Eternal Energy

  Immortality is that which makes you seemingly unable to be killed till you want to die, using the creator you can achieve this state as unless you want to die when having an accident or body conditiion then you won't die. This makes from an idea that in use is in focus as a technique to borrowing or using energy from the eternal side of things. To make yourself partially immortal from the tap. Think about the eternal side of objects and things, then imagine a funnel sucking with void to you of that energy. Touch an object then you get your result.

  That is use in sole activity where you use the sun, as a source then you think to work or live. This is where you solve that which can be solved as through the activity is thought as if there and your able to solve anything in life. This is as you think and feel with the spirit that flows with life is drawing the correct attention in the right way, as everything will help as you think what you want and the creator is all selective. This is through the thought to make and create, and the energy that is the immortal creator supplies with power answer with wisdom by energy and thought as gnowing.

  The answers that exist and the point by the way to do them is obvious. As the directed energy in thought is way of life, that is your chosen direction of life with a direct point in life purpose. Think what you want to do and you can use this, as a concieved idea to make use of in a thought to considered life itself. This can make you immortal through the creator conscious energy itself influencing the effect and/or yourself, as everything in idea is by what thought you think is a life chosen by what you are.

  This is in an act of life, as if thought exists with what you think. Everything that is alive is in all that lives, as what is creates by your will and uncreates as your want is unnecessary. As in life there is a point to think and thought can disallow, what thought is necessary as isn't a point to exist until thought that isn't allowed is as a thought in life. Observed, or unobserved life as with every effort life, that is what will extiguish as by unnecessity won't seem what exists as you are somewhere else.

  Eternal energy is the heart energy and the spirit energy given by the creator, think and let the lives in energy that exist work as is thoughts active in use to understood chi gathering. This is in use to think gater and you do from the willing people who think you are worth the effort, from what you do as life energy is in the body. Think with ideal and from the idea of things, seem of use as this is off peoples pride that you are with the things. You are needing to work as with love energy this, as thought from a heart that is the creator as if this is love. Love of action is love falsely understood and your idea to do in life, as this is duty you can work with the idea. Think and you know what to do if you want to do it.

  Create it with an ideal to live with the life, you live as you choose to live the life in what you have, you are to choose by action. As action is purpose and love is life, as you live with lively effects your life is what you live for. As thought is to decide to live, you will and the other choice is death. Live with death as a lover and use it to warn you, as though you love life by what you see. This is a point that wards you away or not if what you will is the way of life, as this leads thought in idea this is from the idea in that seem to be wrong. You can use the idea in the right way, if you use what you want in the manner you do. As if a thought that is useful, as in what skill used you attract with love as a purpose in use.

  As perception shifts what you really, are as you see by the idea you see and gnow. The will exists by what you think you do as you think to live and seem, as all is perception and what you think of life reflects back as you look at what others are doing. Ask yourself this, is life really worth the effort you use to live? As love is there and if not what will is to live, except the purpose you think by what you do. As you think of something you or others do, that is a purpose to accomplish if your thought is in the idea and love of concept is to do.

  As a consciousness in life makes as what you are is a point and nothing more in life, as though a mote in an eye that the creator has watching and warding danger away. Reverse if directed towards you and if directed towards a target by projected thinking with thought, at an object the thought "work" can create the device to work with what you think and your use is the thought. What you think is with things in mind as in the device is energy, as that is the idea to create will work as you want.

  Warning: You could find yourself doing an action for a looong tiime and obeying your own warning, this is thought by the same energy because the will to do things becomes more lengthened or there's repetition of activity till annoyance. That is the other thing, unless blocked. A spacial object moving in space. Think the point then your aware. just keeps going till stopped and thats an emulation of eternal energy.

