Energy transformation

 Becoming pure energy your aware or you can feel like your head is exploding, then your body is purifying itself by what the energy particles are allowing. This is limiting the conscious thought direction that you think to sense. because if aware your awareness is what or where you think to observe. So I think if you can't do something then a migraine could occur. How does your brain pick up power and how you become pure energy. This is where you think then the body responds, as if natural or use is what or where you are aware to do things by the use that is usually with perception.

 This allows you to think you joined with energy and your immune to the things where you are immune to diseases by thought, so that exists the body response where the ideal is you have what you wish or seem to remain untouched by the environment not unlike god mode that is with a game. This is where you remain untouched by elements or area activity and by area activity you have achieved phycial godhood. The limits are the point you can do by what you think, so where there is no limits there is if your body is fatigued and you don't know it you could go to collapsing on the floor. This is where or what you think is or isn't a limit.

 Your brain uses the body as though by the muscle where, by the muscular control and the power is the energy matrix with the object because that is where you think to use things. You become pure energy by thinking you are energy then the subconscious controls the body to create, that effect is with use in the correct manner by the ideal you have that stirs or serbes as some interest. This where the person can dream how high or sometimes are as they want. The person is usually as they think if they are, with a capable body to handle stress or relation that is there.

 How do you control your muscles in your brain and prevent brain spasming is how do you use this matrix energy that you focus on a crystal or in use is a focus point that you think to the crystal gridwork if any then the crystal responds with some of your conscious thought. As you think to the crystal the crystal acts as a communication that is what you think to manifest, this means where you can also use a normal object as well. So as your aware the object is aware then this becomes where you direct the crystal by thinking to the crystal that use is easier with a crystal pattern or several crystals placed in a pattern to do what you want with your ideal in mind.

 There really isn't any brain muscles so as you think the brain is what creates, by the feel you have that means your blood flow is what creates the point that you sense then manifest occurs. You do not always know to control your brain muscles you feel by the electrlytical body reaction with energy that is felt, this uses cellular activity that's hormonal so think then your subconscious can guide you by what you do or feel. This is the point where you feel and you know things, this is used as you know things then you are aware as the things are there to work with or you may ignore safely the point by feel. This is a point that doesn't have to be revisited, so think and another point will occur to you.

 So don't go through the person or step on the person's toes, work with the person for success. So if you are susceptible to thoughts guiding where you think what the other wants you to think. Then you could also if the correct medicine block out voices or used right then if the right chemical you could hear voices where there is telepathy possible. This is exemption though to the schitzophrenia rule, you can speak to others no matter where they are by the thought being sent on the brainwave.

 So energy is something else if you think to use energy and energy doesn't create for you if you think to use it, seen as a piano tuner this is where the attunement to the energy is something else. Sometimes other than the thing necessary to do the job. This is use in an ideal situation with rubber or some type of rubber effect. Think and you will know when this is true. Well most people do the attunement through alteration, thinking to use something in water and substitute for instance for a mix effect. Otherwise thinking that the energy of the idea has what you think or want it to seem, that is where you only need to think to adjust it.

 This is amplified by ormus with use of magnetics or thinking brainwaves as a thought energy to the substance or the calcium in dairy produce, sometimes mixed with a little salt to contain the energy. If you have any that's improved by thinking to the drink or food. The energy brainwaves from your thoughts you think to direct to the produce creates a ormus, that is dairy ormus so you think to energize then drink or eat as you wish.

 That is percievable by the other person you think, then can hear your mind thoughts you direct towards them. What you do to them they could attempt to do to you or if the response is ignored or disregarded and its important, then you could if you don't get what you want irritation or find irritated response by your feeling. So don't think to go near people that you would hurt when irritated to retain peace of mind. This is a win/win situation or win lose because of what you don't get.

 The point is you think, so the brain creates as with the thought. So that is sent you can think its percieved, but only if they choose to respond to yout directed thinking. That is by alpha energy or brainwaves, that the brain broadcasts by your sense or senses that you think to use. As the alkaline is the right chemical to percieve things or send things by what you feel sometimes with the right tone percieved can you create the ideal that stress is there so people back down. I'm not surprised that their are more people out there, that can hear you or understand you as you think the thought then speak the ideal.

 This is where you think to be understood. The matrix energy is really energy stored in the crystal grid made up of human activity, that you think then you are aware of by the feel you have. Think then you focus the energy of this matrix, through your auratic feel that is your projected influence. Then as you think or direct by the voice you have with activity, you can think to direct the energy where you direct the energy. This uses triggers or ideal actions that you think they that listen can percieve.

 This is where you can direct the body by pointing things out, where you mention one thing then they think or focus on that thought. This is usually by how things are as a pointer to what is there. Yet sometimes the body cannot feel this energy, because the body is sometimes numb by what you drink or usually with chemicals the body reacts or acts as you control by how you react, So I think otherwise this is temperature by the area known as feel. That is there where something heats up then you feel what occurs. Otherwise you can if near electricity create with the feel, that is called ohm or energy that is felt.

Skyhawk and Dr Ed