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& Seen is the point though if you sense things out, you know what is there by focus where you realize things. So sense by feel if what you decide of that is felt, if you feel then they feel so they are aware to act right by feel think a suggestion to them. If you know they are not a thief then alert them to the point. What you don't want to seem to do, so you won't or so you can think what you want. Then the ideal is there, as you think the ideal is there by the creator sometimes this is use in elemency ideal.

 That is then you act as you think this is correct, as your normalcy is there as your normalcy is ability if you think the point then you can state the ideal to suggest things are alright. Other ideal is you are not used by the use with feel. If you think this is alright everything is okay then your right. Don't alert them then work with them. As they were if they exist by what you think is there, then you can create by the air foci or element you associate with by ideal or feel.

 So this is where you catch them off guard, thinking by feel are aware to the point that exists. This is the point you think by feel or nevermind the ideal, so I think that you can think by this or "not" at the right time. That you think the message to the right place, this is with some correct point of time. That you think or the creator uses, this is thought to work with others by the feel.

 Then you think where you want things or where you want them, then there are things by ideal placement by feel. This is the point then that your aware, so then you think or feel is right as then is the point you can do or know. Think then you do or don't do as you think things are right. That is the green thumb rule, so think things to work with things. Sometimes there are things that exist, by what you feel as then if by them.

 So think and things are real or otherwise by now if you don't want things, then things disappear unless you need them. There things are if you fear suddenly then something is about to occur, then when you don't the feel disappears except the point. Where you think then the ideal occurs, then is when you think to direct the point. As though a suggestion the right ideal seems possible by feel, so then you are aware to the point by now.

 That is where you think is correct, as they are suggested to by us or not as they think. They are effected if, seen is this or they are effected by what they think. This is true if they think to do things wrong. This is false if they think to do things right, so think as you like if your aware then your alert.

 So if by aura flare you can create as though not in a daze as though bed bug free. So as your thinking your someone else you act as you think, unless this is use as though your someone else. So think to go to another place so your there, as your holding any sorta heart as though shifting. That is my shift as though congressional honor.

 Then with suggestion or use thinking by thought or ideal. You can use the flare energy sometimes unpercieved to create with, so with the people effected that are doing things. This is with ideal or thinking that are cause with different reactions, as though doing something else elsewise. You can change the response they have as the point is use, as though they are themselves without the weight.

 Seem to agree with some of the suggestions then you are aware, so you seem to act in accord with those around you by except by backlash with light. This could be a flashing white light with the aura shining forth or then they work with you otherwise as they could tend to dodge aside. This is through thought with the subconscious. Contray to belief you can suggest anything to another, as you think death essence or energy from some cells energy to effect them. As though a flash of light, this is set off with use done by the subtle energy where you see a body or light flash.

 All the eyes need to see is energy that the flash or flashlight light is there by, use then is where you can suggest things that they think about later. That is the conditioning, then there is relocation by feel so think. Then think that your subconscious is aware, that to distract someone is to create. As you state something else or not as you realize, so I think that they think instead. See this is a point by discussion or suggestion. Nothing more than that. So anything said isn't always gonna happen. What you think is interest is interest, till no longer necessary with no feel.

 That is how you do it. So wherever you go you are aware, so I don't hate you. This is the best example with this thinking the earth or planet creates the white flash energy that effect by some, that you want effected or tme is by a electrolytical exchange in electrolysis or created in use. So theory by them is thought by them then, as though the right right suggestion is said or done. This works by a daze then a point is done. So I think this ends this lecture.

 Then I think this is where things blink, so you are aware by area station or some area that is a place. This is seen with ideal thought to what occured. Then if you think your aware as you are alert, this is the transversion of the psyche as thought you think it shifts to somewhere. So think if you are aware as you wish to use something in this.

 So I think to release like a flash device, as you think then your sorry or aware. As no block is there avoid the blow so this is thought to release the disease from the body, as an essence by death essence release. This cures the body as the mind restores itself, this is by the brain function that comes back through awareness.

 NOIS uses a mix of exposed liquified nitrogen with liquid oxygen or you can use the gaseos form, that uses Iodine as I is what you think combined. This is with Sulphur water use yet isn't frozen if you expose nitrogen gas to the cream salve, made with baking soda comined with corn starch or agar. That you boil then so you are with a spreadable, but if not too much used salve. Combined with water then is safe if applied to the skin or use is without iodine, as a soothing ice cream then eaten that is with no risk curative.

  So I think if your aware of this your not human, as you are aware of things that your aware of by feel. So think by the feed, then work the horses for more information. This is use on how to cure mad cow disease. This is also how to oder energy by thought to cure the body of disorder or disease. So if there is a way to work with this, think the disease gone as you drink liquid so you are aware to what you think.

 So if the end is done then I am am done with this so this is now finished so go now. This is the end so if you are aware, think then you get things back by a finder stone. en end fi now lets end this. This is NO3 with two parts that cures anything.

 So if you want to cure scitzophrenia, use lemon water with or without oregano mixed with honey, that uses cilantro as a mild effect added to water with vanilla. That is use by a temporary relief, so think to use of this with care in mind for yourself. So if your use is awareness, as to what you think then you know.

 By awareness you can figure out anything thinking by feel, going somewhere you can navigate by thinking with need fulfilled by the spirit. En soi now by ideal you have. I think by ideal this is non oily hair. So use is apple cider vinegar, baking soda, water as hair shampoo. I think this is the last shampoo I will need, as it uses baking soda where this is easy to make. I think this is the last baking soda ideal I could find on the net. Soi that is all I could find in some old log files that was of use.

Ben, Caz, Libbyhawk, Danny, Jay, Paul
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