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Part 6: Epilogue

This is the Epilogue to the How to do magic Series.


  It all comes down to the schools of magic set in this epilogue. You can do it if you try. Lets say it takes the prerequisites of magic and work.

Prerequisites at the work or of a play for of magic and of work

  The idea here is to follow a pattern for set magic and work to work. The idea follows a prerequisite or things that go before the event. An event that is marked by omens and subtle noticements. If unsubtle then its of up to and noticed. What happens after is of up to you in audience, viewer or interactive usage. As sometimes after time, theres a pattern that emerges. As in, conduance, personification, and immurity or congruance. Something similar to this is what magic follows. A school of the thoughts gathered of it, the prerequisites, may come about for any benefit of the thought in doubt. A moment here is in a thought to freely use a way. Some moments cost a bit more in, than one might want to know. I think so I know, that is the rule to this idea.

  The prerequisites of magic follow this pattern according to 'the Echoes of the fourth magic' book by R.A. Salvatore "the master" and real life.

  • The work, guided by the request or need.
  • Power by morning, noon, and night of destructive or nondestructive means
  • Knowledge is the goal guided by desire and is the grand desire
  • Intention is the desire of will, that drives the desire in effect.
  1.   Your a worker of or liver here, then else of here and there's your idea of being a visitor or a guest, by the guest being your requested. By slim means we mean of slender as in chances. Where Power corrupts by the current event uncontingently by example or necessity. Power is sometimes destructive, yes, yet we have power. That has been proven. You can use small machines without worry about destruction as they are self destroyed by use. But do not equate the ability to destroy with power. A bomb reduces something to nothing but bubbling tar that isn't by use unless greek fire, that is called annihilation or no use. What is gained? Annihilation or acceptance, which is not true power by the point you due where its the antithesis of power its the product of use. This brings a need to help.
  2.   To use by used idea control is bending another will as askance to your bidding like a force of nature. Dominating or allowing his or her every move by will till unnecessary is to make allowances to be more able to control, energy then that is power by the ideal or things concept are made from use. This is akin to evil but its not is the thought you cool. Evil is dominating without care of feelings except to gain, good is work by feel to move people by manipulation with no care to feelings. Just manipulating along the lines of pieces is not evil used by theory, seen its toying by feel just leave the feel by idea. Having control is sometimes necessary not by feel is some management is casting suspicious looks upon uses you think. Knowledge is sometimes a necessity.

  The five schools are identified by their nature. The pattern is set by the identified nature, strengthened by deeper strength.

  1. Conjunction is fuel work or area work to work, this out is things or nature magic to work with feel.
  2. Invocation is focusing energy work or adaptive magic
  3. Convocation is fuel to feed to be dark with conviction in work or control by magic
  4. Abduration or think focus use with atomics or conveyance by technology with work or harnessed magic
  5. Abjuctious or abjunction you think you create by the realistic approach to work as the body is the source, though the ideal is the energy is blood flow guided by the ideal you think you create with a point or do by your own ideal point to due or work with things.
  •   The first magic is nature by feel or feel with life, is limited by area feel in calling upon power because it lacks purpose. Tied to the natural resources, and to the covenant of preserving the natural order, you become merely a watchdog or interactor. Alerting nature to to the intrusions of perversions. Outside this domain its magic or useful feel this is inaccessible see you are nothing but a servant. The area you think is the area you are working by feel. This feel is nature that can fuel your hallucinations with drugs. As its your nature or think not to work, so you can think to what you are working by ideal.
  •   To the second magic is to adapt the universal truths, by the area so the universe and to fit the development of the race of man and beast. For the good of man defined by the codes of morality and put forth by procedure. The restrictive trap is though more of the magic is accessible than the first school, the second is more limited in scope and effect, held in check by a strict code of imposed ethics. I think this is interesting. Ethics here is study.
  •   The third school is control, to hold no covenants and serve no codes unless necessary. This consists of absolute power. The powers cannot resist unless resistance is necessary. You call upon them at will and force them to do every bidding. It is the most difficult of magics, a discipline of unceasing concentration and relaxing of the body. Every thought and every move, you can sometimes battle the constants of the universal order. They are relentless foes, and yet so are you in this, and when you win, at those times you are the stronger, with a word you can change the reality or pervert the the very order of nature is items used with chaos that is activity seen to change something. Or you can steal a spell from the wizards mouth to use against him or allowing her is use by abeyance with allowance or feel. This is energy created feel until giving in or your allowing, think to not seem to use or creativity to avoid notice by feel is correct.
  •   The fourth school of magic is only a perception with the subconscious nothing more, technology came about by able minded individuals. A curse upon those who are unwise by faulty nature. A bane to all those who are unwary. A harness, making universal power available to any. With a total disregard sometimes to inner strength as some technology requires it. A swordsman must wield the sword in practice and discipline his mind for years to properly wield the weapon. No, sometimes technology is an acceptable or unacceptable danger, lacking all controls and power. Promising nothing except work or eventual and total destruction and devastation at the hands of the foolish. Some technology goes by a crede. This is the necessity to increase speed, skill, and power. It gives the guiding ability to overcome great obstacles that wouldn't normally, whether in battle through speed, skill and power, or in every day things. This is by simply somewhat guiding to the choices that make for benefit and for most sometimes to concentrate some strange force. You can combine any other school with technology, to make things better. You are aware by now this is not costing as this is metaphysical? thats the 3rd with the 4th school. The 2nd with the 4th is activity by training the energy or skin tone, body feel, muscle use change. The 1st school mixed with the 4th school is thought to create the area you consider by the feel you get with ideal.
  •   The fifth school of magic or abjunction is the point you think to work with by feel, by the body being the ideal power source your energy is the soul that is the body the spirit is the ideal you work with or by what is there. I think this is what you can do, for what you consider is where things are. So I believe you can change to the point you think or work with others by the ideal you feel. Do try to not use too much sensuous nature, because this means you can cause body changes from female interaction with a mans attitude. So the subconscious is the brain awareness with this ideal. The man or moon cycle is what you consider to create what you feel.

