Ying yang ability

   Due note: This is structured in sentence pattern, as Capitals to emotional feel and lowercase for non emotional feel. Also this was part of a logfile, that I had recorded mentally from one of my journeys I had spiritually.

  Yin/g is subtle, yang is unsubtle. where they are two sides to one cycle of nature, where the seeds of another are sometimes in each other. such as fall is a subtle lessening by feel or ying and spring is birth or the ideal coming of plants or yang. this is in an ability I noticed somewhere, powered by trees. it is structured in writing as a script where you start then end modified by if statements.

  As though you can end it at any time by thinking end or the end, this is used as instruction to the subconscious. if you need it to work for you then this ideal will work sometimes. as though by the creator or energy consciousness, as a feel is then as you think the feel, sometimes comes before you think about what you do.

   Ability jutsu; This is the main ability or jutsu, as a thought thats sometimes used by those whom want to use it. See this uses the ability to rewrite history, by the area energy that makes it change the area. Although able to do this, the ability is limited by weight that you think, then focus so your weight is nullified.

  Then the change occurs to the place, that your in or near by the building or area energy particles. This rewrites times if you think or take the time to change, otherwise this can create a dimension change where you can shift nearly anyone. This can effect someone or others that you think to effect. This is not useful if to effect by the point at the end.

  Only a few things actually change, as I think we fool our perception to create by the feel with what we believe. This is in accord to some us law somewhere, so I think its safe to work with if you can get the effect of what you want to change to change.

  I think this is the effective belief of the creator an conscious called I or energy consciousness, as you think the point after you feel or think then create. then focus so then I know by what or who I feel or consider. As in your use energy you ca create by use or see the feel. So having stomach aches and having to go to the bathroom is a sign.

  This is what indicates sometimes where you could think then what is there is indication enough. So I think then that I know by what I could do, if I were able minded I would do what is required. So I think then as I am aware, I am now freer as the guilt of activity or belief falls away, then I know I am free.

  Thank you creator for helping me realize this, I can now live my live without suicide. So I now know I am awake or aware then I am aware, then I am creative by sorrow or life that I know that were all full up. Then I know that is my actual answer now this is my answer, we're about to have one or two less so enjoy your day.


   Think then; so think then no catastrophe occurs. think the sign or think your directing energy towards the focus point then, feel energy gather to create what you want then. as you focus to see the effect, you notice things are changed if by the frontal lobe and pinneal gland or different if it works. sometimes this is known as ninjutsu.

  If you experience something, such as a death of a loved one you activate by your need to share the death or use this ability on a different level. a sharingan could form or thinking differently to show this, if in the eyes you could show more than one pupil.

  Extra focus creates extra pupils with extra effects. they effect as you glance towards something otherwise by feel or think then focus the feel to create what you want. so they disappear of course, if you can think to not see them or feel them to do something else where feeling comes before thinking.

  Though you can think of this anyway you want. if you think you can grow wings, then your mind convinces you that you can. as though "nothing is wrong with me", you can cause the subconscious to create wing growth eventually.

  This is useful if you can think to the use or the feel, before the thought occurs. so what you did can come back, as natural movement or instinct. if guided by intuition, then you know thinking or you know by the point that feel before you think.

  If you have the right temperature, however the temperature is just a physical or spiritual feel. That if you think the temperature is just right or is cool then the body makes it cool that adequate you feel. So this doesn't really matter whereby then this sometimes works.

  This works by what you do or create with feel, so I think this is with things or all there is to this. There is a temperature scale in dimensional physics that shows the temperature variation with possible effects, where E% is possible working points or feel. The body sensually feels to work in by actions that show this idea. if interested here is the article that shows dimensional mechanics.

  This uses the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = %; Take the decimal as percent and drop the first part. Treat the end result, as percentage of energy rounded up in degrees. Say the temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, 72-32=40/1.8=22+273=295. Cost(295) = 75% success.

  This energy can be used by focusing the energy through ritual, spells and crystal aka focusing device, thinking to run devices(barely) or create the effect that you feel or think to create, with or without a focus device by hex or spell thats aka crystal or gemstone.

  This can also spell disaster, where the temperature is causing the ideal. So you try to not work sometimes where too hard is too hard, you could have a working solution with what you do by feel. So at least you know by what is the temperature for what is possible.

  So the spirit is obvious in how this works that allows you to know what is there, before it is created by at least 1 minut or so. this is where intuition gets its information, when the spirit knows then they that are aware are knowing what the spirit knows within limits.

   So: if you see something then think on it then you can transform yourself or those sometimes through fear or otherwise, when you think about or feel into what you see.

   ying yang; The ideal is ying is spiritual activity, yang is body activity. I feel so what you do by touch is think to experience in life, you could have caused by the spirit body that is subtle. If you sense another spirit body activity, you know by the sensation whom they are or what they do. Each has a different feel or activity they like to create with so you can know them if you can identify them.

  Then followed by a focus point, this is useful to generate by self-generated energy some results. The focal point is this: the focal point where you think then adjust then your fine. A tri eye sigil is sometimes effective if you use symbolism. Thats here: tri-eye-sigil where you think to the use you could generate a firebomb or focused effect.

  This is known as conjuration, where you feel the energy or the water flow, think to focus it then you create with the energy flow to make what you want occur. If the ideal happens then your in luck. That is all there is to this ideal. This is just a thought from my past life, that creates on or with a feeling then the ideal is what is there.

  Now to recapitulate, you can see, where you feel or think, then think to create. Then focus sometimes with what's there. This is where you create by thinking or feeling to form what you wish to see. That is all there is to this effect. Any misuse is forgotten as you think then, you can focus then make work with what is possible and if forgotten then. You remember by feel or thinking about what you need.

  That is all in a focus point though by thought if you decree, then you create by feel. If you use a hand sign, you create by directed energy with your thought. This is through the use of your hands. So use of your hands is sometimes a possible use to create with a means to go your own way. I hope you enjoyed this little idea, as this is a point of magic that by act is sometimes impossible. Otherwise this means there is a possible means to your way.