The warrior magic ability

Warrior magic

Warrior magic is apart of the modern cult, as example is the way magic works with some. Some can seem to use what is there, some came by this area of expertise so think as you want. So the warrior has magical power as well. It is the magic of kinetic motion. What it is be the moment of movement that is focused to create an effect. This effect is the concept of motion which is focused by the warrior's single-minded focus and intent. Imagine the effect you would want and focus it through your motion of body or motion of weapon choice. The thing is thought to believe that your motion will allow for the effect. There are many things you can do with this.

  When traveling think you need or have enough, then you can speed things up by using your kinetic motion and imagine time speeding up as in a clock. Imagine this clock as it is in normal motion. Now speed up the hands of the clock in your mind while moving and it will speed up time for your group or yourself as it moves. Now allow the clock in your mind to slow down to normal while not moving and this will keep time stable. This method can make ideal traveling time as in minutes from hours to cross a place that would normally take hours to cross. This is the use for bleach tactics.

  This method is called the human defense field. While moving in some manner, try to visualize a air field that keeps attacks from touching you. See as it bounces the attack because of aether or activity and motion of body being linked by mental focus. The better that one gets at this, the less likely they will get hit even by spells themselves.

  The human kinetic attack is similar but not similar. This effect goes like this: Focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand to make itself energized. Just feel you body and weapon motion being channeled into an energy effect of your choice on your weapon. Now swing your sword or whatever you do with your weapon at the target of choice.

  Flight is achieved through the effect of sudden movement while you feel happy by a happy thought. Gathering your kinetic energy while feeling happy you fly in the air. The happy feeling will lift you up on kinetic motion of the sudden movement. This works most times granting worker the ability to fly at will while in effect and stops working on touch of ground. To help call this into effect say "maijio" (maid-jive-oh) for make fly while with happy thought and kinetic channel. What also helps this, is the usage of chi and han energy to be in the body. So, the body lightens up. Chi energy is summoned from the point called the hara, below the navel. Han energy is summoned from the heart area and it can cause positive strength feelings. Just focus those energies together in the body to cause a lighter feeling, of the body itself.

  Kinetic manipulation: The kinetic manipulation is simple because of the fact of imagination. Imagination rules the mind and it also rules kinetic motion manipulation. Imagine the effect needed and focus your movement, into fueling that effect into happening. Allow the motion to cause the effect. This uses your gut feeling to convert it through focus, of your motion making the effect you imagined. Moving your finger in some manner will do it. Control anyone at will without their realization of it. To help call this ability into play is with a stated, "cixp" (sixp) for manipulate people and to 'release control' let go of the controlling feeling that you get or state, "nixp".

  Funnel the energy of others including objects into yourself as they do an action. Do this action by imagining a hand scooping energy from the target. Fueling yourself for another action and your own kinetic energies to keep up an assault or do another spell. Drain an emotion to cause the person calmness, drain an enchantment to destroy it or sap the attackers will to stop an attack early. To help call this effect, use: "efunn" (e-fun) for energy drain, "wim" (wime) for emotion, "objii" (objie-in) for object enchantment, "wyl" (will) for will, "e" for energy, "p" for person and "hex" (heex) spell and the action words are "mai" (may-in) for make, "cix" (cixe) for control, "alt" for alter, "fruu" (frue-un) for protect and "nuk" (nuke) for destroy.

  The kinetic rune is the focus on the rune using the hand or finger trace in air or on paper to cause the rune to enact temporarily with purpose by intent. Carving it into something may permanently place it into action. The worker can do any rune, hex or sigil with this, as its called in the same manner as runic magic for it uses the same runes or the created sigil, for its effects.

  Kinetic antimetal ability is gained from metal focusing and ability to manipulate metals at will and other effects with it. Link to the metal itself to gain the ability, by imagining a picture of yourself and a line connected to metal. This will link you to metal as a source. Imagine the event, desire an effect or speak the desire to gain it. The worker will most often prefer a metallic focus for kinetic energy, like a metallic wand or or metal tool, as it absorbs magic to gain effects serving the warrior perfectly in its use. Long time duration turns the metal focus black. This allows for dead-zones that suck magic, or to get through any shield defense, and summon a negative effect force to defend or attack with.

  Choke a person to death using metamagic to cause the throat to close up killing them. This is achieved by the holding out your hands or hold it out, then thinking and imagining the throat of the victims in your hands as you close your hands on thier throat.

  Elemental magic power focused by kinetics to the weapon creates a elemental effect with weapon. This effect goes like this,: focus the motion of the body and weapon in hand, to make itself energized with the element of choice by thinking on the element. There can only be one element or a combined element at a time. Feel your body and weapon motion being channeled into an elemental effect, that you thought on,to your weapon. Then use the weapon to gain the effect. Call this ability into effect using words if you want by "maileqyu" (maid-leak-hilt-uh) for weapon power attack. The worker can end it by letting the energy go through a imagined "release" and a letting go of the feeling of the effect.

  The elements possible for usage are:
Wild energy,
Fire energy,
Water energy,
Air energy (wide area, lightning), Earth energy,
Life energy (blessing and life effects) and when layed against wound as for healing,
Nether energy is for the fuel of the moment (instant death, void, negative, evil, poison effects), Astral plane energy.

  The combined effects are:
Fire and earth energy for a lava effect,
Fire and water energy for Greek fire with 12 seconds burn damage (and its unkillable fire),
Water and air energy for cold or ice effect,
Wild and any other energy but astral for doubling the effect,
Life and any other energy but nether for elemental healing as in laying a weapon against wound to heal with the chosen element,
Nether and all other elemental energy but life for dealing elemental effects to any creature like werewolves, dragons and vampires,
Astral and all other element's energy but wild energy for attack at any distance as if you were near the target,
Nether and life energy for pain (unconscious) thats 12 seconds or more,
Wild and astral energy for domination (control) from anywhere as if near for one strike of 12 seconds where your wild or more attacks,
Air and nether energy for blindness of 12 seconds or more,
Air and fire energy for body nova that causes the struck victim to explode and deals major damage that's effecting all people the worker desires.

