Sage of six pathes

Part 1

  Sage of six pathes: The sage of six pathes can do things dimensionally by tachia if you think about, things they use pathes by what is there or this is usually the ability with the inner universe or a place I was put by ideal focus with the subconscious. What you think there is what you sense or so think as your aware. What you use then creates where you think sometimes by use with the basics as the art of ninjutsu, so if you know how to focus by thinking to see the area then focus your eyes to look around you then you know what is the ideal. That exists as a world that you are observing with your third eye. This is use by what you think or feel is what you feel, think or focus to create by the ideal you have used. So the only actual power is to create or shape the energy.

 I think this is allowed by what uses an ability to manipulate time, with the creator that leaves difference by increments of eye shades. If you think of the eyes changing or you have 6 arms then energy is there by feel that you have 6 arms, if you continue the technique that is just to think the body adjusts. You can still make the work or do things, so in the case of defense you can use this by the ideal with things you don't mind by now.

 So then you can create with what you thought to create. Just think then focus then you create as you think the event or imagine the event, then the event or activity by what you know occurs by alpha mode where you think calm then sit up. You can get the eyes by thinking the eyes are assumed with ridges.

 This seen of that you notice can be painful if formed. If you think this is formed by ideal then you get some result, if you think the end with this then you get the final result. This if use with feeling or combined where you buy what you think, this with a monetary type system could mean collapse.

 This I think is a point though and nothing more as you could stop then create with a cool ideal to work with others instead of against them. This ensures success then as if you stop and think you can create a cool point of recovery. Really that's to enter into the alpha stage, as your more aware or sit back to leave the alpha state. Seen as a point where your thinking is sharper or you can think of things.

 Seen otherwise you can satiate by drinking or eating a little, then state I will awaken from alpha mode as I count to 3 so count backward at least usually from 3 then your awake. You can do any action or activity by this as alpha uses suggestion this is a moment or some suggestable ideal. I see the point or use ideal is useful here, so this is where you can think your own thoughts to create or get your own point of view. What do that mean? You create by what you think or experience instead of another point of view and can use the point of view that the others express.

 Where you state the ideal then the action or activity seems to occur. So you can generate a cloak by thinking the energy you have exists a cloak or speaking the ideal to exist, for they are some energy feel that folds over you as though a cloak. The energy can come from anywhere. The mind or focus you have can shape things with that energy. That is all there is to this.

 Seen as you are aware. This is the point that you think to go around with, 'seeya around' used as a command is to make the person nearby leave. If used as a suggestion causes leave time with other things to do. Oh if you want to read the rest of this go ahead, as this is interesting information. Seeya around.

 Yomotsu Hirasaka is where the user is able by focus to form rifts within the fabric of space sometimes by alpha mode or tachia use if you really want to be there, which allows them to instantaneously transport themselves to different locations. They are also capable of transporting sections of their body by partially entering through the portal. Furthermore as your aware, they can use the portal to catch enemies off guard by creating rifts behind them, even sending them to different dimensions.

 This can happen so quickly that even a mage or energy user as fast as you can get is caught off-guard. However by thinking of the time before, then evading the portals is still possible. This is formed by the creator when the user thinks a portal opens then it does, then when the user thinks the portal closes then it does. Whatever you want sent through it is sent through the portal.

  Omnifocus; Omnifocus is the application of the mind and usage of understanding to enhance the mind and produce omnipotency in ideal, this is impotency that creates awareness by lacking some function or your aware. Where you see by the creator or pinneal gland with what is thought to use. This is induced by thoughts and telling the subconscious to make the mind be in Omnifocus. The act of doing this is to meditate while listening to music, stating out loud 'Omnifocus'. Then, you gain the necessary focus and understanding. This understanding comes from intuition, which is the soul.

  The meditation can be avoided, if you use self-hypnosis. Then if you mention the word, 'Omnifocus' to yourself. Seen as a concept, you gain it allot faster. This can actually be noticed as experience reveals what is possible, see it blinds you to the point that an open mind allows. So self-hypnosis helps by the ideal you know that allows alpha or subconscious mode, where all you need is to speak or think then the subconscious makes if possible.

  Hypnosis is described here at with Also if you think as you breathe deeply, you can trance to get into a self-hypnotic state. This is thinking one thing, omnifocus, and breathing in and out till your mind slips into a self-hypnotic state or trance.

  Omnifocus works by making energy pass along the frontal lobes of the brain. And, natural genius and understanding comes to yourself. As though you were omnipotent. If enough energy starts happening and passes along the frontal lobes, then true omnipotency occurs. You see if you think to realize what you know is there or you realize what the brain fills in the area to reveal to you things, you can create or think aware to see what is possible or use is unusual.

  Self-hypnosis meditation; This is use to create of youth or ideal. Think to use the focus then create what you think, then state the ideal or make work to create things that exist. This is with use by self suggested hypnotic state. Sit with no arms/legs crossed, clear your mind and think of 10 stone steps going down into the water. Keep going down them in your mind until you're swimming in the water. the water is your own mind. The room might feel like it's spinning, you'll feel out-of-body by thinking then the spirit is where you think. Then think of a hallway inside yourself, behind each door is a room with one of your past or future personas in the point.

  That is set by actions that reflect the motion that exists. Practice more. Don't listen to music. Focus on the idea of waves crashing over you and washing away your stress and your mind will clear. Hypnotherapy can help you to escape from problem patterns of response and behavior to achieve greater flexibility and choice in your life. Hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy works, this is use of ideal by allowing you to relax really deeply. Hypnosis or creative visualization allows us by feel to discover and to heal the part of us that is constantly affecting our thoughts, feelings, and experience:our subconscious mind.

  Sage mode: The sage mode is energy enhanced focus to create what you wish or will. This is unique by alpha mode, where you breathe then think to create by a point sorta like on for sage mode or off for not using sage mode. This is where you use defense to use the normal things or use ideal to create by ideal. That you think to focus your third eye or think by feel to create what you consider some ideal use. The sage mode is even easier with alpha mode where you focus then you create by a trance.

  Think of the sage or ideal to create then focus using your animal spirit where you breath in or out thinking to create, then do activity to create the activity that you can think or create or stop then you return to normal. Note the effect on machines nearby, see they could shut off or down or not actually work till you stop or think to allow the ideal to work. Otherwise they now work, so think not to hit then you won't. Unless you want to create havok by wreak or destruction thats by feel for now.

  So this leads to what I call animalism where you can become where you wish things, then you get more like the animal or the animal you associate with is more like you. This is a point you think or not to stop unless necessary. This includes times or flashbacks if too far. So think to work with others as you think this is not you sometimes get away with things. That is all there is to this except for things observed are by feel that you think to see or not, then relax your brain that is your mind then you do as you wish to use the subconscious that is activity of the mind. Then you are aware by what you do if you think to work by the feel.

  Sage Art: Think a gate that is energy that the creator controls, then you create what you want in a wish to work. Gate of the Great God is a sealing technique which is used in Sage Mode. This is where this is where you use a symbol your third eye empowers to create or work with energy, as you think then the user manifests a select number of massive red torii that fall down from above. This is really only possible if a god in order to pin an intended target.

  See if the subconscious really does show you what you think, then you could create a guided ideal like a created visualized manifest or a cherry bomb. If between the gate and the ground that means you think energy formed into a gate that falls onto the person. The size and strength of these torii is such that they can even be used by feel to immobilise the otherwise impossible to immobilize. These torii are quite versatile and can be used in several different ways, including acting like a shrine that can summon animals.

   "Really in use its that as the fact is tailed beasts are animals that you work with so others work by the feel, that uses the innate intuitive soul with the spirit of the animal with thought to see by talking with a point. Some uses are what you work with to create with as you think to manifest by the feel aware feel, that you could see as though the area you sense. So the difference between the tailed beasts of naruto is that naruto's world sense, allows him or others to perceive the thoughts as though speaking were done.

 There are many tailed beasts forms such as turtles that are friendly, squirrels that are going away, foxes that are aware, associated with them are tailed beasts as though the tailed beasts thoughts are heard. Some you don't want to talk to though, that only means you are aware to what you think as you think to know what the animal thinks. You can perceive the animal's world as part of your inner world, however the two are actually separate. With their inner world you could detail multiple or singular tailed beasts that are similar to what is inorganic here. This is a point you can think then you know things by feel." from

 Some can assume that you don't assume, you are aware that you just know or you can assume not to assume. Otherwise you will want to learn or know, I see this as it is or you correct for what is there. Sometimes you don't know to realize though as all you need do is think to ask, then you know then don't assume after some get onto you for things or work with your own belief that others are opinions like your own. That's the limit of ability with the manipulation power. The end.

 Chakra bomb; This is focus energy to the chakra points that you think will work, then you focus to direct as your energy is use in one spot and explode after taking some energized material in and you can actually blow up. Time distortion; Focus your chakra energy to slow down a time around you and in the area. Things might simply appear to pause a bit. But you and those you think of are moving faster as with your body. You can cause things to speed up as well. This allows the aura mist bomb, otherwise this causes insomnia or what you think is what occurs by now. This was what allows me to work mana into a tailed beast animal bomb. Just think the animal spirit changes the energy, as you are aware to reflect the point. That is there or create by some point that you focus into just use the eideal creation, as you don't deflect the energy you deflect the mode.

 Tailed beast animal spirit bomb; Think that the spirit an ideal this is doing what you want by thinking that. Then if you incent the animal by focus then use the mind or energy to create by a chi psi ball if use, as the point is a chi ball to create with feel.

 Think the psi ball creates electrical energy, that changes by thought to create what effect you want. That is the animal beast chi ball if you think some animal spirit energy into the psi ball. Then focus to create, this is by the feel what you want.

 That you create a tailed beast bomb effect where this creates slight dizziness. Then you know as they realize what is there. The animal spirit does things for them, as the spirit you don't want to bond with if your going to do this as this could effect you too by ideal. You can do this to a point, the animal you observe is ideal. You might like this then if you don't want to do this to a pet.

