candles when finished. As, some feel if the enchantment is really done, the candle's flame should be gone itself.

  Some enchanted objects become as a +4 item in dnd or undestroyable and sentient. Most other enchantment just makes the item respond more to your will and do as you ask as it is and it becomes somewhat undestroyable as in a +2 or +3 dnd special item. So some may notice the material of the item becomes tougher and lighter. There are more benefits to enchanting the item, too. As its decided by the enchanter, the benefits will be there, bound to the item. Unless you lock the enchantments into the item, they could be changed by anyone.

  For more info on enchanting, look at this original doc @ http://spellhawk.blogspot.com/2009/06/enchantments.html. Most information comes from this doc that is in this seminar.

Seminar given by Skyhawk
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