The were ability

Were ability

  The were is energy alteration, as if by shape or form energy in thought to the perception that changes what is due to preparation and thought is what energy responds to. As thought is points in meditation and learned, as this is meditation and sometime immunity by body energy buildup. As your energy is any energy in use the energy does what you think, otherwise it doesn't so I would avoid this use. There is energy by the ideal you are a user in idea, an what energy you use is what you think you can use in life or if not you don't go. As energy is there as a form and your energy creates what you think. You can safely assume that this is assured to work, as you direct energy using the energy consciousness or spirit by thought.

  As your thought is energy this is ideal in use or thought as inert energy that is with light wave particles and gas controlled by mass. That means mass energy by essence and as this is energy is free by use, as your energy can surge your energy is what causes things. Such as auratic flares that if intense enough can make machines not work right, this can seem with higher vibration that is with energy that you use. This point can seem for ideal hexing. As your energy is released in the shape that you energize to seem like, think and as energy is in the point you think. Think shift and your will is energy that returns with a point in energy will by thought to the were you don't need to as you were you are not in to were or not think do.

  The were ability is an idea with an light idea of negative or positive, feelings and altering is where you were with a 'in instability', unless you don't were with a gesture and is to think of a were switch that builds up strength and you change. This is to realize the shape and then the body changes shape, or not that is with 'un in instability' or unwere to think and you see normal. The were ability is for inner fire making of greater fire, as this can seem an illusion with this in idea in thought to be. As if this is what creates interesting things in results, as to 'un' is to undo in life things you don't intend to happen or not as in and out dragon ability if an area is out more than what is in normal idea.

  Another way is to do, in and this drops the fear and you can shape into the form you think. Or you can accept the form, as you try to do things and you are a possible were shape. As you can seem to accept the flow of air with energy flows, that is triggers the inner fire in to shift and adjust the change by what is there, with the feel of the form and this in thought can shape the body easier. As if in a concept this isn't a moment and such as this is, an in body change isn't except with a point. As if a natural flow of energy creating bioenergy, electricity outwardly creates an energy of thought with water flow from the earth were your form changes are done as if you feel you did things correct as you do. Whatever you do, be nice as if you are ready to do things and get things done.

  As though if a concept to create were there, thinking with love of things as if a concept to do with energy. Think 'in energy out thought with out motion in feel out flow' or as though with water, its if the right mood aggravating or not as though 'in feel out feel' and seem to flow in the feel of energy with focus and movement is with energy through the aura changing. As it is things are flows of energy in an idea unless not needed and you can change in the form, or as there's water from some source if there this is formed as a body shape that is natural as to know your spirit. As though you reset the form, and you can shift as you think or see someone and to some there might be bleeding gums or similar as indication is to teeth. This uses air and other energy, to create with thought. Stop being controlled by air, think to undo if necessity by what you reversing the idea you don't intend to do as though you intend not to do things in effect.

  As the body repairs as if now to become what you intend it to seem, an ideal natural point to the biorhythm and energy raises as if a bursting of energy is a compliment and is in harmonic life force. As if you are quit to active moments and that brings the body to rest. As this is the point where as if you were in thought of making, thought in right as in you feel better idea in thought until at the end then the point stops. As you decide to do then you will things as you do, and if you decide to then you don't.

  With will of fire energy allows in strength from energy as you are, creatively imagining the shape and greater body size. This is like a god/dess of greek mythology, as if to work with a thought is easier and you get a higher genius level. Think in a point as stability can make with focus as you no way and think you are fine, as thought things were a bit interesting, as to be sane you can as if you were almost possessed and there is a point to change shape or you are actually to do better.

  Then in thought does not as to not hit is this as your what happens, or you do the change feel the change so if as you gain strength you keep calmness. So you don't go and do stupid things, as this you don't have to do and can stop as you think your smart to start thinking and acting good as you think its necessary. This is with no and an no inordinate fit is in the mind, to stop things as if to work with the body.

  The ability in thought increases ability in fire use, in as magic is in not needed in use this is where you think and you get the result then you think or feel and you can get any better result to release energy to keep your stability. As this is reverse, with an inverse energy that looks like a point but isn't what can do things. As if a natural as you are better in what you do, or look as you do not as if to think and make with a creative purpose as if you are a thought this seems the point till the point isn't needed. Whatever, you don't actually have to fight and things work out.

  Doing things in your own way, all the way in the mind is by what you do and no abuse can happen. As were are wereing, this can seem in thought as you sense them as this is an idea and if fire intensifying is changing on intended purpose. You can be direct by indirect moments with the change. As this is there is a idea to do as a in point, and outwardly you can avoid touching the object or yourself. This is to avoid burning it out and you only charge yourself or not if to avoid overcharge, as you avoid what you hate if you touch yourself. Where you are finished, with the project that you attempt in your inner world.