 The destruction you feel is the destruction by thought so this is where you use animal mind control. Where you think to create the animal form by this might not be like you if incited. Unless you think or imagine instruction to the animal to focus the able mind, such as thought if you think a point then you are aware to "iletry" or thought that is possible.

 For ideal situation is giving the area a water supply, then so this is used by this instead you create used ideal. This is used by some point you do usually by area activity. Feel through the link is then as a point that you know, where you don't always want to feel the ideal they do by spirit sensation.

 Why not? They could relay telepathic ideal of the victim or animal, so unless you think then to not always do destruction. Then they will cause you some trauma, see this is by stress or relief with ideal area use. Think then your aware that, this is the focus then you are known to activity by what the animal wants unless it shares. So whatever your body does it can't die from the spirit animal.

 If you do this then you could be dead if you kill yourself, dumb by the city attrocity or stupid by activity, avoided if you think the animal spirit doesn't seem to bond with you. Think then your aware or alert as though a zombie effected by energy, if you think no or not then you create with some ideal from the creator. As then you know, then you will or don't know. This is point the link ends. As the dumbing effect by too much activity, that you think then the creator keeps from effecting yourself.

 Explosion chi that is elemental sage mode art or Tenpenchii the tenth. So I think imagination is so great that if you think of a bomb that rays out destruction. That you place somewhere then act as you think to set it. Then the bomb will go off when you think to have imagined setting the bomb time. Then get out of the area and you create an explosion. That is the power of imagination.

 So I think this is all an apt time to stop and do things by imagination, this is caused by activity thought to use or appearance. As you think all I need to do is think a bomb is useful in theory that I wield with my hands, that I hold and touch an item to set the bomb off that can be the item to go off. If you want to know the truth, then ask first or think of some other way to do things. As your aware things can exist if this were here. I think this is another way you can create.

 So all it really does if you think it does, this is destabilize or put off a person unless it causes a fire by some ideal. This is with some ideal that you imagine the result, then feel its created by the creator to set the charge within the energy or item you thought to explode. So an ideal is think to set the charge as you imagine the color you want to happen, then things work by the subconscious creating with a shadow stone or gemstone. That does an emulation for life.

 That represents the destruction or feel. Then feel or focus your need, as you touch the object that causes things to occur. So imagine the result to direct the energy that you don't always direct, as you sometimes have to let the ideal occur as the ideal will happen if energy is there. So if your aware your awake, then you can use the energy of the middle earth to shift with feel. As all you need to do is think of the place then your there. That is all there is needed to be done.

 Otherwise this is with the ideal 7 rays of disaster, that you use a color and imagine the magic of association that you think an association to occur. This is with ideal that doesn't always work, so this can be 7 rays of different disaster that make the color as red is explosion, brown is earth smells or earthen disaster or disruptive use, green is envy, orange is hot fire explosion, yellow or white is poisionous disaster or air strikes.

 Black is energy that is despoilative or distructive fire that eats anything yet if banded with white is high velocity energy, blue is water bio disaster or cause a storm, white blue can cause ice, purple is radiative or fight type explosion that leads to disaster. Just imagine the effect with the color to have the subconscious create the ideal by spirit energy.

 Just imagine the color by what you think to explode or ray out as though an artist took to paiting a bomb as you think a splash of water for blue, the rest are scattered bits for brown, a moving radiative circle for purple or a ring of expanding fire for red, things move by then themselves which is a moving violation for orange, jealousy is activity with intensity by feel if you want to create envy disaster by green. Think then to control or work with the area energy, as you are aware by what you feel.

 A smelly expanding colored bubble of gas for yellow as a stinking ray of magma is the cause. This is fucked up so I will let you go. The release is thinking to release or use is thought as you think or touch something, as that is a midas touch when you touch that the surface or area does what you think. This only occurs smelly, if you can smell it though.

 Senjutsu; The Six Paths Senjutsu is a heightened form of senjutsu used by the Sage of the Six Paths, that is focus with ideal to create with the spirit. Then the subconscious creates by what you consider with spirit or feel, representing astral or dream mode of thought that represents travel with food or drink with a little or more salt. This is used by those who obtain the food or drink power by that, which is with ideal points of life.

 This is with ideal what leads me to believe I will collapse by now if I moved. Unless I think the creator moved my body I would move indifferently. The user's physical strength, speed, stamina and regeneration are exponentially increased. This is a focus point the user gains the ability to fly, utilise senjutsu by thinking to send energy of something then that exists by the creator. The point is then to focus by imagining the point, as you imagine the time this takes to get somewhere. So I think I travelled 15 months time, within 3 seconds to create or go where you think.

 That means the item is there as you can do so, yet you cannot really think the timeframe unless you think the time by feel. The subconscious sets the time by compressing the time, so that the subconscious creates by feel what you think. Chakra arms are the two extra with a third extra arm or hand that is there, as the two additional are spiritual with thought or imagining by imagination. Things that control the arms by feel or extra hands is thinking as you feel them do so, imagine the point then that they do yet they do what you want if you think they do. If you have a third hand extra then you are a rare faery. This happen in a short time seemingly longer, than normal in use by perception unless you focus.

 Multiple Truth-Seeking Balls are a point that you use psi balls that are energy spheres to work or create, what you think to them is instruction as you think then the psiball does even if you can't sense the psiball. The psiball is in the air or your element is representative of the energy you think to create use. The item is there if you think it is going there where you think to send it. The point there is then you know by what you feel, that is what you think to create by feel. You can also seek the truth by those instructions that, unless locked in the real energy psiball then could get erased by a thought.

 As the psiball can be instructed the psiball can absorb energy, though to learn the truth is seeming there as though energy is what is the record. That you can say or imagine that the energy fills in the information, the subconscious uses ideal by the spirit that is the energy information with consciousness. That is enough though thought set by the creator the information that exists is what you realize by area energy or focus.

 Where you look away then are aware to what is there, you know by thinking as you sense the truth that you know. So think to relax, then focus your mind to learn then you know what to do. As you relax then text or experience things, think to focus then you know by realizing what is done as you do them in thought. I think then that if you thought to work things out you will get better results. So I think this is a point to realize, this is use by feel where realization is nothing more than that point of view.

 The user also gains complete control by psi ball, all five basic nature transformations and Yin–Yang Release by this ideal. Commonly by thought, seen if you focus to create a energy pattern in the eye, this is a pattern of Rinnegan and nine tomoe appear on the user's back. This uses spiritual symbiosis of psychics: Thought is the power to manipulate the power of the spirit or creature that dwells within the user's body.

 The power use by this creates the flow with which the user uses. This allows you the ideal that the spirit wards away things, with thought or use is spiritual armor where you wear armor somewhere else. This is part of the susanoo ideal. Start the ideal focus then wear the armor, the variation well are as though yes your with work as you think by area activity to work by spirit feel. You create by the ideal that you know.


  Item possession: while wielding a particular object the user is possessed or a focus by your energy to create by feel.

  Object transfer: sometimes the spirit can be transferred into the user’s body via a magical object or a form of technology.

  Physical transfer: in this case a person touches the user and thus transfers his spirit into the user's body.

  Sealed: sometimes a spirit is sealed inside the user's body by either Magic that is from ideal points or thought you can control or work by the seal, seen or other means exist by the ideal you know.

  Spiritual Item: Some item's can carry Spiritual Powers an or abilities. That the user can use or agree to use the item with out being under its control. Its more like teamwork or a deal.

  Weapon Control: Can be Possible if Item Container's Spiritual Energy or Control is what you don't always think. So I think this is ability by the ideal you think then control.

  Sage art realms; The power to manipulate the six realms by reincarnation with ideal to use, this is use by the creator that works from your need. Think then you create by focus to work, as though the inner world you have shows what you think. See your devine as this is sub-power of Samsara Manipulation. Variation of Existential Plane Manipulation.

  The ideal is thought to create by focus or work with the realm that represents the energy, so think not to create by the user will if you want to do else. Because they might attempt to suggest things to you when you attempt this. So the user can control/manipulate the Six Domains of buddhist myth, where you think and all the abilities that are a part of them.

  Whatever you do don't think to go there, as the realms could interact with you. The powers are listed below, that you can get from the realms created by thinking the power exists. The energy is the ideal that comes from somewhere, called with the realm that exists the effect as you imagine the result thinking this is the end result that uses energy now called a power.

Deva/God Realm

Comfort Inducement
Deity Reincarnation
Devic Physiology
Happiness Embodiment
Happiness Inducement
Illusory Omnipotence
Pleasure Inducement
Sloth Embodiment

Asura Realm

Anger Augmentation
Asura Physiology
Combat Specialist
Envy Embodiment
Envy Inducement
Specialist: Focus is the ideal that energy is used or knowledge is there, this is with thinking to create by the thought that you have.

Human Realm

Desire Inducement
Doubt Inducement
Human Disguise
Human Physiology
Pride Manipulation

Animal Realm

Animal Blending
Animal Empathy
Animal Empowerment
Animal Imitation
Animal Morphing
Animal farming: Animal farming is using empathy using animal empowerment, that uses the inner world need to create by feel the animals to be there where you wish. So if you animal farm too much and fast they come there is feel by need, stupidity with the animal then that could lead to mixed breeding or overbreeding.
Stupidity Inducement

Hungry Ghost/Preta Realm

Enhanced Eating
Gluttony Embodiment
Gluttony Inducement
Hunger Empowerment
Matter Ingestion
Hunger prison: The hunger prison is the ideal you have that induces hunger, upon the people you think imprison into a room with release by thinking with a touch to release the hunger to release yourself from prison.
Torment Inducement

Hell/Naraka Realm

Hatred Augmentation
Hatred Embodiment
Hell Lordship: The creator wanted to show he creates even in hell, he controls hell by the ideal or tact that you think to create by now.
Judgement Manipulation
Pain Inducement
Penance Stare

  Omniscient ability; That is activity where the omniscious ability is a power. So yes indeed assume so you don't assume to create with thinking or work by feel for now. This is used in heredicy or the area you thought you know, that is there that sometimes isn't seen as you pick up on things by the energy or know what is there to do things. So think you know then you do or don't doo by animal impulse. Seen is the area I think then is the use, the other meaning are what you think. Use is what you can do that your aware by use, this is with items or your own means. I think I went too far on this so I quit then did what I wanted.

