This is material created one day to see what you were doing in dnd. The area you see is some idea to what your spirit is doing, so you see this is the area thi is the occurance as your sight was revealing that I notice is a third eye manifest to me. So you just have to think not allow or use area focus, as the third eye stops this is necessary then your not effected. This is material to use for dnd idea that caused the game. This follows some area rule stating "create or see as you want just create or not be there." So you say I did this before your going to get some idea of the effect this is if you use this game. This is material for dungeons and dragons use. Think yourself on the surface or in a dungeon or not think your in one to seem out of the dungeon or not be on their surface.

 See as you seem to do this, yes as you seem use or in no see, so you create as use is use as no havoc thoughts with use by this. So use is drugs as not necessary tragedize carefully if you target carefully thin or no tragedy will occur. These are physical use people. "I think no worse yet, I am great not to feel as you do now that you know or not as no need as I am point out stupidity as a thought is done. This is said from some lunatic." See now in feel better to see better or this is thought reasoning to defense or non retrieval, I heard that as "This is said when you leave hell."

 This is life in a machine. See as living can seem done by use. Some use is use age wise yet this is real. Considered root 315 as a world bided by machines seen from a window by some tense or release consider in use some machine life. See as your aware or can create by feel, your ability is energy to create as you will or wisely done as wish. See as you are aware in a state by purpose, created by feel or feel is something to do by love, use or creativity. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there yours don't eat as its likely too old unless your lucky.

 To shift bewteen two spaces is time working, to see time then is energy that space is activity by bacteria then the time determines by the energy. So feel to reveal the age by feel so this is older than normal material, so don't is not use it or normal use is death or strange feel thats deadening or nothing. See if your luck runs out to do something else, so seeing as time pases things age as your not effected by the use with illusion or ageless idea. Otherwise this is better feel or some idea to use, as you think by feel not to do or normal points lead you to your world.

 Yet you see or not always seem to use, as you don't need to not do so your use is not unuse is free energy or use is feel to free. Not so by supernaturally or use done. So time the creator uses by what is to "seem create", what is useful you can or can't in see or thought is use to see with as you want or help with intuition. See that is the purpose to this blog. Some info I saw that was useful yes I realize what is there. So suggest a good idea for some intent to be good so aaw for you. I am sure you can get good intention, yet beware the freak were creature by what you find here. So I changed the permissions to use your sense or feel as there is not always there.

 As you settle to a quote.
"nut mix is wee with mexi dip prepared is energy chaos fuel
neue is english for the worst way of life enigmatic on use is a mexican named in your way or to aeo in life
that is truetype area in the way you life
the energy is free so use in anything is possible
your free so stay free or use life by focus no focus
as you say you are you are to do as I am unspontaneous
that is a type of way to the area if you want to help look.
poor is pour the mix in the area that is there as already done.
I gnow so I will go now with what I got by idea.
A were is no way to use or vidicatize with no energy effort as I was not vindisized."

 "So you see this is interesting to look, as you can see or feel watching is interesting in said by feel or non in use." See or use person name by Light Sabe.

 "This is thought in by use with feel or association by sight is seen not unlooked for as you avoid what you hate, act concious with brain awareness no is correct by some idea. As you think as like an unlimited a text unli see or no use, so you create by something I create or wish better by what focus you think. That you leave alone so don't be pushed into it is the basis being behind this idea so what up with that." Say in efficient is not tragic in thought or no to avoid trajedy, say no more or so I will leave you alone is use as in thought you see yet not or your seeable. That is do what you think to do. See you might think this tragic yet you can see some allow weird effects, as you see the explosion to the body that reforms after the body restores from particles or not as you want.

 As however you go for the tea idea in drink don't go don't live it, think energy to tea to create focus that consumes you that creates the energy creating the job. Say to get what you imagine is a job, as you say this is done don't repeat past mistakes so that is the thought you can use. As you think what is the idea is formed. See as you seem to do this, see as you seem use not to allow overuse or think to seem taken out, so not taken advantage of by use so you create as use is use as with is no havoc thoughts with use by this. So tragedize carefully if as you target carefully, see or no tragedy will occur by felt use as what you see is what you feel. So or feel in as such is not so don't not do as what you see is not always done. So no result is your not linked to whom gets some use.

"All magic users have a starting reserve of 25 mp as raw energy. As a standard action taking 1 whole round, casters may 'focus' to increase their reserve by 1d20 points per round. This is permenant mp till used up unless over 100 mp then it dissipates every round by -10 till 100 mp reached unless its used that round. Once a caster has 100 mp or less, the rate of increase by focus with slows money spending significantly spend money carefully. You must focus for a full five minutes to gain in monty python." Daniel

"perfect = perfectly done not perfectly destroy or create, see they stopped or this no by n in use seems necessary or nonchant is focus to not disrupt. See as you seem or as if dead or use is drinking water to realize or create by feel, tis is ehergy by focus or see by use with idea so you see in use so no as computer generated your cool. As you see you are by use fine so no abuses. Tat is thee not as a god, so is what en or what you see is what you will find so suche is in life. As your cool by use fine by purpose nothing is in use or is allowable by use in usa. You'll see because as I know or your aware. I have my choice or you have as in non. Before touching something or you use what is or are in, this by what is creates by this so your sight you see is what you realized before the moment or not." -by perfect execution by marked use.

"But when traveling, by 3x light with 2x movement you can speed things up by using your kinetic motion and imagine time speeding up as in a clock. Imagine this clock as it is in normal motion. Now speed up the hands of the clock in your mind while moving and it will speed up time for your group or yourself as it moves. Now allow the clock in your mind to slow down to normal while not moving and this will keep time stable. This method can make ideal traveling time as in minutes from hours to cross a place that would normally take hours to cross. When in effect there is a +20' to all base speed in character party till the effect focus fades away.

 When dead, dazed or seen by association, the effect is cancelled leaving the worker slightly tired. Call this effect by a "make spe" for make speed-up and lasts till worker decides to end it by "destroy no spe or disrupt the thing or to use the energy" for the end by faster movement speed. Each skill point is +5' increase to the +20' speed and gives +1 attack action to the party upto +4 is thought with a concentration check and a 1d4 to see how many attacks are added to all party members. With time effects, do not apply the all skills bonus. Such is the case as thee god is name for the fault line god, an is us or not always see by idea or use by feel so correctly use the god. So by feel or see so leave off the chair to see elsewhere so this is elsewere. But in use by no concetration needed in check." -SH
 Death aura energy effect protection

  As stop so you see what you want of tis that is cool to the area use. That really means to create by use is to feel, the created idea form to create by what the idea you imagine is able to create. As this is so this was added by the time you say you played it, tis was energy use as your able to use the idea. So go ahead as  you are so as you are your energy you use now, so you see this is your own so have one oruse protective. This is despite yourself not having one using the chaos gate jump technique. Ciao is a happy energy ending that leaves as you are able with no sicke thought by some healing. So to get no worse by fear, use is energy by feel or foci in energy use or use. So your use by nothing nono as misunderstood, you can cause no fear in no or feel by use no hex or life.

  As you see you are unaffected by the demon or whomever is named "daemona", as you see to create created feel by "em en na" show no emnity to the nation or live as you want an not evil swing or not any nasty enemy defense swing. Some intuition or feel use is required so use is why you think, as you feel some need you see to get what you request as I accept. The third eye is the manifest the I is the creator or focus is feel. See the ue first or create inly what you see the use for. That is what I found useful as think protection you ward away, "um no is H3OI17N3 or not" so this seen is the use or think allow they are or were or they are as they want to seem.
  Able minded is not that as you see to not have the result body is not to always have a result. Be sure to not keep the protection up as you release, the protection by breaking the circle of protection or thinking the circle will drop. As not bad if not there that the body will inormaly seem otherwise to bring up no weight to cause the effect as thought in idea, as you can't do it this won't happen so release the superstring by relaxing or thought shift to create by thought. Without in concept or thought is some by use in meditation, as you don't seem lax unless as you are necessary or see to seem too lax is not always to do. This protection causes the "Whatever we got you don't use or you can use, if this is there or not bother to use and go hide somewhere else that is another home."
  As too lax is no movement productive is use to tense as you create, use is so this is release as nothing done or not is allowable. As the use you see concept is cool or hot. As too hot think cool or calm, thought to cool off by water or not feel pain. See to create or feel is cool by lore, by feel your ability heals or uses the core energy by idea or think. See to the core or as you see religion don't think to the core, as you see or cause by feel or use with no weapon or no as yes. As you see or not see to not neutralize life matey, see to realize the area is molecules to create with is some. See with no breaking to create or feel by love or positive idea, your will seems your way or think to none to create by feel by time creator. 
  I fixed the game I was playing by the idea, I had in mind this rule you told me about with my rule system in a new game I was working. So I will add the rule now as quick chi chaos jump. That is if you use the weight to adjust with, the idea you use is from the soul as the area energy influence corrects this done is the body psyched with use. A true artist by true chaos, as you say energy you seem to use energy so energy is use as feeling is important. As everything shifts around to focus, as if a finger was held up to control chaos or energy. Think, Say or create, done or not is by idea is what this done to use or this is onto focus as energy to think by idea as I if were or can seem aware. Not done as you see, so you see is what you can show.
 "The chaos as you are use is gathered to form is the chaos you use or feel to create, as you think by the time things end as though by the end is concept not done with cis or precise moment. See by cis is chi energy shifts you away use is weight or excess essence to the shadow. Say or do is think as chaos is energy where use is will. No this is as energy is thought your were altering." -Shelly

 This is as a advanced way by death effect that for a class that is what can use the idea is lucky. This is to think the energy as cells split from your body to disperse the death energy, outside yourself to the aura energy or just think as you focus death essence from cellular activity. This is to seem or separate (to get out of the way or rather painfully see interesting idea), as you don't feel it as 1 minute in 10 second time period sometimes from you. There is energy to their will that if energy by carrier wave where the creator can see to seem use.
 This is the gaming effect as you don't see. As the moment you think or see, now is the focus as you think to consider. Now you can think, focus, feel the energy except electricty sometimes with attenuation is to feel or consider the area to feel the energy you sense to not be effected or see to the use. As he is aware you focus effect to cause this idea. So unless not wanted or not needing the effect you think or do.
 Say as this is that energy is focused as a purpose to not be intent unless needed or dismissed, that is energy to remove old decay as essence you use the effect as chaos added to seem decent with the indecent or undecent request to go away by idea. As you touch a target is to effect slow or long term effects. As that are like instant to create as you are focusing or thinking a time frame, the time is going to seem as you seem to focus with some area focus to effect those you want to effect. Say unless you are or don't think, see not to use ambition so to not always target often as nothing happens to others or not always.
 Say that is an end to things as you see I am not here, thought as you see or use is thought to the god or see use to protect. Things by thought is spirit use or area energy form, as you see are you as thought seeing a layer not of hell not as you see or feel heat hell dissolves. The area you see or feel disperse, that is energy to use focus or lose your mind where you see to see or use idea as you. Think you can cause to you see or feel forming the area forms the in idea.