So thinking to use yin and yang energy as electricity

  Yin and Yang energy electricity, now as its about and the idea that your male and female energy sources are an opposite but equal. You can summon the yin energy into your right hand or left hand and the yang or Yang in Yin energy into the left or right hand and focus the yin and yang energy together, into the hands and meet the hands to send forth electricity.

  There is another possibility of focusing yin and yang to do different things. To do this, think of the source as of Yin or Yang and collect it as where it is to be applied. Then focus by thinking on what as what you want and apply the energy by letting it go. As though the yin can be chi (which is unstable and creative) and the yang can be han (which is more stable and creative).

  So use yin for unstable idea that is of chaotic or femalish means that last until you focus on something else. And yang for stable things that is of creative means and that last even after you focus an on something else an or until you decide if not to be there. The application is possible to be done by unique idea as you do an action that thought up. By use it gets easier.

  Yin-yang are Opposing

  Yin and yang describe the polar effects of phenomena. In viewing any one phenomenon (or the comparison of two phenomena), yin and yang describe the opposing qualities inherent in it. As yin is the dark female quality and yang is the masculine quality. For instance, winter and summer would be the yin and yang, respectively, of the year. Yin-yang are Mutually Rooted in the effect and momentary idea.

  Yin and yang are two complementary qualities. That is to say, the yin and the yang aspect of any one phenomenon will, when put together, form the entire phenomenon. Yin-yang is a philosophy of duality. This is the reason the Chinese word has no "and" between yin and yang as the ideal is the term where that always expresses the two making up the one. In the example above, winter plus summer makes up the whole year.

  But it can be made up into further groups, like a little Yin is in Yang and some Yang is in Yin. So we get the female Yang or Yang in Yin, and female Yin or Yin itself. Then theres male Yin or Yin in Yang and male Yang itself or just Yang.

Lightning and electricity balls

Lightning & Electricity ball This is electricy electrical hand rubbing. Throwing electricity and lightning is a little harder. I found this a challenge. The concept here is that smaller faster, larger slower. A person can dodge a slow attack. Much harder with a fast attack. Then, know that air is an insulator that can be used as a channel. Just one pinhead lightning sphere can destroy a single building. So use with care. Visualize energy streaming into the hand into a little sphere that only gets smaller whence the energy starts compacting itself smaller and smaller. After a indeterminable time period the tiny energy sphere will disappear into palm of the hand. It will come back in a usable form visible. Holding it will be difficult without thick gloves on. Visualize a path to the target from the lightning sphere. Nudge the lightning sphere into the path medium of air to the target and let go. It should be very enlightening to those in armor or those with metal somewhere on the body. It will always hit.

  There is a detailed electricity ball, for those that want to know more. The Detailed Ball of electricity is by Shizuka Fujin. It is quite popular and formed in many different ways and ideas but with a fixed element, electricity. It can be formed in 2 ways, one way is to make a pure ball of electricity and the other way is to manipulate the energy nature and fuse the electricity with your energy (chi/life force) ball.

  Making a pure ball of electricity is a really painstaking work in which you have to put many hours of training and endeavor. Even though it may take some time to make it, it is extremely powerful and visible to the physical eyes.

  Now for the detailed part of it (This description is a detail insight that will help you to be more careful and risk free especially if you are trying to make a pure ball of electricity your first time): Many may not know this but when you manipulate electricity using imagination, you are actually manipulation electrons without realization as electricity itself is a packet of electrons. In case of pure ball of electricity, the manipulated electricity is a concentrated area of electrons in the form of a ball with huge amounts of electrical potential energy and a negative charge. This electrical potential energy is what is used in circuits and conducting wires to be able to change electrical potential energy to thermal energy in appliances. Now when you make this pure ball of electricity it is better if you keep your hand in which the ball is made away from your face and wear a vulcanized or just a rubber glove to prevent shocking yourself as we humans are good conductors and have a resistance of 100 kilo ohms on our dry skin and a few hundred ohms inside our body in fluids and our bodies are only able to withstand a stream of electron (current) of 50 milli amperes. Once the ball of pure electricity is made, you will feel a slight breeze near your hand.

  That is actually electric wind caused by the ionization of the air due to the negative charges of electrons and this ionized air is harmful to humans but won?t last long if you are completely focused on the ball and the ball is in a stable position as loosing focus means some electrons can disperse from the ball of pure electricity and the electric potential energy of electrons could change to thermal energy causing a heating effect. So now the time comes to actually throw the ball. As we know this ball has magnificent power and throwing it can mean disruptive effects. It is better to make this ball in open ambiance like outside and be away from you target (e.g, building). When you shoot it, you will see sparks in its pathway and the electric wind will spread around its pathway harming anyone near it. If you are near you target and you ball is super powered; that could mean unintentional or automatic bolt of thunder being shot from the hand. What happens is that the super powered electrons with negative charge induce a positive charge on the nearby target and hence the strong attraction causes an automatic bolt and air ceases to act as an insulator so therefore you are able to see the bolt (Same idea is applied to a thunder cloud).

  You must realize that physics is being applied here. Now for the real question: Seen as a point. Why don't people get shocked or hurt while making this?

  The answer is simple, everyone has a part of their psi or mental energy used by their mental will into the ball so the ball is unable to harm them and also because people train in it so much that their mind opens to it fully and the ball becomes a part of them. Those who make this ball for the first time must be careful because their mind and belief isn't fully established yet.

Fused ball of electricity

  This is a really suitable and safe way to make a powerful ball of electricity and the best part is that the rules of physics don?t apply here. The way to do it to make a ball of chi using the life force or chi from the hara/dan tein (storage centre for chi) between your cupped hands and then using imagination, fusing the electricity from the ambiance into this ball. What happens is that you have your life force/chi which is a part of you fused with electricity and hence your chi knows exactly what you want feeding off your intention and allowing you to have full control over the stable ball of electricity. You might not see or feel the ball, but it will actually be there and its power all depends on the amount of energy (chi + electric) you give to it. Then you could simply program the ball to do what you want it to do using credation, visuals or audibles or you could use hand motion to throw it affirming its goal.