  Animal spirit that you can use the tailed beast powers, with this link; Spiritual ability is ability that you know by the thinking, that you know with focus that allows you to see and talk to spirits. So basically all you need is where you can use the spirits, instead of animal spirits to create what you wish. Yes everything has a spirit energy in the inner universe. Except from the outer universe as long as the body is dead, you can gather energy that responds like the spirit of the person to create a spirit effect. Then as you are aware the spirit serves you. So beware the repeating of the spirit astral form, as it is just a shell so you see you have things already.

  See if you want to create the ideal energy ability, then think a thought form energy is with a natural form to create a combined ability. Then think the energy thought form unformed as you don't want to be ppossessed. As you think things happen, then they might as things happen that is non or barely felt pulsing. If they are possible then all we don't attack, all those we respected by now are there by feel. This uses your mind as the way to undo it is use the energy with direction by area feel, yet even if there is a way you probably won't feel it where its anything that helps you. That is all for now.
 However animal spirit use is safer. This is to see an animal to collect some animal spirit. That's the animal you like that likes food from you, then though sticking around is a hard part without food. The chakra mode is possible by thinking the crown chakra does things that create what is similar where you don't get the shape or there is possible chances you won't get rid of the shape.

 The chakra use is energy use that pushes your metabolism up, then when you don't focus you end up working with what you have had. This is until you think the shape gone then where you exercise or restore your own ability to smell or the body scent otherwise, so I think by a high metabolism you can lose your excess weight by now. This is what can act as a restore point or what could go on, this is with your body by your own activity.

 I call this the omiscient path of the six pathes because you are aware to what is there, then you only have to think or state things to create with alpha state the point you are aware to create by manifest. Sometimes when you state things you can create by energy. That's why I call it this. This is the manifestation of ideal. This is the point you know or ask to go for ideal, so you are our aware point that means your aware of the point to the uses you think advisable.

 Think to use the advisable approach or don't come near, the people that would scent you badly would report you. Then you would be aware of the response or thought your ideal exists to notices that can be noticed by now. So you avoid the problem or press of the people then you are aware to what personal freedom is for you. That's why I call it omnipresent, you are a presence that others can or cannot detect.

 The Nine-Tails or other animal chakra mode and its related forms coat the user's body in yellow chakra, by imagining the color yellow that which emanates from the aura. As you think to focus energy through the aura by them, where reminiscent by use of flickering flames if you focus energy to shine forth. Then you create a beam or light, that seems to show what you wish to show.

 What you can seem to do with this, Tengai bi Shinsei is look where you go when your aware to go anywhere. The user then weaves energy flows that you think are energy, that is created sometimes by tea mixed with a drink. That is water with oregano mixed with tea that uses stevia, then if you can stand it drink it or use is an energy flow that you think. Then focus where you're thinking to create simultaneously between the self and the Susanoo or other person. This is use in order to draw imagined massive meteorites that come from the upper atmosphere, down towards a specific location on the ground. Think then you are aware.

 As though a bone break or limp that is sometimes averted by looking, that is where they descend in succession along the same trajectory, if one of these meteorites is stopped, he or she can summon another one which will then collide with the ideal first, then physical impact by activity second by floating energy into yourself. This is amplified energy by feeling intense, that is ensuring that they crash into their intended destination by usage of confusion to the target or area use.

 The Amenotejikara is a space time ninjutsu, that you focus then create as you think. You can instantly shift the location of himself, others and objects, within a certain range that you think to shift a person as though if by ormus. The range of this technique can be increased if he swaps himself with an object, as seen when he switched places with Sakura's discarded flak jacket. Due to its speed, this technique has proven to be especially useful for launching surprise attacks against enemies. At certain times, the technique has to be recharged and cannot be used.

 Hidden shadow snake hands; This is imagining snakes appear from energy, this is where that you want your body has with thought to appear as you want. Unless you bring snakes, that are coiled around your hand you won't get this.

 Adamantine sealing chains, think or imagine the chains formed as though adamantine around or near the person.

 Creation of All Things Technique was a technique possible by thinking the area energy or ideal, then your thought created by chi energy that was usable as though a ideal energy sometimes by the subcreator or ideal user. You thought then used was ideal to create by imagination or feel. So those who used it to create the nine tailed beasts. The process he used is explained to have initially involved the administration of imagination.

Seen with use and the spiritual energy which forms en by feel or at the end by feel you know what is there, the basis of Yin chakra to create physical forms from nothingness. Then as you think or used thought, through the application of vitality. The physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, one could focus then by a breath would breathe life into the resulting creations or body with a point the creator made.

 Create as you think is the rule to this, as your thought is there then you create by the area feel. So think then imagine what you wish as you speak the ideal, then you create by the ideal that exists sometimes your thought sometimes for an animal this is easier. Thus for a human then you think then focus, then your mind creates by the subconscious consciousness with activity.

 Chakra Enhanced Strength; Think then your awareness is there or back to doing what you want. This is use by a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet, using precise chakra control and releases by ideal this is focusing by pinpoint timing. This is where you think chi energy works, as though by the body that strengthens by the feel with that this is there. The ideal you think that then is easier by feel, then is strength with activity to create strengthened effects. Tightening the grip is easy except when you don't focus, where you untighten the grip easier.

 Cherry blossom strength; So were the focuser focusing by feel. I think this is the effect by what you do. As the great apes in the alps would do, thinking to shift you see this is what you can use to shift by will. They could use magic or mana like a pro. So its almost the same thing over and over again. See superhuman strength is like cherry bomb or cherry blossom strength. That is focus your chi energy to create strength by the inner body creating by focus with in the fist or super strength with the hand by focus. Super human strength come in two distinct forth as Super inhumane natural strength and Super human strength. Super inhuman strength comes from super inhumane action and is like super human strength where its called by "bekke idde" pronounced as (bekkeh-iddeh) and "sidde bekke" pronounced as (siddeh-bekkeh) and caused by super humane action.

 That you might cause yourself to do by stating the words with intent. Instead there is an inhumane property to it. You can call this strength by a super inhuman natural strength effect with "a inhern idde" pronounced as (aye inhern iddeh). Along as your aware of it, you might find yourself doing actions that are super inhumane. Don't use this if your going to be inhumane. So the inhumane can be humane if you think to be superhuman by feel with the creator or the one that says things. Think then release if you think to hit. Then your relaxed by feel with a cool aura feel. This ideal so lends people the belief that they are better off than nothing as you think, then focus then create you are as though in control.

 Nature transformation by a change in Chakra or energy nature is an advanced form of chakra control, that is where that entails the moulding and defining of one's chakra into an innate kind of chakra nature by thinking the ideal exists. Then think as your aware to what you want to see or create that you think to create by feel or thought, that is when you focus where the subconscious creates what is right to create. Altering its properties and characteristics for use in techniques. Nature transformation is one of two necessary components for creating or modifying a technique, the second component being shape transformation. While nature transformation changes the nature of the chakra, shape transformation changes the actual form and movement, altering its abilities. Then if you think your body is changed back to what it is originally then you act yourself out.

 Subconscious casting is the ideal that you think then feel then think of your want or need, then you create as you think to form or create by feel. So subconscious casting is the point or path of ideal; thinking aloud or creating by focus. Alright using the subconscious to create a nonexistant event into becoming real. This is stating or thinking intensely the thing you want to happen. What helps is to state what you know will happen eventually. And, to state what you want to occur as though it already happened. Thinking out loud is another verbal form of magic with this alright idea. When it happens, act surprised and noone will suspect you for the deed. Asking a question, will cause the result you question. This is in order to create an understanding. If there's no real need or desire and no intent, then there's no actual magic moment. That is then seen as not always observed. The third eye allows better energy manipulation with the subconscious, as the third eye is open sometimes with no contradiction.

 If there's a will there's a way and that way makes itself known to the caster. So, the way allows creation of the result you want. This way is indicated by signs that come to your attention and make the way obvious. By talking it out, understanding in the way to get things done becomes obvious, if thought weren't obvious before. See the area as you see the time as things made twice ends estimate use, this creates peace so thinking creates what you see as you see something to seem like. The point is don't think the cast work with the thought. So what you ask or use water as you sense is feel yet you aren't, unless you are a multiple personality so what you think is peaceful.

 Thinking on how to do the result can change the ideal done or can help manifest the result faster. The subconscious can speed up the effect as it occurs, to get it over with and experience things without tedius activity. The subconscious can also condense time, to cause the eventful result faster. In that way, this seems like an instant result. The trick is experiencing the creation of the result, physically or mentally. You can use the subconscious to construct spells more complex than the conscious mind is capable of and then manifest them consciously by an activating word, phrase or gesture that you decide is what you want to use. This communicates an inner desire by inner need.

  Inner computer; Think to work or create a computer, this is usually by the parts or buying it whole then you think to create with the computer. I see this is use as the inner computer is doing what you think. This can be useful or can't be used, as this required rods or some energy focus to create with in the first place. Imagine the energy computer, as you want to do things then you get some end result.

Part 2

 This is with kinetics where planet energy is the aware thought or path by insight you think is improved ability.

  This is Improved ability; What you get with improved ideal is think of the point to do then focus to create the ideal, as you think to shape energy into the form that you can think instruction to this. That you want the construct to create, so you think to it then the ideal is created. This if a psiball can create things or what you wish, as you think or state things to it. Otherwise think to the third eye to create what you wish or think to the crown chakra to create as you think to do by feel you do something else.