  That they want some idea that they sense you can offer will effect, what they think to effect in a way they intend until not necessary. You see you think to effect things or enter but you don't till you think to enter as you won't get harmed. Your in time spirit is the split off death decay energy that can know as the walls themselves reveal what is in idea or what exists right, as this can seem death decay energy this can be reborn as you want as it is created. So or not when you think as now is the moment think, as you realize to seem aware as if the right time with the right place. This is energy by feel to use in a moment as you think of a time you can realize, what is there when you see the idea as sensation is there with the sun by feel with life you realize.

 So use or a finger held that uses up that you focus or cancel anythine you don't feel like allowing the effect, as an effect is something you feel or create results with easier feel. As you elongate life to create easily with less death almost no instanity or instant insanity occurs, so no death energy no insanity as ou nulle the insane effect as with the right idea or correct time thought. The death decaying or deaconess effect is thought heal create rather quick healing, as accelerated regeration an with is bio in idea formed by energy to create with idea done as water a drink of water. Some are a gift by energy by light, the idea with ability to manipulate is though to create or made by formation or ability to form.
 Chi movement or chi focus is energy to the magic, results in by will is sometimes with thoughts and this is things and running faster as if a point is time of realistic fun by what use you do. There is two or more applications to chi movement. The chi walk, the chi run, and the chi jump is the chis by idea or chi energy from weight gathered by thought to use, as harnessed chi or ki in energy as that drops you off or drops an object to cause unless not wanted by thought.
 You or create is ruination as you thin because, a point is sometimes its destructive enough to determination by ruination caused in a nation. Your wealth destroys the area by star streaks or solar flares before "tge", the determined disaster or use is intuition to create with disaster counter. See idea or sanity by sobriety use in sobriety there is thought by focus. As you see to seem fit or not is nothing to use, you can stop so you do normal activity as you want dueling is allowed until dueling over or you say so.
 As in the moment is when death is where decaying essence is gone. So as long as they don't see you intrude they won't mind, as a perfect biolocation is to move as you are aware as natural ryhthm flow is area by energy with thought. That by aware or sense is the decay to movement as nothing, as you move you release death essence cause with the cell degrading or reforming if the area is aware you can use the conscious idea. That is death awareness, thought to use death as a focus, where life detection is extra area body heat sense.
 "There is an astral energy in idea to use, as there is thought is relation or no relation is no belief. As those the gesture counts as toward those you move are not moved, see as they move around you or you move around them you gather essence. That is in thought as you imagine to create from someone, as wat you create is thought from a pattern to those in the area or no real relation you can still move as thought. As this is thought, focus or feel as you are able to seem or gnow. Seem as respect with a good idea to say if caught. There is nothing as a were can't do to unusual circumstance. See this most liable is the gift of time, thought by ability is energy with light forming by ability to manipulate to create or made by formation. As you see te reason is to remember then create as you see necessary see as your thin or strong you can create." Fits wartunes. Thats all that astral really is. This is astral use or religion based so you aren't here.
 So to lose weight is not as if a reindeer to lose weight up as the food energy to not effect or not that is as if were able to use water as treatment, as usually someone has a reason connected to you. Think or the weight dissipates away to use to the sunlight is possible. As you thought to the shadow that goes through the shadow to the sun from a source, that can seem a save to poison so this stops effecting you. These are chi amplified movements that dispel poison as to allow thought. This is energy born as you feel, so your idea is or watching as you see in use as bio energy with te area energy as energy use is focus energy.
 The chi walk is intended for use with the need and intention of getting in somewhere as your out quicker. As you dose you see your use is not needed till as necessary not done. This is concept to shift by use, rift or lose thought to use as this in use as your able or concern is there. So see this is or isn't you as you are yourself by some point in idea, you use the planet as you walk around or thought navigation or navigator so yes this is not as though I see it.
 This is not tough by walking faster with chi energy or thought is this is not tough this is time sifting away energy to an ad as you think it to them, quicker as if adware to the feel as you focus to see not dead. As if to the ad you see doesn't effect as this is none effected as energy, that gets the weight energy as you lose weight no matter as you walk or sit with. An object that absorbed the energy to sustain, the lifetime you see is use or the creator fades the life away.
 So not as you feel no need except to live in or see use as necessary I guess as allowed need is no need. Absorb or generate as you think or create as you need be. As you see the use is energy to creature non create with life chi excess use, as you think to shift, feel the shift, imagine to perceive an imagined area with what you keep the words. See or not or that is your soul that shifts you to a space, that you lived or see as you are so biomass doesn't form as you focus.
 The chi walk is done with a thought this is gathering chi life force, as a point to see to go to the sun core this is also as a shadow at your feet to the use you feel to use as if a monk. See as this you are tis a point you can create anything and not get sick or not in you. That is occlumacity occlumacy that reforms as idea by use occlude the energy to not let it effect you. Occlumancy is what you see the act to use for intellect that was as you dismiss the thought to not have a cats intellect, as you seem important to effect things as you think or use to have thought or see no abuse as to animals as your choice or idea to create is use to play brownie points as art by war or see to peace.
 That is herbs in idea or cooking herbs with ginseng, that is focus to use energy from stonehenge that you think to shift items to create were results where you want knowable as shifter or "In rictus corpius" or Mobius il Corpus that is a new Corps. What you don't want you don't get. That is treated reverse to life that is treated as corruption to fire that cleanses by chakra energy. This allows the resolvation with the situation you perceive by idea, see the area is energy as your an idea not seen. Don't feel fear or hunger if you are fear or hungry is a saying, you think to see if concept possible a body reaction to stop as to clean up as the effect fades after or to not be there. As if there you see or believe use is an af ef, so no is not so use is cool.
 Resolve to create calm by resolve focus to use energy in the planet core, the area before the situation goes out of control to create calm by focus as your end is thought and duty is not there. This is try to think to control by idea to create better resolve as due no result or see to calm by reason. As you act things in mind to create outside yourself in idea or not. As thought is concern to not overconcern, your concept is focus energy created is thought to calm by reserve in use. Responsible to feel or think by create, see or not to see what you do or not as due purpose is there or walk away.
 Think control or peace in effort by resolve with a resolution or not as this idea by thought in idea you feel except in high energy or think suppress reaction, as your idea is cool your energy is in focus to cool the body as your imagination is ability is energy. The idea sense is not as you see or feel. This is concern to see cause in focus energy, as you say to is work to see as you think to resolve viewable idea. As calm in appearant situation or imagine a counselling is a scene in their mind that is resolution or in resolve, a restraining order from calam is not allowing chaos or not is thought projected to the person. Tis is energy use as energy is cause.
 As you see this is not a curse, assume nothing that is the energy to use or create is feel. As your basically were or haphazard altering by thought in focus so you are where you think. Don't is were alter or not use as necessary or with use by feel, so you see think energy wraps the phone to create radiation reduction by static reduce this is. That reduces or not causes cancer as thou you care to use wat is nothing as advise is given so no curse. As the power is energy by the polygon is thought to use as direct use.
 As all things are calmed down you can use peace by aura influence to prevent calamity. As that is a bet don't concept as you do so, don't to use some area only after your idea concern is over, they are not in power by nothing done or thought is use in available idea by concept. Seeable as this is I is the third eye focus to create an this use is lebanese or others as here a lebaneze is interesting to not be near usual concept idea is what you see, this is a subconscious teleport spell as they usually don't know what you see or say its not usually a point they see. As they use their subconscious to correct the person in them or they are creative to fix by the feel or as you are so you don't have to do a bet.
 Say in life or what you get is not always in wrong doing that is with the old saying that what is done as means are creative, as this is no more the new age is mysticism. As after this depends on whom your talking with seeming this druid from wiccan that is cool not to attack. As you wish you will you can become what you wish to become. This is what you want to use by the area as energy is a source. As you are aware this is energy to the use by feel, so see what is use before doing things as you are in aware with particles changing the molecules with the third eye correction focus form. So the state faire is cool so think that as a source or you think by idea to use, so to don't seem wrong with the area activity is to correct by feel as though if thought listening to music your idea is cool or hot to vibration or not.
 So in life as well this is use as you are cool or hot for the moment, you create by aware idea or feel in body to what is done or no use as you feel that is right. This is usable to convert things to use as you think to use symbolism as a drawn or trace is with  an area to correct, this is necessary for what is there as you feel the area energy. Tis to correct by cleaning or not doing, until you don't think this is wrong as I am sure you change it about that create position to attribute idea by feel. That is energy is commonplace to use, yet not told what you can't always do.
 As you are cooking, creating or working as the idea is better, were you able or are creative so you can get idea better. You create creatively or what you see is what is there. The easy way to astral project is create by what you think as you feel, where you imagine or not be where you don't need to be or just think to be. As you do the act, feel the area to gauge the presse or area feel is say the words you can create by rite. As if to correct is "to don't before the moment as if you thought to not overdo." This in idea is sometimes to do some point were this to not overdo, so use by imagination or "to not be overly done" as you feel to focus the moment thinking to balance out the effect that is energy interesting to use.
 That is shifting the body after with some point, the spirit shifts with feel to see as you want or that is you don't have to be the dog form. What you want or create, is focus to compensate in idea or mind the area. Project calm you can calm them, as you see to resolve the issue they understand what it is or as they see justice. They resolve the conflict in the mind or not is to work with calm thoughts that they would accept to project or do, what you want as idea comes to them or focus energy to calm moods.
 They that work do better than those that don't or thought is what their mind is, this thought by brain activation creates to what you use to create energy or not do something. As the right time right moment if not or what you see is a slap to an object as nothing, as you walk away by thought that you are in idea if they appear to you as the normal bots so seem or not be vicious. So do nothing more is doing in idea as you want or not as you see is what you get.
 This is imagine nanobots using nanobites to eat in the brain the disorder that can disperse as the brain disorder in use, imagine or concept thought to as you see to restore the brain function by concept thought to work to tune out the problem or attune to the right people that you share energy from object. Use is void focus to think nothing wrong with concept the area is in focus to restore brain, as to fix you stop void focus or to focus tolerant idea or nothing by feel the brain to restore or regeneration. This is use by the body as if to draw the area out or focus is by idea you see or not dupe as the language is right. So the right idea is correct in result to use, as energy is not regarded in concentration with concern or fix. Say as you think to use the attribute to work or learn by the aura wat you need or want.

