Dimensional state existence

 There's the planes of dimensions, that exist and can be trancended as this is to include the outer dimensions themselves with Ether and Aether. Think by breathing then in then out and think energy to the third eye to manipulate, as you feel by focus or think by imagining the ideal. That you think by focus or intend then, you use the extradimensional state as you imagine the results as though the end result. Then if you imagine the result you can manifest by ideal result.


  Ether resides in the etheric and is the spiritual element, some are dangerous as this is indirectional or magnitude is with scale with the active idea or creative as a concept element. The etheric is then a mind with chaotic and spontanious thought creation of imagination, and that's where all ideas are first created. Then the idea get's reinforced and goes lower and lower in frequencies such as the astral, as you get into drugs or effected more to what energy you use to get then a manifest in the quickest way possible on the physical. Ether is part of the fundamental principle of magic in life and manifestation in general, that is focusable "t" focus and the energy is creating what is that are as conscious things are there with focus. Think and the spirit as energy can seem directed by willing nature, thought and carefully made idea in or not in here is this done and as if energy and surges that can in possible moments seem the right time and thought is curious. Think naturally this can possibility seem done, and do as the idea is understood or not as you think to create other idea.
  This is such in which or not all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. To focus in the shifting as effect by ether an no or to shift ya consciousness with it. Is what is also possible. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea, the more chance of it happening. Ask the spirits to guide you for better results or feel and think what you want to happen when using ether, to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your imagination. Ether is responds or to the mind and thoughts are ether with feeling and that is instant. Ether works with as you as if you desire other as is not actually there.
  As you think good, you are good to work or think in a positive view. As in a thought, your thought is a point to your better view or positive attitude by the way you think or state things. Thus in nothing, the etherical view is the spirit view that is what your idea is as the area seems to know, as in a view that life exists your life is a point to the life that you have. The use of cosmic idea influences the ether as the influence by your soul is intuition, is what you are in and use is a thought by the string as your thought is a point. As if a concept your idea is something, see as ce en ne you are then an idea that is a possibility and nothing more as you can not think on the idea in life.  Think on life as you want and your life is a possible in concept to get over. What you think counts as a point is a counted ability as a gift, as energy you have is what forms and shapes reality by your essence in and what you do is a thought that is in resility.
  You can focus the area yu see is or can use spirits to aid in anything, again for a better result. As the idea as point in life, makes what creates intelligent is with an idea the etheric plane is where all our imagination is not always possible as manifests, there is a point and where the creation is in our lives as to begin or not is what you think. This includes forming any object. The physical world is inputed as ideas on the ether, that manifest closer and closer to the physical. If the spirits are angered, they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwards. Aether is very similar to Ether but only as it can influence void.


  Aether is the element of the mind and is the root of conscious energy. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. Aether is like allot of the elements together, they make up the gray ness about it as different colors that blend together. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming or of any effect by the imagination of it. This is its compressed form.
  Where aether is also the layer that contains all information about the physical, and about people. Its also a source of information and the universal consciousness. Finally aether can influence the other elements and you can sometimes get aether, to change the past to make an effect of the future present. Again, its a source of information and the universal consciousness.
  Aether is referred to by the planes of existence outside, but they are also inside your mind too. As the consciousness works as a portal, you can change it's frequency like a radio to enter these different planes. Then you can think of what is desired and feel it occur, or think of the color and imagine it forming or pulsating into the object or possible event through manipulated elements. The aether is more like a higher layer of encrypted and stored information, and it's usually never changed by the typical individual, not directly. The aether is the roots to what happens in the physical world, and the spiritual worlds too, so it's somewhere on top of it all.
  The aether contains streams and rivers of elemental forces, the spiritual energies of fire air water and earth, and the directions of these rivers and streams indicate the things moving in the world beneath it. But as you see, everything on the aether is made of the same energy, the aether energy as takes on eti makes with eti, which would be comprising the 5th element. The aether energy takes form of different things as we go there, adapts use as experience to our mind to show us symbols so that we can understand what each thing represents.
  The symbolic color of time is gold, and space is silver. There is a golden river of time that is running through the entire aether to indicate that the world is always moving. The aether is also symbolicly the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, in germanic mythology. But the world tree is also symbolicly the consciousness we have. We climb the tree to the world of the gods by shifting our conscious frequency, into higher dimensions.
  Their are different symbolic colors of the elements as well, where the symbolic color of fire is red, the symbolic color of air is very light blue or white, the symbolic color of earth is brown and green and the symbolic color of water is blue. The symbolic color of lava is red brown or purple violet, the symbolic color of ice and cold is light blue. These colors are in splashes, sometimes together, in the aether.
  The practice and philosophy of those who deal with the aether, is that through knowing the aether you can know the physical world, because you can see the cause for everything that happens in the world by symbols. So one small change in the aether can do great changes in the physical world, if you know how to do it.

The dimensional conscious reality shift

  If you were to shift your consciousness 100% to the astral plane or any other plane, it will switch with the physical. The only reason you see the physical plane as more physical than all others is because your consciousness is deeply rooted here. So all planes are equally physical for those who exist on an idea there. The death and demise effect is cool and dimension also, learning to shift 100% into higher planes is part of becoming an ascended master. Like in Buddhism and other practices. There is a word for this, its 'ethenel'. To use it, think of shifting ya consciousness to the plane of existance and say or think 'ethenel', no is idea apology not needed after summoning energy from the plane. Once you learn to project your astralbody/ethericbody/soulbody fom hellboy in all different planes, the energy from those planes can more easily be brought to this plane.

By Djihin