  When you feel the urge and you almost said it and it should disappear, and you can phase in to an area with kept energy and if you lose the energy. That is of the area you don't intend to keep you phase out, unless you need to or want to you can seem to do without things or people as you jump dimensions. As you release the pent up rage to stop and don't be bashful, as you can think inward body and outward body adjust if in body you are remaining unnatural calm. You don't intend to psyche up unless necessary, as this forms a were dream if you concentrate enough energy on this and this is a construct if you are intending something and in thought to strike out and do as to walk on.

  All the time I think to not be a were an I won't, so with the gravity pulse and with thought to pulse upward will vibration upward raise your body to an upper planet in dimension. This can create gravitational pulse effects, as you think you create through the red tachyon particles and you can create or in thought create. This is a carrier wave, that is a push pull gravitation pulsating energy, and can create calm that makes the shifting effect.

  As you think you do and the idea is to direct the red tachyons by focus, you are the point to shift timewise as you think of a time till you think not to do the point. Committed to memory with an idea, and in an instant physical thought is the shift dream and if you stop you are deciding to stop and do something else. So stop to be or not as if a were in effect, as though you are respect with disrespect, and use is from a were in action somewhere. This is as if you are able to accomplish it, and you are actually more adept and intelligent from what you think to do.

  Fear wrath that starts as you wee a point, is to create an effect that were is possible and ends in a point to x-create as this is from the x-men movie wolverine and things to do are not needed. As if not unstable, that is what creates by scene and this creates fear in a moment that is relived. As relivable moments are done in real life in subconscious vision point. This is what creates, what is in a moment and as the body reacts to the scene you can do things as in a point to do to stop things that you don't want that is not possible in scene of life.

  This is what is as if the right use, this in use if remembered is where the use by body can react as if triggering a werewolf effect that explosive in instant energy creates a reaction in inner body strength by muscelar reaction. This in use is with your idea, and thinking is in with use of inner fire use. Things with outer external fire is in use, with things in user work that don't always work. That suppose is the strength of mind that is in use of something that in use is the drug effect of dopamine, that is with the thought and not body in reaction.

  As you can think in the effect by dopamine what you in thought can do is limit the dopamine in yourself, otherwise allow it by what you do and that is use of water. This a thought and use of thought energy, to the drink to be charged can cause the dopamine to fix things or not. As the instant pain relief, if not overwhelming to the body is enlivening. There is a thought that use is an expansive idea to the body as it gets hunger and you can use things, to recreate the moment with thought that magic is the cure and use of mastery in magic creates the point of what is there as if a wave.

  Thus in the larger mothman effect is not thought on if you think, things you do and this doesn't do things as this which is can seem what mimicks this is the creature as if an evil is in denied thought, and that is use of mythological lore and in creation this is useful and in summoning this near or in some exists by some form that belief is where this can seem or what exists was there. Think and seem, as you want and you are doing as things are necessary that makes magic.

  This is with the craving that creates the larger energy, with the wave of energy, as if an ocean wave were formed and things are not as they seem in life. This is as the effect of the moon as if this can change things by warping that area. Things in an area are likely to change and influence the effective idea, that is warped in site as this is with an idea by what you think and do. Don't do things unnecessary as things you do create what you want, as the creature is denied in the thought as in the mothman effect that disperses you are normal in appearance, and that with this point is noticing what is forming as this is an idea or not and things are not mothman there in thought.

  Now if you don't want the activity that the mothman might do, to unsummon the mothman you think of a calming scene in mind and think of natural rhythmic energy that is the formed auratic static and natural flow of energy from the area and inner fire energy, as to think and and feel the flow that is to create a good thought. This is with a thought to create a calm mood, and this is as if a point, and to let the anger flow from you to an outlet or thought directed as thought is not and as the planet takes it from you thinking things are leaving a calm.

  This is the point that can or seem if to exist, as you think to use something and make is an issue of thought or health, think the idea you dislike is a source of energy and you can create with the energy. As if that is of the idea, that is an issue with health in a concept to not eat things and that is a thought to fix the hunger that this can make. That is an idea to do tings, if nothing is created by thought then if you do things. This can seem to do, an idea with this is what you can do, that can seem magical and if that then you don't summon what is as you think to do something else.

  Then if you see the worst, then if you think you can see the best and things can composite as thought if to clump and create with an essence and seem to form things. As the energy is there to create with, as they in comparison are what is in form from formed links as though thought in mind can cause the subconscious. This is to make things as you resolve and get resolution, by clear and unclear points unless needed thought that disperse from lack of energy or activity and no in activity you do.

  That is taught in with a point to create with insight, as from intuition and instinct formed with activity and nought is else. As this is nothing in comparison, to what is in thought in mind. Things you do with a point is to nor thought or use, is by imagination by visualization in use and this is mention that is there. That isn't always happened, if a battle abuse or concept isn't done or not as this isn't concluded in easy except by suggestion to control.