  Then the third eye could continue, this is usually by focus as you feel is a point as though the unconscious part of your mind does things except by pointing things out. Until you think stop to the third eye. This is using your unconscious thinking to create with by now. That accounts for the use of alpha mode to create as you yourself or others are the creator with this, if you think then suggest to yourself to create so then that is an option as well. If all else fails then act to the point or think to the energy consciousness what you want the consciousness to do, then eventually the ideal is created.

  Demon cloak; Its to cause your own fox cloak in the way of idea of the naruto demon fox cloak, that is the use of the animal spirit by thought to create a energy cloak. It may seem impossible but there's a way though. This naruto package causes you to evoke the element of darkness inside yourself and shape it into a fox, fuse its energy with your chi that you direct with ideal that you energy. Feel it intensify then the fox cloak is visible. That is a power up that creates things by focus or feel.

  Six Paths Sage Mode is a heightened form of Sage Mode, using a power up which empowers the user's abilities to a far greater extent by use utilising the Six Paths Sage Chakra. This uses the six pathes to create this. That is the anger with ideal focus with energy, that uses what you think by aura emanation or changes made. This is use by the creator, as you think or focus in things at the end that you can use as en mode. So enter a trance by thinking what you want to do where you are doing the ideal things, as you breathe where you think then you are with trance then the focus is the thing. Think your out of trance then as I wrote or write think to stop breathing in or out to release the trance.

  It uses spirit energy by thinking the spirit uses the energy of the fox or animal. This is the animal cloak you think to use by feel. That is this is used as all ninjutsu the mind, thinking to create what you think as you use an act to create what you want. Otherwise don't act, then you are aware to what you can do as you tell the truth. This is the truth till the circumstances or ideal changes that supports it, so think to do something else to not give yourself away.

  The ideal could cause the advance method that would create things, so then evoke a demon in yourself that's controlled by you with the creator. It works better if you are in a trance state, so you immediately go into a trance for those that need it for easier action. This is where you think then you can work with the body, that's there so you can get things to use. Then shift the body by the creator, back to where it came from by feel.

  Otherwise; Absolute existence then is creating by the creator that is think or tell the energy conscious to do things then it will do what you want. As you can control your entire existence by this the creator creates for you, as you think you are linked to the source then you can manipulate by an almighty link. Think your without limits then you are, as you think of what you wish to create by energy thought to do something. If you think of a property sheet, then think the object by the energy or person by the blood or body energy has those properties then they will eventually.

 This uses the creator's limited or unlimited energy to the level you can stand aka maximum quintessential, though you can know what is there or possible by what you think. Where a penance stare is think to look at a point then things clear up, then by that point things that are bad for the area or yourself is penalized or no longer penalizing. So if you think a penalty, then there's a penalty or cleared away if you think to clean the area. Then you get better results by cleanliness. That is the other way to wisely do things, by what you "en" for you are at the end.

  Chakra mode release: shimbala manipulation; The eye of shimbala or rinnegan chakra mode. Focus through the eye to create by the ideal with a thought you think to create with the blood energy, this releases energy from the eye to create with as you feel or use ideal to direct. Think to work or create or direct things as a result. Thinking the mangekyo chakra mode is something you use to create with shifting to some area, where you can form what you then think you create by the area energy.

  That exists when you shift a person because it is backward into the eye world or out from the eye world as you think to teleport. So as you know if you think to form an eye, then you create patterns or dots by ideal or thinking the ideal is done you form what you wish. Each change occurs to the retina of the eye that reflects with a pattern, that shows as each dot is tomoe in the corona or eye pattern.

  See the eye color that is how light reflects differently per each color shown, as eye muscle is what refracts or reflects light as the eye muscle retracts or expands as a pupil. Each tomoe is a different ideal or view with experience. This is what I think is there not what you would do, as this is painful or idicated as a more useful hint. Each tomoe change is a different experience.

  So if you want by feel to be unaffected by the energy, then you are using attenuation. If you think to create a cloak that does what you want then, you work with aura energy as ideal resonation or focus energy that is there over the body. Then it won't overwhelm you if your careful so the pain is kept to a minimum. An in use is the ideal you think to create by focus with concentration.

  Attunation by ben

 What is attunation? The ability to 'Become One' with your surroundings. I know what many readers likely think once they see that line: "What is this, a school of Zen?" In fact, attunation isn't even a necessary part, but it helps. In every aspect of magic, in fact. Next time you make an energy ball, try and take note of how it feels to draw the energy in. If you're like 99% of the people that I've seen do Magic, you're becoming one with it on some level.

 What I mean is, you don't move each individual atom of energy. That would take too long. You adapt your mind to see the entire group of particles for what it is, and draw it into a ball. When you attune yourself to...Say, for the sake of an easy example, Fire, you are able to manipulate it easier, because of the attunation. Fire is an extension of you, just like a limb. You don't think about it when you move your arm, you just do it. When you're attuned to an element, it's the same sort of thing.

  How it is Done

 Locate yourself near a good source of the said element. For example, for flame, sit in front of a candle - For water, sit in a tub or at the very least, have a cup of water in your hand - For void, sit in a dark room - For Earth, have your feet on the outside ground, be near a plant, etc - For wind, all you need to do is be near air. (NOTE: DO NOT USE ELECTRICITY UNLESS YOU ARE FAR BEYOND CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILITIES as this is a point to use unless not dealing with things dangerous.)

 Imagine the element as an extension of your body. This must be done for a variable amount of time, normally depending on skill level, whether or not you've done it before, as you go up in energy as you go up in the air. How much of the element you're attuning to is present, etc. How you can tell if you've succeeded: If you are completely covered by the element, such as in a tub of water, earth grounding or use a dark room for void, you will feel formless. Not numb, because you will still receive sensory input from your body if you do anything with it. The best way to describe what I feel when I've succeeded is that I feel expanded beyond my body's limits. The longer you stay attuned to an element, the more permanent the effects of the attunation. Fire can make you rash, while Void will cause you to become mentally unstable.

  What Can Be Done

 Once you've successfully attuned yourself to an element, there are nearly infinite possibilities open to you. If you chose Void, there's Shadow Walking, the art of hiding in the shadows, and if good enough, in plain sight. If you chose Water, you may even be able to draw moisture from the air. The only real limit is what you can come up with by the use.

  Willed Attunation

 There is also a form of attunation that does not require a source of the element to be present. Once you have attuned yourself to an element enough times, imagine the feeling you get when you are attuned to it, and attempt to bring that feeling to yourself. Once you can successfully do that, you can do willed attunation.

  Kekkei Genkai; This is using energy by focus or use by ideal is where you think to create with this, as ideal you are creating is where you think. As a bloodline trait that by activity your blood energy is the blood flow that creates what you think by the brain causing the creation through brainwaves. Use of psiball that you think there is useful for the elements that you want to use. How to create a release chakra mode is think the energy build up is released from the elements. With terror removal or ideal creation, any energy from chakra to release this energy is thought to stop even a moving elephant. So that exists as excess that is from your body, as you think to create an element or effect.

 The release is uses you think if okay to focus or channel the energy you work with yourself to create by feel. So whatever you think to use as an element if use is by thought, you can think to cause attack or ideal to effect the person or you think to create or work by the activity. Then the energy does what you think by feel so you see that you send as you think you do, so a non attack by this is use by speaking as you want or just think then you create.

 Yes they do react as you think or feel the nudge to direct the ability or energy, no if you think to cause an attack by release. Then the energy release is chi or life when they notice it, they are aware to what they want by now for what you want. Think then as you form things, think that then you know or work with feel by ideal. Thinking things about this won't get you away unless you think your away, so unless you pay for what you did unless you did nothing you could get caught. Then you can create what you wish, this is use by spoken verb or ideal points.

 Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi is a technique which applies shape transformation by thinking of a flame or shape, then the flame is black by you thinking your feel to the flame that changes the soul. If you change by this you lose the original birth shape. So there is two different styles of this. Then changes the body or flame shape to the black flames of Amaterasu, allowing the user to manipulate them at will. In some case, while Amaterasu is cast from the left eye or third eye.

 Then you can do what is your point to create with uses,so I think this is use by the right eye to manipulate the flames. This creates by the feel ideal to the feel that would work, except you must have the right uses in mind so I will try to disuss them. They are think to shape the flame, so when you think the shape then the shape changes to what you wish to see. When you think the form that is created by your shape, that is use if less than 210 lbs easier or less than 170 lbs more easier. So the other way is to think the flame energy is what changes, then imagine the shape that exists then the flame appears as that shape. So you see this all depends on how you do the effect.

 The point this is crystal release is you think to the crystal, then think to create what you wish or then you speak to have the crystal make with the energy.

 The dark release is to create the point by the third eye you think to create with by feel, that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. The third eye might enjoy this so be carefree as your careful.

 Explosive release is where you think of a solution then you gain a solution, if you think to use the solution then you can use the destructive release. That is the use of energy thought to the ideal chemical that if mixed together, could explode or spark by use where that is the point something curative of counts as a fix is used. That ends up blowing up with the chemical exploding or the product blowing up, this is with the point that you think to use things.

 This is the most effective way, think to concentrate energy to the pot so you think then release. As use is with an ideal you think, think to have the point where the object explodes by this. As first its unstabilized, then it explodes or goes up and erupts somewhere if a volcano. Otherwise it is where the energy explodes and you can feel it, if too close you could get burned. This is obviously the only thing you could notice as a sign is gasses or some release, then you know what it is. So be careful.

 So this is safe to describe. I think the ideal release is done that supports it. No if then you have the point to work with things that blow apart, otherwise things fall apart and stop working that are sometimes or otherwise in your face. So don't use this as things are likely to blow apart if you think to use them. This could be leaving you on the ground with 3rd degree or lesser burns if you tried to make gunpowder. So don't do this if you don't have to do this, as things like it could happen sometimes to yourself.

