Old Souls Experience

These 6 Universal Problems

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- By Dreamcatcher - Jul 17, 20150

  This article was inspired by 10 Universal Problems Old Souls Experience

  Old souls are people who are just different in heart, this is by feel that is with mind and soul. These differences have led to some universal problems that each old soul can relate to.

  Old Souls are special kind of persons who find themselves different, isolated, and alone since birth not because of their attitude, habits, seen or feel is by temperament, but rather because they are simply… old - in mind, in heart and in soul.

  Thinking in a phrase, they are different and they know when to stop, this is by thinking a difference for which the world has never become accustomed to with ideal by life.

  Hence as I think, old souls have come to experience (almost universally) one or more of the following problems in life:

  1. They Are Often Misunderstood

     Old souls are often perceived as strange people because of their lack of interest in worldly possessions, their unconventional ideas, and their standards of living.

     This in a world where consumerism is linked directly with one’s right of self determination; where wealth, authority, power, and income are a measure of personal respect and self-esteem; and where communities, relations, and sense of belonging and purpose are created by ones ambition, old soul’s evident separation from the “real world” is uncanny.

     Furthermore by ideal, this in use with ideal you have by thinking this is some point an age exists, where everyone accepts wearing masks in society and try their best to uphold their image. The “different” set of expectations that old souls demonstrate through their character, day-to-day lives, and how they treat people, often raise red flags.

     All of this creates a gulf, making it hard for them to truly communicate with others, often resulting in them being left misunderstood.
  2. Their Intuitive Decisions Are Considered Illogical And Not Taken Seriously

     Old souls understand the inherent power of intuition, accepting it as a language of their inner self, and hence rely on this gut instinct to make personal and professional decisions.

     Their continued use often sharpens their intuition to the point that they are often found relying on intuition to make “informed” decisions.

     Given that intuition was relegated as an unreasonable form of human faculty throughout the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and post-Enlightenment epochs, and that remnants of that thought still find authority in our contemporary world, many people resist accepting it.

     Hence with feeling, when old souls rely on their intuition to make a decision, people often find the “logic” behind it unreasonable.
  3. People Can’t Grasp Their Forgiving And Easygoing Nature

     Old souls look at life philosophically, often pondering the circumstances that different people from different backgrounds, cultures, locations, and religions may have experienced; their limiting biases and beliefs and perspectives, and more.

     Hence by feel, they gain a deeper sense of empathy for people around them by allowing them to be forgiving to misconducts and misbehavior with ease.

     Furthermore as this is interest, old souls take life non-linearly, with good days and bad days ebbing and flowing through it.

     They realize the interconnectedness of life, and hence take it one moment at a time. Their easy going nature and their ability to be forgiving towards others and towards themselves allows them to see each obstacle in life as an opportunity to learn.

     This with a world where failure is stigmatized as an “end of most things”, the ability of old souls to accept it so easily is nothing less than mind-boggling. It often creates a perception that they were nor serious enough about it in the first place.
  4. They are Often Seen as Social Outcasts and Loners

     This with desire is something else. Old Souls believe in developing and nurturing meaningful, impactful, and lasting relationships in all facets of their lives.

     They strive to spend their energies building a few close relations rather than a platoon of acquaintances they hardly know.

     Consequently by feel, they loathe being pressurized to socialize more, and hence come to be seen as loners or social outcasts.
  5. Old Souls Yearn for Solitude with peace by feel from meditation

     Old Souls are always comfortable with their selves, often seeking solitude for themselves. They draw their energy from within themselves, by meditation they find this and so self-reflection and isolation recharge them.

     However as this is true, it often comes at the expense of frustrating their family and friends. Which they come to realize everyday. So think as they are aware, if they are aware they react or don't react as the others do that are around them. Which if miscontrued by activity, they are aware to what exists here.
  6. People gravitate towards them, but they find it hard to disengage until they think to disengage

     Perhaps it is their serene personalities, their heightened sensitivity and consequent (uncontrolled) empathic reactions that etch gentleness across their features, or it’s their aura, the fact of the matter is that people get drawn towards old souls.

     Hence as your aware, old souls often find themselves on the listening end of people who may be complete strangers, unable to disengage from the conversation or stop themselves from being sensitive, empathic, and expressive towards the other person.

     Their sense of duty often clashes with their yearning for isolation.
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7 Earthly Pleasures Of An Old Soul

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- By Dreamcatcher - May 17, 2015

  Do you think you are an old soul? Have you felt alienated from your peers? Read on to learn more about old souls.