  So it is better if you try the fused ball of electricity first and then allow your mind to realize what you are doing and this can be observed if you are able to make the ball faster than before. Only then try the pure ball of electricity which is just imagining pure electricity from the ambiance filling in a imaginary sphere and the sphere being concentrated by it and becoming smaller and smaller. So no think then you are aware with this.

battle magic

Battle magic is a point your aware then do as you must. Think to do battle magic is somewhat what the Druids did. They had this amazing capability to generate energy quickly on need. So to do it as the druids did, is simply as put. To summon the element and to cast it forth while thinking of the target, as if they are effected. Along with the intensity of ya feelings and the release of the feeling become the effect. So far, theres lightning, quick energy generation, fire generation, water generation, ice generation and other generation.

  As this is in, an effete action of moment, ya wanted to make lightning. To do this, make a storm appear over the heads of the target/s. Then think of the target/s being hit by the lightning from the storm. As, you feel the intensity of ya need and feel it as the intensity of charge in the sky, release the feeling to go through the clouds to the target in the form of lightning. This will bring the effect of ya charge becoming part with the lightning and striking the target/s. What can help this along is to say 'e-lim' to produce the extra shock effect.

  Think to generate the energy quickly in ya body after ya need it, charge the body through feeling energy pass through ya aura and into ya. This energy is from all around ya. But, despite this method there is many more methods.

  See to generate the element in another way, say for fire. Do as ya can to generate the fire. and then as its there think of the target being burned up or burned by the fire. This can generate a crossfire. Which, can go to anywhere and anyway as per say, it ceases here and regenerates itself there near or on the target.

  Try a generated water effect; is to cause water to exist in an area from water vapor and the clouds above. This is simply to effect a target, however, by water. So think of the vapor as ya source and then cause it to condense in the area or on a target. By, using the intensity of feeling and that is necessary to condense it as ya use feeling to be ya intention. Release ya feeling into the air to become the actual condensation or water. A well practiced person, who is using the idea to stay cool. Can make the water appear in minutes or seconds as though a wave af energy water.

  Produce ice from the water vapor is second nature. As, all that it does take is to feel the water particles freeze in the air from the vapor to create ice in many forms. This is including forming ice around the target to freeze the target, sometimes to death. But, the least effect is to cause the person to be cooler, where the most it can effect is to cause frostbite or make he target frozen solid. Where they can appear not to move.

  The rest of the effects by elements are to be, from thinking of the element and the way it will work and feel the effect happen, and feel the intensity of ya emotions about it, and then form it into being by release of that emotion to become an energy form and to be the formation to produce itself by the element ya thought on. This element could be air or earth. Helped along by stating 'ae ie' while ya imagine the effect as it is to be. This is well thought out try to mak work by making do with this.

Fireball or Firebolt

  Throwing fireballs and other such natures is a little difficult. Remember this rule: Faster smaller with more damage and slower larger with less damage. A person can dodge a slow attack. Much harder with a fast attack. First, the concept is do you have enough focusing ability? It takes an indeterminable time amount for the first time and after that with practice you should be do it faster after each successful moment. Air is also an insulator that can be used as a medium.

  That out of the way, take a hand and extend it outwards. Focus a tiny sphere in the middle of the hand. Imagine the element of fire into that sphere being packed tinier and tinier as much heat energy as you can into the sphere in that hand. Keep doing this until the hand feels blistering heat. Then, visualize a channel from the fireball to the target and nudge it mentally along that path and watch it flow through the air through the air medium channel to the target. The packed heat will 'catch fire' and form within the transition into an actual fireball. It is useful for disintegrating bodies and trash without smoke.

Genetical magic manipulation

  The method for magical genetics is to make a focus on the idea of a scene. This scene is of you or said person who is a target. Said target changes to the effect of gaining an ability or changing form in some manner. Just focus your energy from a source that you can trust. Now imagine said target as said target is and change said target into what form you chose or using the ability as you know it. Said target should change or gain an ability to the effect of your chosen energy source. In effect, the source will make said target enabled for the ability or change form you chose. When the practitioner first tries this, it won't always work. Always remember, practice, practice, practice.

  The example I can use is to change a fat woman or man into a thinner form of themselves. I do this by imagining what I know my instinct tells me what the form is that would suit said target better. I then imagine the form they are in and slowly morph them in my mind into the form my gut instinct tells that they would be suited to better have. Then say while focusing my mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!", "So may it be" or "May it be!"

  Think to shapechange the form of a human being into a dragon form try this technique. Imagine said victim and slowly change the human's form into what you think of a dragon's form. The normal dragon's form is seventy feet from head to tail and wing to wing is sixty feet. To bring a human into true dragon form or into what I call energy form. Just use your instincts and transform said victim into a energy that is neutral just like human skin. This is a form that will allow them to change into any other form. So, tell them mentally instead of verbally because people tend not to want to understand when this procedure is done. When it is done, it renders said victim immortal and regenerative.

  Due note: some ability take longer to form than most. The shapechanging ability takes one month to make happen in yourself or someone else. This is tricky as it takes the imagination of words to unlock the ability. It is like this: imagine said person with the words shapechanging activation underneath said target. Now change the word activation into the word activated. You should feel a shift of air pressure and it will be done. Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!"

  See to give someone the regeneration or immortality, imagine it with said target with the words immortality activated or regeneration activated underneath said target's mental picture and you should feel the air shift. The effect would have been achieved. With regeneration or immortality, the effects are instant and undetected when active except for a slight energy shield around said target. Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!"

  Think to activate then you have it as the genetic structure of said target, make some sort of link and make a change by focusing the link to change with your imagination. Imagine the words "reverse AIDS activated". Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!" This makes a person immune to disease, drugs, some spells and enables abilities. These abilities make things easy as the abilities are: telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, mental force projection and the apport ability. The thing with reverse aids is that it is metaphysical in nature and will only transfer to those with the ability to think.

  A genetic way to lose weight as a way to lose weight. As before you go to sleep you modify your genes using the idea above, since there's 3. One that causes a lot of fatness, one that causes some fatness and one that causes hardly any fatness, you modify it to the last one through your whole body and metabody to be on waking as to that gene. The process happens through the night and when you wake the body can't produce a lot of fat cells more than a normal person so you stay thin. This is done by a "I will modify my genes to be the third type of fat gene!" Said three times and after a "So mote it be." This is an exact example from my how to do magic.