  This with a thought, with a thought you can correct the point with a thought energy in a concept sent to do. As to use in a thought this can go away, as think it gone and as it is this is better as if done by a thought to the wall. Speak not of this and it won't materialize, as you think you can dispel this with thoughts of there. As another place in the thought, this is the instant effect in life as thought is where you are or other area thought to use.

  When things or nothing creates an idea, this is as a source to nothing. This is to seem to think other things and as you do, you can make or recreate trying things that can seem to frustrate and create with them. As to create displacement fun, or if distract you is a fix to what is thought on then memory can create energy. An true thought idea isn't there, as in a thought you are normal and sane and things disperse that as energy use. All in all is a concept that this, is magic as that is done by what you think to do. This is use as a point to work, believe what you want with things as to use a source is to make or create with magic and only if use is with enough energy.

  Things you do send the idea energy of the things you don't want, to the planet that recieves things you dislike and things and that which is there in mind is done as disappeared is dispersion with the effect of what you disperse by this technique. As you let it go, you think the form dissipated and let the fear go and dismiss him as you think to see what he is formed like, with the thought the mothman is gone from your mind if you can see the form of this.

  As you sense things out if a point were there and you think it mute point, think to form the point and don't live it as if a were is in your mental room. That does the effect then you are a were in a were form of your spirit choice. To think this is where you decide, and you are not effected by what you do. This is the point that you do, as you are what you consider and things you do is nothing done in life. Until you think and you are suddenly, with life in yourself as if a wellspring to make work.

  This is if as you were good, you are better than what you seem and things are better proven than not as well is the thought 'well'. This is using the subconscious and energy including the tachyonic thought wave energy to seem unless not intended. This depicts an ancient culture of were that were not there after the thought to dismiss them and they were forced to leave by an entity death that caused disasters till they shifted to another dimension. As if an entirety, a culture shifted in thought in mind to a new dimension, they had plotted out for themselves this disappears their culture from this planet in time to be unseen.

  The spirit in dimension and only if necessary, then if you think you form the ideal and pulsing is lowered by thought that down in ideal will lower in dimension. The spirit with somethings is not actually thinking unless necessary, and that is guided by what you thought and as you are easily shifting. Places to go are by what you think of by thought until you, don't need to and not change things that are not proportionate to the equality of the moment.

  Think and if you get weakness go in near a person and you get strength back as to get them to back away by thought, of their reaction and you walk beside them. Be wary, you can in bash as not proportionate through walls and size is not proportionate size in strength. Don't and you think as this makes you know, a wrong idea is to strike in the eye to strike unless needed as this prevents people from viewing you dimensionally or not as you don't mind it.

  If your spirit thinks you are going to be struck down or attacked, as if viewing a result think in the striking body some attack energy or be attacked and not hit. As you phase in an out then you can best him or her in strike out. As this is to crumple the body and is with the strike and with thought to defend. As this is relegated to the spirit, to strike out is to build energy as with a physical punch or use spirit punch out to touch only if needed.

  As you think to mimick a punch considered a half punch, as you feel the strike coming and you can use up arm energy by releasing tension in the body. The arm is not unlike a point, and this is like a coil release like a whiplash and you release energy by what you do that is up to you as if by cthulu that defends for you as the price is paid to cthulu and that is to fight the foe and this is considered a deuce.

  Think to the target this can hurt if it hits, as this can be felt in the left eye and you think to do this is to do things. As if you think and do this can save your mind from controlling influences, by warding away and that is an attempt to trick the mind into not seeming unfriendly. The idea is not done, if you do as you don't for obvious reasons or not you are better unless insurgency isn't needed. You know the implausible reality ability, and impulse to stand or move out of the way and seem in waiting till they pass as you appear to not have struck and unseen foe disappears as if not ever there.

  Simple rule to do, in dimension shift you think dimensional shift and you are as if you were and you can't shift chaos spheres of the close relations. Related to dimensions, until you act natural and do as needed to let go in feelings toward the other. This is to act naturally and supernaturally do things to shift, you decide the things out to seem better by translation with transfer of energy as you wait and walk in an area you can shift without in thought.

  As you don't threaten, you do whatever you think as you know best where you are nice or not and you remain at peace and calm, as though you were and your spirit will act right according to the situation. As you sense danger if you do an idea and sense an attack, then you can seem to have struck out with blows that are psychically done anywhere this is to not be struck out. As you sense the impending blow, you won't be hit unless necessary and you may attack unless you intend to seem at peace and have a peaceful relation. As to the proof this is so you can soothe conflict with a good balanced mind, and with inner and outer self resolve by intuition with concept and movement is in balance. This can work and in a release of energy, as if to pass the time you can practice.

  This is the theory if you can feel the fire element build up, and heat up the rooms if by thought or not as you can try to cook any raw food with thought. As any body has an inner state in mind, you are with release as this is in the form of thought. That is releasable, as though this is in an idea and your available. Then as if you act good, and as you release you manifest the element of fire there towards a wall or target about to strike. Think or not to soothe, tempers as you use energy to do things.

