The dreaming guide

General dreaming information

  When you dream, you attempt to be somewhere else that the subconscious places you. Normally this is an 'observe the event' type situation, but oftentimes its a 'you will it and it occurs' situation, when you are lucid dreaming, you control the dream. Especially if you have enough poder, do you remember the dreams you have. Poder is personal power. Built up by attempts at doing things. And, the not doing of things that are unnecessary.

  As in, using the idea of keeping your sperm till its needed. Not jacking off, but using it to have a child and ect.. Making decisions at the moment that you need to. Not putting your ego into things, by avoid being egoistic and emotional and more calm. With this you can be more energetic.

  The dreaming happens to have an effect of energizing you, into doing things and when you think is best. So you are very likely to match the scene of the 'real' dream. This dream is so realistic that it feels real to you. When it repeats, it will have a dream interpretation and a few parts that you can emulate. But, there is also a strange dream effect that can occur. This strange effect is when you copy actions of a dream that you have.

  It makes a bridge to a world that was represented. And, the dream reality becomes real as the energy of the person you emulated comes to you and your energy goes to the emulated person. What you do while thinking of the person, the emulated person is also aware of and vice versa. Sometimes there's an act of achieving your dream.

  You are then euthanized, but slowly. The more you are euthanized, the faster the euthanization comes. You can literally unage to a certain point, by the effect of combining energies of you and the emulated person. Sometimes, when you act the part of the person you emulate. You can extend the point of unaging till you are baby-ized and hamper your own actions.

  This is done by over emulating the dreamed person. Otherwise, the more you act the roles and emulate the dreamed person, the more you start acting like the person and start losing your mind or the idea you have of yourself. The person's energy is making you like the person and vice versa the emulated person like you. Sometimes you can act to achieve your dream.

  When you stop acting the person dreamed of out, then you won't be drained as easily. As on the point of emulating the person out can cause you to be drained by your energy going to the dreamed up person. This draining only occurs when you are trying to be the dreamed person and you start losing your will and tend to be more inactive. Yet you gain their will and ability at the same time.

  Sometimes you may have a dream thats not real and shows imagery thats caused by physical activity. These dreams can be dismissed or examined for their meanings. Interpreting them is as simple as taking the dream imagery and looking it up. A few useful dream dictionaries are here @ and and if you can't find a listed interpretation, then you can try to interpret them another way.

  Breaking teeth means someone close is going to die. Armegeddon is where there will be coming change, disaster and disruption thats coming your way. Nightmares are where the action you do will bring disaster. Otherwise, try to take the symbolism of the dream and interpret what it might mean. There is the off chance that you will find a repeating dream. This is where you can be assured of the possibility of the dream becoming real.

  This only means they can serve as warnings, of something that is to come. So be aware and try to remember them. There's a useful trick to remember them, as well. Beside the poder necessity, you can use an amethyst gemstone under your pillow or bed, when you goto sleep. This will cause easy dream recall. When you try it, focus your mind on the dream itself by trying to think of the feeling or dreams. Even if you don't have a clear recall, your subconscious will make the dreams come back.

The dream and mental scapes

  In the dream and mental world, the external influence at work usually causes the internal mind to be driven into action. And the internal action is what represents the activity in the mental plane. This can be acted out or done physically, when not thought about. As in, conflict causes aggravation that makes internal killing or bezerk actions, which points out that a component is breaking down.

  This can be used to make considerance of the mindscape, by understanding the source of the dream and that gives an indication of what will happen or caused the dream. The dream and internal mental plane effects can be dealt with by some mirror actions, consciously. To actually travel in the dreams we must learn how not to wake up and travel in the waking world. In the dream world theirs literal dream travel.

  Getting into the other person's mind is getting past their guard and defenses. The thought you have is what their minds do. If given enough proposed idea and focused energy. Then the action you want them to do is ensured. Otherwise, it might not happen. What you do to get them to do things, is up to you. Some suggestions are listed.

Some ways that are listed:

  Some external enticement or enactment causes internalized games or interesting things may happen.
  Something glutenous, fattening or even overfeeding makes for interpreted reaction.
  Insanity is often made by unbelievable activity or dismissed from the mindscape through Will.
  Disorder and insanity is caused by the chaos made by actions.
  Wasteful actions and things can create a weight gain or bring weight to a moment.
  Order of the mind is caused by insanity being observed and decided against or good behavior being noticed.
  For mindful action/reactions, they can be caused by interposed activity and this is any policy action, too.
  Where there is reasoning or exactness caused by some flaw or noticed habit.
  Then you can avert things in the mindplane that is triggered by a look.
  When in realization, tragic action or conditioning can happen through programming and with some influence.
  Burden is caused by stress.
  The threat feel in dreams is caused by pointing or blaming.
  The key moment is a tweak by reasonable means.
  The exonerated moment is a tweak by overworking or overbearance.
  Tweaking internally is from bad results.
  The internal replacement of somebody or some thing, is when you use the mindscape to change behaviors. This is rare when you see it in dreams. It is caused by an external reply that has an impact.
  Tragic action in a dream is caused by war.
  Averting or using aversion, is caused by overeaction and unreasonableness through bias, or a can't bear it response.
  Unreasonableness is caused by over reasoning.
  There is irritation by reminding oneself or another with a mindful action or denial.
  There is irritating behavior internally caused by changing behavior.
  Open conflict or otherwise something is war represents an external influence thats unaccepted.
  Usage of things is caused by consolidation.
  Some activity of played roles or changed roles is caused with thinking.
  Thinking in a dream is caused with evaluation or receiving open-minded criticism.
  Evaluation in dreams is by statements that are made.
  Open war is a flame or actively warring.
  Awareness or consciousness, is where there's an exceeding of things.
  Guilt, is external pleasure that goes far.
  Desirous things is caused by mindful desires.
  A horrible scene, is caused by unwanted reminder.
  Overfeeling is caused by external pain.
  Overdoing, is caused by abuse or feeling things with a beating.
  Compromise, is with manipulation of many kinds or disrespect.
  Enacting by causing results or doing actions in the mindscape is acting on impulse from need or desire.
  Manipulation in the dreams reflects an external exaggeration.
  Boasting is caused by shown things with an impact.
  Over reaction or exaggeration is with a cause.
  A goal being met is made in a dream by a successful activity.
  Guilty pleasure is by overbearing behavior.
  Work or occupance by working activity uses invention to manifest in the mindscape.
  Overexertion, monsterous activity or overtaxation in mindscape is by occupational hazard or insult and harmful exposure.
  Occupational hazard, is by exposure.
  Overt or overdone behaviour is with stubborness.
  Some type of group activity is with intentional action.
  Some intention is by a key action.
  Overburden is by taxation.
  Some Presence is with some type of exertion not always through work.
  Over reasoning in the mindscape is by a can't bear with it and things reaction.
  Overdrive or overbearance is manifested with too much of something and using openly made reasoning.
  Considerance is from a concern.
  Making the person feel good in their mindscape, is causing them to agree.
  Importance or important key values are made by avoidance of issue or dalience.
  Brute force is by invasive actions.
  To give away or be doing things in dreams is by experiments.
  Insults in a dream or the mindscape is by being taught a lesson.
  Overt or adverse reasoning, is with reverse idea.
  Seeing a monster or creature in the mind is where you are that monster at the moment. This is either you formed as the monster or creature or acting like one.
  To cancel something to cancel an effect by a wave effect.
  Leaving is caused by external disturbance.

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