Dimensional healing

 The subconscious can create anything eventually using a room, that is linked to those that want to be effected. as you think to create, think to focus energy, then that goes through the arm then that comes from the tension sometimes locked away in the tissue or muscle. think that you are relaxing the muscle as the bone and tissue adjusts, then that you focus as this is else then work as though this is the healing is untensing. so think there is no douche. use this as a self-suggestion. think a thought then use is a point to use what you think to create. what your thinking as you must, your thinking by feel as you are aware enough by what you consider.

 The reality of the area is the think that is energy where if the physics are right then you will have the effect you think to work or make. This means different dimensions have different effects, so think of a space to use with that ideal that heals what you want healed. Then you can think to heal by the feel using intuition with ideal, that is information by what you know when you think or focus to realize what is there then think to leave the person alone. Think you can effect others if you are to do this thing. This most likely is what creates allowable feel or allowance anyway.

 As there is a 30 minute limit where you can think or do things, then the aura heals itself or things you want restored are restored if restorable. This is all done by energy, manipulated by the subconsconscious using the spirit as a guide. So think what you want as you do things, then the subconscious creates or causes what you think you want to occur. Think as you will then the effect is done, as you feel changes or adaptation or describe the effect. Then the subtle enegy body causes what you wish, when you think of the ideal that is created the subconscious. Think as you must you are aware by what you or the other can think.

"there is no doubt. you are healing yourself. this point you agree to by yourself."

 A focal point is the body you sense or your ideal tool is a crystal. See that works anywhere if a crystal is used is with the thought dimensional healing, where this is anywhere anyhow. So think to suggest as you focus energy to the aura through the chakra points, then that you create release of energy that is stored as a point. That you think to restore blood flow to create a restored body, as though the body had the right nutrients. use this self-clause when you do this. This is think to focus then you can describe things, as you feel the point that you sensed by ideal. Just as though use is a psi ball, that is a energy ball that you think energy into a small sphere. that draws out the energy of the problem with thought to heal. Release the psiball when your done. Then cleanse the air after the fact, because your body may have clogged it with scent.


 I don't have to do what I think, as I think about things to create or do. Since life is perception, I can do what I want without fear of attack or reprisal. I will remain clean and others will respect me. I will clean the area as necessary, where the area is necessary to remain or become clean. I can bear not having family so I can stand not having anyone. I will go live somewhere else if I don't desire to attack, if I can live somewhere else or can't stand the nighbors or area. As I don't need to live here.

 I am whatever I am nice so I think by whatever I do. I am doing what I can do and that is all. I won't be attacked so I am aware to what I am even legally binding stuff, won't effect me if I don't want this to effect me. I am not noted for freedom where I am going, if I am going to be attacked for it. So in all contracts are not renewed if undesired. Whatever I don't need to attack.

 Whatever I do I don't object as I think, seen unless it is a contract I don't desire by feel. Whatever I do I ain't hellbound. So I think then if I know to do things or even, if I don't know I won't destroy property. So if I value the ideal then I think so I know what I do or don't do. This is all there is by feel to this. So I can call my relatives, this is related by resolve wherever I want to call them by subconscious. So leave to light is what you do if you think to live, for you can leave to the area by lack of light for use is space if you want to go somewhere unseen.

 You are aware to the sensation in the area then focus is zen, that is sometimes by alpha that you can think your not a mode to exist in by feel. Otherwise you won't be in a self-hypnosis form, you will use zen then that is what this resolves as feel. Cleansing light, think the light energy is any color that bursts from the aura to clearify or cleanse the area, as you sweep the hands then you can dispel illusions by feel. If you feel what is there then you know by the feeling that something is an if there with what nature is a part of the ideal you sense.

 Where the color of the light is the effect, think a blue energy is light that sweeps the area to absorb the energy where you are. You can go where you want to go this is a free town now. Think the ideal then so you know what you get. As what you think is what the subconscious creates if the area is clean then you are aware to what is there. You can use iron oxide to create what you think or work with by the feel. All you need to do is wait for the iron oxide to fade way in effect or think a suggestion to make the person aware to what you see.

 Use the yellow light by consent to sweep or think to the scent with what is there to clean the scent, use green to create by illusion, use red to berate or create by blood energy that causes by body energy the ideal to create as though impulse. Use this as brown light to create a clearing of shit. Use the shit or something like dirt to work the brown light effect that exists what you want. Now you can do the energy sweep.

 That uses or works with ormus or it doesn't as you now do the light. The crystal hemisphere is what creates the ideal of expanded conscious with focus to create. So think what you want then you create as you are creating with area energy, derived by the creator that is reabsorbed by the creator if too much. Now do the area sweep then your clean.

 Brown coloration works by the particles if the particles allow for what exists. So the physics rules are viable by the ideal that you think. If you use iron oxide energy then you can filter the iron oxide with a water filter. thinking or not to remove with light energy purification the effects of suggestion ie an. So think as you focus energy to exist.

 Ie an; As you focus the energy to cast forth then you think to create the energy from your hand. As two points go to form into a more compressed energy ball, that can strike the foe or area where the energy can spread out. This is use strike by disorienting or collapsing energy in upon itself otherwise, so no this is able to cleanse the area then by the ideal you use you cause some effect.

 Thought defense is up that makes him seem defenseless or her creative that creates a vulnerable weakness, appeal that he springs on people. See that uses a defense called passive tiredness by defense with use. This use is anything with other things that are by some viewpoint. So I think that you are enough to use. Think to a crystal to correct them that do things then this use is over.

 This use is useful ideal that exists to them, so thinking to a crystal will generate results as your thought manifest is the end result. This is point you think though, so nothing comes from this if you don't think it will. That's what I think to exist things. That is what I think will exist, as you will or work as you think is a point.

 Use with golden light is creating consciousness expansion by feel. So you perceive the illusion that you use the blue light to dispel. Use is the light energy, as some ideal to create by feel. This is energy sweep nothing more. A stench is there that is illusion, as you leave the area the air then by the creator clears the air. So by a power energy area flow there is clean area the stench is gone, that I want to see the reality by feel. This is by the feel not by the ideal area use. Thank you.

self-release clause

 I am free of things that are okay to mind yet restrain and keep myself from what I like, this is just to the point and working as a solution and I can do what I want or eat as I can or not bother to do so. Whatever causes me to crave things doesn't cause me to crave things. I am now certified to use whatever means necessary to get the job done, albeit gun, weapon or hand to hand being sometimes necessary. This uses no resource I do not have already that I cannot spare. So I agree to this by reading this and working with the thought that I allow this to effect. This is an agreement of the spirit and this frees me of all things that bind me against my will, this is also so nothing is held against my will. I will be free now and live my life as I need it to be lived. That is all, I am now free to do what need, want or care to do. I am now free to do what I want, whenever I need to do things and wherever I can with no fear of reprisal and things to come.

by feel clause

 This is by feel. You don't have to do this. You are forgiven of anything that you did. As I am almost aware so I am aware to what you want so I know what you do or can do, think before you speak as things could get worse. I think this is where you wee or were breaking or entering if dared, so I set this up as a point an as you don't break things you work to hack or download "free" things that are torrents or things you use unless you need to break things.

 So I think by now this I know is a truth between area concept, so that is between actual places or brothers. Sisters do what they want with the area that exists. So I think that is a point an its there where I value you or you value me, thinking this is where I am then no jealousy occurs. I think this is a point no problem happens. I am well then so I am unaffected by unthinking people. This comes to play, as I think this enjoy your day. Ciou.

Written by:
Center of disease and developement control