  So think a point in thought you can use as the user would desire, use is the energy or not as though you are better and more active, if you think and let it go to seem in the area as heat. Now in impending thought, as if its uneasy with a concept and holding in the moment to think without as with no rage. Beware the knocking over of things with an energy wave as you release pent up energy, that lets off you with the getting near and one struck fridge or any thing near. Thinking a point you think to work things out then you knkow what will occur.


This is immunity called immurity by what you feel. Think to feel the force, then use the energy of that force and feel it by visualizing the force impaling you. As its impaling you you become immune to it. This is not to be done in a physical means. As if done physically, it could cause more damage except for exercises that make you used to it. Then if you think things through you won with the ideal.

Nautea Rhythm

  This is the idea to create things, as if to use an idea you get an idea where thought can bring in an idea of what happens. This can be useful in warefare. As you assume the best, you can somewhere do things as you feel the need from your thought. As this is where you are able to get things, you can use this as a thought to get things to do. As if you hate the idea, you avoid it, as you think to do things to counteract in this you can create and make. The declared warfare tactic is never done, unless it is required to fix up or do things as if your in the mood for an appearance, to do order in moment or nothing is done.

  This is the in a moment of flowing fire, and in other energy to cause a naturea working idea, that is a natural idea of how the body works as with a energy flow that creates a bioclock idea for a biorhythm effect as this is set by the thought of a clock that to think can make things as that is the natural way of life in and with energy out flows in life as like a waterfall and this can be adjusted to be any color you want. As you are thinking and feeling by what you imagine, gravity use is thought and you can use it to adjust things as with a stop. This is wee doing this and you do things, in to appear them as this is to stop use in the gravity with a perfect control pitch raise the hand and get the energy. Thus, you can trust and be an energy in of life fields in flowing inwards as to be a source by chi producing ki with actions generating results.

  As you think you feel an energy sometimes energy buildup thats generation or not use in is stop as this is to focus inward the energy field outside, use is this as you focus thought to direct with the gravity of the situation and what you say will happens, if possible or if resistance then whack an object as if you whack a mole. To disrupt the energy, a rhytm in thought is a rhythm of any music of a rock band in control and is to control by thought and put it as energy to the person as this and a person that is in the area or let the energy go and the natural effect is done. As if you dissipated harmlessly the energy, use this if this is the energy outside. As you think and create with an idea and as you say an expression the tone is considered in the expression.

  This follows the natural philosophy, as life changes to adjust itself to create with the natural harmonies the rhythms of life create the biorhythm in the body in thought. The natural energy is the tone, as the natural rhythms are right and you create with the natural idea of life. As life can change at will. This is where you get things as thou watch what you say and you are what you seem. This follows the natural course as though thought were a life to observe and you get resolve by resolution to create what you want.

  See to use energy to make the flow of what you want as a spiritual flow viewing music in activity is what what makes this the natural rhythm of flowing life, as the flow and ebb of life can make the natural idea that is the rhythmic flow of what life is there without changing a thought unless it was meant to be changed. This is the music that is in the rythmic energy. To create the moment, is to create the flow of uneathly music. As you create the peaceful music inside, you create a cool collected inside and this is a possible cool of a energy as with thought of what to help you are unnaturally calm. If there is in mind as though a thought there then use if it is a good idea in what you think.

  Imagine a crib or count to 10 that makes you calm as ice, that settled over you as you cannot get angry. Thus as an unnatural energy this is a natural energy that is a in effect. You will feel like not hitting anyone, unless your are not pushed too far and you feel fine. This is from three authors that are working with others and they are anyone they want to be as though anonymous. A moment you need to defend, is a moment that you use positive live love ice that is interlaced use in energy that is with a negative field of enegy that with positive thought can have a positive turnaround. This is where you feel a weed whacker effect, is used to whack a weed and this is to whack a mole in the head to make things stop as thou whack a mole indeed. This is in thought as an action or in mention. As this is true, this is not to be inhibited but this isn't as if a positive natural negative is done. Stop in the moment of time, as the abort of an action is thought moment and mention and the need to do as need is done. This is the point you don't get annoying as you fix health by a 'health fix'.

  The disguise idea is a natural idea in energy, to flow in time is to flow in and out of rhythm as you go on about something, You can go and step out of time to meet with those you want, as to get better and work better you get more resolve to have an enjoyent in life. As this is a moment of action time you get to work out by what you do as the disguise is to seem as someone who is respected. This is a natural field of energy that is to seem, as if what is needed to seem as this is your body interlaced in energy. Thi is this that flows through time, and seems as a form as a real life as silver energy that shifts your body as you need it changed as that thi is what changes this to make it possible as if by the spirit that is allowing as if an idea. As thi allows this as this is by the spirit spelled silver to make amends through time.