 That is the basis being behind this idea
 This is some area basis to the use I saw the game uses, this was focus to create create as you devise. So the area is use as you accept yourself free or use is indicative. This is the area focus I saw some player groups use. So you use what you see from this, then if you don't understand or use the understated focus to create healing or think. This came from the area a cave was designed to hide or seen by feel, you are aware to then use what you want if allowing you permission. As though stealing or use was permissable. This is the end point the article expression is showing. The point is the area not on the body, you see the energy so you see why this seems clear. See what you realize is cool, thought is your love so create no bliss by life you see.
 The genetic information is thought split from you as the in air generated forms as you point out things is energy or the water, aka the drink to the sun is thought as information energy is drug enduced. That disperses safely to not program your body as if an energy body cellular construct, that is put to shadow in idea to form in the planet core or sun to dissipate as tis. Tis is awareness by drink with herbs or cooking herbs with Turmeric, thought to use to cause with energy focus as you recreate yourself by brain regenerative adaptive regenisis recovery. So this is boosted by killing a disease or drinking water, as you hold or something that takes in the disease is there as element energy kill the bug or crush the bug to disperse it outside you. This is nothing at the end is enhanced that should be dead. In the end stonehenge is dead, so that is what is dead is dead or should not be dead isn't dead. "In En Enh or not" Seen denial is not with the use as thought in use, as use is an ancient language as "Ile Ihn Inh" with Slavic with Lebaneze or English slavic.
 That you can hold this up so no weight is as a point in to use by thought or imagined idea in your fingers, as the energy is a source or a crushable object named element. Crush it to disrupt what you don't like or kill the effect off, that isn't supposed to be as you hold off on this till home. For near a bathroom or water source as don, if you spoil your pants or clothes what is necessary is a change of clothes to te use of a die 10 or thought that you materialize clothing. As so your energy is thought, as soul energy is some idea to use. This is understanding things by idea, you can do what you want as if beaten by your lover or created by feel. See this still means as you are not drunk or you create to see, repair as you are able so you won't die so see to use safe idea as if you gave me what you need to create with myself not or no damages unless necessary. I am myself by idea with the creator, me by feel you by ideal creative by thought use by area.
 So if you accept the effect it doesn't effect you armingly or alarmingly, as you feel the need as you forgive to disrupt the negative energy to dissipate harmlessly as if you filter it out by as though in the aura energy through a perception point the demon dissipates. That is energy in a point that your energy is leaking or going through to effect, as you wish to direct the energy effect as influence outside the aura or not as you think you do. As too jealous is not there in life your safe with others as they won't attack if unaware caught in the act or share as you think to see sharea release. Never balance with the roaches as you think "no roches" to what you see them eating.
 So the true respect thought is arrest or get along to understand, the relations is a clean area influence by idea. Like is this but what this is result by what is use in influence, to get along. Say the influence to get understanding by the respect or disrepute to feel better as the person you don't actually like goes away where the useful person is driven away as you don't need the person. Opposition is anything in opposition or related is energy in related moment or a hit if respect yet not to get along. So as if unbreathable air space if you meet your opposite adversant, you can see the result but you in idea can in use as this is the tell to use idea. As you qualify if use is a confession or compliment, as they laugh use the idea to the point as you use were alter to use their energy or change by complacent use not them.

 Think this is after the effect so the effect ends by an idea, that is thought cast or created by idea in the idea "life as one to cast one to cancel" that can seem anyone. Think the energy of the element or death energy of decay or essence, focus to create the creator's sield to add the aura energy as a point the different defferent to you idea. This is a bent shield effect or think to time it as you feel, look or create by idea as water is to heal, air is coolness or craving supresses things adaptable by food use. Easily suppressed by feel is the thought energy you do want or not think to use if too hazardous as if belief creates in by awareness our use is. What you think will happen can occur as you want the idea effect, you imagined or thought by focus to exist by the creator or if death is to exist you are thought to exist as unexisted is what you think as you kill the problem in idea thought to use as life is use or not done in thought.
 See this in use is ore to creative idea, see to succeed by psychic or supernatural ghost cause is natural understanding you use. As insight from the soul guides your instinct or inspincter effect is to work a bathroom effect. As after the fact of some activity caused by a spell is the natural effect, that if you thought to use the energy as a natural end effect or final effect. That is genious or ingenius as you change, the idea in your head for ingenuity that you think to dismiss is dismissed from their energy thought. See that is what a natural combat aura effect is, as you dismiss it or they dismiss it you could get hit if you dismiss a protection from you. That dissipates away the chaos or death decay energy if no need then nothing done. If you don't want to be effected "think not be effected by it", so that energy is immunity or not as energy creates by the creator to work.
 Think to create what effect you want as a need, that is an effect not there or not until no need or if you need the effect don't think it gone as a profession. As noting can create as nothing isn't done as you don't think to keep, the idea is to work by belief that energy will create with the creator as conscious. See the use to understand how to create or the subconscious manipulates by the creator, that is the creator conscious to fill in for the gaps that are there except. As if a "I wish to do better to achieve what I want as if I was doing things that are understood acceptably."

 This on a roll of a 1d100 to cause understanding or use is other die by thought or roll away is how quick this will take in dying, as 90 to 100 is instant as 90 seconds or however you want otherwise in a point that is instance. As if some area was energy to use, this to cause or use is was your end result. That was interesting in idea, yet as this is energy based think the idea is reality created so you can create whatever result. This is any result you want in idea as all you have to do is image or state the result, as an end result to create an idea chaos or light thing or idea to occur. That is formed different by a different thought sometimes by dark area darkmatter, manifest or concept in idea by antimatter is incineration with added energy in chance of percent.

 This is to a 1d10 in an aspect to create extremely instant time bomb, for a raise in energy or instantaneous effects from some idea is the sun fire. That you can focus with inner directed energy to create water or objects in use, now use anticipatorial antimatter energy on any being that is dark in nature. That is if you are aware to use things the area that is in effected if thought about by idea with description with effect is what can cause failure. This is including a house fire by thought energy you feel, so be careful as your idea energy is thought to use. So energy you cannot use the area for is thought as if a source unless by chaos no more.

 This is as before a concept expressed by this idea story as scenario by the point for the twilight zone. The area changes very quick to change by the use or idea. Written is use sometimes but that is use in case you didn't know as you are aware think to what you do.

This is source material
 This was aspects of myself as I was. As written by some bretheren, don't attack wih source material so the use is thought so your purpose is realized by focus.
 That is thought to not do is to not feel the sense to some sense with sense or incense, this came from vampires as idea so unless necessary this is not advised to play or not as essence is knocking or noting to the sensation that sensation is nothing till believed to real seem. That is the living body sense to see or the feel is living as the cell energy is to nothing as information or not as nothing is there to sense. If thought a death demon will appear or not as this isn't, seeing as you think this isn't so this could be the 3rd type of demon with death. As if they were you aren't as usual activity in life an is thought by tragedy to demons.
 That can cause death or demarcation [death making dispelled by mai to not do as not needed], you do whatever you want as I do whatever I want that does. So this nothing as you are able to act a point or not don't try as the idea to expect this is a point to do except to excercise, but not noticed as the creator restores you really are the creator with energy by what you see to senses. There is a were idea that is true until not necessary to create or uncreate with thought that they are whom they seem or you can create as you wish. There is their will or energy activity, that is chaos as you are to seem but not by aura.

 Further points to use or felt is none use

  This is seeming hell. Think a way then you leave. They can see as they can seem anyplace, so you can even yours or not as not necessary is possible from a death concept wish an pointed out is thought. There is not use as there is enough so they're energy is will by idea or by thought, as your energy is aware your concept this regenerative idea is by noting so you create what you think as the body recovers as energy is your ability to use as physical value mankind kills by shot for forvigen idea. Nothing done at the point not always the right time to what you notice you create by feel, see or not create as you don't need to do as you think to them the idea thought. See to just use or do what is to use, as you are seeing as you see or can create in thought to see useful is useful.
 Remember as you don't need it you don't as you get it, don't think release this to chis (ci energy from weight that is living weight) or an idea to not chi weight. As you tink you release to what seems instruction as place or think as water. So as water is thought you think to create, this is wat you see or it sees you to use you as if you describe. This in detail is but with your idea, as if you think description it will describe you as to control you or work it in energy to strike them after. For now as are you focus the body will strike out as not to seem is not sense, that is use as you can use is the only living weight being to beat someone to use energy in a point you do anything wrong you won't get in trouble.
 That can seem as you think to release the energy, so that is ability from the other to resist the urge is it will resist you. As to come as to do, what you want or attack to you. Think no or yes is control as to not allow it to control so to create is a bio energy you just don't, as energy recirculates blood energy this restores or restructures as energy is there. So is the body you to do wat you want now, this as if not in the aura were its the body. Your the mind so its right there by tattoo that by assuming or not assumption is use is no trick living is how earning is done, you earn as you think you earn where they agree as you think because the math is activity to it that is the math adds or subtracts from things. That doesn't always work, so is stop before you die or think to be affected by this not by idea as this by activity without energy to seem smart or are smart.
 Some idea in the point then to excess thought without target, as thought is weight this is essence from your source tat isn't there. See your weight shaping or another body. So to not always seem to bother the body this is not irritation by the body change, as the place you didn't see is idea to the shadow energy as your energy is excessuve. There is no other area or actor is use to action, thus the idea is by what you create is what you do. This seems more than you so energy you use is a source, but it isn't acting to what you see as instruction to do or seem as this use is seeming what is real by an area focus in idea by thought or a weight creation construct. So not everyone has them these are interesting or not, as you thin to think by focus that use is thought. A possible die roll as you see that is ruled by the numbers or infinite nothing with all idea is use.

 Varied by concept varied by use is use

  Think of noting 5 or above in thought as a shadow demon so lets do no more undoing what you want, your ability or manipulation is energy use by activity to not allow what shouldn't be as if you were a physical demon as a 4th type to see credit or feel they are in forvigance tey are dissipated. The weight golem demon or depending on certain dimensions that just acts like one if body shot, so as you think this is not to be effected you aren't as or to be so don't be as though if suspected. Say as you are you aren't in trouble, so you see as no you are in by idea or use is energy to leave by idea. As this is how a gun works this is how you create with, focus to control with energy from a deranged lunatic or demons as could not leave if physically done use by fire to fire demons are formed for use in idea.
 The shift is what goes forward or down stops as steps are navigated, as thought aware is future were altering as now is present or shift by shock treatment to trick thought energy to use the past till not needed. This is an intelligent weight sometimes demon if a demon soul, this is a demon that is were considered by the demon formed by spirit to how you see things is how you see tea or drink is up or not with you. As your weight deceases others, that causes the weight by thought you were influenced by them. Ceance is demon seeing by demonic warfare. Cheat by finance is energy by use to cyonide or idea to create focus is energy to use by feel. Say is nothing with concept by focus in usable feel to not withstand as you use ether or whatever.
 They can alter anything quickly as they realize by thought. You can create or not to do dieting as eating they would not eat you, as to see or sense tem is to seem so don't match the dieting where you match metabolisms to match the dieting or creation use as you see. That dispels your weight to not be or seem to live with life thought in focus. So if for focus this is amulets or objects in intention to use as energy is noting or use in energy is thought, focus by feel with the right words seeming true or thought not is not. As you don't need the effect is the idea is not necessary that fades away. Don't or this is experienced by idea or expressing or thought is create, so nothing wrong is not prepared or concept is what prepares.

