The five ways of love/anti-love 

   With the five ways of love, there be five possible ways of love and ant-love in relationships, that are opinions and facts based from observable and most obvious activity. These are warnings of the possible love you can get when its in relationship. Love being desire or devotion to know to seem right, seem te right thing your way and be correct by doing in things. As if that the other is will to respect in this case the other will know by psychic or psychosis linked to the significant other. This otherwise is known as the other half or whole soul in perspective. Earn the response you get with the right respect to them, which you never guessed at unless you know the future.

  1.    The normal love of devotion of work to do things and be appeasing, unless the other's mood does allow for things then they could find moodiness. Sometimes this is on the spot, so think and know to allow them their space. Then talk normally and work with what you can get. This is the love of the moment, people usually do this to feel good about themselves. Although this love is only normal, and that's because of the idea that is done.

      The trick with this love type is done when you think to work with each other's mood, and alter the mood by what you attempt to see. This is where the other idea expressed by feel is allowed for usually by idea. That's unless they are naturally resistant to the others mood, then work with what you get or expect hurt. This love type can seem painful, but with love anything is possible.
  2.   The fugging love of the moment that you love someone so much that you want to hurt them. This is where you could love someone, yet could hurt them. So give them their space and they improve or if you don't then be hurt by them and their rejections. By hurt, I mean they would kill those that are around them or ignore them in some way with moodiness until their mood is better. The person usually starts innocently, and then can get violent unless naturally calm, you can tell by the expression that they have. This is where they show a downturned lips showing distaste, then they don't respond with concern or care. They instead could greet you or ignore you and sometimes enjoy inflicting pain on the others nearby.

      They don't always know they do things to others or they do it to fuck you up, they do it to use violence or tell the other keep their distance and get some mental pressure off their chest. You may attempt to talk to them and keep up communications till you talk them out of their problems. This is where their moodiness hurts those concerned. So that is where some don't like this tactic, and they can get even more violent or moody for the rush of things. They can get very jealous till told the right corrosponsive reasoning.

      So with this mood, expect the hurt feel or what can I call it, this is done with the feeling of pain inside. This is where they show distaste and don't care for anyone. So what I know is this, its a downturn of the moment and focus on the person gets no response. This is where a person who gets up in the morning can be happy with others, only otherwise to get in a bad mood at night until they get to sleep and wake up happy again.
  3.    There's the fucking love, or the love of wanting to fuck you up, and this is the anti-love of the psychopath. Its sometimes badly, if the person be emotional. As, they can attempt to fuck your mind up, first. Then they might attempt to fuck up your body. But, if there's lust in it, and this can include the lust of money, which is how a fucked up person will be when they need something, then they will attempt to be nice till they get the moment of desire. As, they see there's a need to get something by using you.
  4.    The capturing love, that is where you snare someone for the effort and enjoyment of it. This be where they go 'I do this because I love you and your worth it.' And, then attempt to do things to capture the love of the other. They must have allot of charisma to pull it off, as they try to capture someone into a loving mood and only to use that love to get something.
  5.    Finally, the spiritual love of the moment. Where they love to do things because of the spirit of the act, or the law of the effort. They love the moment, not yourself. As, they get a rush out of just the attempt. Some are adrenaline junkies. Some are junkies, period. This love style is where your in love with being in love which means your addicted to the love chemicals in your brain.

   You can endure the normal love, if you think its worth it or want a relationship, sometimes both. Its best to avoid the fucking anti-love, and try to prevent the fugging love. If you can't prevent the fugging love, then avoid it as you can. The capturing love is okay, if you like being used. As the capturing love is objectifying a person, ie the "trophy wife".

   The spiritual love can last a long while if done right, but when the person who uses this style of spiritual love, actually feels its not 'good enough' and wants something more, they can't figure out its them thats the cause. As they didn't get enough out of the moment for their enjoyment. Where the partner, does. The spiritual love can get intense as well, for they are devoted to appeasing. And, can sometimes appear fake, for that reason. All four, except normal love, are extremely unhealthy and not really love at all.