  That is a point then you remember your past or present. That shifts your body, as you need to and this allows a change of clothes. This is where you generate clothing from energy, and that is the moment you will see what you seem like. Then, you will seem like something, you will create as you retract the form and you create. Stop in a moment of time, as you abort an action and you are not in irritation. In life you can keep life energy, and you can keep ageless and emotionally beautiful. This allows tha which, is a moment you think and life configures itself to your whims and need. Thi can allow you to that, and this can keep you handsome as this is what allows you to remain your own idea age you want you to seem at. This is as if support, by the 6th that traps and the 8th that you are release. As that releases you as if a silver blue energy beam, and that keeps you charged as if full of life as vigor is there to use. This is what can happen, as thought if you can do things and yet not do them to the wrong people.

  As this will do things in thought, as if you are doing things in right manner as music of the soul and harmony of life is useful. This is where in thought, you can do things and you know what to do. If you are in thought as you do activity, you are assured nothing will be seen that isn't supposed to as this is life energy in a moment that will do things for you. Think a point to get a point, and you will get an exchange of energy. The form by the silver particles, that are formed in the air and the mind can use them can be particle traced and you can get something that can cause the shift.

  This is the shift of bones and flesh by particles, this ends in a moment of faery dust use that is gathered by your spirit and only used if for time effects. This is the shift of bones and body adjust as to the silver energy. This is the idea to gather energy with spirit as this is to focus, and this creates the idea of thought as you are not in mind. This is the time you raise your spirit arms, and you drink and change to make and you make use with other source energy. Thus, you change your body to adjust to home. There you actually adjust your form, and you create the flow in things as things you do create the flow as you adjust the flow to your need you use an idea to create with as things cause you to flow. Your form can change, as if you are to flow your energy like water and use of fire is with a form that creates energy to change your form at a whim. This is as this is to use a form energy interred, you shift your body in form to seem and lie as you want.

  This is to seem like a natural energy flow, of that which you can adjust to seem like. This can make things flow, and as you change with ease you can use the name. As if a thought were you but you were an idea, and the person is a name of your middle name. As you do this, you can abort attrocious attractions. This can be through abrasions, and you can flow with change as if with an as ease of heart. Heart and body is a han energy, as considered use with chi and by the activity and that is with a thought.

  Another option is this, hostile or not as when you can naturally do this to revert back. This is a form shift idea by me, to use the life moment as a point to change as ad-hoc and home is not not available. All you need to do is say, this will be me and look at a picture. Think of it and you are able to get on a moment, car or on a seat that is the other thing and you change your change as to you the reality you change is in your mind. As this is why you can use this trick to adjust your reality perception, as the reality changed around you, you can be as though yourself and not have to worry over what you may seem like that others will accept. So, use an idea of what you are to keep your memory, so you use the cellular memory of an image of what you were as you have to recreate an image of what you are from this and you are unable to be changed unless you want to again.

  This is in thought as action and as an action, this is The Trial by thought where you remember to know things then are aware thereafter. Then you know what or by what is there. You know what to do thereafter.

  The triple action idea is whar you do, in a hostile area using a hostile act that seems good to be in and you are safe when your in action and you find something to do. This is only to ensure what you do as in an idea that is in defense, and you feel the need to get inside or some strange thing might happen elsewhere as you can think then as you enter the first action is to thin there and do else to not get noted for the effect you do. The moment a strange thing happens find safety, and think to mae a defense as this stop time and you get somewhere else to go and explore with the help of those you think of in mind. This is the actual technique from the life I just visited. So when you think, you can use things to trace the problem an you can get things to go help with as to solve the problem, as if you were able to fix the 'slource' as in a source that is life that you fix by thought and make better for the purpose that you try. As you do this, if the only option is to kill the problem.

  Use 'Marrow' as you think you are to see and fix, as a third person observer and this is traced to the source as if to a person, you can then if to kill the person with a 'slicer and dicer' energy effect or 'dicer' with 'noter' to create the 'Do as in the thought' effect and then use things to create things as if you were using their source. This allows you to create with their essence, as if to use your aura and make a persona and present a good reason as if 'reisen' were a reason as though to goto the store and buy candy as the alibi. This is where you can use a concept that is what you do, to use things and bolster your spirit and you can create with thought as if to 'infamy' or use the essence as a concept to appear as an enemy in disguise and do things as you get close to your target you nailem. Then, to get out you walk out the imaginary door in mind as you are then in the real world. This is where you can use the persona technique, to use essence and thin by dimentrical energy and use things to create things as on a need to find and do a purpose.

  This is the point you gather energy into the aura focus point and spread an idea of thought in the aura energy from it and your perception changes to what you think to see in the soul or area you want to see. This uses the thought in action, to see it is thought thinking about it you are not and you are there. In action is using time as an idea to create with as you think the idea to use you create things, and you make thought to be thought and even though you move or not move you can disrupt the energy flow around you and put people to sleep as you do things as need. To 'wae' as to wake people up, use discipline as you create the energy flow as a watery 'enffect' as an energy effect that gently wakes them up and the energy you distantly disrupted. As you approach is restored, as the store is repaired as you visit if any damage is there to be repaired and otherwise don't fix it if its not broke. As the energy you used is there as though you are in idea from your energy, as in essence you can by memory be traced back to where you are so think and you go as if you move and the energy. You left this is gone as you, so you remove it by thought in energy dissipating itself as if you have proven an interrupt in activity vanishes it.

