Making a weapon ring

  Making a weapon ring is optimal in life, as that in what can make life easier or different as you desire is pointed out. You can make materialization and use it as a weapon ring. You can also duplicated it and used it elsewhere. The weapon ring is great and can even makes portals and portals stuff. You need a ring with 3 or more facets. I myself have a 7 faceted ring with cubic zirconian gemstones. This must have some type of stones on it. The quartz, diamond or fake cubic zirconian or real diamonds can easily get programming from yourself. You can project forth a beam effect at your whim. This can be any color or color choice.

  Each facet has to be programmed, separately. Optionally, you can imagine light of any color beaming the facet for added effect. Each light is an element. Usage of the elemental colors make the weapon ring better, this is where you can choose which color and element type by intent. With each color there, there is possibility of doing greater effects and this allows basic and advanced concept for use in creation.

  Your best and purest ring will most likely be black with stainless steel, and three or more stones, one of each element representing the post alchemic era states of matter, not including plasma. However to make the effect useful, the idea is create with imagination for the purpose. Realistically if your able to do things, the ring will work as you think or state to create. What seems true is possible and imagine the purpose by the things you think, as if to the stone or state and create in any language and motions will then create. As if the metal responds with metallic energy that isn't influence. What you think if you want to make or not, and the moment you think difference is paid by a moment that the ring causes on another. The stones and colors are below.

 The stones are:

    Quartz is for earth.
    Sapphire is for water.
    Emerald is for air.
    Ruby is for fire.
    Diamond and cubic zirconian is for ice.
    lava stone is for lava.
    sunstone is for plasma.

  Go for trielemental with those first three and you won't need fire or lava. Otherwise, fire and earth stones can be used for lava with any other stones for added effect.  

The colors are:

    Fire (red), water (pure blue), earth (transparent, brown or green), void (black), air (extremely light blue, emerald green or white), emotion (purple or dark purple), power (ultraviolet), health (yellow), energy (orange), senses (dark indigo), self-mastery (dark orange or gold), control (dark yellow).
    The Infini elemental colors include; fire (golden), water (blue), ice/air (pale blue), earth (brown), void (black), spirit (grey).

    The voidal infini one is not recomended to do, nor is the normal void because it can drive you insane and the water one is addictive.
    Fire is to make everything touched by its light on fire and you can manipulate it, and
  don't use air/ice infini because it's addictive and gives you the twitchy use finger.
    Fire infini is almost like a golden liquid, more than real fire. It's easy to use where everything looks golden, but according to some people, it can be too explosive. A few drops can be equal to a small atomic bomb.
    Water, You can see with the precipitation in the area, and all of a sudden
  the individual moisture droplets, on the sight of them you could manipulate them into existence but with water INFINI, you see everything in a much deeper shade of blue, and it acts more like a lightning-water cross than actual water. Its like manipulating electricity.
    Earth is everything's a bit more brown and green, You might not see in all brown and even I don't see dust particles any better than normal, but earth manipulation's a lot better, like with pillars, walls and stuff. You can even absorb effects and block effects too. This is only some of the effects.
    Earth infini, everything is just brown and with Si Ni Lav you can manipulate anything and shit and the values of things become clear.
    Air you see as focus energy and the right feel with movement, you see air currents as a really light blue color, not much else but you can use air as wind blasts, wind blades, just huge gusts of wind that can level opponents and etc. Don't use air infini unless you want psychic ability.
    Emotion is a purple or dark purple and can allow generation of feelings of any type.
    Power is ultra-violet and goes undetected, except for its age effect. Power requires balance by actions and thoughts, otherwise it corrupts from within. Only those who are fully aware of themselves can yield ultra-violet efficiently. Casting a spell with such energy will either make you more of who you are or garner more wisdom. Also, wisdom comes from doing actions and having thoughts. The actions you use by remembering the experience from them and forming wise thoughts. Always remember, the light is for awareness and power is an illusion. Learn power with wisdom. Power without awareness can cause hurt and pain.
    Yellow is for health that is onset and thought about before usage and orange is for energy that energizes.
    Dark indigo is for the senses and reveals things to make things make sense.
    Dark orange or gold is for self-mastery that allows anything you do to be better and more efficient.
    Dark yellow is for body and allows mastery by manipulation and having control of the body.
    Void, is allowing vision similiar to seeing everything in a darker shade, and void is kind of like a gas. If you want an example, look up what is left behind when Nightkrawler teleports in the X-Men movies. This element sucks energy into itself. Don't use voidal infini, 'cause it's raw death energy and can drive one insane'.
    Spirit is ether by many different colors as is Omni-elemental and stop is to see grey for acknowledgement or just getting in results so if nothing new stop. You can use any element you want in it. Also if you see not unusual or not disrupted, you may manipulate any element by feel. It is all elements put together, think and this can be focused to seem or not omnipotency by pliers or disruptive influence. Omni-elemental holds a wide of a scale of the things you will see, but you will have no problem using omni-elemental energy. To use it you can percieve the thoughts, even if objects for which you would want no problems to phase it out as not dumping.

    Though you can use the grey infini and then bring out different elements from it. Sometimes controlling the elements once you change them from grey into, if you can say that if you want something use is but normal red fire dots that is smiliar to rife. That can be difficult as you focus the red dots to the skin, to skip ahead of time or create gravity shield time shielded. Because you could be in the mindset to control spirit infini, think not to be affected by the element of fire and you will have nice feeling effects by thought. So it's better to fling grey infini or stuff like shit or idea, convert it at the last moment by use and drawing it out. Letting things go without things to your body, as this you create where not so uncaring is not keeping control or stress.

  As your idea is enough to as the isis protection or movement not unallowed for, actually done it can seem done if otherplace. If indecisive use is intuition by intuitive feel, go pure blue for water or purple golden red for dimensional support emotion or amber for ember in golden fire. As if seeing as it's the balance between the fire/earth/air combination, tis used to make the metals in the ring able to travel with no attack.