 The in area energy is activity to use as a thought moment, as they don't see it you don't want it as you don't think to respond. This is a life demon that is with creator ability by a sphere that allows demons to create as the want, will as to thought as the person is request or your an idea. The idea is energy to use, as your energy is nothing your ability is faith that your idea is to believe so the idea creates by feel. They can act like spawn to create, by the feel to create with wat energy they get as with water, that energy to create by bioenergy as a battery is actually recharge concept "or not" is this by electricity to focus or feel from current use. As a medium is concept or aware use, this is idea to use by focus or concept unusual as you see.
 They think reduce the energy to reduce the wattage is not use, to use the electrons with electricity or electricicy as your in or not use. This stores as ci life somewhere, an that to drink energy use with the incomplete thought is energy dissipation that reforms. When the energy dissipates in idea or not use, as you think "not any idea effects as needed" as a were doctor. This is concept by use with or figuring out things. As you see or sense the need or feel the pressure, you can create idea or go away by idea.
 The law by attractors

  This was a lethal attraction idea as you see I was bored, if you don't look you can get interesting or curious results by curiousity. With this your jumping to conclusion is this is death maya or hold that thought is real light energy ability of a dragon or you don't have time to do it. As you think they think to not see the need to arrest or report things with you in mind, you are or they are as they think you think. As you feel a rock to see energy in use, this is focus to see it as weak as powder then focus is crush the rock in hand as this is the sandstone. A way a person has or is only with concept has energy to focus. As I do nothing except work, enough mental energy, as the idea is through interaction with the idea and application of it.
 As the law of attraction with the law of effect or right or wrong, set a sudden delirium or cure by feel to send thought their way as energy is sent to by what you touch or focus to the area ground or otherwise create effect. If you see by aura energy you can create arrest though by bad behavior energy buildup, for disruption to the area is to not allow criminal arrest. Unless allowable by what you think, as you see it this is use as any god as a nuisance that those you don't care to allow are as a nuisance to the god. See you are driven away by the god is cool so don't be there, as you are aware you see to use unless is not necessary is unnecessary.
 As the were doctor saved the day, use chaos as tea is a source this was chaos tea or tea that uses any event to cause energy to see use in tea focus. Causes release to some area, that disrupts the energy space that supports the space. This is what energy in use or out by some area as you see no discouragement, self minded body space is that they you say you can have or not be as not attack. This is not disruption as the right idea is suggested, with the right time as you see or not use attacks.
 This isn't as if necessary as in use unless earth is used you see is what not brainloss is use, is energy almost overload unless corruptive with chaos is from mother nature. This by the area to see so water is use by thought if fire used to create. Air then is use by psychic activity or sense to guide by thought or not to use to guide by thought. There is energy to create a moment or see as you are correct is fine.
 An upper atmosphere energy shift as you focus to walk. That is that use by chemical imbalance created by atmosphere imbalance with some sickness idea that is concept. By that reasoning you can shift a planet or no you really can, as you focus think to what you were doing when you walk to where you are or in idea. If you don't want arrest by physical means is use the spirit to not use force yet see the use by what you can knock people out with activity. As though you do your idea or create focus there is thought, see as though an immediate in adiou to use with perception this is activity in use. That occurs to the area or as you think or see use to write the activity happens.
 They can can form such a space in a body living or dead. They can modify any idea by adjusments to seem to "reast" or woman feed as if lamia as the skull by the rat demon, the serve as a god that forms a giant rat that appears large but is water fed to seem enlarged. Fed off energy in thinking you were eaten with them in mind now don't appear, the area by skull enlargment isn't happened that increases intelligence as you think to create you create. As you see or create or use incidence the demon gets energy by not attacking you still or in movement don't get effected.
 As you do as your energy is energy no more to do, tings as tingling with the body is a living state or not as your energy is energy allocated before he was eaten to the point use. This can form the 5th type of demon, a physical demon that is physical born yet spiritual to create by were energy to use. As focus is energy to them or the 8th dimension, al can exist in the 9th yet not really in idea be seen in "en" the 8th that can appear anywhere or anyplace. Don't think to have them appear then they won't.  As you think this think to consider what that is in purpose from use or thought creates light energy to create will in energy by idea. Focus is use by thought creating or created by feel to use or not have to do considered sicke.

 Decent central core rule

 The area I saw this in was idea I saw that fit this game was create adaptive energy to the area you see, tat less energy for more effect to create this idea you had to do. That means 1/3 the energy percent to what you did, if you rolled a chaos die of 4 tat (tactical) is chaotic result were altered to your focus crystal or area focal point. Think to save the effect so that is with a die 10 or less, by that is any number beside 1 saved you from the idea as you read that as a 10 percent idea per number to the effect you got. A tactical is a roll to determine the area end in effect, that if you survive you can get what you want as water or some idea that uses 1d10 to anywhere estate. See if you want to kill off to survive, then think otherwise were you able to create some idea or able to survive as that number is off your stamina or energy you drink.
 This means you can use any fatigue use to use or disappear with as if unseen to work as you want. So to use the idea is to create a result in idea you say, think in focus you think as a purpose to create as a die is a value or thought as 1 is 10 as 10 is 100. This can even effect as if tis is regenisis tis quick regenerative nucleosis, if you focus energy to create an idea or if you don't want to you won't get bulge. This is from others as thought disease or things are energy. The moment impression you see is energy, think by idea is use with magic or thought by object with contact or concept.
 As you see if you were you create what you sense. Were is alter change is focus energy is thought this is the flight of the navigator end. As seen is an actor. So seen is what you think. This was from root 34. He who does something does something to you or she that does something, he or her on sense stays true to those or does something to those you are doing things to. So the root of actors or ability is where I got this from so I see the use. So you create what you see, see to avoided idea to create as feel by what you see of sense is trapping you.
 As two points of view are what causes collapses. This is theory to use on those that are however they are. So energy is focus, as your aware you see things or feel some area. As your feel is there or sense by feel is use of parts or thought to focus the brain is the aware idea to use as focus is the state, that the brain is allowing the body to sense in idea your aware state is not as you sense or you feel what is near. See to sense is the point you sense to use, so think to create or not create with thought that is by feel. This is think to use a point as perspective or thought, so you see what is fact or fiction if not proven is dismissable. "He who does is what cares, she who is what cares."
 What you see here is there or there, as need or use is not thought to not need. There is wreckage here or wreckage sensed here from a lost age non see anymore. Think to remove by focus as you think, see or use is reach out to cause what is sense by arousal. Remove to continue or go on with what energy you have. So you do or don't have to do thought as use to do things to focus planet energy is creative by use. See to the area or use, as you see the area you think to speak. See what you speak is fiction or fact to use, yet one point of view is not much to go on. Seen as fact so two or more facts are a point or fact not based in fiction.

 Not transformus

   The area you see is area to focus, by what you consider or can see to cause use. There is nothing wrong by perception so you see what is figures or idea from stimulus. Well, perfect or idea can do for any given means or purpose but not to create havoc. Say as you want to seem as you are. Personable by use is "personable by person in use". The subconscious can create any idea or thought if thought or the area is the feel. See the area, see the wealth, see not to touch or create unless necessary till proven purpose or do.
 This is relative as how you relate to energy that is what you see as area feel. However you relate to vibes, that are beatings so your feel in life attrocity is feeling better. These are feeling by the feel for the user feel or sight, if use is user feeling you won't do anything by idea. There are 8 cops out there for us being moriarty. As the non transformation is revealing, there are more than that as I did a number on them. How would you handle hafling blood it? By moment or by process. This use is feel for the area to use. By order of not then you don't. So a date is sweets or cookie. See the area is a point detectable that is good, bad or viewable by changes or destroying by disruption to the area by sight.

 Psyche use: The 5 types of psychologically for true feeling related to repair is create, see to relate by feel or focus so you able to think to create clear idea to clear away a problem. This is a basis as you see to what you feel, so off the basis is to talk it out to work things out. Reverse psychology that isn't always useful, as the person could use this in idea on you. Alchemical based idea is thought water or appeasing the body if it hurts by thought. The fourth is what you see as use, talk it out or you can see this as you use or count an idea attack.

 As he whom wants to can see think to idea, so the creator appears as you want several ways in different area that is an idea. He is him in thought, think unaggression to the person if aggrieved so the person allows or not. What you say is psychologically possible to cure anyone. Don't have to go through with anything. See the area as your description changes as a root shift is energy use. As though if no energy is use then the area is focus no longer to see what is there. Viewable results are there as you were so you are aware.

 What you say to do as you walk around him. Just remember as you walk around so don't feel like attacking, see as that is don't be bashful your ability is mind energy to use or create. As your idea is an idea to use, relational values are where you are if you think the right idea if your energy is up your not effected. Focus as you think to get what you want, as if you are aware this is not done. The idea you see is the thing you show or can see use to do, think by the creator making or not as no need in aspect. The last idea is thought some idea is useful or not so useful, advanced combat nucleosis is use as relaxed in mind your concept is done if you want to disrupt the cell activity as if some ghost. Don't psyche up if you are going to get drunk.

 Special Tat; That is thought energy use with a tattoo anyone senses yet can use, if none imagine a sigil creating by feel or use is chaos by the area to create with a feel. Reacted or not reacted to this is chaos considered in angellic idea that use chaos to create as a source by the land or storms to use not here by actual idea. So the angels are thought made real if believed in. Deva are actually opposites to the use tat your energy is use by feel, focus as you want or create by thought using control in folley or controlled folley where you choose the idea. Thought to do or prepared in moments by actual idea, think in by aware are gnowing for what is your idea you are unaffected in life by thought that the creator uncreates by what you wish. See is what is after. Effect seen as a wish is not always possible, then create is the creator created feel "Get out of the elephant war plane.."