  Things in mind are suddenly more real and things outside are less real as 'realarea' in effect. This is more like an idea as the idea is what, as if you are the idea you can thin and think unless a wizard in accomplice not needed in thought but is in there and treating things fairly as you use him to get better idea. This is the area that you can take in energy, and use it as essnce from an object as you work with the information from it. And no smacking around till you think someone deserves it, as you need peace and calm in your mind you can create the aura effect by a thought of 'yuri' which is in-depth energy and you can use the essence traited for effect to create a new power with energy effect as if trained in it and use is the energy around you. Then, you create the persona, as this is necessary you can use the magic as in imagination and this is where you think it and you do things. Or create creating a sigil, as if you understood it on the spot as this is created on the spot it is empowered. You can think of it as you do things, but in essence you are different as this the sig you can protray as you can get to be known.

  As you can think this if a different person as if you are using your aura, to make with a thought and manifest the idea that you want appearant. This can make things, such as an interred idea to fix and use a new skill or thought creates the persona in effect, which is to make the idea to create as if you were one to work and this is the 'intimate' idea to get to now the person as you do things to help and as you don't do things here and don't unless you need to get things finished. This is in an inverted field of energy to control the area with a thought, as if to help you can hinder if they are criminals to people as to make them think what you want. This is to create an actual idea as a person in thought becomes real from their essence and you essence guides them, this is as thoug you were that person and that was an aura personality. As if you use real illusion this is to make an imaginary cloak to seem disguised, as you are in thought to appear as if the imagination were real and your aura made this as is 'inme' in effect using flames from somewhere else.

  This is controlled by thought and you can do what you are possibly able, this is to use the heat as you thin by the inner fire and outer fire energy and your thinking as 'not' is used to get better result as you stop in an idea as you go around the area to create better. Then as you need to think and the coast is clear, you use the idea that you get and then think and do else to create as the moment is done as then the point is where what you do is not always to happen unless its needed as if your aura and gift made you powerful enough to be recognized and things are either against you or not by the spirits. So you look, see in and think to do as you do what is a natural cloak, to make an act to do things to get along to soothe an area with energy as music flows as if water. Don't in act crazy, and out act weird as you are what you think to seem. And as you act you can become what you want.

  This is otherwise, as you 'now' it you can create it as if you know it to know. The idea is to leave it alone to make improvements. You can study as yo eat the energy you gather from elsewhere and you get things to gnow. This is then and that is what is an idea to study. As if you were in no trouble, you think of no trouble as you do things and this then is the last idea of the moment. Then if you are what and you are free of guilt as you can assume, the moment you pretend you are not guilty you act not guilty and this creates the right reaction through the aura that you belong there as if you were innocent or not guilty. Then, you are normal in appearance and not abnormal in mind as you are then easily studied as though the field of study were unnatural by the field of idea energy. This would delude you so use this and get things as things are pointed out, adjust by thinking about it and you are action that is 'of' the accepted the way you want to seem as they want you to seem as this is to use a 'just' idea in mind.

  As you can use this to do 'I do and I don't as I think about it' and think 'I know what you think' and you instruct your subconscious to make as you know, and change the energy 'sig' as a signature that makes it know as though in trust as if omnipotent and this is where you are 'I now what is going on and do as though by the spirit nowledge' what you think if you want your idea to work and things block it like a copy from the mind library of the person. Then you give things as if there and not be there, and you are anywhere and wherever that is as not. Power ranger, in effect by force of what you think and the aura manifests it in idea this in effect and you can use a biosuit and this is a safe gyver diver suit of armor to pull this off. You don't imagine you do. As this is the thought, you get to go and do as normal till you lay low enough to get away or make an effect as not or nor not.

  You are yourself as you think to invert an idea energy such as weight or other things, and as you eat you actually lose weight or thought can be there as if you drink to invert the bade idea this is as though it were an energy drink and to think is to create things by the energy to draw and use han as true heart energy that restores itself and available use is chi. To create an immortal thought in 'fet', or fey form by feat of activity and imagination or not is to end this and if is you are in thought you are not recognized for what you did. As you are returned by going back to where you came from in hidden view, if as though you were a thought and with a thought 'I am not observed' you are not unlike a shadow that you are not observed in an area. This is an idea thay fey can change anything, that you are as if a glamour that makes things as though what you think you are seeming as an idea and this is not as this. This is all in a report.

