Blood Flow Control

 The idea had come into me 6-7 years ago, from the modern-ass vampire lagends. The fact that you could concentrate the blood flow to a certain part of your body, making it work better. Like you can for example collect the blood to your arm to make it stronger. Or your eyes so they see better, your nose so it smells better. At those times I did not distinguish a difference between meta, magic and reality so I didn't really realize that the act was a complete body action. Like making your mouth water or holding your breath. The blood could be controlled. Thus making this action much more easier and also much more dangerous to health so avoid doing it as it is not necessary.

 Its not however as easy as just concentrating it on your arm. Well you can, but if you want to for example make it so that you want to lift something, you should concentrate on the part that your arm and body uses for that action. Or to punch for example, it needs different points to send the blood. And it also takes some time to completely bring it to the state you want and also alters the pressure of your body. So doing it in middle of the act (like in middle of the punch or when you have a dishwasher on your hands) will not work good. However that its not fast to charge, its very fast to start. Like you can feel the first pump very quickly as soon as you start wanting.

 There are several places in our body where the blood travels. The most important part is our brain. It MUST travel there first. And it must not travel slowly or too fast. So our most vital vein is on our neck, the one that pumps upwards. The one that pumps downwards is the third next important one. The second one is the vein thats close to our left arm, that forks into the arm and towards the body. Our wrists are not only very important blood and nerve passages but also a place of dense nerve cells and muscles. And there are two veins on the start of the front-inside parts of our upper legs, which will prove fatal if cut. Inside our chest is also sensitive about blood flow, as its where the lungs filter blood and the blood that feeds the heart shouldn't overflow. After that comes around the stomach as its a central for blood collection for different stages of the body. There are also two veins on the sides of our backs that feed the kidneys.

 You should, first, have a clear mind. Only for the starters. And then you should know that your blood travels in your veins. Its a liquid that carries nutrition and oxygen to the parts of your body. Do not bother with the fact that some of it carries co2 back to the lungs. What we will do it to fasten the blood pumping to a certain part, the blood that goes forth, not back. And then you should know that there are small muscles that direct the blood flaw and the veins themselves widen or tighten up according to local or central nerve impulses. This however is not what we will focus upon. what we focus on is our heart. start with an easy part: your right wrist. Not the left one since its right next to your heart already (unless you have it on your right side of the chest).

 Visualize your blood storming trough your biggest vein in your wrist, that comes from the inside of your body, in utmost speed. The word "crimson rivers" was a good word that helped me with this visualization. And then feel your heart pump. Count it if it helps. Do not make move anything else, just your heart. Feel it everytime it beats, one and two. And as it beats in your heart, feel the same beat in your wrist. Again and again. Feel the blood filling in. After you have done this concentrate on the general blood amount in your body and flood it into your hand and lower arm. If its itching, then it works. don't push it more after it starts itching. If its not itching just wait, your vessels probably have widened and your blood will travel there.

 So yeah, its all about a beginning with visualization and then finding the right node in your command nexus that works the blood flow. Something like learning to move your ears.

 Don't let the blood stay there. After you're done, raise up your arm and clench your fist, and unclench several times and shake your arm to let it outflow from your tiny veins. If these little vessels explode or widen up to the point of being non-tiny, its harmful for you.

 The more you do it, the more you get a hang of it and the more chances that it will get out of control. Remember, the blood flows in a natural way already. The purpose of this meditation is to actually balance it. For I believe that the modern life unbalances allot of things about us. For example I would concentrate it to my inner body and on my bones all over and keep it from my eyes, since I already had some eye blood pressure problems.

 You can also use this method to stop the blood from flowing. Like if your doing a work that creates a momentum effect on your hands and the blood collects there against your demand. momentum is too strong to be stopped by this meditation, at least that was the case for me, but it helps if united with other physical methods, like keeping your hand and lower arm clenched before starting the work. Or, like you can use it to pull blood from your legs when you''re running. It wont work of course but it will help the blood flow against the fact that your blood collects on your legs in a long distance run.

 You can do it locally too. Like letting the passive blood in your fingers to collect on the surface of your fingertips. Making them more sensitive.

 Eyes are always tricky for me. I couldn't really explore where I should send the blood to make me see better. It just overfloods. But for the nose it worked perfect.

 And you might want to stop it from flooding into your genitals when the moment requires. You don't need sperm production 7/24 on %100 efficiency. Or maybe you do, I don't know.

 And be really really careful for doing it with your brain and head. Its very sensitive and the brain uses the usual blood travel trough itself as a kind of massage. It WILL feel the slightest change. I mean you will feel. But I cannot finish this article without mentioning the pinneal gland. As a part of the general meditation you should always focus on your blood circulation trough this tiny organ, as its not directly in the big blood feed into the brain. And its still not near a big blood vessel. Pinneal gland is also important for the milatonin release. Pituitary gland and some other parts might also interest you. This image from wikipedia might be helpful in knowing the locations of these, as you should never use strong, direct blood pumping to your brain.


 The general ways of stimulating the pinneal gland is also visualization. you visualize the location of it in your head, right in the middle and higher than the level of your eyes. Theres no double of it and its extremely sensitive, even so to the light. You imagine tickling this spot with a feather slightly. And then feel the overburn. As I said its not fed by the direct blood flow. This images should help you understand it better. 


 The choices are endless. you get the hang of it when you master it. It works subconsciously too. Just try to keep it healthy for yourself.

 Also while on the subject.. head and back scratching slightly is a very healthy thing. It works the tiny veins in these areas and fastens the nerve nutrition or something like that.