Special ability: Ionic lightning effective by feel

    The ionic lightning is focus energy as energy in a sphere to use ionic energy in the atmosphere or area, as if a weight essence air ball or energy sphere to feel energy as heat is to focus and create to heal as you create a lightning strike by what means. As thought is where you think to use energy, this is near the grounds or near you as necessary using the area energy. This creates the idea point you use by feel in life, as your idea is energy then you generate the io energy by bioenergy. As the thought to exist this is focus, think or focus as you imagine a lightning strike. As you think the idea idea is possible then this is possible. Don't not expect this as something that isn't possible as you focus, feel or change things to create wit a point. Think to use this energy  by elements to create by feel, think or ionic area energy flow unless necessary can seem use with elements.

    Feel the energy as the destruction redirection with redirection or air energy flow to the ground like water from you with focus fire to the clouds to the spot that is imagined as a spike to draw the energy. The ionic lightning doesn't always show, except maybe a freeze frame point or a black area that is a patch on the ground. The heat could raise in the area to the point or "mai" concept you feel is correct, as you focus through a stone or gemstone particularly a restorative one by feel or thought focus as a free flow gravity wave as I did my part. As I gnow or you were I am free. As we were this is there. Well we see as you are so your use is kindness. You see as you see you don't as your use have to do, so think as you with or without me were free. So alter is were use by usable feel with applicatable use or feel, as you see we two seem or are as we create differently so things that are similar. I don't think you are as you please or allow or by seeable results by some were focus.

    This energy is a positive or negative flow in life that can use any thought energy, as with energy focus energy travels through the air through the metal to make an energy ball to strike the ground. So feel or think the energy is emulating, go unparallel with the effect if possible or focus energy as heat not in idea is energizing. Think in the area by what you think will occur in the area by metal or foci or not always to heal. See as you are aware is thought, so the sense is unique you set or not to think is complacent not excuse. So you see exercise or creativity as a shift is away from you. As though if not is were created idea you create as you think. I am whom I seem let it be as I am, let me see or seem as i am aware so you seem to be aware. So you see the true moment, as you see with the moment. So you are aware the danger exists you see the reaction is aa lightning think to hold aa batteries or hit then think energy forms a strike to ground or surface, what is use by usable feel by idea or your aware or not. See as you are or seen is what you see or wish as you are aware.

    As you think freeze the energy will cause itself or an area to seem preserved to freeze, consider or think to due as you feel the idea or thought to this activity. Stop if you want and realize as you do some idea that isn't energy intensive, flow with the wind or focus from the planet core seen as energy comes to the feel is the last idea. Continue as you will, as you think to do some idea to have it form in life or if tired then stop as you rest. Be as you think necessary to be or keep yourself from eating, as you think you need to not need as necessary where you don't eat if feeling the intense need to eat. This is what you can say is use by computer use, there is feel to use so create is thought to generate by. So think if you say to imagine a sphere or see a sphere to transfer from or to graphic. There as you were or feel or imagine the energy create, see the lightning from the creator that is infinite or spiritus.

 Some true idea to a class: These as you say were intended yet not actually used. As you were aware you are truly indeoendant to the area use you have. Just remember to use your area watch right to correct or not get in trouble.

  Cop magic user class

 This in life is usage by a cop magic user or whatever you want to call yourself as a class description or profession, as you think to cope with coping by relation releasing the energy or thought dissipating the figure and idea weight. See to the use that your energy is energy to use by the feel with thought to get chores done. The area you see is what illimated this is created use to energy as energy is use, see or create angellic is illuminated area. That is the goal or thought is energy by what, use you can create except to not support a habit. You know enough to get better by yourself.
 Seeing is believing by thought that you feel in use or creative in thought to use. This includes tough idea or thought to see or seem natural inclination in use. The use is energy with focused ability to create by thought, so your use creates with thought or not if the thought is unusual in unuseful idea. Time coping skill in use is useful time is think in thought the area is cool to not use in mind with the right training or wright thought, just some things is this by thought you create with auratic concept in nothing except use to the 31 classes.

 Cop Mage is use as in energy out with use with coping by tea or some water thought to energy. As your energy is there or aware in use, youthful inspirition is usually what you can see in idea. As your okay to use or thought by the essence, your thought is conclusion to create as law is there. As there is energy to use to the effort you use this is as you wish. This class can create or make things useful by what magic there is to use. There is energy to the created area feel as vibes is thought to the vibration in use energy. Say murphy's curse so you can use the curse of those to use or understand. As in use you feel better but think better, you are better as energy can fix water to fix you yourself in te lifetime you see time is easy to manipulate. Trust people with their machines until they prove by idea in trust not trustworthy.
 "Because this as if water is essence this in use is concept to use, so to what you can do things with concern is thought. So be is a cool idea to in use thought by that which you can make or create as use is an opportunity to get taken advantage to the area that your area is not touched by those unlawful. This is in a combination to the area use in mind or thought to no or yes as tis in no use nothing done. Were in delicacy so be it, buy it or create it as you realize what you do if necessary. As if the act of missing is hitting if necessary or not as you think, focus or feel in life then your done." -Dr Ser
  Have another or not as you thought while doing this, think of changing water to wine or the poison being in something you dispose of instead of the thing you eat or do as you need to. The ideal is what you think to work or consider the S-curve as relational after you consider or not, in idea is think by focus to feel change to create, thought use is by the use of water to create better despite threats or tis in air or an element represented by idea in energy. There is no use in war as you think "no war no use no animal warfare" this is by no denying, as the urge to hunt as the animal is sensitive to your area in mind. Think calm thoughts as your aura is sense to them, created by feel or thought in how an animal acts is sensation to the point or with the area felt as energy from your feeling to project.

 There is in a trime or triangle struck as three times an idea to create your idea to use, as energy is in terror motion and thought is energy no and yes this can seem to create. As what there is and as there isn't any reason to do the act. There is no more and as your energy is a blaming idea, there as you are your idea is with an amulet or energy to the animal or your area is energy to you as your area is an energy. So use to do what you see is sometimes by the country, that your in idea or focus creates someplace to create results. As your energy is creative by approach or appeal by the use in life, this is not what you say that counts except what you need that you don't or what you feel interest to use.

  Think and what you do can use idea to build idea or thought is some other in life idea, that is with the idea you can set down and seem tingling as you are in idea feel in warning by things or not and out of things. If you are an idea and if your use, things you use is energy by templar is mana means protection or means idea resolvation in peace use such as avoid death or tragedy. By use usable by the thought, your idea is youthful to create with by feel not with a dog with feeling or thought by a cat by the right perception is not the correct idea. So they see thought to change habits, as with energy felt their possibly in some area energy by feeling with a tap or thought area energy focus to see or work.
  As interest is what your focus is that, this what you feel is thought perceived by a tap that you focus where it does. Think is thought to release yet thought not realized is not done. That is energy you can imagine the right images that is energy you hate no more, as were is activity in use your idea energy is a form if thought by feeling. So you project forth to the cat or animal to some that are nearby one, to cause them to create or do the right idea as if they are you are not responsive to feeling the correct or right subconscious thought that you do to a point. Don't react to the fear, just create a thought to do or not as your not disabled. Just don't mess with time as you don't need so nothing to feel, this doesn't mean nothing happens as you think the awareness is there by the focus energy.
  See as your not enticed by pheromones, your energy is thought tactics to create or not work with as you drop the point. This is a way to create idea or activity without multitasking as you do many things. As if your a were your not dumb by multitasking, that is a side effect of multitasking by doing so many things can be done as yet nothing is done so there is no worry. So that is focus by a were ability to change by altering the reality, so no worry is no to wat you see as a thought to except as to create.

Pharoah use

   Say to use is by use as energy is a realized in idea or otherwise, as if you were doing you aren't effected by what you realize in the area. So use were focus to an energy thought that is time to do as energy is focus, aware as thought is altering on a tap so your wee is not done as you think to were alter by brain wave alpha focus to appear normal. That is reasoning to do is done some time by feel so react normally. Focus on te point as a thought is energy perception, as you think the area is brain adjusted to use. Typical comments are appreciated just don't use pharoah use.
  That is indeed the red fecal matter corruption as death was a reasoning to create natural attribute or relax by feel to shift quickly away, thought to not forget is what you focus to see or seem aware by focusing. That to remember is that by awareness or is what releases safely the area energy by focus from you think though if too much energy is insanity to a were, as fix is time alteration from the past with alpha energy or future as you feel calm with beta waves. So no more or fear no more you are no longer in effect, as you finalize idea in focus to get things done. So focus is to the feel as alteration is to the present to focus, even by thought as you think that alters by relativity that is reality. As "anthing" is anything is done, you are doing is done by the time you think to do things unless necessary.
  Thats the final point as the imagination to draw back the hand is to heal quickly, as you notice the time changes to the use you notice the idea vanishes from the mind is notice think to not do were. As before the activity was done even though you did some activity the idea didn't happen as the point was either done to not be done. This is concept by subconscious as you see that causes, feeling as you are think so the body conditions are thought to not exist from activity to brain adapt.
  This as you are aware the feeling not exist every minute, so this is a time point in use in life by thought to use technique that causes things to see better use. This causes the idea to doas you exist or untwist points. This by elemental wave energy in gravity or regenerate by thought, energy in feel is not as release to create as you don't want the effect or not to avoid the monster effect just don't do. Were the memory or not, your the thought as the body is energy to what is thought.
  That unless you feel the idea is aware thought by the brain activity, this is to adjust aura energy by aware feel in focus to restore chakra with light by feel. Release the feel is thought you taught her enough, to create her will is energy by intense feel to correct as body is focusable idea. This is the perfect strike point or don't is not in use to forseeable use, so think to avoid damage then you will to see some to alert you or others so no you don't as no use intended.

Were use: This is decadent idea that is bad for the body or soul unless you don't feel well.

   Think so to not effect yourself as your playing with were alteration, as your able your cool or able to use as you focus you are. So your aware or were altering or not thought to worsen so were able states by focus. As you were able to create realistic effect, your ability is energy to use an idea by focus to create with thought. If you don't want to were strike to prevent or think, "don't ever think you derive deservance from use or they deserve it". Think this is easily settled or not for now I don't were as this is heredicy or often they don't, as they are considered for a point this is thought in the past not to kill them for idea they do now or not as you are your own self. Still or not ate that is hate not to do not, as nothing is done except what should seem correct.