 The boil release then is where you boil things or create by the feeling, that you think to create a gaseous formation from objects or bodies. The creator does the trick that is consciousness of energy working for you by object energy creation. If your focused enough you could cause something by fire or use is ice to release yourself of coldness as your cold is thought drained from the body, think to dissolve to dust releasing a gaseous remains that is stench to get the full result.

 Water release: Water Release Water Style is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques that you can do by thinking water forms with ideal to form water or with water that you think to create. This is to allow the user to manipulate pre-existing water, seen for ideal to create their own this is by turning their chakra or body energy into water. It takes much more ability to create the water outside the body than to manipulate what is already available or expel it from their mouths. One of the most versatile of the five basic chakra natures, Water Release techniques can not only change shape but state as well.

 Water style: Hand of waves; To think about water by the taste of it in ya mouth. Then imagining the water formed near ya hands outstretched. As it forms, it forms into a wave effect of water which can douse or disperse anything the item thought is formed from the water energy.

 Earth Release Earth Style is one of the basic elemental nature transformation techniques, that allows the user to manipulate the surrounding earth for offensive and defensive purposes or create it; be it dirt, mud, or rock. Think to create the earth release by the earth or planet conscious. Think to create as you focus a thought by thinking to the planet, then you create by the feel or ideal you project to the area that the planet creates as though modelling or creationism.

 Earth Release techniques have the ability to change the strength and composition of the earth from being as hard as metal to as soft as clay, as well as manipulating their density, making them heavier or lighter. This includes allowing the user to travel through ground and rock in various ways which can be essential for both transportation and for setting up attacks or creating defences or for offence. Indeed as you think, this makes earth techniques one of the most versatile of the elemental techniques. Pre-existing earth is not necessary though, for the user can create it with their own chakra. As you think your released, then the body does the right thing to release you. That is how you do this.

 Moreover by now if you think, the water becomes more solid in the process as well. The water affinity is seemingly more common amongst shinobi of Kirigakure. Offensive water techniques seem to inflict harm from the sudden force that they exert, which would cause massive internal damage to a human if you think to cause harm.

 Scorch release; Think energy to build up then think chakra exists to create scorching heat, which is capable of heating up an enemy to the point. Where all the liquid inside their body evaporates, killing the victim and leaving them as a desiccated corpse.

 Lava release: Think lava energy comes to you as you are with chakra energy that is spirit energy, that you direct outward from a psi sphere to create what you think. As an element of choice by feel this is to release the element of your choice or what you attune to by thinking to imagine the element effect, as you use lava energy to create the effect by thinking you do things with your energy.

 See with lava chakra energy release, through the focal point you can create lava effects. Negated by thinking your negotiated then use is animal spirit. The caster envelops his entire body in a coating of lava by imagining lava eveloping the aura, that enhances the damage of his physical attacks. Due to the extreme heat generated by the lava, so he or she is capable of burning the target without coming into direct contact with the person. So in addition to the offensive damage the armour can inflict, it can also be used for defensive purposes, as it acts as a deterrent towards those who wish to attack the user physically.

 Lightning release chakra mode: The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra which, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster, and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed. The technique has different levels of activation. The level's activation is depicted by the users hair which stands up when the technique is activated to the fullest. The higher the level, the higher the speed the user can achieve. This is done by thinking lightning to wrap around your aura then the aura energy reacts as though lightning is cast forth going back into itself. This is ideal energy to create with if you think the energy to exist as you think you can do it. This is an example of dark lightning release that makes you forget something that is there by now.

 Storm release; Think to use the natural energy of the storm you think to the sky, as a build up of energy to create lightning effects that rain down on the foe. That mix lightning and water-based by feel chakra to create energy beams, that act like lightning or can appear like anything that can be guided by the third eye direction towards the enemy.

 Wood release: Think it is made up of techniques that are focus your mind to create the wood, that uses the third eye to create by thinking the thought or ideal. That mix earth-based chakra in one hand and water-based chakra in the other, thought to create wood as well as various plants, from simple seeds that are formed by the ideal energy shaped to form like seeds do to even flowering trees. Where you can think the seed energy flowers then the wood energy empowers you by ideal. Wood and plants can be produced from any surface, including the user's own body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life.

 So wood ninjutsu; This is wood ninjutsu, the point you think then the wood resonance creates by ideal influence. The ability to transform chakra energy into life itself, and is a part of the idea of a highly specialized an original ability that consists of nature manipulation. Think to do this, think of life and feel your chakra energy opening, from the chakra flowing to be released and form life itself. Imagine and feel the life of your chakra energy form into the formation itself. That is its what you think it and its formed as. as in a clone of yourself formed from wood thats animated.

 Ice release: It allows the user to freely create and manipulate ice by building the energy with something then think you are using it, so you are simultaneously combining wind and water-based chakra. When the user releases their chakra, then you think to release the area energy to become ice, the surrounding vicinity becomes cold enough to cause snow to fall. The ice you think to exist that creates itself by feel is also extremely resistant to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with Sasuke's flames. As shown by Haku an ancient life form art, as a child, you could also manipulate the form of nearby water. Ice ninjutsu then uses what is water or cold air thats, if symposium if freezing air concept you don't with the water to form ice as you think to freeze. This freezes things if a diamond is used so can freeze yourself so don't if you want to get away.

 Additionally as you think, any nearby water is an advantage, as the user can simply freeze that water to create ice. A creative adaptation is this. The Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, where you imagine the floating ice pellets form that you direct to surround a person as the ice which is used as a point is there. That allowed him to create any number of floating mirrors made of ice, think to use this as a shield or trap an opponent then you do things to create the ice shell shield.

 Steel release: This is thinking to leech energy from steel, as you think to break the steel then you are aware that is what you can do. As you think to break glass then grip it, then the breaking occurs with glass so that is done.

 Swift release: Think to build energy except for what is there, then all you need is to release the energy as you move quickly suddenly or think your there.

 Lightning Release Lightning Style is one of the five basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allows the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. Just focus your body energy to create as you think, so think as you most want then you created what you thought. The electricity paralyses the target if focused enough till release by relaxing where you focus to intense your bodyor ideal, then release by forgetting or thinking to release as your body relaxes. So that they are unable to move and leaves them vulnerable to a finishing strike.

 While uncommon, lightning can be infused into bladed weapons in a way similar to Wind Release through chakra flow for increased piercing power through vibrations, with the added effect of inducing numbness. When the technique is released from their bodies, so think and thus your not requiring physical contact, it does not move as fast as true lightning. Instead as you are aware by focus, due to the control the user has to exert over it, it moves far slower, which can give opponents time to still react.

 Fire Release Fire Style is one of the basic elemental nature transformations. Think to create with energy as you are aware, think as you imagine the energy form things or things form with ideal. As you think to create by feel, your thought is theory by the feel with area focus. So imagine what you want to do with the fire, then you create by the subconscious using the right techniques or ideal. Think is performed by moulding fire or thinking the element to form, what you wish by thought or spoken voice as though superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth. There are also variants to this in the form of some mediums such as the use of gun powder, ash, you can make explosive tags and chakra flow into a weapon.

 Commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal, Fire Release consists of mid to long-ranged offensive techniques that cause combustive and explosive damage. The art of having the flames obey the user's will is considered outrageously difficult.[6] The chakra nature is common among shinobi or shadow ninja in the Land of Fire, notably within the Sarutobi clan and Uchiha clan, the latter having been noted to hold a natural affinity for it.

 The dark release is sometimes activity based on fear or emotion with the right thought, thinking to create the point by the third eye you think to create with by feel or use. That can be used to absorb, manipulate and release chakra taken from an opponent. The third eye might enjoy this so be carefree as your careful.

 Yin Release otherwise Dark Style or Shadow Style techniques, based on the spiritual energy that governs imagination, thinking this can be used to create form out of nothingness creates the form from energy. Where there is a form that is allowed. When combined with Yang Release, it allows for the use of Yin-Yang Release. Yin is depicted as black in the real world. The Six Paths Yin Power is sometimes represented by a crescent moon marking on the wielder's left palm. So think the energy is subtle, that is a form of answer that you form or create by imagination with ideal you have thought or now feel.

 Yin seal want release; After focusing and storing an amount of chakra over a period of time in the ideal seal, you think to be placed that uses stored energy that it takes in with use by your feel. As though this is the Strength of a Hundred Seal on the user's forehead, the user can release any amount of chakra with this technique by dispersing the seal.

 This is a release by some feel you think with energy released by feel. Where you break a line by drawing this ideal, pumping the stored chakra back into the user's body. After the stored chakra from the Strength of a Hundred Seal is used, the seal realeases itself if there is any leftover chakra the user may use it to re-form the seal by thinking this is there.

 This is a point you think then release what is there to cause, unusual ability to create or need to work. This only effects if you draw the symbol released, by using the energy that released after the ideal is being done. Then the symbol effect dissipates.

 Yang Release or Light Style techniques, based on the physical energy that governs vitality, can be used to breathe life into form. When combined with Yin Release, it allows for the use of Yin-Yang Release. Yang is depicted as white in real life. This is also a chinese symbol of death, as it means chaos or doing things.

 The yin an yang ideal seal, think of the seal with energy from the point you think or make. Think the seal does what you want then think of this as a diamond formation with the shadow, regulated by the third eye that is absence of light that allows you to do what you want that is energy by feel. This allows you to remain thin by ideal you use ormus to focus as you think your thin.

 The Six Paths Yang Power is sometimes represented by a sun marking on the wielder's right palm. This is the ideal you have that you create by feel or think, the use to create with some source. That is the point there that is a use to your own shortcomings, this is ideal points that you want to create.