Bomb magic

  Bomb Magic is the bottle effect or the bottom of the run. Where you think the effect. This is bomb magic, and these are various bombs made up of magic effects. So to diffuse the bomb or problem, you can diffuse the situation. Talking it out is a good ideal. Think before you speak is another. So think the point then you know what to expect.

  Mana bomb; To hit with a force thats capable of crumpling ya. But its sheer mana that ya hit with. To do this, focus the mana by thinking of mana's energy streaming from ya fingers and thumbs to form into a ball of light that once appeared, it can be cast at the target area and set off with the thought 'bomb the area' or saying towards the mana bomb 'bomb area'.

  Insect bomb; Its like insect swarm, except this is a mana psiball that causes the swarm of ants, roaches and other insects to the area. Cast by focusing the idea of 'mana insect swarm' on a psiball or force that ya cause to be in an area that ya generate, by making ya fingers and thumbs emit mana energy streams into a ball form in the air. then think or say under ya breath where ya want the mana psi ball to appear at. Then the optimal choice is to decide how to set it off in the area and to do so. One such person set his off with the thought of 'roach bomb' to the mana psi ball in the target area. This set off a roach swarm.

  Force bomb; Think to cause the electrical force to be enhanced in the area as so, that it strikes out at nearly anyone in a one mile area. This force can even come from the air as it stands that there is electrical force of lightning from the air. To form it, think of the area and make sure its 1 mile away from ya. Think 'one mile away' then see the area in ya mind again. If it changed on ya, then ya found the one mile mark. Now think of electrical and lightning forces gathering in the area. And say F-bomb, feeling the electrical and lightning forces go crazy.

  H-bomb; A hit or creation bomb. Think to allow others to feel the force of the air and as a hum. Think of the area and the hydrogen atoms combining with tight force an say 'h-bomb!' This should make the Hydrogen atoms in the area combine and with a highly compressed energy. As to combine them in such a way, will cause them, the people in the area, to go and be astrally and spiritually knocked out if they are effected allot. Leading to the body being effected by becoming weak or knocked out, as well. To just mention this, won't set it off. But, to say 'H-bomb' with intention to make it set off is to cause it to set off. This is a point that can bring you to antiquities, otherwise ideal area structure that allows you to know what you do.


  Enchantments are a very necessary form of magic to know. How do you do it? Simple, just focus your mind in the thoughts of what you want the object in mind to have of properties of in magic that would be useful. Now think absolutely neutrally the thought of transfer to the object at hand. Now touch the object and say transfer complete. Now test the object in your mind and if satisfied, think the word "locked". Keep in mind as you do this, when newly formed of objective, the object will be weak at first. It will gain strength as you work with it and reaffirm its enchantment. The object will be childish at first, yet be firm in what you want it to do for you and it will mature.

  Treat it like a mature adult child. When you have a balanced set of properties that allow the survival of the object through survive by anything that it could be set through and yet deliver the necessary strength to give you what you want and need. Then you have a balanced enchantment, a necessary step to do is to make certain that only the wielder of the object can use it and none else. The wielder being you or one you give it to. Due note: If the object hates you, don't enchant it. You can always tell through the object projecting and causing negative emotion when you touch it or get near it. If the object does your will, without giving you negative emotion then it likes you. The object at hand will always take a little part of your mind. So, rest immediately afterwards or you could mess up in an activity without realizing it.

  The objects usable are immeasurable and unlimited to be enchanted. Gemstones are a different material that are similar to low powered items but can contain high powered spells. To enchant gemstones try to wear the gemstone immediately after finding it. Wear it or have it near you for 5 days in a row without taking it off or putting it away from you. The gemstone will be cleansed by your biorhythm. Afterwards, think to it the enchantments you want it to hold and to be an effective agent of. Keep in mind that each gemstone has different natural properties. These are described in golem making techniques. When the gemstones natural abilities are used in conjunction with your enchantments, the gemstones natural abilities will accentuate your enchantments. Meaning there will be a more powerful enchantment on the gemstone because of it. Gemstones in any actual color and form will always have an ability to hold and allow you to use any spell it happens to absorb. It can also be used as a soul trap for unsuspecting demons, wraiths, mentally viewing people, scryers, and other assortment of destructive force.

  Wood is a living object that requires naming to allow the enchantment hold to it. To start, one must use black candles or any except red, spoken chant, ideal of object properties in mind, and an attunement to the element of desire. When one begins, it starts like this:

  A person holds the item carved in hand,
Said person passes the object in hand across the smoke,
Said person says out loud "I enchant thee object of my desire.
"I enchant thee with the objective powers I believe thee shall have."
Said person passes the object through the smoke.
"I transfer the powers I hath thought of to thee with the words of transfer complete and attune you to the power of magic"
Said person passes the object through the smoke a third and final time.
Said person then intones "Object of magick, object of my desire, I call thee [say name of choice here]!"
Said person puts out the candle by a finger pinch

  Just to accomplish this spell chant correctly have in mind the properties that you would want it to have. These properties must allow the object to survive no matter what and unscathed while the object serves you in all your need and desires to the degree you would want in a balance of spell properties. A good property here is to have it survive no matter what happens to it and it serve you by understanding your needs and desires.

  Another way to enchant an object is to hold the object and when a focused energy is on the object, the object absorbs the spell or effect of nature through your willing of it. To do this in laymans terms, be willing to be the target and to channel the affect as quickly you can into the object, for the idea unless protected, this could draw demons or energy eaters. Then think to the object "locked" to make the enchantment hold. Now say these words "I unlock the power to be remanifested at will and channeled at will to any thing, object, or person so I don't have to say a word!" This does a reaffirming and objective focusing of the now magical object to do anything with the force infused in it to do as you will. You don't even have to be near it to cause the effect of the power of the unlimited charge item. The more you yield it, the more indestructible the item is.