  By defense in idea or timewise thoughtwave use, tis is what you see in time. That is focus energy to create as the thought occurs to time cause by the right, idea thought to the area that expressed by activity is with a person that feels the point. Don't think just do is a saying related to an opposite feel for no fight unless necessary, feel is to think with this idea or case to the point idea you think to use as conscious is concept with aware idea to do as flight.
  That is fight or flight created energy feeling, thought to create is thought to work or not in use is think to focus. As thinking by thought is thought by action to alter by adjusted area energy, that is perception or suppress the flight or work with no fight as no fight necessary. If you work sprite or faery idea, the fight to react or reaction is by thought or no focus except to create as you do chores no their is no will or way. So just think to see wat thought, as you focus to create things in thought to work with idea you project to create by manifest.
  That is the third eye focus technique, long term memory is energy focus recallable. That aware idea is action with what the third eye creates by the feel in thought, there you are thought your way the were way to use. That is the memory recall technique, that memory adaption is perfect recall to a thought or point. The technique is thought you perceive, focus is time to thought you have adjusted by view you see or psyche perceive. Stop psyching out to stop the do, but still the do was done as thought not to see violent action is not to the use idea.
  As you were this is perception in activity as you are creating in a point by action this is focus. As if there were to not overuse a concept there is no were point. That is you don't hit them out with them in mind as that is what a were is wat you think as they allow tis this does. See "don't em them" as their will is energy by your effort, your will is energy by anarchy to use your will is gone. So as is were thought altering by what were doing, done is as you don't you don't want to see an effect on or off you think to not be effected as no hits to you. That was the work of an evil minded individual, named Gray wolf until you create thought in mind that is good.
Magic use: Magic suffering by the area you use this in is use, not intended so avoid use to not see effects unwanting idea.

    That is calling with a cult idea to summoning summoned energy activity by thought, as with an imagined hand you collect energy as thought is use to feel your use is correcting by vibes or not. Thought to disruption of energy is to disapear from te minds eye to the vibration in the air or energy that raises the vibration so your not effected. This or harmony is usable witchcraft thought to not be used or feel, as you aren't a monster to different or indifferent idea that means you don't get effected by what is there that is hype.
  Still or not movement is to thought focus, adjust the brain to seem aware to thought perception go around in thought. See as you are that is adjusting pattern or thought altering in idea, so don't run or run into people that not move unless necessary to focus thought to feel to use the feel to alter where the area to the feel. This is use with the area you mind. There your aware by thought, that is energy is energy to the feel unless that is your hit or aware to avoid traffic or whatever you sense.
  Tis is manipulation with the energy trick of tis idea or telekinesis or creating a thought by direct focus, that is think to create as tis is in energy that is focus on an energy draw as you make up stuff. Seeing as the thought draws attention, as you can see or your energy is energy by idea they use. As idea creates attention considered attenuation by the use with applicable focus, now as with a point they that want to interaction an use is done. So this is no need if you believe to use the creator, often you can create anything with or without considering as unlimited energy to create by thought is energy you think as though in a chain reaction point. That is energy to use set events to create by use in creative view, as you see or say the use think of the idea to create as me.
  This is to user wizard feel that uses, your ability energy to create with is the area energy is theory as you are able to use others use in idea. Tat is thought in idea by thought or taken idea to were or not thought, things with idea done created is they that can use things otherwise they can't as there is no pride no ego no trouble. Don't think thats evil as you won't get it this isn't, until you think this is that is the evil trick to us or its just by thought. Thinking this creates is what you think will happen will seem use, as you focus energy to what you seem with use this is energy not by thought except by the feel as thought to exist is you.
  Tea in use is cool to drink or whatever drink so you know everyone or animal instinct, tis by thought don't as this is submissive or creative that is guided by intuitive use. There is energy by the thought to use, an though your idea is an idea to use your approach can change by the thought or close are what is interlopers in no idea to do. This in thougt is what I observed by observable area energy the end was noticed, animals there doing that was in a natural nature park as or not as not felt or no need no reaction till necessary unnoticed. That is not what is concluded if thought or thought is noticed to them to think or without a dirty mind, this is what you see as that is what you see as an animal ing or fucking with them or denied by the other you can see this is not done as if a bite of food is water energy to the area. The area you see is not as thought once your able to create as you see. As you see the area feel is were altering to your state or mind.

Other information en use

  Class Skills; Diplomacy (Con), Levitacy (Con with Int), Will word (Wis), Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Arcana (Int), Profession (Wis), Handle Animal (Cha) and Focus (Wis).
Coping skillset
 CVS cop skill: The area you see is what indicates what your feeling is thought or thought is energy to use telepathy. The coping skill ability is the arabic version of ability, that is formed by energy to create with thought as your idea is your way of thought. As if the ending this is from creates by what you, your energy is a werewolf or other were's that you shape to the feel where the creator is a source. There is nothing wrong if your guilty, so what you were or are you cash in to use or create to make in life as skill of performance is useful use in feel. This is to trick out by the area people to create, this by thought in better feel to idea to don't ask as you don't need or do area walking or patrols or creates security idea.
  Were ability: As a were is thought alteration where you were or create is by the idea you use in thought, your energy is thought by the werewolf io effect that is any alteration is with aura by focuse use. As that use is energy use your create is making by feel with nothing, thought of creative transmorphing where you can create by use in water, fire earth as air is nitrium to use the area concept is to drink in the energy. That is an area to seem as energy or as creative, your use is created to thought by the creator or water you see is a cure to use in life. Tis isn't always to create by focus to energy create adapt the aura, as in the aura changes the body to look feel if you so need no is to do or thought to see or no need is thought as fatality as d10.
  Wish ability (Ex): This is in thought that is use with focus, this is one of those specialist area that no use is support. This is energy gathered by will energy, don't force the idea to see or create the aura energy to use in concept is in use is not use. Think or not thought activity is not run into as this is like the wish ability in life as "en" is interest, think to stop assumed form if you are noticed by what your realized for as you think or not turned by thought is concept.

  Elemency: This is the idea to use or create elements in thought or focus to what you see or create in life, that in use is no use if nothing happens so focus, feel or thought. Say or not is in the idea or energy to use, think trouble away or create an attack to use in life. This in use is the energy that is use your use is energy thought, this is in thought to use the area to crete. That is in the area of an ocean, as use is created by the feel in life or love. Including the mage heroes that work with the area idea in use. By the subconscious you can gather energy from the planet in essence to create or make an element or chemical idea is not demental.
  The way of creation is with thought of doing this, inciting is spirit insight to say the chemical or think the chemical as a formula to create what is there as plasma is considered in ability as the source. The element decides the amount to the thought by what is done by the element as you live anyway until you decided to die. This says that if dead is dead you are living amongst people, with aura energy to allow wat you say is energy by thought. So as your living your live or dead, your alive as the mayans Aeol god say your out with time. So this is energy in a time in a concept to shift by focus, with idea to create where return is possession to remove. Thought is what you see by life energy or bioenergy to use or not be, as the body recreates things from the conscious idea as you wish energy is there by idea that syft means to shift concept.
Cop mage skill:

 The cop mage skill is thought or about to use in thought, as you think to the use energy this energy creates rest by the area you create use with cleaning or idea to create later in thought. This idea is what your idea can creates key as your idea in use create by will in idea, will by the thought tis is the idea your conclusion creates by what creative in use. That creates by energy that your idea created or cure with a surge or focus to blinking lights. That is Example to the use in thought that your demise is nulle, if your ability is created in energy to the idea aspect. This will create in use an aspect interesting things to if use by thought or not screaming, that is what you create so if you are aware if you will by intent in energy your cool. See release not always is the use a good intention to the will by this in mind what you create to what you out go to see or create not always a slam to down.

 Think to create or wisdom to the use as though if a cop skill or not dead, as damage is done so they can realize the idea as some idea as they want. The weight deadening effect is that, what can cause energy retributive actions from perception to the user feel called living moments. That are numbing to the mind as the brain doesn't unrealize, as un is alive by a statement or a stasis field that is leaving you alive. There is energy in momentsd that anarchy by feel to the feel to live or not, as you relate to a dead body as though respecting the dead to create life from the in energy point.

  As to live by feel as energy is molecules that is body talk, fix as they that want to kill you are there or not so if they think or use better idea. Seeing your not living is proof or thought is a point by thought or not see the living sighting to see the sights as your use is possibility. So if they think your dead by association, they will not want to kill you. As if the urge to kill dissipated away so as they think your dead your alive. You might pass out with this area use or ability to survive. As you see is what you want to not restore if sickening or disgust, so restore or remove piss to clean or create non by the use or no mess as the clean is use by feel.

 See if near what you want then association you respect or feel what you think to not piss off by the use in area so just as you remember you see or not see as you avoid association. This is unknown or thought you still work with algae to correct, thought not as algae is energy use sport drink. See or not this is given away to you or your immune, see to what your possibility is that you pass away or in use is with fix in a different form. Seeing no or yes as none is there so look ahead, feel to see as yet the before point or thought reveals the area as I need to see things. This is before but after this so some can sense this is not, you quit it as you see what you realize or see the use. Whether or not there is association is no or known by feel or avoidance by dislikes. See to use or feel by focus so your use is nothing bad or not useful. Seen as your aware or created is in equal use, your cool by the area in use.
 Dream warrior class

  As that is some use to see or create. Your response could see the monster level aware mind state. See to use this correct don't to think to monster things to avoid bad use. Think you are a warrior, then create to the area or use is by feel to create. See as you see is thought to use the shadow road or focus beam, by light energy to create some area focus unless you think not to use the idea you sense is right. See the area i saw was like this yet I saw things interesting as your likeness was not the same. So the point I use intended to create use by murder was to use this, thought to create that idea or effect was use with willing energy not state things with idea. The rest of the details come later yet you see my point. They would if a class use discipline or inspiration to create so I as a god is able as I was able to create things as this is not in thought or as you think. See a cool use to create or see with before you attempt to write with this idea. Think a warrior effect to create with so you create care by feel.

 Mage Necro

  There is an ideal to use as energy is energy not in focus to create with use or think, see in the user ability use is by the temporal ability to feel or create with the ability you see by the idea you create is done. Done naturally is energy to use or create by intuition with the feel by the use that is what makes up the mage necro. A natural idea is thought of death, as death essence is from the body and life energy is use by activity in balance by the area movement to correct as you are aware. This uses as the spirit focus ability basically is a totem or item power, see as you do tings you see what happens after by realization. The item power is the object, the area thought is a concern in ability or energy in activity. Gathered to an object as this is use in focus you shoot or create to focus, thought in idea up there or cause effect down there is focus to use.

 Class Skills: Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Profession (Wis), Arcana (Int), Handle Animal (Cha) and Focus (Wis). 

  Hexing someone or some group is not as easy as it sounds. Since hexing is so widely used for balancing the moment, high chant is possible. If more an action or idea is used, the more the chance for high magic to effect from ritual. High magic an other similar idea can consist of a high chant. High chant is the mention of the spell as a power and the focus of your mind is the will to achieve of the results you desire, and as one achieves it, the hex is almost permanent. Use of anything is to speed or use the spell as in a catalyst that is to do what you wish. 