American werewolf pet in paris

  Think shape; This is a think shape you think by triggering the result, its by thought that's with your feel, so think the shape then you are the shape you look at if you need to shape yourself as AJ no or yes. Think then your changing as your aware then you know what you were into.

  Seen as that is what occurs by energy, that you induce or effect by creativity. The point is obvious, what you see or sense as an animal or human form. You can shapeshift to become, if you want to be the form so due note each were shaping is there as a drop in weight.

  This is there as a form is were able or there as you think, whatever the reason this was meant to inform in use as you are of were options. As a balance between the form and the shaping, so think not to hit then you don't. Now don't drop the shaping drop the weight. Then you are the shape you want to seem.

  This is what can leave you color blind as a were cat, were dog, were rabbit for we are whatever that's an animal with dark vision or your eyes black out. Then you did it too much, so you only need to wait a short period of time. So you are then you again as your area is with the damages, so if your active by feel you are awake again.

  Think to the point that this is with love of the form to create by energy with love to create the form. Obviously this is some other life that is use to create the were like here, so if you think to create as a transfer of blood or strength by energy. Then you also can were to that form as well, as think about this you are werelike here think about it yet a changer were there.

  Exposed in love to accept the memory, then if your aware you accept the responsibility. As well in use by chemistry or other area pursuits, the feeling of hate disappears as you think of what you know. Then your acceptance of others is what creates the point of awareness.

  So if they regenerated and smelt slightly when they did, their instinct was to innately know anything and what they didn't know they got from others. So their shape is to know things, where you are aware that they know so by being nice you know by asking.

  They are aware, so we are aware to how we act. As you think, then feel then release. Then as you are known you are aware to others feelings, so or not if addicted or they are addicted you could try to stop them by becoming useful. As I sense it from you you sense it from me, then we both are right so think as you want your right where you are until you move.

  They are aware by the flow of different or other energy, as they see an example you are knowing what they do. Because they use signs or you feel their intent. So I think that means you are aware to what will occur, if you continue with this ideal by feel you are knowing or known. So think as you want to by then use is what you are capable to use.

  So you see as your non seen or never seen they are non aware by you, then your aware by feel that means your aware by others reaction. You feel what is done by the other body or place or you are aware by the feel you know. So that's how this is by feel, now as they think.

  If you don't express the feel you are treated by acceptance your appearance changes then you are seen. Seen is the point you experience or otherwise you hold back, for then you are non effected as you think you are regenerative.

  When you think then you are doing activity, think then your aware as the change with the body occurs with the ideal you think by feel. When you think a shape then you are a shape, so your aware when the body starts getting hairy and used an this is used as aggravated feel as were done.

  Think to wait 10 seconds so your aggravation drops down as your aware your shape changes by feel, otherwise your aware of what you shape as seen. As a point where you despair by your feeling. Then attitudes change so you know what to do instead where uncertainty was before. The moment of kempir they are starting to hate as they realize what is done, then react according to how they feel.

  This is a pointed out thought so your aware of more likely created area. These are points by feel, that you know by the creator. Some don't trust the creator as he manipulates minds or bodies to get what he or she wants. So use your own trust or intuition guiding the instinct.

  Think as they who are effected might do them in or some kempir is found. That is a road weed root, called rot weed that you think to find with yellowish leaves. Then you know, that you can use this by feeling by fearing otherwise. There is no rot weed as there is no fear with this, think as they are were where you are not reacting. Werewolves are talked more on here as the all about werewolves.

  As this is a root that is easily found by the roadside. That is aware thought that guides you, so intuition is advisable as instinct could get you in trouble. Where intuition allows a free feel, that you know things instict is just a trained response. As they are their own will by the shape, then they are aware by the area instinct or intuition that guides the senses.

  These are seen as you sense heat sources by feel. So think as your going places. Think that you've seen the places before, then your aware of what is there. That the heat source is a living energy energy conscious is the pinneal gland, that activated that allows you to sense the area. As you think to sense them, then you can sense nearly anything by feel. Think to have fun then you do.

  Then as your aware think of a calm figure in your mind then, think by the feel you are the form that you own the form. Then you are aware by form to what is possible, so think then you change. As you change your body weight goes up a bit then drops down to a lesser degree, as you are aware the forms weight is adjusted by thinking the weight.

  Then you are aware not all chemical formulations are safe, so H2O2N is what you are using otherwise by feel using lesser. 3 strands is naturally produced chemicals by the body, as you think the ideal your form adjusts. The energy flows then you are aware of the altered state of mind disappearing, as though a high disappears thus you are aware by focus.

  No now what you hear if now is the word, with a soul shape by desire you could attack unless killed or kill alike. As this is a being that forms the shape or attitude. Then as you are aware by now, your awareness soars as though flying the point. That is there is your flying, as your moving then your body does what is naturally done by your own feel.

  So think then focus or just think as you think the being gone, then you are aware the normal ideal in shape is with a bit of weight gone. So you weigh less can do more or feel the weight ideal is just strength that your body has by foci or energy conscious. What is written as Hyde's disorder is this was written as hyde's disorder, where you can think then you are aware or use then you are full reshaped.