  Bone is yet another different approach of enchantment. The bone is denser than wood so it takes infusion of energy of any type to enchant it. This ritual spell takes one hour to accomplish. Take the idea in mind of what you would have it enchanted of. Slowly take in the energy of a lit black candle or white candle and imprint the item with an infusion of your will. Channeling the energy of magic from the black candle allowing the energy channeled to be conditioned by your mind thoughts of the properties you would have it take on. Direct this energy at the bone item. Keep directing this energy for at least an hour. After a while, the item will draw on the power of magick itself. Thus is the point, after a while or a day has passed, the item will tell you that it is ready for use.

  Cloth armor is the concocting of several spells to be transferable to anything you wear at the moment. This also means that cloth armor can be anything you wear and also normal armor. When cloth armor is enchanted, take very good care to think nothing at all but to let the words bring the images which make the enchantment work. Focus on the source of your choice by thinking of the source effects and summon some of it forth while touching the clothes you wear. The enchantments are only improved by a thought to light a non-red candle to be said in this order:

  Mote it be this enchantment with lights aid work for me.
Do not see me unless I want you to but I see you!
Don't get too close but stay back!
I am immune to all attacks!
Attacks pass through me!
I shrink to fit the clothes.
Form fit the moment of clothes to body and body to clothes unless oversized.
I absorb the useful spells without hurt to myself and the excess go into what else I need!
Nonetheless as I think, I win through by correct actions!
I now effectively make my clothes and my body indestructible!
This ones clothes self-clean!
I will always do things right even if its wrong!
My clothes auto adjust at will to become as I desire!
At will or necessity my cloth armour makes a poly ice and fire shield guyver beosuit!
This clothing will make a weapon of choice and traps spirits including astral visitors who intend me harm!
I and my clothing will always be able to shapeshift at will, desire or need to survive the moment!
This enchant will transfer to the clothes I wear as if copied there!
So now you can mote it be with anyone changing the enchantment gets changed as well and let me be prescientific omnipresent!

  Now after that is done think to yourself "I call this armour as I want to." This comes from the fact that you give the cloth armor a personality as it is alive after this with a name of your choosing. Now all you have to do is say the name you gave it with a given moment and you tell it where to go. This will make your cloth armor appear on your person or in the place you think it, and the guyver suit will make a appearance by feel ae feel it on you and emotionally feel it come off and yet it will be unseen to you. Another way of doing this is to think of the armor as being on you already. Never give the name out of your cloth armor for someone, unless you seal the enchantment, could steal it or control it.

  The reincarnation ring is a specialty device that can save a person's life. The process is simple, but the method to use it is not. To enchant a ring of reincarnation, have a ring that you like. Wear it on your finger and state to yourself and out loud while focusing on the ring bearing called energy "I enchant this ring to become a ring of reincarnation that is on this finger!" Now do this three times while focusing on a power source. If successful, you will either see a change in the ring or feel a slight tension and release in the air. Now this is how you enchant it, to use it takes a bit of effort.

  The use of it is when death happens, just focus your mind on the ring itself and imagine yourself somewhere else in full imagination led in by words. This could be anywhere. The effect is you will gather yourself from death and reappear perfectly normal as if death not ever, happened because of the energy released during death. Another use is to form perfect copies of yourself anywhere you'd want by focusing through the ring and making an image as to where you would want to appear while focusing your power source to accomplish the fact. One fact is that once formed, the ring is invulnerable to destruction.

  Making a Magical Notepad is quite simple as it only takes two to nine notepads that are close to being identical at first and using a link to make this trick work.

  Take a focus of the power source of your choice and make a mental hand to bring forth some power. Now imagine the notepads as if in a row or in a star pattern. Use the star pattern to link five to nine notepads. Hum deeply in your voice and imagine lines from the notepad source to the notepads themselves. All notepads should now be linked by a psychic line of force. Now focus what this force does, dismiss the linked image and say to yourself and mentally while focused over the notebooks "As I write in one, I write to the one intended. It psychically links and displays the words. Afterwards, said words disappear. Allow this now!" Clap three times and if you notice the books glow or a slight tension and release in the air around you, then it was a success. When done dismiss the hand holding the mental power. Your done.

  The Fit-to-body clothes spell is simple because all you need is the clothes you would want to wear and the enchantment itself. Wear the clothes or if they won't fit place them near you. Now say out loud and over the clothes while focusing your mind over said clothes or clothes pile "I wish, I know, I will that the clothes I w ill wear or wear now will always fit me no matter what never rip or tear! This enchantment will travel to the clothes I wear or attempt to wear." Clap three times and the ritual is done. When you feel the a cold breeze pass the room it was successful.

  A ring of regeneration is one very useful ring to have because it will allow recovery from any wound and energy will always be replenished.

  The ring of regeneration is made through a process of having a ring on your finger and the focus of the power of your choice. Now focus the power through the saying of these words while focused at the ring itself "I wish, I know, and I see it shown that the ring I bear will now be a ring of regeneration!" Clap three times and the enchantment is done. You will feel a cool breeze or a slight tension and release in the air itself to see the truth that it has worked. Finally, the ring is causing a tingling of some sort and it works nonetheless. What it can do is make a complete recovery of the body no matter what happens to it.

  So to enchant a sword is simple as it makes the sword easier to use. Take the sword in hand and say while focusing on it "I now enchant this weapon to do what I need it to do except break even when I don't have a will! I now name this sword {put name here}. Let this be done!" Then clap three times and it will have been done. You will feel a breeze in the air or a tension release to get the feeling that it worked. Now focus while thinking on the blade and making a intention of you what you want it to do and it will do it. This intention will be made by imagination, focus of thought or holding it while focusing through it.

  Asper cream is the everyday skin cream, Oil of Olay or Asper tree bark made into cream that regenerates the skin through charging by mind. This is simple, Hum and hold the container of skin cream and imagine energy passing from four fingers to the thumb while holding the skin cream container. Do this while thinking regeneration for ten minutes or until you feel that you have to go on and that you shouldn't go on with it as in any uneasy feeling comes about.

  A Ring of Conquest is a ring that lends itself to war. To make a ring of conquest get a ring and think to the ring while stating out loud. "Give me aid in battle of any sort through the method best used. I will, I wish and I want that this ring I wear be a ring of conquest or peace!" You should feel the icy coldness flood through the ring into you hand. Then it is done.