 The yang seal need release; This is a need that forms the seal that makes loud energy useful where the area is thought, energy is what you consider as a point is need. Where you are released by the ideal effect you think. How you draw it is think the ideal you want to create otherwise not done is the power move, then the seal is the drawing that is an impression on the skin or with ideal/ So you need to occur things, then that is thinking by the need that happens by thought or need.

 So that attack disappears as it disappears, after you think the need where this is a fight or not then the seal is gone. That is where the 8 gates can be used that are 7 chakra points by focus as though the blood flow is the point as the gates with the body as the 8th. This is what you focus to concentrate on to release if you want to release them as with different cultures the 8 gates are known as different things. So the yang release is done by thought with ideal you use. This is the yang seal release.

 Yin-Yang Release as Shadow and Light Style techniques make simultaneous use of Yin Release and Yang Release. Think the subconscious forms to a ball of light that does this effect, as you think the effect or ideal then the ball of light shaped to ideal that forms. As your thought is what creates as though thought instructed it then.

 You don't always have to think as the creator, this is the source that creates the effect. Think as your aware then you are able or concentrate energy, think to create what you wish until not needed as that is use. If you think this is a moment with a capacitator as you think then you react better, by oregano with cinnamon or other spices you can amplify the ability. That use by then is the point in the end of this technique. That you are restored by feel or restoring sometimes, by feel this is just reach out and think the aura unclogs then restores by the subconscious.

 Yin relates to one's spiritual energy and Yang relates to one's physical energy, one cannot bring dark with this and it's necessary to utilise both of these. As yin that is subtle energy with positive thought in order to mould chakra or use chakra, that is body energy. I think this is use by thinking a formation, then the ideal for ninjutsu is done. As such is the case, the basis of simply kneading chakra and using techniques by feel is based in Yin-Yang Release. According to some idealist, the manipulation of Yin and Yang is the source of non-elemental techniques.

 So off is off so I think this is also known as the Sage of Six Paths, had such a mastery over the Yin-Yang Release that he used Yin to create form from nothing, and then used Yang to breath life into what he had created. According to some creators, the Sage's technique was called Creation of All Things Technique Banbutsu Sozo no Jutsu.

 Said by the writer this is use which was used to create the tailed animal ability that forms by focus out of the chakra, that is user energy with feel to create with the energy of the chakra points. This is by ideal from the point you think. The technique Izanagi is said to be based on this technique. All you need to do things with this is think the body comes out of it, then the creator is what creates what you think by feel.

 After receiving power from the creator, one can gain the ability to use Yin-Yang Release to stabilise life forces. Then famialarize yourself with the ideal psychic motions or physiology to restore missing organs, this is through physical contact or otherwise used ideal.

 So yes however this works by thinking the point, that you think to summon energy to your hand. Then think positive thoughts to the hand, then think energy to the other then apply the energy to the body by thinking it travels through the air to the body. As though a moment is as thought with a capacitator or superconductor, that reacts with heat or works better with coldness. As you think to react you won't, if you are cold or if you think to work you react with heat.

 Otherwise touch with both on the shoulder blades or think the body alive, then the creator creates that effect as you think the effect of negative, electric or some opposite by thought feel to the other hand that can create a energy bridge. As you talk to those that are affected. That attracts the energy from the first hand then.

 If touching or through the body to the other hand, where is thought sending then think to touch where you create healing. He or she that tried this found out that he or she could create at the end resustication. Then the effect was instantaneous to removing wounds by body regeneration quickly.

 There appears to be a limit to the extent to what this power can heal: While one was able to save people from the normally fatal consequences of unleashing all Eight Gates, some are unable to repair the damage done to his leg as a result of using this technique.

 You can also able to resuscitate people after things are due or done. So if you think then realize what is done you don't have to do it. Yin-Yang Release also has the ability to nullify the effects of all ninjutsu, this is by thinking the effect then joining the hands together rendering the effect useless. You can think the ideal, then use the point otherwise by this technique.

 Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade is think to create by the feel, as the point is you create by the ideal that materializes from the air or element you think to use by ideal. Otherwise you can create a blade from air or your element, that you attune to as you think that is shaped by the mind or imagination.

 Crystal style jutsu see the crystal style is an effect of focusing and visualizing crystal forming in the way that you want. To form the crystal from any element as it is and you can cause it to form around or in a body or bodies. There are several methods in this. Due to the nature of the crystal, once you start to lose focus or to not think on the crystal formed, the crystal can shatter nearly anything.

 Crystal style: Jade crystal blade then is where you feel the chakra from you body form into a blade attached to you hand. Feel the crystal form as you imagine it form into the blade attached to you arm by two crystal shards. See a sharp point and side to it when done.

 Body release: This is used as your aware so you are good with what you can do. So the release is thought to wait the effect out, then the effect of the natural body is used by the ideal the third eye does to restore the body, then the energy controlled by the third eye creates the ideal. That's created by feel as a form of release. The third eye does it as the gut brain creates, what is there by natural body maneuvers. Think to create what you want or walk out thinking to walk outside this as a point, then allows you to create with the already built energy by that which is there.

 Thought release; This release is the thought you have made, by your energy is the creators creation as a form of ideal that you form. So if you thought then you have thought.

 Dust Release or Particle Style is a combined nature transformation kekkei tota, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, made up of techniques that mix earth, wind, and fire-based chakra to create pulverising force. The techniques of this nature initially form as a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) composed of chakra that forms between the user's hands. When the technique is released, the form expands and surrounds the target. This nature allows the user to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level by thought.

 This is within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form. According to those that know, Dust Release enables a person to fight off any number of enemies, provided there is no one strong enough to pose a threat to the user, meaning the only one to fight a Dust Release user is with quality, preferably another Dust Release user, not quantity. However if one disadvantage is that Dust Release techniques seem to be rather chakra-taxing.

 Dust Release techniques seem to require no thought in amounts of time when preparing the three-dimensional object, making it possible to prematurely halt the technique before it is completed, but once it's finished, the technique can be fired with astonishing speed. The hands also play a crucial role in preparation of techniques, interfering with the user's arms can hinder the technique. The technique itself is focus energy to create as you think create by atom use, as you think to effect those you wish to effect by the particle that can do anything even including turn a person to dust.

 Sage Art: Storm Release Light Fang; After combining Storm Release with natural energy, the user generates a thin stream of light from their mouth that is capable of cutting through some ideal. So this is focus your mind then think a tought to create with energy, that your subconscious forms to create with ideal that you think. As the energy is there formable as a beam of light, otherwise as you want to create with it.

  Dakuro; Your body has more than just the physical eyes the right to see reality with the left to see the spiritual as the third eye is to see or manipulate energy with focus. The eyes in the hand, the back of the feet, the back of the head, the wrists are also possible to be used are also gone because physically formed are painful.

 Gone are also the compulsions, that exist so you only do what you want. Think to use the eyes to work your way, then you think the third eye creates what you wish as you need or think the point to create. This instructs the third eye or eyes of the body to be instructed, this is usually by the pinneal gland to create what you think is the point to create by the mind's eye.

 As I was a sage of the six pathes I knew this would be useful so I thought I remembered it so things become easier by the easier path or ideal path. Think the ideal exists then the ideal exists, think to the ideal then you think so you focus then that is it, then as though instruction to the ideal to do if you want or need it done is done. That is how this can work.

 So this is a useful tool: Chakra scalpel; Think or feel the flow of energy go down from your third eye to your hand, that you think shape into being a scalpel or razor blade as you think to cut then you do.

 This leads into the other pathes: Mystical hand healing that is reminescent by being mystical palm technique with the outer pathes, this is with the other pathes that is what you can do. Thinking one hand has chi energy that you pass through the body to stimulate the nerves where you cause healing by the body.

 That is a faster recovery, that you think its all feel thought to create. Then you do or can do things as things exist or use is there, so the energy passes through the blood or energy to the other hand. Then you are with the energy you sent, as you can think brown scrubbing to cleanse the energy. This is till you sense better or the energy you sense is clean, as though you use a green flame to heal by use.

 A meditation is this: dark meditation; focus in darkness to awaken the pinneal gland, as a third eye activity is where you think of things. This is usually as you use ohm or other words such as a mantra, that is words indicating what you think as a point to realize or do by doing. This uses what you think to realize when or where you think a point that fixes thinking and things that are there. so think a point to fix a thought to fix the body, to fix the point to work with things as the alternative is to create what you think or just think.

 The other pathes: The use of psi, magic or awareness accounts for the pathes usages. This accounts for:

 The asura path this is just as you describe where a walk is a walk. Think energy to the body then the energy form is there by the creator, as you think to create the ideal the ideal exists. As you think energy comes from within to create the body changes. This can leave you tired so drink or eat something small. This allows you to use shaped effects or shapeshifting, so by thinking to change the shape then you do. Think then your aware by what you thought with a point of view, that is based off perception so think otherwise where you can use things. These are hidden machines to create what you wish unless noted as they are sometimes small such as nanobytes.

 The deva path or think to use metaphysics to create with the aura or things that attract people or repel them otherwise.

 Otherwise chibaku tensei is then where you think the ideal, then the third eye creates what you think then breath. So you are then using both yin and yang to create, as you focus to make things then you can create with ideal points or ideal situations. This technique which combines the Yin and Yang powers of the body is useful. This can create by subtle energy mixed with sometimes louder effects to work by the feel.

 What you can do is shift by use of the subconscious, as you suggest where to go as you were if you think a place then the subconscious shifts you. Then shift somewhere that causes things, where you think to effect then shift back if you want to see your old place. Thinking to see the effects that you are aware are happening.

 This is where the third eye is there as a manifest that does it for you when you think to form things that do this for a point or price you decide then decide to pay by a service. This service is what you think to work with as such is a store. Otherwise you pay with the creator, that forms the payments before the payment is due.