  Otherwise you could find things out about immortality that make you edgy, that uses others to see use as you seem alive by the feel. That is with this immortality wiki. Usaing the art of subconscious thought control, you can get this ideal that is an effect. You can change things by focus then being aware, as you think you focus to situate things. If eternal *you could create what you think by the feeling you have by habits you do*. So think then as your aware that you know what your doing then the creator creates as though you are aware and knew what you do. That is the end point that exists when you think to end a life, you can cause a life to live only to seem alive as things are meant to live.

  The use of the subconscious travel in the mind as that can create as if treated by the mind which is conscious perception, seem used as if the part of the body that is the soul splits off from you as you think to create the part that exists within as without to seem as the part you think. This is separation of some essence, recollectable to create and form what you want as considered the part name from the Id or superego and known as subconscious me. This can appear as what the thought from I considers a vision or sign that disperses and if you understand what the sign means you can use the lookup dream interpreter in to see what you think the sign means as you look up the response on the net you can understand what the idea your "me" thinks.

  Spiritual side is with balance as if unnatural as this is a form as not in form creates as understanding that your conscious recollects, as you can notice a piece of yourself to yourself and as this is what you want you regain. Thought on focus and thought in mind is saved as the lost idea of yourself to know and what you know, as things you knew come to seem in what you have known as a memory if needed in by reenactment. This as if me and not at all if all, the pieces of your mind were there and you were a whole mind. There is a conscious decision, redirect in thought, seem as you think to get things done as if you in what is an idea as in thought is in mind. There is no fight, construct use is energy use if by crystals there is no as not in there. Structure idea is things to fight, use or not is deal and is with idea to do or seem. Out of existence, as in a will there is a way and they do what they want.

  This in thought means your mind isn't shattered in a point use as you think and you show yourself a sign to understand you can be assured that what you know is yours timewise and wisdom you can get what you think by focus and your energy creates what is that your subconscious thinks your mind as a visual me needs. As this can not multiply you and the soul is a part that is work in as essence in energy, the area be as that is known as your reality in your auratic energy emanation field can recreate or create what you think. This can use the emanative energy that influences as if imprintation to the reality that is outside your aura under your influence to recreate or manifest, as the idea you know is thought that you do in favor as think what you want is what you get and from the right source.

  Think in that point as what isn't yourself ends a moment to seem in a moment, as in a real time that won't let you get killed is used as what you are is in a happening. This creates as intention can change the idea in play you can use things to focus, think and state an idea of what you do in to make what is an idea of this. Thought in an idea creates what you do by this magic and that is the focus object that makes in thought, as non object or being in thought form seems to disappear from what you think and appear where you need it to seem as if in an act that does real magic. The act is nothing if in thought, as in a point you think and you seem what form you want or not considered idea to make. That is a thought to make as in a point you can transform, as if thought is a corrector on idea this is not thought.

  This can in create as though what you thought in a subconscious you will be as you are knowing, stating in idea to bring a thought in recognizing as if what you see by realism in mind is known as clear thought as inverted thought product is good with the vibration. As otherwise the byproduct of work can create what you want as you think to get the item as you need what this is creates danger sense in thought which happens and that you sense as before you do things you know what will occur.

  Now the part of your genetics can "seaparate" as form born to man from you as essence, that is thought to create through this aura emanative creation influence procreative process. Think that use of energy is as you think use in aura and the access idea is as this is known and your idea by thought, skill raises by what you think you see, this is use of what music and relaxative idea that puts you into alpha brain mode.

  Thought that helps you realize is to not attack reponsively by allowance and thought is what you can do, and that energy from the Han using chi as the heart energy is using the life energy from below your waist that known use is known fact. This is as Hera with genious producing ingenious results by your spirit gnowing. Think what you see or not as this exists things you want and otherwise in life, the point in life is what experience you have as the z-flux knowledge field can create or use information as mai is making as nothing done is nothing will and as you are asked you are not unaware in life. As you think of the area, as you can shift there and change things by what you do. As you think to psyche someone or something to occur things then you know by the reaction if this is successful.


Sources from: Everyday experience
Terry Goodkind books of the sword of truth series
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