  To make a source stone there two different methods. The atleantian method and the water method. Use this spell near the object for the atleantian method say or think "polyng" (pole-why-ng) source make makes the target into a source of energy also a nature that can be anything. For the gemstones or other stones method called the water method.

  Water method is to run the stone under water while saying or thinking "make source" or "maisorc" (mah-eye-source) and its done. This water method can be used with any stone or gemstone, and it worked if its lightened. After the source object is made, think at it to get the object to do things. It needs to be told or thought at "don't be used by others and alert me on the attempt" then you may be safe that it won't betray you.

  Power sources are created by the statement "puapolyng" (pue-lah-pole-lye-ng) to make a power energy source out of any object. Another way is to run water over the rock or stone and say or think "make power stone" or "maipuamass" (may-wip-pue-wah-mass) for the same meaning of the words in english. Once created tell the object to "don't be used by others except myself".

  D-cells are an intricately collected source of destructions that collect from destructions of an area. Any rife is collected into the object and made safe to use. This can also trap deaths to get a useful source. Now to the how of the energy recovery that allows for the d-cell to recover energy. To use the d-cell try to feel death or perceive the destruction and the d-cell will draw energy from the destruction. It can activate on an instant though. What you need is an object, crystal or person. Three candles in a circular triangle. 1. Light the candles and put the object or person within. 2. State over the object or near the person with purpose to affect the targ "MaiD-Cell" (Mae-iD Cell) or "make d-cell". 3. "Make me invisible those that seek." 4. Clap 3 times. Then its finished. There is a short method and that is hold the item then state "make d-cell". Feel the item become a energy cell and let go.

  The E-cell collects all sorts of energy as an act is done. So to use one focus the item to activate it in an area and it pulls the excess energy into it for use as a source. Now the E-cell can be made from any item including crystal, stone or other. What you need is a candle other than red and the object. 1. Light the candle and hold the object. 2. State over or think of object and state "maiE-Cell" (make-eye-Eh Cell) or "make an E-cell". 3. "Make me unseen to those of the event." 4. Then say "mote it be!" clap three times. That finishes it and yet theirs a quick way to do it. Hold object and say over it "make E-cell", Feel the object absorb energy of desire as you think on the event.

  The ring world effect is to set a pocket dream world into an object and isn't as the ring movie as in the movie effect of horror of a trapped nightmare people died from with an observance, but can be used as an enchantment to else or as a pocket world. The ring effect setting is able to save your life or allow you to see a dream for evaluation. The way to enter your world is how you say or want, and whom you want to enter is up to you. The ring world effect is really how the area of your dreams are or desire is unless set up by other persons. So make it for yourself and it might appear as a "furcadia" of your mind as desire, for the effect of the environmental control factor. The setup could be anyway you want as you set the rules upon necessity and unset them too. An easy way for entry is to twirl your ring or play the tape you adapted by this enchantment.

  For an insecure area, you can write what people do for entertainment or pure safety. One thing if you control people then be prepared if finding their destructive side on finding out. I have mine set for a door entry that I make appear, for those who want to go but not to destroy me and to leave is their will or desire that is fueled by emotional release. This includes any material except humans to "imprint". To do the ring effect is to say with intent and remembering the dream or nightmare at least partially. Set a world by thinking or feeling the emotion to reflect or try to see the nightmare or dream as you say the power words: "imprint ring fx", "imprint (the idea I have) fx", "imprinted fx" or "imprint sonnet fx" or "done fx" and touch the object or teletouch the object and, there might be a shift of you to there and its set up as the ring world effects that of a, ring formed as containing a world or dimensional pocket acting like a second entry other than the original object.

  Usage is to be safe so think or state "locked to any but me, if tampered with or the owner gets tampered with to change it" at the item after the moment of setting the area up to your idea or the dream/nightmare you trapped. Another thought is that the other effect of the ring doesn't need to be a nightmare. The idea is to form the ring as you'd want with possible chance of leaving it to anywhere. This anywhere is where the possibilities lay, as in a other world or place of the person that uses the object of the person whom imprinted the dream, or pocket plane or taken their nightmare and "imprinted" it on something. Spend a day to get things to your new object world The other people who use the object will upon setting or decision of yourself get the effect thats set by the emotion. This acts like a maze effect to cause a idea to see possible that was set up by you. Think in the point then you are aware to what exists. Enjoy this while this lasts.

Nautea Rhythm or water flow

  This is the idea to create things, as if to use an idea you get an idea where thought can bring in an idea of what happens. This can be useful in warefare. As you assume the best, you can somewhere do things as you feel the need from your thought. As this is where you are able to get things, you can use this as a thought to get things to do. As if you hate the idea, you avoid it, as you think to do things to counteract in this you can create and make. The declared warfare tactic is never done, unless it is required to fix up or do things as if in the appearance, to do order in moment or nothing is done.

  This is the in a moment of flowing fire, and in other energy to cause a naturea working idea, that is a natural idea of how the body works as with a energy flow that creates a bioclock idea for a biorhythm effect as this is set by the thought of a clock that to think can make things as that is the natural way of life in and with energy out flows in life as like a waterfall and this can be adjusted to be any color you want. As you are thinking and feeling by what you imagine, gravity use is thought and you can use it to adjust things as with a stop. This is wee doing this and you do things, in to appear them as this is to stop use in the gravity with a perfect control pitch raise the hand and get the energy. Thus, you can trust and be an energy in of life fields in flowing inwards as to be a source by chi producing this is with ki with actions generating results.

  As an energy generation or not use in is stop as this is to focus inward the energy field outside, use is this as you focus thought to direct with the gravity of the situation and what you say will happens, if possible or if resistance then whack an object as if you whack a mole. To disrupt the energy, a rhytm in thought is a rhythm of any music of a rock band in control and is to control by thought and put it as energy to the person as this and a person that is in the area or let the energy go and the natural effect is done. As if you dissipated harmlessly the energy, use this if this is the energy outside. As you think and create with an idea and as you say an expression the tone is considered in the expression.