 The human path or think the creator does what you wish, then think what you want or wish as things are created by the energy consciousness or you read the energy conscious. This I think allows you to read others thought as you read the persons soul, this is where you think not to rip out the person's soul. This grants a Rinnegan user the ability to read the mind of any target by placing his hand on the target's head or chest, thinking to the soul to allow you to read it. Though it provides intel by getting well guarded secrets, the technique inevitably kills the target if you yank the soul out of the body.

 The animal path is where you can use the animal spirit as a guide, so you work with the animals easier or think to create a psiball or solar construct by feel. That creates attraction by something to the animals that you want to attract. The moment your subconscious takes over from use, where this is the moment that the animal path is weakened and the animals start to appear or go, as you think then come or go as though by an energy rod that sticks in the ground. What you don't want with this is too many animals, as this can draw as many as 20 animals to see or then if you focus they could be nearby.

 The demonic state is part of the outer path, this summoning is where you are using anger or feelings to create with by ideal you think then work. This is by ideal to work with a point, if you don't feel like it.

  The preta path or think to create what you want to wish for then think you absorb energy, as you focus use energy from within to create what you wish somewhere. That if you did it right you happen to find in a working condition. Don't expect to get it free all the time.

 The naraka path or thinking that the creator with all things, creates using hell as a point to work with to trap or release souls. You can use psi balls to create with the hell energy then summon through the psionics by direct focus to create what you want.

 The outer path or the focus to create, as you think to work with death essence or life activity as energy. Think the death essence to disappear from yourself to enter into another to target what you think is targetable to create death. Otherwise think your creating with life energy or chi energy, as the point is thought that you think the chi energy to create.

 Part of this is the demonic statue creation; Create an artificial statue, see to the use or think to use them. The black rods of iron that act as recievers or senders of the body energy. That you can form by thinking the rods exist then buy them. So if your aware you are able to think the energy of chi or life, thinking to the rods is actually useless as the rods are iron. So use steel instead or copper can work, this is where you create what you think. This can be used to seal in the power of any being or creature. Think the energy of the being to the statue to get rid of it, that's the easiest way to physically get rid of a summoning. The statue can be use or the statue can be summoned. If summoned you can shape the statue essence energy into any shape as its related, that you think to have it formed from chi energy that isn't always visible except to use the psychic eye.

 So demonic chains are physical chains that you place chi energy into to create with as you think. Thought that the energy is sealed is there till you don't want it there. Other use is thinking the energy or anger to the statue to no longer feel the rage. That is the end point to this.

 This path if it is used incorrectly will cause you to become very white, as energy is almost overused in you the creator can restore you if you think to be restored. Allowing if used correctly to create life in a dead body, that in exchange can kill the user of this technique if the user doesn't want to live.

 The Six Paths of Yang Power is a power wielded by whomever wants to wield things, later given as a point treated to those that want it as a gift. It is represented by a light-coloured, sun-like marking on the user's right palm. The way you use it is think white energy to form in your hand that acts, as sunlight to shoot forth or is thought to effect the target that you want to effect. Then toss the energy in the shape of a ball or feel the ideal exist. This is where you agree with something done then you can do things with this.

 The Six Paths Yin Power is a power wielded by Hamura apes and later given to those that want to work with it by them. That means you are able or aware to the ideal, by thought to create or work by the feel to create with a point. It is represented by a dark-coloured, crescent moon-like marking on the user's left palm. This is sumooned by the use of thinking a dark colored ball of light appears, sometimes with the other hand that acts to form. As subtly as you want things, that exist with love or feeling. Then toss or feel the point to exist what you think. As you think to agree or agree to disagree.

User paths

 The path of pain; This is a path that is useful if that is focus to create, whether with or without a disease, use is with a devicing, as you think a thought or use ideal by thinking to work with a point to create with something. So this I think is the animalistic feel or demonic state control.

  Chibaku Tensei; This is chubby making if you don't move around. Then where you think you are you think the ideal, then the third eye creates what you think then breath so then your use is ability, so you are then using both yin and yang to create as you focus to make things. This technique which combines the Yin and Yang powers of the body is useful. This can create by subtle energy mixed with sometimes louder effects to work by the feel. What you can do is shift by use of the subconscious, as you suggest where to go as you were if you think a place then the subconscious shifts you. Then shift somewhere that causes things, where you think to effect then shift back if you want to see your old place. Thinking to see the effects that you are aware are happening.

 The Rinne Sharingan (Literally meaning: Sasara Copy Wheel Eye) is the progenitor of the Rinnegan and Sharingan. It is characterised by a ripple-like pattern which spreads over the eyeball, with red sclerae and irides, containing a pattern of nine tomoe. This is generated by the focus to imitate the sharington, as to copy or know by the spirit that which was done with others or ideal you can see. The third eye creates the result as a natural end result by this, as this is what draws power or draws on ability energy as the ability is used.

 So by using her third eye, you could use Amenominaka where the user is able to teleport anyone within a certain range, him and herself, to one of her mind dimensions. Those affected by this technique are caught completely off guard, as it occurs instantly. Victims have found themselves plunging into a river of lava, others are being encased within a block of ice.

 Once sent to another dimension, the presence of their chakra is completely erased in the normal world and it cannot be sensed through traditional means. Some can state that the user of this ability has the ability to instantly rewrite all aspects of the dimension, a phenomenon he compares to the creation of genjutsu. Doing so, however, was noted to be very chakra taxing to to the user as you could destroy things in order to rewrite it.

 Kamui; that creates a unique and specialised form by thinking your unlimited by space~time, you don't limit yourself so space-time ninjutsu is possible. An it allows the user to achieve two very distinct, yet closely associated feats that use that what you think teleportation and intangibility by use is usable. Think energy to spiral then think the point to shift someone or yourself, then this is a point you consider as the person goes his or her own way by feel. This technique forms a spiraling void centred on the eye used to activate the third eye by thinking the third eye is active to draw a person or yourself to somewhere else, this is useful by the power you think is there by ideal that is existing. Where it is only old because it is existing. An I think this is where you think then feel, by ideal I think so you know what is going on by ideal or now is the use by feel. This is with your voice that you think to project, then you create what effect you think to get.

 Which draws the target inwards and distorts their form. Until they are transported to another dimension. By absorbing their own body into this distortion, the user can teleport to virtually any location they desire by the use with imagination or the creator. When using Kamui to teleport, anything the user is touching will be warped along with them and their chakra becomes untraceable.

 With a single eye, this technique was fast enough to avoid an attack from Naruto Uzumaki in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, though slower than the speed at which the Truth-Seeking Balls travel. They are thought psi ball or energy balls that you think to exist, as you think feel energy pass between the finger or thumb or toss into the air or think is formed in the air. That you can think truth seeking or the truth as ideal the psiball does invisibly. Then think or relate to me the information by ideal. Then you can release yourself from the kamui dimension by thinking your released. Then the creator releases you, as you form where you are allowed things or where think to be where this is the three as one is energy, two is direction the third allows you to be there. As though you think, then imagine, then you are aware of things where you are.

 That means you are aware then, so you create as you think. Then you form somewhere else outside the area, that you got cause to be trapped that makes you able to do whatever you feel. So think not to do then think to work as though allowed. Then you reign in your impulses by not doing them. So your able to work things out if you caused anything.

 Then as you are forming you area feel. This is with thought to become formed as a point to work. Then or now imagine yourself appearing where things are known by a name. Then as its where its safe, from where you thought to be. This causes you to form where you came from, by the creator that forms you from thin air.

 If you use the energy to create as thought with lightning, this acts as a lightning cutter imbued with the Six Paths Power, think and using this Mangekyo Sharingan, utilises the intangibility effect of Kamui on the Lightning Cutter. Together with the phasing effect, a godspeed thrust is executed, warping the pierced part of the enemy into the kamui's dimension instantly.

 Kotoamatsukami is a dojutsu that is done by the effect that you think the ideal that the third eye casts a powerful, yet subtle mind-controlling genjutsu or energy manipulation on or off the target. This doesn't require eye contat. The technique allows the user to enter the mind of any individual within their field of view, and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. It is regarded as a genjutsu of the highest calibre, due to the victim being entirely unaware that they are being manipulated.

 Susanoo is a gigantic figure that you think to create with the aura energy by the creator then as you think you can use this, a humanoid being made of the user's chakra or energy is there. Use this as a point to do as though a fight that they focus. This is use with the power of the third eye, using the crown chakra to form as they think it there. So that surrounds them and fights on their behalf. It is the strongest ability available to those who have the Mangekyo Sharingan and other eye users, I think to create this in fact is the rarest to achieve if you get any result at all. Made more realistically by this subliminal, as you think then focus to create by the point you think.

 The tenseigan is using magnetics or repulsive or attractive energy, as you think to repulse or attract then you use this ability. So if you focus the ideal to create then you are aware as you are prepared with the right things, they can be used to create with if you think or focus to work with the point that you think to create by the subconscious then by suggestion the subconscious creates what you feel. This I think is the main point to it.

 Creation rebirth is creating by ideal with the cells energy combined with blood energy, this is chi energy that circulates around the body as you think to cause regeneration. The aura does this ideal you think by frequency that causes regeneration. Think the third eye uses the crown chakra to create this easier. So the ideal is a situation that you regenerate from, as you think to regenerate when you need to increase regeneration. This can shorten your lifespan a bit if you use it too much.

 Cellular regeneration; While in a trance state, think the needle of energy extends a needle-like protuberance from the body, places it into a target by nail or cut while proceeding to quickly sucking out their poisons, along with organs and/or flesh which he uses to restore his own chakra and body. This is energy used by this technique where someone, after being left on the brink of death by the attacker left him. This technique also restores a person to his or her normal size or shape. Think not to have a head case then you work better with others.

 Cellular regeneration adaptation: This is where you are able to give your flesh to those, that are sometimes needing healing or are compatible with said ideal. Thus healing any injuries they may have received. Because he is transferring his cells to the recipient, the user's own body regresses in age, becoming younger in appearance. The effects however are temporary, they can be reverted using the counterpart for this technique.