  There are those amongst us who simply do not share the same experiences as the rest of the people. These people always tend to have their own perspective on things, perspective that generally does not conform to those of the majority.

  Such people usually find themselves in solitary situations and derive pleasure from it. The pleasure is neither born out of an antisocial temperament nor a preference towards avoidance. It’s simply because these people were born old.

  We have come to call such people old souls and we do so in reflection to their mature nature and perspective on life. Such people are old at heart, mind and soul.

  When considering old souls, it is no surprise that they seem to find solace within themselves rather than those around them. For that, the interest shared by most hold no real significance for such people.

  Having an outlook such vastly different has a strong alienating affect and experiencing another old soul would probably have similar influence as most have when socializing with their peers.

  A child who is simply unable to befriend his or her peers because of the prevailing differences does not generally have to be considered as a social outcast or socially different.

  Most of us know such a person from school or from somewhere else. Such people are old souls, who simply enjoy a different perspective on life.

  Are you an old soul?

  The following are some of the pleasures enjoyed by old souls. If you enjoy these things, chances are that you too are an old soul. A Few Pleasures Enjoyed by Old Souls

  1. You Enjoy Your Solitary Time

     Since most old souls are not interested in the same goals as their peers, such relationships can be dissatisfying for them. Without the ability to relate to one another, no one, especially not old souls, can enjoy such relationships.

     Consequently by understanding, old souls tend to find pleasure in the company of themselves.
  2. Spiritually Aligned

     Old souls generally exhibit a more sensitive demeanor towards more spiritually inclined things. Things that seem like a life long struggle for most, such as overcoming one’s ego or seeking enlightenment, come naturally to these awakened souls.

     Old souls are matured souls in younger personas. They usually derive pleasure in pursuing peace and fostering meaningful relationships where there is an actual connection. To them, there is no wiser way to spend one’s time.
  3. An Inherent Love for Knowledge and Truth

     Old souls are naturally more gravitated towards the intellectual aspects of life. Although, no one inherently possesses wisdom, old souls have a natural inclination towards acquiring knowledge for pleasure and in the process, a significantly more accurate and educated perspective on life.

     For example this by feel, uses understanding that the theory of attraction is like gravity. That would seem more appealing to them than reading the current edition of some popular tabloid, that has all the spicy secrets of everyone’s - supposedly - private lives.
  4. A Holistic Perspective on Life

     Old souls are more likely to be reminded of the fragility of life and implications of mortality. This causes them to develop the pessimist’s loop thinking about the unknown and make them to withdraw.

     However by feel, with existence such a perspective on life also helps them to decisively and wisely dictate the trajectory of their lives and try to find pleasures in even the smallest of things.

     For example from what you know, instead of taking pictures of an event or experience, they will choose to experience it in its entirety and engrain it within themselves once and for all.
  5. An Introspective Nature

     Thinking and contemplation are acts that come naturally to old souls. In the moments of silence, when one can truly hear their own thoughts, an aspect that one needs to delve deeper into their consciousness and examine life and other things introspectively.

     This is also where these are dissective thought processes that allow old souls to learn so many lessons and acquire insights into such varying life situations.
  6. A Rebellious Outlook

     Since most people are more inclined to conform and comply with the herd mentality, old souls on the other hand are more rebellious in the context.

     Whether it is religion or utilitarian laws, if you are able to dissect the supposedly natural order of things and form your own causations and find pleasure in the process, than you are more likely an old soul.
  7. The Pleasure of Feeling Old

     There is no better feeling to an old soul than to simply feel older in relation to the majority of people that surrounds them.

     What I mean by this is the feeling of wariness or no hits necessary, that forces one to sit down and enjoy the idyllic beauties that surround us.

     The watchful patience that is necessary to observe and understand thinking that exists your thought to do. The feeling of calmness one gets from detaching oneself from the fast-paced nature of life. Thinking is also one of the main reasons why old souls are generally viewed as aloof or cold, which are just one of the many myths surrounding old souls.
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Empaths — The Spiritual Empathy Residing Within Old Souls

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- By Dreamcatcher - Aug 14, 2015

  This article was inspired by Emotional Frequency: Why Are Many Old Souls Empaths? Empaths are working by learning a pattern then working with the area that exists. They learn by ideal they are able to feel this is usually by the pattern that is recognized as that's okay. So ever wonder why so many old souls tend to be empaths? Well you know by the experience, see to continue reading to learn about the connection between empaths and old souls.