  This follows the natural philosophy, as life changes to adjust itself to create with the natural harmonies the rhythms of life create the biorhythm in the body in thought. The natural energy is the tone, as the natural rhythms are right and you create with the natural idea of life. As life can change at will. This is where you get things as thou watch what you say and you are what you seem. This follows the natural course as though thought were a life to observe and you get resolve by resolution to create what you want.

  This is a point to use energy to make the flow of what you want as a spiritual flow viewing music in activity is what what makes this the natural rhythm of flowing life, as the flow and ebb of life can make the natural idea that is the rhythmic flow of what life is there without changing a thought unless it was meant to be changed. This is the music that is in the rythmic energy. To create the moment, is to create the flow of uneathly music. As you create the peaceful music inside, you create a cool collected inside and this is a possible cool of a energy as with thought of what to help you are unnaturally calm. If there is in mind as though a thought there then use if it is a good idea in what you think.

  Imagine a calm as ice, that settled over you as you cannot get angry. Thus as an unnatural energy this is a natural energy that is a in effect. You will feel like not hitting anyone, unless your are not pushed too far and you feel fine. This is from three authors that are working with others and they are anyone they want to be as though anonymous. A moment you need to defend, is a moment that you use positive live love ice that is interlaced use in energy that is with a negative field of enegy that with positive thought can have a positive turnaround. This is where you feel a weed whacker effect, is used to whack a weed and this is to whack a mole in the head to make things stop as thou whack a mole indeed. This is in thought as an action or in mention. As this is true, this is not to be inhibited but this isn't as if a positive natural negative is done. Stop in the moment of time, as the abort of an action is thought moment and mention and the need to do as need is done. This is the point you don't get annoying as you fix health by a 'health fix'.

  The disguise idea is a natural idea in energy, to flow in time is to flow in and out of rhythm as you go on about something, You can go and step out of time to meet with those you want, as to get better and work better you get more resolve to have an enjoyent in life. As this is a moment of action time you get to work out by what you do as the disguise is to seem as someone who is respected. This is a natural field of energy that is to seem, as if what is needed to seem as this is your body interlaced in energy. Thi is this that flows through time, and seems as a form as a real life as silver energy that shifts your body as you need it changed as that thi is what changes this to make it possible as if by the spirit that is allowing as if an idea. As thi allows this as this is by the spirit spelled silver to make amends through time.

  That shifts your body, as you need to and this allows a change of clothes. This is where you generate clothing from energy, and that is the moment you will see what you seem like. Then, you will seem like something, you will create as you retract the form and you create. Stop in a moment of time, as you abort an action and you are not in irritation. In life you can keep life energy, and you can keep ageless and emotionally beautiful. This allows tha which, is a moment you think and life configures itself to your whims and need. Thi can allow you to that, and this can keep you handsome as this is what allows you to remain your own idea age you want you to seem at. This is as if support, by the 6th that traps and the 8th that you are release. As that releases you as if a silver blue energy beam, and that keeps you charged as if full of life as vigor is there to use. This is what can happen, as if you can do things and yet not do them to the wrong people.

  Think as this will do things in thought as you think what you want then the subconscious picks up on the thought, then you create things you find by thought if you are doing things in right manner as music of the soul and harmony of life is useful. This is where in thought, you can do things and you know what to do. If you are in thought as you do activity, you are assured nothing will be seen that isn't supposed to as this is life energy in a moment that will do things for you. Think a point to get a point, and you will get an exchange of energy. The form by the silver particles, that are formed in the air and the mind can use them can be particle traced and you can get something that can cause the shift.

  This is the shift of bones and flesh by particles, in a moment of faery dust use that is gathered by your spirit and only used if for time effects. This is the shift of bones and body adjust as to the silver energy. This is the idea to gather energy with spirit as this is to focus, and this creates the idea of thought as you are not in mind. This is the time you raise your spirit arms, and you drink and change to make and you make use with other source energy. Thus, you change your body to adjust to home. There you actually adjust your form, and you create the flow in things as things you do create the flow as you adjust the flow to your need you use an idea to create with as things cause you to flow. Your form can change, as if you are to flow your energy like water and use of fire is with a form that creates energy to change your form at a whim. This is as this is to use a form energy interred, you shift your body in form to seem and lie as you want.

  This is to seem like a natural energy flow, of that which you can adjust to seem like. This can make things flow, and as you change with ease you can use the name. As if a thought were you but you were an idea, and the person is a name of your middle name. As you do this, you can abort attrocious attractions. This can be through abrasions, and you can flow with change as if with an as ease of heart. Heart and body is a han energy, as considered use with chi and by the activity and that is with a thought.

  Another option is this, hostile or not as when you can naturally do this to revert back. This is a form shift idea by me, to use the life moment as a point to change as ad-hoc and home is not not available. All you need to do is say, this will be me and look at a picture. Think of it and you are able to get on a moment, car or on a seat that is the other thing and you change your change as to you the reality you change is in your mind. As this is why you can use this trick to adjust your reality perception, as the reality changed around you, you can be as though yourself and not have to worry over what you may seem like that others will accept. So, use an idea of what you are to keep your memory, so you use the cellular memory of an image of what you were as you have to recreate an image of what you are from this and you are unable to be changed unless you want to again.

  This is in thought as action and as an action, this is The Trial by thought where The triple action ideal is whar you do, in a hostile area using a hostile act that seems good to be in and you are safe when your in action and you find something to do. This is only to ensure what you do as in an idea that is in defense, and you feel the need to get inside or some strange thing might happen elsewhere as you can think then as you enter the first action is to thin there and do else to not get noted for the effect you do. The moment a strange thing happens find safety, and think to mae a defense as this stop time and you get somewhere else to go and explore with the help of those you think of in mind. This is the actual technique from the life I just visited. So when you think, you can use things to trace the problem an you can get things to go help with as to solve the problem, as if you were able to fix the 'slource' as in a source that is life that you fix by thought and make better for the purpose that you try. As you do this, if the only option is to kill the problem.

