Seven plagues

   The 7 plagues listed in new revelation bible book, but never detailed as its counterparts are and are a mention of them only by phrase. These are the possible plagues, at a guess in several ages back to now order.

1 Bosqoes curse plague or a stoning and shapeshifting plague which, this starts with a question and in the ancient past, note this turned humans into basketcases or other beings that was gotten by mutation effects and possibly as bugs or an idea shape and it is originally caused by a wish for power from fey. Who cursed the human that had wished for it from its cruel heart, this was to have unnaturally cured or not occurring ability by another way that happens to be effective.

That just happens to work and it sprung from the influence of unrecognized uranium and other toxic radiative things being mined and taken internally, mixed with some type of magic effect where the effect can be any magic attempt, which unknowingly triggers the plague effects, as the curse is fed by the ability in people. Plus the form the victim thought about, that was what they became. An thus it spreads like a disease, due to the effect of the curse of the malicious fey on the condition.

Chemically speaking, what happens is in the body first, and then its magical in effect. The body changes to do the mode of breaking down the toxins first and shitting out the toxins after, that it couldn't breakdown. And in that process of getting rid of dangerous toxins, as in uranium or flouride, the body can weaken. Added magic to this, is like causing the weakness to stay and then the influences of others aura can cause a change. An adaption of your body, into theirs, due to the magic that's in the body. Speaking about what you want, or using vocals could cause an amplified magic effect. Due to the toxins and elements in nature, its because of the cursed effect.

The curse causes it to be plague-like, as the body can only hold so much energy and magic. So, the curse spreads with the energy, as the body shares its excess energy to others. It is also naturally selective, and sometimes by touch.  Letting itself pass to the new host as an bio-electrical discharge, as it is a form of electricity. This bio-electrical discharge can activate magical ability, magic and sometimes weight. This weight can be endless, unless the person is helped or helps themselves.

On rejection of the originator or host, the person can develope a disease. Sometimes a mental disorder, if they were unprepared for the power it grants in a magic exchange, beforehand, can form.  If fat forms from the discharge, its a magical fat that will generate some craziness and even more ability. One thing is for certain, the original host is almost always linked to the infected by some idea or way.

Then it forced a lethargy on the victim, to sleep such as in a coma and helplessness in which the change happened, to the body and only after it was finished, would the victim wake up, after being helped and sometimes frightened of themselves, for the change that occurred, as this is the stage that fat can form, but its always uncertain. After this, the person only had to look at someone, to become the form and then theres even more ability that can manifest, sometimes by speaking of things, also there was no reprieve as the victim becomes a shapeshifter. In the end, they gain unnatural insight from the magic ability, along with magic and ability, to change their shape.

This plague formed such like as faeries, trolls, orcs, halfmen, other people by this mutative plague, and it can be controlled by shapeshift methods. The only cure is to take in enchanted liquid silver or enchanted water, and as a drink with the liquid silver properties its as a small quantity, to kill the curse leaving a slight undeadness to the body, but control, of the shapeshift ability. The ability of magic van also temporarily be neutralized, till the body comes back to life. The cure can kill the host, but if enchanted right, will bring the body back too as it also kills the disease with the body. The cure can also leave the victim unable to lose the weight, unless they work at it.

There is yet another way to become less weight with this disease, and its counted as a cure, as it causes the person to lose weight by the idea and choice of another. In effect to actually attempt a shapeshift, where Its to mentally choose another person to become, who is thinner. Then it naturally occurs if the person chosen is naturally your body type, and sometimes if not your body type, it takes the words of 'I choose [to become] you' or 'I wish to become you.' While looking at the person.

Due to the curse, the person can gain your weight as you lose your weight, or you simply lose enough weight to become like their form. Again, it depends on the person, as though to naturally gain weight from food or always remain thin and skinny.This weigh less cure doesn't always work and can leave you stymied by the effect on people, confused by the reactions you can get or disputable by the idea you thought would happen, but it doesn't.

2 Vampirism started as a plague that killed, but a regenerative person came back spreading a mutated version, through the influence of his aura, causing living undead slightly affected by sunlight and unable to see a dawn, without death. They can eat anything though without trouble, plus rare bloody steaks be a very good substitute.

3 Black plague which was caused by feeder ticks and fleas, mutated by volcanic ash to continuosly feed, spreading anemic to worse effect ending in death, by a chest rattle.

4 Byoma or baphomet plague - power triggered plague caused by a curse that infects on attack, touch or power share gives the person astral woman wings, womans breasts, astral forehead star, goatshape head, spell immunity, drug resistance, slight dementia, suggestability, regeneration and omnipotence plus it is symbiotic to, its host leaving only an undead scent, to the body making it into that of a lich. The cure is faery water.

5 Tuberculosis was a lung disease spread by lung, coughing fits that spread germs in sneezes and cured, by peninsulin made by a plant.

6 Aids which is a disease that spreads through fornication, and caused immune system failure of the body due to too many drugs.

7 Dimentia caused by suicide tendency and lack of minerals plus stress causing schitzophrenia, this with an overload is leading to lack of sleep and the mind breaking. Thinking then goes into destructive visions after a mental breakdown and because of inability to handle a situation. They can handle it till a point then, they lose it because of their lack of patience.

  The victim turns to destructive purpose guided by suicide tendency. Where this is turned by tuning into chaos around them to become a death tendency. The cure is to ingore the visions and voices, then by observing the people around them. They theme the moment to some idea or tend to shut them out thru meditation.

  This means they think they earned their death and attempt actions, thinking to do things due to suicidal need that sometimes doesn't appear suicidal. This is the case of abusers and people with unbalanced emotions. Thinking only suits them and you might notice this, as this is most likely controlled by medicine.

  Thus this is usually by the seen point, where this is with sheer force of will plus discipline. They can remain seemingly in a calm till they are given a reason, that isn't what they expect by activity that sets them off. Then when they feel they were right for what they were going to do, with thought and ideal situations they get over their fit of dementia. So thats the end of their suicidal tendency.

  Thinking to be normal, so they realize its both a condition and a curse where they become normal. This by what they do and their eyes glaze temporarily over as a physical sign of their activity. Only to be set off again and again as though this were a cycle with the point at the end of death, this is the point where their eyes can glaze over like they ate plastic permenantly. Then you know they earned their demise. After that, one day their dead and all is normal again and so on..

From an ancient text thats translated from memory