   Though by thought this is energy, through released energies and on an idea you see to what is on where you want. You can do to wish effects as to what you wish or have others do what you wish, as long as it achieves your desire. So, to hex someone as an example, just say mentally or say out loud "I hex you {say name here or group name} to {say any result here that you desire}" or think of the result and say "I hex you". An idea is to imagine the target while feeling the need and desire by remembering something of what you wanna hex.
   As for a blanket to be cleaned. Its "tis tat" that is like saying "I hex you blanket and clothes to always self clean!" With thoughts of a blanket, that trigger the need and desire. This is the hex spell in a nutshell easily picked up as your thin or thinking, think good to be good in life to not be in it as you throw the shell or not give it time to effect. Without picking it up it can still be sent away.

Murphy's curse

   Murphy's curse is a directed Murphy's law. As it is, 'If it can go wrong, it will, for that person in particular and highly consistently!!' This is, in truth, an applied idea that the person causes by themselves things and actions to make everything that can possibly go wrong for themselves, go wrong. It's mega bad luck by intent + energy + effort = effect.

   With the intention of causing the target/s bad luck, you cause them to do more good and success than is necessary for things. And that way you cause a flare up of Murphy's law around them, that effects them. When you work with consequence, you have to work with what you get. Where it may seem more as they'd get more people on their side ready to help once things fuck up. More opportunities and with each success, comes more possible chance to fail by Murphy's law.

   So to step by them is as you look or feel, in chaos magic you are the pope and your own god where methods aren't really listed from what some see, and there's not all too many names either, as its to 'use whatever way works for you" in purest form'. In this effect, its chaotes exploiting Murphy's law. To cause the target to draw the bad luck to themselves like a magnet. Chances are improved, by treating it as a solid fact of reality as real as gravity. Harping on it in a person's direction, hoping to get an effect. They in mind are not always the people in real life, so the people in mind are generated by the area energy. As you are carbon then from air or energy is dream body that an area can represent what you dream or think to feel.

   So feel free to use this effect, as I know it seems like the person would get more help. It just depends, tat is a point you were wondering about to just think as rand. Say if you wanna totally utterly screw them over or not to not do anything, but even if they do then they wouldn't get some good results unless good intention leads to good results. See thought is within some amplifier for thought this is use or not within use, the opportunity to do more things, as if you're doing a lot of good and a lot of people are giving you more opportunities because of it. There's also a larger amount of events, and therefore a larger number are probably going to be bad, just because there's a larger number. Things will muck up but it's still 50/50, until you add the curse.

   It builds up with successful actions, unless you use a god to make things occur without the percent chance of failure, as long as the curse is attached to them. One way the curse is done is to think of the targets an then with an intent to cause bad luck on the person/people, use a stated "I curse ya to do too many good things and successes! The effect transfers to you." As an alternative, focusing on making the target get stuck with bad outcomes, and basic random chance manipulation toward negative outcomes with bad luck. That's how you would treat it with intent, in simplest form.

   So to some this wrong or right where you are, to say that intent is just thinking that is perception isis protects from wrong. As there is no right or wrong, see as this is just a perception trick. It's really just thinking loudly and sending it out where everyone does it as yang. It's really just whatever method you come up with to seem right like value is perception as face, so if were only by a point "think about" (step a) (step b). See and know if you can't figure out a custom way to do that as the horus is cool, maybe they should wait before you start cursing people. As suddenly their best friend's car explodes because their thoughts went off on the wrong track during the act of cursing. It's as easy as walking. See or not as thinking which it is makes thought for idea.

   The only part that's hard about it is making sure you get the right target person/target effect. Instead of your mind going on a tangent and accidentally including the wrong people/event, at all, during the effort. This can be where you pass a judgment about somebody. You're aiming a little bit of intent in their direction. You intend for them to be that way and you just might nudge them to be that way by thinking that about them and letting your body act the part. It is intent. Now amplify it. Thats all it really is.
Dream ability

  This is part of the dream world with the thought to create or feel to work. As your ability is energetic, your cool idea is not hammering until necessary. See as you dream your brain fluctuates between alpha and beta waves, that creates by water what is creative by feel or thought. This is to focus a feeling to experience as claireaudience or imagined feeling to the moment, that ends as you will yourself awake or use "wake up" to thought is to sleep as you wake up.
  This is nothingbut a dream as you say cause or see cause to aware states in mind. If anything can't be done, then in dream that is a dream image to work by interpretation or create is focus as time possible or see as you were as things that are there represent by what you feel. Wake up as your yourself in life to be as you want in life to correct if necessary otherwise I accept to do as necessary as I always do. The I is the third eye manifest in life energy by focus, as your mind is your own as you focus to area energy. The area is energy to te feel as you see or sense what is there, unless as you want by what you can still see to appear if necessary. As otherwise your ability is energy by aura from a living being.
  Anything you see in dream is a symbol, as you feel peace and sometimes calm they could follow your idea. This is mesmerization as obvious you think, where otherwise you can get what you will in energy form that is a dream body. These are some things possible. As you think to see or quit to do something else, you can focus by saying their name as the dream brain frequency is realized as y level perception. Then think them awake is where they are suddenly aware as they are awakened by thought. This allows a Dhampire to be anyone or anywhere, as your aware in thought your aware by feel as a dream is almost like a physycal land to the dhampire or dream vampire and dream dhampire represented by what you see to feel power to use.
  So as if in a power to seem use is awakening dream power, then your ability manifests easily as a mage dream. A vampire can use or subjucate through the dream world, as to remanifest in the dream is undead ability the dream is a dream message by a dreaming body. Think your unaffected as you are aware or think your separate from the dream, as you watch the patterns or listen to the feel in the area by thoughts or outer space things you feel. This is like sport to the vampiric person in the area by the aura signature. Recognition is the realized aura vibes to the area you see use as a source. As to see the area or feel danger is to back off or away, as if to feel safety is in a safe area. As we can play games all night this is at least realistic.
  Dream weaving is the act of making a dream that is sent to someone. The actual spell is simple, Imagine the scene you want to be seen as a dream. Then, say this phrase "I wish this to be seen by (persons name here) as a dream." Or focus on the name while imaging the person in it with in the process of imagining the scene. This is not like dream walking where you physically enter the dream. So think attack is possible as you don't need attack, where you wish "I wish not to be attacked." This keeps attack from happening with the right mention or created effect, as if you are non effected in life. There is enery to dream with as you are a dreamer in a land you see, focus energy as you look for a familiar thing is where you gain control of the dream lucidly.
Shadow use healing; Time is useful to cure by with the energy, as your ability is what you think the shadow does create by feel and thought will to do. So think to your shadow as you look down if any shadow, the cure then you feel is the shadow is going. This separates from the bad aspect from you to be somewhere you time, think to somewhere the being forms that as is a point to prolific use. This is to think to the shadow near your feet or mirror, the idea you don't seem you want or such is to just do a cure as water restores the body.

  As no drug essence is the right drug by thought a different feel or drug or alcohol essence dissipates see and use the done idea is death essence disappears, this is what that demon being creative is a different feel that causes in the need defeatable by spirit fire in focus by feel aura. As your spirit is withheld spite or released energy you focus in thought or contact, you can live forever by thought as your aware by talking or your energy is there in conscious or out by aware idea. As with an inner aura area is use that is your own, as multiple in kind is multiple in time.
  Think that is done but don't finish in time, as the timer effects or with the timer area energy thought will drop. As area energy if focus causes this to do or seem to drop. Resist the urge is thought to see as fate is to create equal is not always opportunity, think is what you use or think in balance or create with aura energy by response feeling with aura presence. As they don't is a concept in energy, that you are invisible as you yet can seem responsible. There is thought yet you think or not to let the feeling go by no tense activity unless necessary, tensing the muscles and releasing and otherwise locking the body in paralysis by reaction but no stimulus is not response.
  Think as the focus is to put the energy to the ground, as this seems not to do things no is not always still an answer. There is a way to feel as you focus to see somewhere, you can tend to see as you want where you think to see nothing, tis is not or create what you think or not mention to see as a view in thought. That comes to focus by focus with energy, so if no energy is thought to use ability your likely to seeing is to stop being able.
  See as desired this is gone by thought where you are poof in a thought. This is mischief by the user use in the thought, you create a thought to see or with a thought not be considered. Thought as here with a warning view that represents, what is there to seem without demonic influence as you avoid what you hate or as you avoid getting hit the idea by a bulldog seen with vision for an example is really hitting the wrong people.
  Think to stop as think this is forseeable visions in premonition by activity to avoid bad situations, change the vision corrosponding as major shadow conjuction with a stated point to distract or not meant in this is to get away by feel or use by nothing done with no use or no respond. As your idea is due fix to correct with a moment, the moment fixes the area energy to fix what is nearby. Things you use or feel in no need, not even that is no responsive use by what is stimulus.
  See or even if use is by an idea, things such as mischief are by what you think is necessary by te feel. This is sometimes clear or targeted by thinking use, as you feel to do things that is sometimes wrong. There is in moments things you see to work or create with feel by the area you notice. Because where the no more idea is no point, this is from more than that you notice excepting the area or whatever. So the reason sometimes tis avoidable otherwise not, as no action is necessary.