  So think as your aware that then is form, so then you are aware to what occurs. The rest is thought, that directs the motion. So you think by feel or work by ideal the body changes shape, this is sometimes organs that change by feel with what you drink or eat. So think as you want, this is so this works well.

  Then you are regenerating for the lack of any other ideal. As you were your body regenerates. You see this ends as the intensity of the aura flares fade away then the emotion goes down or you think it does, so think as your aware this is awareness then your knowing what you do.

  So they that were are also alive, as you think they are with the energy. That you think keeps them alive unless you are aware to others feel, think you were around others that appeared the same. Then as your aware you are awake then things get fun. No use is no use so think, as your aware then you know as known is the fact by opinion. So think then you feel by ideal to work with others.

  signed alice.

  Thinking form; Think about things then you form as you eat or drink what you think. That is the middle part about shapeshifting. That is also why thing are aware, as they exist if you accept them. That is also the manifestation or area use yet don't give away personal information to those that don't need it, as I were easily done by feel so this is with use by devices as well. This also shapes the body according to what you eat or drink.

  As they are energy bars or sugar this is fattening, energy use with water is slimming, salt is uses to retain water that if exercised off removes water weight. Think to eat a rock if really hungry. This holds off the hunger for about 10 seconds or less. This is how you alternatively, as they are aware is a con where you can lose weight. But it won't stay off, until you think your a certain weight. So that is how some things are if your aware.

  Ps Then you are yet normalcy is abnormalcy after this so think, as you like your normal if you think you are with ideal of normal. This is a balance as the creator creates nearly anything, if you think you are needing the ideal.

  Just by creativity though if you think then acknowledge yourself, as the form then you are the form as you think to become the shape. Then you feel intense that is the shaping that is there sometimes by feeling what you do. The subconscious shows you what you can appear like, whatever you like is possible as you think then your conscious shoves you up against a wall.

  Then you revert to normal then your aware to what is possible, then that is the end of the area it occurs in used ideal. As you think to become vampire like then your a were where you thought to start with the transforming point. Now beware that is with some hate or bigotry that occurs, when you rejoice as you reject your show or form then the thought exists by feel.

  Then thinking to transform back, yes this is possible to do. Your thought is changing by the feel you have with intense thought you think to change to use, this is used by the ideal you focus with the feel that the subconscious does. Then that is all there is to this.

  So you see if with regret or rejection of the self, that as long as you are rejecting the shape you are creating the shape. This is with a vision of the ideal you see or feel is there, that shows the change or some ideal that you know is possible. That can if you punch a wall show the were shaping. You can change back by accepting yourself, as you accept the changes that occured then you are yourself as you think or will the shape.

  Full transformation is anything that you think to become as you tense, then release the stress or intensity that exists what you wish. This doesn't always happen so think the planet acts, as a moon then you can sustain the vision or ideal you perceive to cause instance changes anytime. There is that point you can think to change by water or food, as you think the shape or weight to become.

  So think you work with the cords of life as though a blue or any color color, this is sometimes with a white energy or white skin flash. Seen if there is wolf use where you think the animal shape that is two feeted then you use the animal as a template to shape yourself.

  That indicates its working as you think to use blue energy you imagine, that of thought causes a change when you feel like changing to see a were form. That is you that is aware with thought by thinking to use the blood energy or chemical use, others can use blood flow that's internal not external. Sometimes this is thought to create what you wish, as you focus or think of what to create then you shape by some feeling with ideal. This is if you really want to do it.

  There is yet another way that is there as a point you think your an animal, then if you were able to at least increase your strength. Then you are able to easily change to some other ideal you think as a point. How is the reason you think as why. So that is the point you are aware of that is where this exists this is when you do things, that is what you can do.

  So enjoy yourself to the point you have, that is when, where, how or why. So think then as your aware then, as you think the point you change to the form that's appropriate. Otherwise no use is no use, so try something else. Such as using the creator as a point, that exists what you want by what you feel as a trigger point or you change. So its okay as you change.

  AJ + Leve

  Think to use or save up, know right where its at for as abundance for a house is there you can use it. This is the result of victimization or used injection, unless you have a juu trick where you use magic to create a result. You can think to feel life is important, then think where you work so then you can sometimes afford it.

  ghost shift; As I think about doing things then as I do things I can shift. This is an amazing ideal in use, that is of ability by them that do this. So this is the point I think about, an is when I think to do things then feel a shift or think and do things. This is the ghost manifest ability where the ghost shifts using frequency.

  As though a thought exists if you think by will, this is water by feel that you think so this is used to create what they use. Otherwise as you thought this is use, as thought as a form that is there you create what you think. So that is all to this ability. So no I can't or won't do that to you. So enjoy what you can of this, as sometimes you won't shift.

Skyhawk, max out and Dr. Ed