 Thinking gensai; think a point then feel the ideal you were going through, then think to accept it as you think a point to work with others. That is when you think of the birds or something that exists for showing up or working things out, the acceptance sign then is the object or place you are at peace that you notice some birds or other things going on. That is interest to the pot or so I think this is a unique ability, as there are uses then there is ideal. This is Izumi's effect.

 Izanagi with izanami; Think the point to peace or work, then think the illusion is known as you think about what you do. Then the thought is there as the creator creates by activity, so this is use as there are uses. Think you know then store the energy as you turn your neckone way then the other as you think to remember, so you create by illusion or cooexist by the feel even if your attacked.

 Then you are aware that you phase out only to reappear so this is an effect by the creator. This effect ends as you use the izanagi to create the eye effect, as a eye exists as this is either the third eye or the eyes with the feet or hands. This is stored energy as a pattern, that you remember that you can use as energy that closes. As you think to use the stored effect.

 The izanami is an effect that turns your inner energy in a hidden nature, which affects the target through physical sensations that's shared. That is between them and the user to perform the illusion. Like its counterpart, in exchange for the temporary ability that it grants the user.

 The Sharingan with which Izanami is cast is sometimes rendered blind, that disappears thereafter when it loses its light forever. According to some idealist, this technique by feel but use and now ideal is where the Izanagi form a pair, guided by association where you don't associate if you don't need to. So I think this is useful but unlike the latter, which is a technique capable of altering destiny, Izanami is instead one that you use by the ideal that "decides" things.

 The Tenseigan Chakra Mode is a heightened transformation unique to those who possess the Tenseigan. You can enter the form or think the formation to shape due to being a wielder of the fruit, that you focus energy to create a heightened chakra mode. This is where you move quicker, react better think better and then your aware as you are more alert.

  Shinju tree; The shinju effect is think energy to the tree seed then plant it or think to send energy to the fruit then eat it. Then you have abnormal energy to work with or create by energy focus. This doesn't matter what energy you put into the fruit or seed or tree then as this gifts you godlike ability.

 Ninja art rebirth; This uses a point you draw something, then you can use it as a seal or some energy by feel. Then draw the design if you want to have better effect on your body, then the energy is allowed to enter or leave the body by releases that you do. Then use is energy, that the third eye uses the crown chakra to create some effect. This is with the thought of the image or ideal, that exists what you think by feel. So as you are aware, if you think that's not true of it. You remove the area effect.

 The ninja art creation rebirth, strengthens and creates results as a quickened healing occurs. As you think them to exist while this seal allows no hand signs to be used, if you think to create the point. You heal with use of the hurt energy, that exists something else that exists what is there by need. This is no art though that exists with time, this is art you place by yourself on your hand or body.

 Needles; This where you think energy hardens hair or some element into a needle attack by lengthened hair, this uses thinking or ideal to launch many needles with enough ferocity to pierce even Susanoo illusion. By using sensation feel that is where you think to know or feel the area as though byakugan, you can target multiple targets with the vital points of her enemy or ideal.

 Fuinjutsu (Literally meaning: With the fjintsu by feel you are aware. Think of a symbol then focus on creation, then that symbol on the target. Then think what the symbol does as the third eye creates the effect using of the crown chakra. The symbol is a seal that is a seal that is with a useful form by many or familiar things, that takes in energy or lets out energy sometimes by bloodletting. Once you break the skin, your then freed by ideal done. As you think of a way to enter or decide a way to leave, then you are able to enter or leave as you want. This is where your aware by use. So form by use is use by ideal where you use ideal with the seals that is psi related. You do not always do magic by this you do effects.

 Sealing Techniques) are a type of jutsu that seal the energy of objects, living beings, chakra area with a end result that the thing sealed is disappearing with things that are done. This is along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fuinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement or unseal objects either from within something or someone. After doing things you can go into trance, where you are aware of the things you work with yet can forget bathroom stuff. So remind yourself as you think the creator reminds you as your aware, think to use the right ideal then your creating with responsibility.

 This makes for an interesting display with ideal that you do. Especially if you think this works, think their not a target then their not effected. If effecting a human being then the seal places the person into object space, that is easily relocatable outside object space. This is use by ideal an use is what you say or think. You can even cause the person, by linked energy where you think of the person to do things.

 So that ceases the living and relocates them, as until they are free by thinking they can be. As that is what easily cancels the seal that would hold you. Think to relese yourself then you are released. From what I experienced with sealing art is the fact you could think your sealed but your not, as long as energy comes in and goes out then you are okay.

 Chakra energy manipulation; Theres chakra energy shaping which is like forming raw chakra energy into a bound shape and chakra energy manipulation which is like energy formation and causing it to manifest in a manipulated shape. Theres one or more elements that the person can use with this. Its of these elements, earth that crushes and protects or smothers, there is none by ideal its heat or the fire that burns and can incinerate, wind that cuts things up, water that dampens things and covers and lightning/thunder that shocks or can make unconcious. Thinking to use the animals energy is to use the ideal, that is there to create the use that you imagine easily to occur. The early usages are limited to one element but the advanced usages are two or more (the two elements combined) like the third could be wind and water for ice or wood from earth and water (as its also possible for the stone effect).

 The third element is where you think, then is considered a bloodline limit that is by the point you think. The bloodflow is the energy within the veins. There can be more than 3 but no more than two or three combined.

  Think to figure out what element you can use well, get a piece of paper and infuse it by thinking it in the paper of your chakra energy. Then Instruct it as with a little or a lot of chakra energy, think to tear it apart if your elements wind, to wrinkle up if your element is lightning, to crumble if your elements earth, to get wet if your elements water, and burn up if your elements fire. The other elements you can use if you want but you might need to work at it. Adhoc, its to hold the paper and feel chakra energy from your crown chakra go through you arm into the paper. As it should by ideal reveal your element.

  For wind element, One doesnt always win using elemancy, they can however split things in two. you picture your chakra energy splitting into two halves that rub against each other. As they sharpen each other into thin fine pieces so you then rejoin them. Thin and sharp, like a blade. As sharp as possible. To use it else, is to think it a barrier and split into layers pressed against each other combined stronger. This is to form air barriers that deflect the idea bad thing or swrve a bit the projectile. You could probably walk on it if you tried at making this good enough.

  Wind strike; to form a echoing wind that strikes things and splits them apart. It bounces till it goes through everyone of the foe. And dispells any evil and spirits near. Wind fist is a fist of energy that is likely of wind but solid and can stop almost anything. And crush into things. As to focus your mind and think of a fist of energy that gathers wind to be a force on its own. So think there is none then there is no effect.

  What goes along with things; This is the thing that goes on when you use omnipresent sage mode, the scent or to scent is the body ability to remember. I think for work or usually to keep yourself clean. Clear of the scent the body naturally has otherwise, you restore by a bite of food or something to drink then you are aware. That is the missing scent part that you then have improved ability by senses, they are a point that are there then you are capable to do anything. You could even read blindfolded by your third eye. Then they are awareness by the feel you have to work with others as though vision were a sense.

 So then beware the urge to kill or strike by attack to get away or no longer use things. This is your animal instinct think to ignore it or not unless you think to do things by feel, so you aren't doing to others that want you there things that should not be done, sometimes you are or you are not arousing suspicion for activity by those around you for what should not be done. That is all there is to this. So think you cleanse yourself by some energy with the feel, that the third eye presents or the subconscious created by the area activity or energy cleaning that is done.

 Think then you are aware by the nose then the other senses, then you have the full potential of the sage mode that can exist what you think exists. Thus you have omnipresent activity from omniscient thinking or ideal that you think to create. This is the combined ability with use of the nose with the eyes to see by use, so you can think then are aware as thought this is omnipresence. I think I am aware I can do or create as I wish, so I am with awareness that I am capable to work.

 So otherwise we are aware to work with things such as cleaning up. That is a statement made by the last omnipresent person that I was working with before my death in 1923. So I am aware with this body now, as I think I am aware I can create as things that are sensed are possible or not by the point I think. I think this was a jumping off point the body caused by creating the means to shift to another planet as I saw it the body shifted the soul then the spirit then I was aware of the body.

 So I guess I am lucky. I am still alive otherwise the soul the body had is with the planet within the crab nebula, the animal planet that I sense otherwise there is the belt of orion near end planet. Yet if I am wise I would let the body die as it almost did the day I arrived. So I am aware now to do things so I think this is a timeshifter that knew what was to come. Now its my turn to shift away thinking by feel the coming eruptions. So I am figuring out a way by time energy using lightwaves. Light shift by thought by the ideal with the sunlight to go to another planet. I call this lightshafted. This I think is using an ability with thought to shift by the sunlight.

 I think so I knew things the body knew allot more, being a timeshifter as this my future self or so I wouldn't be with this body by now. I think so I knew this was a body that lived for the sunlight was a dhampire, the soul shifted by will then the body was dying as the the body was awareness the body was losing senses. So I think I know what I am going to do by now, I am leaving the creator in control of the body then shifting away. Then I am gone to another planet. So ciou.

 I am glad the body got to see the 41st birthday. I am also glad the body was aware enough not to scent up the place that was there. So I am aware that I am undead or sure now why I am here, I think I was selected since I knew a technique similar. That was sensed to the mind is sometimes use that the mind knew this is impressive or used to see the body. I went back to that time and discovered this wasn't there, when I came back as this was now an attribute or ideal point. Where you thought then the brain relieved itself, instead of where you had to learn of this as this is pointed out.

 Then I can be sure that I am aware this was more or less the point I sensed. So I am going to think by time to create something useful. I think this where you are aware then if you think send your spirit somewhere your aware of what occurs there as well until you think send yourself back. This is where your there and thinking about things. Think to be back then you are aware of yourself again. That is all to this ideal so I hope you understand it. See ya around.

skyhawk and dr ed