  Avoid what you hate is seen as abberation is seeming as multiple places where you don't, this isn't need as thereby no need is respect or a fix in need by seeming what you are avoid to do or displace with life. Whatever a fix is there seems what is not or at no point cigarette use, think as this is try no need as were no need this is put to the shadows not in your mind that is sure and gnowledge. This is a spot that shadow enfusing or a power spot is quite alterable by the non use that thought is focus, think or not because I is interrent with the third eye manifest as this in thought creates or think focus is thought by your focus is elementary. That is energy tis thinking by the knockout is by a preferred weapon idea is faery, the idea to stop a crook with the use of feeling for the moment you see.
  There and as any sigil is a mark in the air, this is energy by the thought to shift as you will or not as you create by will in a point you use. This is area feeling to raise vibration by sunlight is a point to create in feel, red is anger, blue is water or coolness, green is earth energy, yellow is disease or health or not as vibes that literally leave you unaffected in thinking is thought in this comes from water feeling or higher air energy in nothing.
  So in what you time things to work sometimes doesn't see use, as is thought with use. As the right time, you can distract to will or guide to focus somewhere. Thought for attention to places is thought, where this dumbness is green brown or wrought is red-green not dumb activity in what I saw I feel. Time thought is seen that reveals in some idea what you use energy, the use for concept by drink in concept creates a clean system. See as you see use to cleanse the area this is in, see to think use that is use by intention. This is not exactly the opposite means, by some use with thought your use is possible due to net crashing or working as repair is done.
  As what is more easily or create you or others you can feel in time chance, as you create by focus with ground energy tis two way as possible communication is energy where the energy is transfer by thought focus. This is a buttefly ripple effect, as an alterable time point is focusable your will is creative. There is nothing wrong by water that is energy with focus to cleanse use, think or not as you will as a thought with ten focusi thought to make appease or create is with the creator. Think to see or feel is not to avoid attack, for no attack to you is if what you feel are hostile beings, that are false by nature that concept seeming true by feel is otherwise obvious as not to work unless necessary.
  Seem or not use is a point your use is not useable, as time is very interesting to see is to feel by what you consider and say what think should be done. Don't answer as you think of the time to influencial viewpoint. Time then if your focus is exhausted then feel or not as then you are by what is sensed, that is what you deny or seem at the right concept space is the right time that the creator makes. Think for no thought war this is the correct suggestion, seeing as not being near is by what you feel is right by resolution for the situation.
  As you are not wanting things from the idea you see is the subconscious respect, thought is uncreate to create is there by your life that you seem still to existing. As what you are is whatever you do, an thought with your gift by feel is relational there where you think. Ruse focused energy as a prospect or feel not to use drugs if you fed on the wrong things by use is thought by the period in time thought you use. So they form what in they create, creation by what they feel or you feel in what you see. Tis is the art conjunction that disappears, not on a thought this considered shadow conjunction is conjuration by thought not to use is not false by idea pointed out.
  This is easily to try water as you create by feel or see to make repair, think this by what you use the creator for that is nice by what is shadow use to you with thought focused to use. Feel to hide is the idea you think, tis to create the idea your in yourself as a focus. Generate what is the use in life, thought to use is the right reasoning set by thought by whisper to focus as magi focus. This focus power spot is cool, whatever as think to focus or thought if not careful could be evolution in life by crystalline crystal use.
  As focus is sorta reversed if to heal, resolve to think you know where by what you think this is. As you are aware so be as if nothing to their mind as it is your okay or not acted, so your ability is energy to create by focus. Feel or will what is seen imagined by situation unless undesire is felt. However so your energy is nothing except will, no situation is there or do as you are aware. Think to obey or see no impulse, as you think you do you aren't as you feel worse or displaced by feeling associated. This by symbolic idea by colors or feel if looked to work with as useful isn't fake and is undumb.
  Think or seeing where someone is creates or if not then nothing to do as this is how shadows work, as thought is a point to do nulle what is erasure by no in use or no attackable or weak thought by area sensation. As that is no issue where shadows are nothing doesn't exist, this is energy forming or not to shape is when no there is no weakness there. There as related if no sense is not there relational is with idea, unless necessary in public as realization or not seen things. Things can fake thought yet seem not effecting as non appreciated, now lets see you can see with concept or assertive. Behavior considered by thought or chaos with order is lawful until proven otherwise in thought useful.
 Shadow healing ability; This is in essence the energy in use by what you feel, as natural awareness is natural diarrhea or area use or thought to heal or cure. This is with what is an energy swirl or empowered symbols, as a shadow trick in standing and seeing the shadow as thinking. This is where you send energy this acts as a mirror to shadow your idea surface area, as that is the point with a mirror or you empower what you think possible or by thought you can or this does the idea. Your ability surges the area energy to the use of focus and some meditation trance for healing or creative. As to think if intention is the idea things or think create is your purpose, for you do in the progress where sensed are thoughts think as your not in or here is where your done. This is how to put your essence of what is alcohol or drugs energy as things unwanted an is dementive as if into a candle flame to your shadows or the mirror or the shadows at your feet.

Trap magic ability; Trap magick is a concept from the game Tecmo's Deception and given an 'official' name by myself. In it, the player has been betrayed by their brother and murdered; thus they make a covenant with Satan in order to gain power. One of these powers--magick--is used to defend the mansion they now control. Trap magick is set and, when the target comes into its range, is activated. Trap magick can manifest itself as stones which fall down to flatten a foe, piercing spikes which jut from the ground, magickally capturing cranes, cages of confinement, powerful blades that appear to swoop down and cut an opponent in two, or anything else you could imagine. As the name implies, this sort of magick is used to 'trap' a person; be it a trap to kill them, or a trap to contain them.

  Rules of Trap Magick: The biggest 'rule' of trap magick is that it is not about energy. Nearly all of the traps are physical weapons/cages/etc. and not generic kamehameha or spirit gun. You can cause explosions, or make enchated cages which include an electrical barrier, but really the material of the trap is the key to it. If necessary, illusions can be used to lure the target into your trap's radius. Very powerful trap magick; takes a lot of power to work. To use trap magick continuously without burning yourself out from all the power you channel, you need to sacrifice a soul that was killed in a malice (or out of anger). You can trap a soul or unwanted essence with trap magick by a circle thought, even without sacrificing a soul that was killed out of anger.

 Synchro necro ability: Synchronization by feel is synchronization with the moment the thing you see or create with anoter as sharing or handshaking as the agreement to work. The agreement doesn't last if you don't see the reason to create or do as you don't feel like the idea, as your energy an is interesting or aura feel is cool to sense your ability is an act to create by what you see as you feel your like or similar to what yopu consider to be. This is the idea you create or feel in life to create, focus, delve or dodge is the key word or not do is not done. As your idea is your idea or any idea this is what you see to get by the feel in idea. As always or partially you don't have to do this or not, this is asynchronous or separate moments to the separate idea that is not separate after. See to not look at this fter writing the effect if brutal. As you see the result you feel to know as you realize the area effect.

The dhampire ability

 The idea they did was think as tye or the were ability is change or adaption willing to get as resolve and handle as tey were being able to do. As if the non interest point they were able to create with water or focus by ionic energy, that was energy to the use or feel to abandon hope and create a more interesting idea. As your energy was interest by withering or oter effects that was the area useage, your idea is as you were strength as your energy is strengt to the area point by point batte is avoided by tought to avoid by what you hate that is not seen or with feel. As a conscious idea, your energy idea is much like a child. As for you to continue something is the energy by aura or auratic energy in energy, use to get or abide the area is thought as you move around or use is a free movement to create influence. This is time movement as focus was the ability you sense, thought to feel or create by thought in use by what you consider to out or done things. This is an idea that if your ability is energy where energy is focus to create with then think, as you will as the correct thought makes the right idea you idea is a mage idea that can seem or is possible.

Special ability: Ionic lightning effective by feel not always as a natural.

    The ionic lightning is thought in focus life energy as energy in the era I came from this was use until you thought of a sphere. So with a sphere to use ionic energy in the atmosphere or area, as if a weight essence air ball or energy sphere to feel energy as heat is to focus and create to heal as you create a lightning strike by what means. As thought is where you think to use energy, this is near the grounds or near you as necessary using the area energy. This creates the idea point you use by feel in life, as your idea is energy then you generate the io energy by bioenergy. As the thought to exist this is focus, think or focus as you imagine a lightning strike. As you think the idea idea is possible then this is possible. Don't not expect this as something that isn't possible. This could create a (AgNSO3)O or substitue O3 that is ozone, as an alternative idea to use that is possible drop in weight by concept creation.

    Feel the energy flow to the ground like water from you with focus fire to the clouds to the spot that is imagined as a spike to draw the energy. The ionic lightning doesn't always show, except maybe a freeze frame point or a black area that is a patch on the ground. The heat could raise in the area to the point or "mai" concept you feel is correct, as you focus through a stone or gemstone particularly a restorative one by feel or thought focus. A thought to see not is the elements that can offend so in you can cease activity in the offense to not allow what you don't want as Eihwaz.

    This energy is a positive or negative flow in life that can use any thought energy, as focus energy travels through the air through the metal to make an energy ball to strike the ground. So feel or think the energy is emulating, go unparallel with the effect if possible or focus energy as heat not in idea is energizing. Think in the area by what you think will occur in the area by metal or foci or not always to heal. This actually achieved by thinking to heal with a heal spell or holey stone or not, if used at all in thought but not with actual use that required a tuning fork with concept to use. Think the harmonic energy or touching the em en, thought or object you restore by undoing the idea.

 Chemistry ability; So is a thought to use in idea, as mind is mannerism or thought to creative use.    Say or do is thought to create in idea, as your energy is no fear reaction the idea is energy by thought or something in idea. Think is not done at the right time to create by the thought to feel or think in the thought by feel or creative use not abusive or notable improvement. Thin or think to reduce in sufferening the pain not done or not by thought to create user ideal, as unless in thought necessary idea to use is applicable with this skill. So you create some idea to create in feel or make in thought, the right or if correct the thing that is concept with the correct idea to use.

  That means your ability creates in effect, the idea you can use by energy is thought in use by the area  or idea is produced to thought in life idea as if thought. This by imaginaed use is able to produce results, correct from the right places you create them by the temple of atlantis. So think in thought energy is use to create use by the feel. This if too stringent creates some stir of energy activity to clean if use with the area idea. There is no use in noting done is sometimes done, if necessary or gained by the thought not to crete or not create as not is allow. As your idea is thought not to use, assume by what you seem in life or don't assume if nothing in opinion is noting or nothing else done. If you think sudo is allowable do as you want and you do as you need. Thought that ended as a point is ended as the energy ceases to exist, anyone is a point and thought not to be done isn't if not necessary as it shifts by will, focus or force.
 Creative use revision; As you are aware your body seems what is awareness to create with awareness, this is feel or focus as your done you see to the use as thought is think in focus with energy or seem there to do as long as your aware there's creative use. Creative thought is creative feel to creative points in view is thought to create positive idea in mind, thought by concept is sometimes this as your third eye is manifest in thought to control. As you create by use, think by feel use if necessary if wisdom. Still however, you can always take this to a qualified individual. Say as you want is thought to use in mind or create is with thought use by some idea motion, this to seem as with energy or create to fake create if the thought is there in mind. As you create in mind, your thought is concept with the area by use. This by thinking new idea or new stimulation is with the third eye manifest, think to use with focus to not actually be destructive or as the idea to not see menacing use by water use in feel. as not as noth is nothing to use, your area is an act by someone else so dismiss the chrisst or visages not imagines to the use.

 See clean ability; Cursed change or blessed difference or the cool thought, this is change by the feel to change by the thought concept to create a mark creating or choose to seem clean. What tis the idea to seem and change by the curse or blessing in thought by moment in what you think and create with life. This by the feel to do as you draw a sigil mark to extrude or cause by the feel to create energy, focused to fire or water to create by the element you associate with the immediate in action recall to pretention Mayans by itself as feel is release to clean or fix up as unensuing you. As you think the need the different effect is there to cure by use as you see with what you think or see repair your creative feel is creative non urge by use, the need or the thought is there by feel where this is to feel the concept is a reason as creative chemistry is with imagination. As nothing you seem or see, think different where you can get different results by what you feel in purpose is in no retribution to create in feel as no need no use no purpose. That is "wat" I found here as you see this what I am here to avoid. As dead is Mayan soul that life brought, here to learn from a rat trap is nothing but life isn't done by feel or love.