All about liches

   What is a lich? A lich in ancient times was an undead mage plus this undead mage came about because of an accident while working a spell or was killed in some manner. Their life force then consumed the dead body and they were alive thereafter able to manipulate anything or everything except other liches. What are the mythical things of a liche? I will try to explain them below.

  A lich has these properties to my mind:

  They have invulnerability to most weapons, spells, and some energy itself. This includes electricity, lightning, fire, cold and most items that could be considered a weapon. When they attack or tey arw allowing by if you don't, they have effect absorption of the humans life force. This is pure evil, as they exist by the creator imagine the creator causing them to direct a devestating kill. They by becoming brittle to kill the lich by idea as by thought a snapped neck. When liches feel like idea tey are as you think they are, they can jump bodies or become more than one body because of Their undead life force that is totally undefeatable except when you yourself are one by idea. These beings gain Their life force from anything made of energy or that is energy. When we break down items to Their atomic level. The beings can be energized by anything at lich heaven.

   When they eat they absorb all the energy from Their chosen prey which includes humans and these beings are pure evil. They will yield anything to kill Their prey in a methodical way of Their devising and when they actually do, as they become you leaving the body as Their own second by consuming the body from within. They literally make you miserable until you give up and by that you lose all hope giving in to Their will. When they absorb you, they eat your mind at the attempt much like deep ones eat the mind of Their followers. So, when in consideration of them and Their actual presence, do not fight them but resist and keep hope until they give up unless they are actually there near you. Only then block them away from you and they could use anything you throw at them as an attack against you or not would suit.