      So I think if you don't need the point, you can create with the ideal to work by what the area is feeling by feel with a body sense by the time you are. So feel free to do what you want. Do as you want to create a better feel for what is there. This is what you can consider by feel you are aware, so you in use don't get messy if focus is to create idea by the feel you have. Some think to use the ideal, so you are aware is so you don't experience the whole thing. This means faery are clones by energy feel, so from this ideal by spreading your finger from your thumb you physically can alter the body.

      As you think energy passing from the finger to the thumb, so you can think to stop then the placenta dies unless you think otherwise. That are able to manifest any life. So you are aware this encouraging the crowd to violence, so you think right for now? I think if you stop, then think the point then speak you speak your by use intention. They are there to use by feel so you think you create with ideal. The area you think is the area you consider, think to feel or not use the ideal. Not use the ideal by the point by what you consider or speak.

   The deeper strength is the deeper hell if thought a prison so prison released from by area feel, this is a perfect place to work or the creator suggestion or encore to the strength by the mind in conjunction. I think with the powers of the universe you are aware. Driving those powers by relaxed patterns is working with those that want to seem worked with by feel. This is by sheer desires, sometimes conviction is gained by the belief of hidden power of genetics. Given the secrets of the universal truths, you would remain a simple or convenient Fausta playing of/with toys and firecrackers. This I think is the deer use approach or feel. I am awake or aware, so I think to the use or point or no longer concern myself by causing things with others.

    Magic is your only true gift. Its the same as anyone has. We are only deluding ourselves with ego. Especially when we assume we are limited to just one thing by usage. Magic is only doing what you decide to happen with intent. Stating the end result will only strengthen the magic effect. Using positive vibrations will make positive results. Using negative vibrations will get negative results.

   Sometimes you can portray doom and earn with it or nothing is gained. Without the actual necessity, surely there is no troubling will. With nothing of memory necessity there is no free will, its just slavery or slave work. You don't have to do it as if it is in memory its active activity. Out of memory its passive work. This is cell memory, to use cell memory and seek through genetic tissue and issues for heritage. All empty conclusion if not for necessity. Now you know the four magics, and why past lives are important.

  Hidden concepts with herbs allow shapeshifting, thoughts, influence, metafluence, potent reaction or impetus. Those are the thoughts processors caused in action. These are notes on some hidden impetus however. Its caused by halfway lied to, or decieved deceased, or deceased who come back, to this plane and think it right or assertive. To lead on us astray, a way to go switched in by a system and think its fun giving answers to you. It depends on how we may or may not react. Giving a psychic vision to show what they are talking about. Added to their psychic vision, then things appear as in their taking advantage of the moment. It takes on bravo in an anesthated eventual consequence of them that seems too old. All empty conclusion if not necessity. A little fight is good for all of us. As long a as you remain a little sensorial and benefitted with sensorial means. This is required by sensation.

  Its by reception, by whatever you receive is whatever you become, with who and where you occupy yourself with. This is as in another goal to relent and enter a mind state, the method is to envision, be assured, its shared. So it seems like its a purpose that has been setup, thats to another open goal. Control that is an incongruent possibility, with too much a breach of the promises is possibility, and as to be reachable. By these actions, be set to reach, to reach forth, and breach or be reached by being reachable. Sometimes past lives are reachable.

  Past lives are actions incongruent with order, as its to assume it is normal to remember.  This is where you get strong in perspective. A past to remember is a past due to lives. To remember your past lives, you just do as you are relaxed by meditation and imposed on if by surroundings, then memory comes if thought about. How you know its true as to its purpose, is to see vestiges of past lives as if now. That way their lived but not imposing. It seems mild allergies, can concur with or without you and can seem like a accident. Thats mild but enough to set off psychic ability and with investigations your feeling with sight and visions.

  Sometimes this is true, and their not remembered unless their thought on, as you submerge the allergic reaction. Its not too difficult, but I would warn you that you could confuse your past with your now, otherwise known as a point as though the present. For now can appear like anyhow as you can think on it. If thought about, then its obvious so it is now. So theres no actual past or future except for now. Live the present as it is now and the past is then after.

  Note: If you are offended in any way by the use of the word Fausta, then I am sorry as it was with written in permission and was used with no intention of harm. All that remains to be seen is the devastation and damage done to you except that this was in fair play by use of words and except words are exchange this doesn't effect you and me. As you see I think for a friend, named the area that did watch with a film or read a book in 1980 and disappeared to a jungle movie that is the body recreating the area feel, his feeling was only afterwards noted in Tuesday, October the 11th 1989 that Allen reappeared from the book. He was disheveled and unable to accept people or humans thinking people easily as his explanation was on his expiration day in 1993 so his death to date was from 1693 to 1993. His idea to work or live normal lives led him to believe he was born yet his subconscious, thinking hid the fact till he asked it to reveal the true idea or truth by feel.

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Written by skyhawk
Movie source: Harry potter
Other sources: Books like the "Sword of truth" series and People.
"Echoes of the fourth magic book" by R.A. Salvatore


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