Get this there is there with feel as there's no ascension in drug use, so there is no ascension except to rise above the clouds to escape earth or gravity in the area. Ascension means to rise above. In essence by feel, here or there is no space to rise above or descend to view as though flying above the clouds. So the Realm that you physically reside in is in essence an illusion. Therefore as you see, no one truly ascends or rises above the illusion. One can rise above the clouds or avoid the area, as this is sometimes by a drug from the water that separatable by filtering you can also see visions.

  Maybe some very few people never lose things or lose it under stress that creates pressure to remain calm though. Each point or water drink you do while concentrated and the idea is thought is a transistioning point, used is focus then if necessary they who try or do things by thinking they aren't effected wouldn't be as if beginners by what they can achieve which could be dead or alive moments. That means you ascended by a different means. The use of drugs via water. This only lasts until the medication doesn't effect you though so remin aware by alert standards. This is set by alpha with the element thats a drug, that doesn't matter where it comes by where from or from when till seen by area feel that is thought to seem noticed. That means you know what is there yet your spirit knows before the moment, so think about it if your thought transcends time and you are aware of everything, this is usually by omniscient thought perceived where then you know things by what is there. So think and you know.

  Your Realm is your inner world that is used similar to the thought thats pointed out, this is what its like with ideal to watching a movie. When the movie is completed, you leave the theatre and continue with your life, this is where you can be in the movie or be in real life. So think and you are in real life, feel and you are in your realm or inner world. So I think there is no ascension process, you simply progress onward or backward. In the same manner, the ascension that many of you aspire to is simply another step in your daily routine.

  Granted for some time to yourself, the next step will be out of your body. Yet there is no rising above or going to a higher place as you can see or as you feel you can go to somewhere else. This allows you to go where you want to go, this can be other than a movie or a real place in time. This can be a place you think about being. Sorta like being in the area and you are there, your aware by knowing about the place and that is being placed in time. Think your there then your there. That's all there is to it, this is as the spirit makes it happen using the subconscious and the pinneal gland.

  Your Higher Self is in charge of where you go when you leave this plane. Once you have re-merged with your Self, the "you" that is now in physical embodiment no longer exists, although there are Essences of you that remain. These are your memories and experiences. The emotions and thoughtforms are left behind, but the data of the memories are recorded in the Akashic Records where the Higher Self can revisit them at anytime. It is what the Higher Self wants to experience that decides where your Essence will go next.

  The common use of the word ascension implies that you will be rising to a higher level. In one sense, this is true because as you re-merge with your Higher Self, you regain your expanded consciousness. Yet nothing has happened to the Higher Self that has made it rise above or be closer to God. So maybe you think to use a candle or think as you are near a lit candle, think to rise above the clouds as a use to escape gravity then you expand your consciousness with spiritual experiences. This doesn't mean you moved to another plane, this does mean I think you are where you are till you move or find a way or not.

  But why find a way, if this is illusion enjoy what you can. As you think you could project the ideal so I think this instead, this is usually by feel so a bakery or some place I think you realize this is illusion. So you realized you can't rise above an illusion yet? I did then I realized this really was awareness, that struck me as I focus in as some awareness then is where I see a point as one this is a point. I think then that I know what this is by feel, a way to cope with reality. One so you are aware what exists. Two is so you can feel better thinking you are going places. This does not assume or stand out, as true if this is illusion why not enjoy whats there.

  We hope this has given you some clarity. These concepts are difficult to describe using human language. Know that you are perfect, you always were and you always will be. You do not need to do deeds to earn your way to heaven. You do not have to perform specific tasks or do anything in order to ascend. There is no place you are rising to. Go forth this day and relax, knowing there is no place you need to go, nothing you need to do and no one you need to save. Allow yourself the freedom to simply be and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  Yet if there was in three easy steps you can rise above the clouds, as you can ascend think you ascend above the atmosphere. When you ascend, you go up in the spirit by use with the world energy and become one with your god. This allows you to work with higher energies and live a dream life. This is basically going to a higher dimension of your choice to live in and you become able to do anything. As if "What you want so if you don't bother me I won't bother you. Until you can feel the purpose out or wherever as you want there is no real reasoning, till you think to not concern as care if you can feel you can still not be a monster."

 Step 1. Live an learn in the point the creator made to things that by use with life results you create by thought.
 Step 2. Learn of things by use of willing idea or energy by concept.
 Step 3. Love what you do and what others do, for whom they are or may become in life by the feel postivity or positivity. Creates in life as you look like what you see to be, think or want show as each imprinting is what you see or gnow what is by a point.

   Ascension does not involve going anywhere. It is a state of being, a focus of awareness and consciousness into a higher vibrational frequency. It is what we were created for by use with the words to "go forth and experience" so I think for use, think and return the experiences back to the Source in an infinite loop of co-creation and mastery. The main reward of incarnating in the depths of "hell" at this time is rising like the phoenix from the ashes into the bliss and light of love. This is achieved by being love itself. Think things are where they are then there they sometimes "in use or in the area" are where you wish as available. Like bolls or things you do this is what is there. Kinda a shaped ball or solid object that is there, as created to appease dogs or animals with poles that has the chew things.

   Here are 5 steps of enlightenment that govern the Ascension.

   Enlightenment rules:
  Number 1: Learn the importance of life. This is until you can break rule number 3. Also, until rule number 2 does not matter. This is because of what you realize from rule 1.
  Number 2: Stop learning unless necessary.
  Number 3: Know when to break rules. Because sometimes you have to, this is in as otherwise you don't seem to change to get through life as rule number 2 applies as if Kheper is a point in time that changes what is in mind. As you believe what you see you can cause, or create an action that is in a concept and use creates what is necessary to change with seeming. Thought in an idea or thought in what is a point to do, causes a change to occur by the brain reacting to the body consistence.  As "creatio" is this and thought is intent changing, thought to a point of view as what in thought is similar in useful application usually in eating. The body perceives by what you think with area feel, this is a feeling an with the area in mind is not. As nothing is exist somewhere, so as if a thought you are not but with a realism and things with age can change.
  Number 4: Know yourself. Know what you do and how you do it.
  Number 5: Know others. Know what others do and how and what they achieve.

Skyhawk and others