All about toast

 Toast comes in many forms as from bread, there's normal toast, alba toast, french toast, peanut butter toast, jellied toast, buttered toast, cheese toast, cinnamon toast and other toasts. Avoid the toast with poisonous reserves though, that is a must to do.

 The toast usually comes from the bread being toasted in the oven, toaster or other convenient toaster and additives being added there on the toast itself. Or, to drink in a 'toast' to the moment of idea. So its as though for the different types of toast there are different types of an additive for it. Lets go through the types that there are. Just remember, its how the toast tastes and not important otherwise so don't burn it.

 Normal toast is just a piece of toasted bread, that is dry and by itself the most healthy. As there's no additives and there is even more healthy aspect to this toasted piece, I think its a great invention and useful from the feel by it being whole wheat (100%) with more than 3 grams of fiber.

Normal toast

  Alba toast - Alba toast is miniature toast that is with herbs and garlic or other additives. This toast can be hard on the teeth and is less healthy than one would think.

Healthy french toast

 French toast is as though its egged toast, as bread with egg that fried onto its surface on both sides for 1 to 3 minutes per side and added is the additive of the possible butter, apples, syrup or jelly. This is healthy without the additives and an only added feature is with the eggs added to it. Again, even healthier with whole wheat bread.

Peanut butter and jelly toast

 Peanut butter toast is the toasting of bread (hopefully 100% whole wheat) and on the toast is a peanut butter of your choice. Possible is the placing of jelly of choice on the peanut butter.

Peanut butter toast

Jelly on toast

 Jellied toast or fruit toast is where your hobo toast or fruit, added to some sorta spread also considered jam on toast as the idea is simple. This is toasted bread with jelly, fruit topping with cinnamon, maybe with oregano or jam or mincemeat on it. The best jellied toast is the type of toast with multigrain. Optional is the use of grape, strawberry, or ther syrup, and butter.

 Buttered toast is the best as its just with butter on toasted bread. This has a unique flavor all on its own, although it isn't the healthiest you could eat in toast variety.

Buttered toast

Cheese toast

 Cheese toast is the best for cheese lovers, best is the bread is also cheesey. But, its only cheese on toasted bread. Additives can be onions with the cheese.

Barbequed Fish Toast

  Barbequed Fish Toast is somewhat good for you, as it contains three things: Salsa, Tuna, Whole wheat bread. Added to the mix is Barbeque sauce. This delicasy is for Barbequers and fish lovers. Just apply the Barbequed Fish Sauce to Toast and optionally add to it grated cheese.

  To make the Barbequed Fish Sauce:  1 part Barbeque sauce, 3 parts Salsa and 1 whole Tuna tin.

 Cinnamon toast is also possible to be considered an English toast, especially with apples on it. All cinnamon toast is with is butter on toast or bread and then 1/3 cinnamon with 2/3 sugar that is mixed together and then put on it, the toast. Its then baked in an oven or microwave till its melted of butter and cinnamon sugar together. Additives of this is the sliced apples.

Due note; when cooking the butter, cinnamon and sugar together in a microwave, its best at 30 seconds to 2 minutes to fully melt it. (depending on the microwave wattage.)

cinnamon toast

toast with a drink

 Making toasts of other kinds include a drink of toasting, with a drink of choice and this inclues wine. Its done by thinking of the purpose of the meeting, and moment and raising the cup or glass and stating "I toast in your honor" or something similar as "I toast you". Then, its taking a drink from the drink. As its all you need to do, this is the simplist toast. So "I toast to you" for reading this document.