  Use 'Marrow' as you think you are to see and fix, as a third person observer and this is traced to the source as if to a person, you can then if to kill the person with a 'slicer and dicer' energy effect or 'dicer' with 'noter' to create the 'Do as in the thought' effect and then use things to create things as if you were using their source. This allows you to create with their essence, as if to use your aura and make a persona and present a good reason as if 'reisen' were a reason as though to goto the store and buy candy as the alibi. This is where you can use a concept that is what you do, to use things and bolster your spirit and you can create with thought as if to 'infamy' or use the essence as a concept to appear as an enemy in disguise and do things as you get close to your target you nailem. Then, to get out you walk out the imaginary door in mind as you are then in the real world. This is where you can use the persona technique, to use essence and thin by dimentrical energy and use things to create things as on a need to find and do a purpose.

  This is the point you gather energy into the aura focus point and spread an idea of thought in the aura energy from it and your perception changes to what you think to see in the soul or area you want to see. This uses the thought in action, to see it is thought thinking about it you are not and you are there. In action is using time as an idea to create with as you think the idea to use you create things, and you make thought to be thought and even though you move or not move you can disrupt the energy flow around you and put people to sleep as you do things as need. To 'wae' as to wake people up, use discipline as you create the energy flow as a watery 'enffect' as an energy effect that gently wakes them up and the energy you distantly disrupted. As you approach is restored, as the store is repaired as you visit if any damage is there to be repaired and otherwise don't fix it if its not broke. As the energy you used is there as though you are in idea from your energy, as in essence you can by memory be traced back to where you are so think and you go as if you move and the energy. You left this is gone as you, so you remove it by thought in energy dissipating itself as if you have proven an interrupt in activity vanishes it or things like a ghost were transferring energy there from here.

  Things in mind are suddenly more real and things outside are less real as 'realarea' in effect. This is more like an idea as the idea is what, as if you are the idea you can thin and think unless a wizard in accomplice not needed in thought but is in there and treating things fairly as you use him to get better idea. This is the area that you can take in energy, and use it as essnce from an object as you work with the information from it. And no smacking around till you think someone deserves it, as you need peace and calm in your mind you can create the aura effect by a thought of 'yuri' and you use the essence traited for effect to create a new power with energy effect as if trained in it and use is the energy around you. Then, you create the persona, as this is necessary you can use the magic as in imagination and this is where you think it and you do things. Or create creating a sigil, as if you understood it on the spot as this is created on the spot it is empowered. You can think of it as you do things, but in essence you are different as this the sig you can protray as you can get to be known.

  As though thought when found if a different person, thinking as the ideal is there if you are using your aura, to make with a thought and manifest the idea that you want appearant. This can make things, such as an interred idea to fix and use a new skill or thought creates the persona in effect, which is to make the idea to create as if you were one to work and this is the 'intimate' idea to get to now the person as you do things to help and as you don't do things here and don't unless you need to get things finished. This is in an inverted field of energy to control the area with a thought, as if to help you can hinder if they are criminals to people as to make them think what you want. This is to create an actual idea as a person in thought becomes real from their essence and you essence guides them, this is as thoug you were that person and that was an aura personality. As if you use real illusion this is to make an imaginary cloak to seem disguised, as you are in thought to appear as if the imagination were real and your aura made this as is 'inme' in effect using flames from somewhere else.

  This is controlled by thought and you can do what you are possibly able, this is to use the heat as you thin by the inner fire and outer fire energy and your thinking as 'not' is used to get better result as you stop in an idea as you go around the area to create better. Then as you need to think and the coast is clear, you use the idea that you get and then think and do else to create as the moment is done as then the point is where what you do is not always to happen unless its needed as if your aura and gift made you powerful enough to be recognized and things are either against you or not by the spirits. So you look, see in and think to do as you do what is a natural cloak, to make an act to do things to get along to soothe an area with energy as music flows as if water. Don't in act crazy, and out act weird as you are what you think to seem. And as you act you can become what you want.

  This is otherwise, as you 'now' it you can create it as if you know it to know. The idea is to leave it alone to make improvements. You can study as yo eat the energy you gather from elsewhere and you get things to gnow. This is then and that is what is an idea to study. As if you were in no trouble, you think of no trouble as you do things and this then is the last idea of the moment. Then if you are what and you are free of guilt as you can assume, the moment you pretend you are not guilty you act not guilty and this creates the right reaction through the aura that you belong there as if you were innocent or not guilty. Then, you are normal in appearance and not abnormal in mind as you are then easily studied as though the field of study were unnatural by the field of idea energy. This would delude you so use this and get things as things are pointed out, adjust by thinking about it and you are action that is 'of' the accepted the way you want to seem as they want you to seem as this is to use a 'just' idea in mind.

  As you can use this to do 'I do and I don't as I think about it' and think 'I know what you think' and you instruct your subconscious to make as you know, and change the energy 'sig' as a signature that makes it know as though in trust as if omnipotent and this is where you are 'I now what is going on and do as though by the spirit nowledge' what you think if you want your idea to work and things block it like a copy from the mind library of the person. Then you give things as if there and not be there, and you are anywhere and wherever that is as not. Power ranger, in effect by force of what you think and the aura manifests it in idea this in effect and you can use a biosuit and this is a safe gyver diver suit of armor to pull this off. You don't imagine you do. As this is the thought, you get to go and do as normal till you lay low enough to get away or make an effect as not or nor not.

  Think and seem yourself as to invert an idea energy such as weight or other things, and as you eat you actually lose weight or thought can be there as if you drink to invert the bade idea this is as though it were an energy drink and to think is to create things by the energy to draw and use han as true heart energy that restores itself and available use is chi. To create an immortal thought in 'fet', or fey form by feat of activity and imagination or not is to end this and if is you are in thought you are not recognized for what you did. As you are returned by going back to where you came from in hidden view, if as though you were a thought and with a thought 'I am not observed' you are not unlike a shadow that you are not observed in an area. This is an idea thay fey can change anything, that you are as if a glamour that makes things as though what you think you are seeming as an idea and this is not as this. This is a point you think not hat you do if you think to do things by feel. That often leads to non working ideal. So think to ask advice if you want to do things by feel.

Skyhawk, max out and Dr. Ed