The seven rays

      They are referenced into alchemy and lead to self-awareness. They are different color signatures, the 7 colors tha lead into awareness. Sort of similar to a ball of light. All going into one point, diminishing the light and changing the pattern of the stars a notion is a bit dimensional to imagine them entering you and they become part of you. You become awakened more with innate and inner knowledge or greater intuition.

    The colors are Red Blue Purple Indigo Brown Black and Green.

   Red for lava, thought and idea considering emotion your right.
   Blue for water and inner energy knowledge.
   Purple for reacognizing feelings and feel is for understanding.
   Indigo for the space with stars and belief.
   Brown for objects and makes inner need and developement.
   Black for the void of nothingness and nirvana with absorption.
   Green for life and earth.

    Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness can cause hurt and pain. Ultra-violet is for power. Power requires balance by actions and thoughts. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently. Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also, wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts.

    Use water to redirect them as they who are needed to be effected, as if thought is focus as energy is will to seem where to create as existing where you intend is by necessity. For defense think tis a were attack, this is an idea and act as if this is alright or not as not wanted, as time activity and if there is a "an" that is moore not you yourself in life.

    As the saying is you are not appreciated as you are not doing things unwanted if nothing wrong, so gnowledge is cool to realize by focus as you imagine the rays shining through you. As you know by water you feel is by fire energy correct if right, this is right as tis uses your rays idea as think not a driving blindfolded moment or trade. This is energy as if by what you consider theory, so as your correct and proof is in the activity that uses meditation by feel and just do.

    Other colors: If your interested in added health and energy, use yellow for health and orange for energy. Dark indigo is for the senses and reveals things to make things make sense. Dark orange or gold is for self-mastery. Dark yellow is for body and allows mastery by manipulation and having control of the body.