  Empaths are people like you and me. The reason why this particular group of people has been categorized is because of their unusually impressive ability to sense external thoughts and emotion.

  I am sure you have heard of the social issues experienced by empaths. For example, they find crowed places to be quite overwhelming; the continuous external emotional stimuli lead to the confusion of their own emotions with those of others around them.

  The simplest way to describe them is through their ability to absorb the emotional frequencies of others, just like an "emotional sponge."

  The chances for you to encounter an empath are quite low, because they account for around five percent of the total human population.

  But interestingly for you, a lot of old souls tend to exhibit the same qualities that empaths do and there seems to be a link between old souls and empaths.

  This I think is use by this article, I will try to analyze the relation between empaths and old souls and see what I can find.

Historical perspective of “Living Energy”

  But before venturing any further, let’s take a brief look at what history tells us about empaths.

  According to knowledge that has survived the test of time and several wars, the Incan civilization was aware of this trait prevalent in empaths.

  According to Incan view of the world, there was a concept known as living energy or KawsayPacha. Meaning, they viewed the nature as a living and responsive entity and a part of the larger cosmos, which is a vibrating field of pure energy.

  Incans used to believe that the world they were born into was just as conscious and aware of its existence as we are. And that every living thing is capable of experiencing the energy emitted from another living thing, just as it was its own.

  The people born with this ability were considered to be blessed because it allowed them to effortlessly cultivate a soulful connection with all forms of living energies that exist in nature. Then they became a part of the world, as their civilization became absorbed into society as though the incans disappeared except for the artefacts.

  They would learn to harmonize their existence with their surroundings and energetic reciprocity called Ayni, which according to their belief exists within all living creatures.

  When the living energies of two entities, such as humans, animals and plants, interact with each other, the different energies collide and create confusion.

  Empaths were the few who were able to differentiate between various forms of energy, whether it was a completely similar frequency or opposing energy. This understanding would allow them to harmonize the energetic encounter of living forces.

The connection between Empaths and Old Souls

  All of us can experience empathy to some extent. Empaths, however, differ because they experience on such an intense level that they have difficulty distinguishing between their own emotions and those that they absorb from their surroundings.

  Highly sensitive people, on the other hand, are a bit different in the sense that they possess hyper physical sensitivity since birth.

  Meaning by the feel, the neurochemistry of their brain allows them to be overly receptive to emotional stimuli. Their sensitivity allows them to experience the emotional changes within people, as they occur.

  But it is important to understand that not all highly sensitive people exhibit the qualities of an empath.

  When it comes to old souls, there is a difference. Their sensitivity is slightly different in the sense that there is no physical relation to their sensitivity, but it’s rather their spiritual capacity.

  This doesn’t necessarily means that all old souls can be considered empaths; they are capable of experiencing the living energies around them because they are spiritually attuned.

  The inherent spiritual attunement possessed by old souls is further enhancing their energy by being reborn many times and appropriating many lessons. The more a soul’s energy experiences consciousness and then returns to its origin, the blurrier the lines between "I" and "that" becomes - it's a purer perspective of the world, as a whole.

  Through this process of soul aging, the consciousness becomes less defined, leaving our intuitive receptors to be left open to freely experience our own emotions and, in the process, the emotional vibrations of those around them.

  We tend to believe that with age comes wisdom. Similarly, as a soul matures, it is less concerned with superficial aspects governing our mortal realms and this erosion of self, ego and all other inherent impediments, lead towards receptivity.

  Hence by now, old souls are much more likely to be empaths due to their willingness to experience more than what they are experiencing.

  Always remember that being an empath is more valuable than anything you could possibly hope to achieve. If you are experiencing trouble adjusting to society, you simply need to learn to center yourself and become more aware of your ability.

  Your awareness will allow you to filter the continuous stimuli and prevent yourself from shouldering the vast and endless suffering that exists all around us.


  Although not an actual representation of what an old soul might be, these are some of the things old souls do and find pleasure in life. If you feel like you conform to some of these stranger pleasures where you think you are alike, then if you are aware or react accordingly then you might be an old soul.

  If you possess the drive to acquire more information and develop your own understanding, you might actually be one yourself.

  For now if you must learn more, please keep visiting our blog for more such wonderful pieces on spirituality and life.

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