The Art of Healing

  The ability to Heal others, is a great Gift with telepathy. All this is done without all the need to travel Long Distances. Truly this is as Close as the Internet, and can be Connected within seconds. Healing On-Line is a new- way keep the cost of both Time and Money, this is healing by holding or handlig with care down to a Minimum. That's why they remain stagnant they are aware to a point then are dragged down to the river if they are drowning with no savior.

  So think then your aware the point is a point you can choose to work with or ignore. There is magic in everyone so thing as your aware that things work and then they do as though naturally. What you choose naturally to do is up to your own standards and noone elses, that mattters very little on the grand scale of things. So think and you are considered, that is if you want to be thought about. This is where your noticed, this is noticement at least by your spirit or if not its noticement by what you think to do.

 I myself being a Medical Intuitive is great and helps to know what is wrong. Combining the ability to be both a Medical Intuitive and to oversee the Healing via reiki I, Via Distance Healing makes things much better by reiki II. Reki III is a progression to the skill, so your energy is the blood flow the heart is the pump where you think, then send healing energy that comes back from a place to some location to heal people or animals by ideal that your allowing the love of another.

 I know that the time honored practices, of waiting hours to see a Doctor, can be addressed logically now. With On-Line Healing you can set your appointment, be healed in a timely fashion. You can now instead of wasting time, reading really old magazines (the ones you have read ten times before), if you have to wait a few moments, you can now get a few things done at home while you wait! Yes I think you can call that magic. However as I may point out, if the person doesn't allow the spell or doesn't want to change. Then the spell doesn't effect them. Blocking out the personal expression itself prevents it or gets things ignored till needed to be seen, this use is done as those that do the request or ideal does thinking. Some can think that the express form is not there, so if they that want to help they can go help.

 Through On-Line Healing, over long distances, I have had many great chances to ride this wave of Modern Healings. Via On-Line I have helped many to de-toxify senior citizens even down to babies by hands on training with hands on medical healing. I have removed many terrible Headaches, without the need to neither touch nor travel. I have adjusted many misaligned spines, without the need to touch them, animals don't need sex or love and allowing their body to correct itself is best as you save lives by the presence.

 I have Helped and Healed hundreds of Broken and Heavy hearts. Where some think ritual, some use Latin phrases that are alike in its imitation. Latin is the weakest language for this though. Its not only mostly some other people and high magic users that use it. Some even understand the long used ideal to work with others by feel. High magic is the use of phrases and words that are believed by over one-hundred people to have an effect in or during a ritual. During high magic or animal energy use by thinking the ideal to do then then animal responds for their human counterpart to create what the human wants.

 Natural magic is to think then focus then you create, so that is derived or found natural to the surroundings is used near nature or natural area, otherwise hand fasting magic and unnatural magic is done using the spirits and demons to cause effects or supernatural events. But in every natural thing holds a magic inside them of its own kind. Latin is like the weakest language for this kind of thing. So think that as you want that magic is useful except the point though when magic does nothing. So only sometimes do high magic users and others try to use it to cast spells.

 The most difficult magic is the magic that you use yourself by self-generated energy. Like powers that are activated by attempt and made to work for you with enough personal ki power. But it is still magic, seen as a viel or ideal even if ki. Thats life energy built up by actions and work that dissipate the viel. It is still your doing. So use as you think even the other kind of magic that is seen is considered the magicians doing or not if sometimes there are prospectors to watch. So advanced magic is what is brought together or ideal, that is incidences or coincidences that make ancient american magic advanced by advanced means.

 Truly the desire to Heal is not limited in any way. I have found the only limit is what either the Practitioner or the patient belief they places upon it by now. The art with reiki is just one example. There are many different styles of healing. Such as healing from the heart or hands. So I think there is what you may consider healing. If I am right there is over 180 applications of healing or some information is used or the focus point is done or not. So I am going to do this now, heal my own brain to cure any mental disorder. I think therefore there is a limit to this time so this is the expiration date.

 So the brain doesn't get worse without medication, some can think the medicine in the water helps, then the point those that do healing are aware to the area practice that comes from use. By application though you are aware to the point that you can consider applicable. So I think those that heal need a rest as those that can heal will heal themselves, this is use by thinking themselves healed sometimes when near people for at least 30 minutes or less. Though I am aware now is not a commodity you are able to do what you wish. If this was stupid then you would die.

 Healing is a commodity of uses with the point, other thought or ideal is that healing is a specialty magic. There is the effect of magic on machinery, so the point is the use as to cause it not to work right is natural so think to allow yourself as you create a way to make things work right. Just remind yourself of this idea, that this could be true listening to music and it becomes easier to avoid, this excerpt is from a friend who got the result of almost broken machinery, there is a way to repair things if you have the repair bill handled or you get a replacement part.

 The ending is the point. Thinking this is the end makes it the ending you thought. This is the end that is here or there so what is the point except to work by what or whom is there by the point you make that latin is weakest with magic is the statement what is proven is all magic is nothing but a point or part of energy. They assign the work you can choose to do it or work with people for the ideal sometimes expressed, so this this is then what you consist by the feel to give if necessary or get if return or then the value is exchanged. Otherwise there is no meaning in life or seen is the sights with funding by some that exists what is there so this is then my end. After saying otherwise then thinking the end you will find your still alive or not existing with your own mind by your own way. After that there is no worry or working necessary. By the way I think they worked it out. This is the end of an age, so I think therefore I am in any one act of kindness. Any thought is your own ideal. So think a thought then think an ideal ending, then say or think the end then as you might get the end you want. You know the rest seeing thats about it this is all there is to this article. So enjoy the ideal if you can use the point.

 "I was creating some energy source and then the music began to skip. I grimaced like it was before. Like I said I knew, I have this effect on machinery. It has something to do with being a wizard, with working with magical forces. The more delicate and modern the machine is, the more likely it is that if anything can go wrong something will go wrong if I get close enough to it. I can kill a copier at fifty paces yet cause things to be okay with the point thats there. So the key is energy that was thought shaped like a key so I think I am well. Whatever you don't have to live by it." Shelly

Shelly meiling