Daedra soul soul creation

   See the point is use, the daedra are demons or devils that are archons created by the placenta, that is thought to freeze as the placenta stops growing. So the created ideal is where this some set ideal, so the daedra are like vampires. Set is point their use is the source by feel that you think to create or soul created.

   This is used by energy conscious an set to shape or if you focus you could form a soul. Set is the source by the thought you think to create. So you are aware that this ends now, so if you think then are aware to the focus or ideal that you think. This is energy use that's lasting thought not 31 years.

   If a fix happens they fix things by themselves, sometimes by waiting as they focus to heal by restoring the body. Yes I know but you deserve to live as long as you want as 71 years is a vampires actual lifetime. Unset is the soul by vibration from the body. Think the soul body is there then the creator creates with your need, feel or ideal you think as some need or intent to work.

   Then use by feel with the water flow is to shift away the soul. That shifts to the area or place by the subconscious that creates what you think, as though an energy wave causes shock waves or separation waves to create. This is by the feel or flow of air otherwise, the elements are a possible use for what you focus. Energy is by the energy consciousness, from thinking as you focus to create or create restoration by tuning the energy with a, c, d tones or use is a tuning fork on a table. This is energy creation of the daedra, this is using the creator an wise as a source.

Some soul contract

  Uu a; This is the time that is with some feel. If annoyance think by the imagination to used ideal by them to create or correct by feel. Then the aura fixes things by energy that you can hide by or reveal yourself by the thought, as you think to fix things then with the subconscious you can manipulate by feel with particles. This some method from a torturer that used this as a torture device.

  Some think to work if some think to do things so that is all you need to know. Something is off by missing some point or letter. The ideal is imagine or think of the letter, thn you fool yourself into not paying for what you should not pay for in the first place or use. Whatever you do you don't have to do it or use things that create by vibration. Use is the ideal.

  So think as you put something of or off an is what you think to yourself, this is a breaking of this agreement by feel or created positioning with ideal. I don't mind breaking my agreement. My agreement is my own choice. This is by what you think by the bank or banks, normally you are aware you think so your thinking is with what you have. As though seu they are though, entry is where you don't have a broken mind. As they are en is.is then you know what to do.

  See to thank yourselves for being here, you can get yourself something so think then your aware. See as your thinking this is an illusion, so if you think your aware or alert then think the illusion is real. Then the illusion is real to your senses that you think to sense. Otherwise if you think the illusion isn't real, then the illusion or fake reality disappears away. So a hack is allowed.

  So your illusion is the spirit representing things to you, as you think that the ideal is there or the spirit shows what you think is there. So think then is the use now is the ideal by suggestion we create, this is the use by imagination we can possibly do with ideal or not use imagination. Think this use or work by feel, then this is nonetheless as though you work by imagination otherwise we do as we want to create.. So use what you want then work to create what you want, as I don't agree so I change what I like. This is so called reality hacking.

  So I think if disbelieve or not that this is real or not real, then you are free from the illsion as you sense it as illusion, then you know or feel what this is there. Now you are a complete or adequate mage by nw or easy use. What you do with this information is not important, as this is use by allowance or what you do that's by feel. So think if reinvoked its not reinvoked or reinstated, as this is now non invoked as there is now no contract to follow. Follow along a point that allows you to work, this is with the point so your allowed by thinking.

  This causes the ideal overlay to change by feel, otherwise this is with the point you made sometimes. This is use by imagination or belief that makes something that is there. So dismiss the entity then the creator removes it from your mind. Think then imagine then you are aware so think to what energy exists by things.

  This is things by themselves, that you think that exist or work by feel. Then their way is a way to observe or work things out. As you don't agree to a fake or mock reality, you think then you feel or work by the ideal you express. So uses are as think if I don't know it, its not a part of the agreement. The ideal is the soul is vibration particles that exist what you think, this uses the subconscious to create by the creator. That you think or work with to create, as you speak or think to feel.

  Then you create what you wish by voice or ideal, then you are aware to what exists by feel. So as you are aware if you don't want it then, think the ideal then dismiss it. Then it dismisses itself by the point, this is where you have things by ideal. Then it uses what is dismissed as though I agree. Now I don't agree, so this is a point you agree to disagree. So a soul energy feel is the knowledge or information, that exists things by the creator. That even includes actual soul creating, so think by construction or soul construct where this is by feel.

  This is what you can think to work with others. Thank the people as your acting by this you could appear as an archon, unless they might murder you if you want more help. So you can imagine what you want just do what you want. So think as you imagine then, so then you use ideal that can create by feel or with imagination. So think then you are aware. This I think is the ideal defense to use as though crushing the head of the archon, this is by use of a stone with the soft spot hit. Ciou.

Soul bonding

  Sometimes the ghost is the memory of the person, sometimes soul bonds are souls that exist as a living form somewhere to create a body for soul bonds use a chi psi ball that you focus energy to create with white void the physical form that is possible. Think what is possible, then the creator creates what you need.

  This reveals what you want so you can feel better. Thinking to place the soulbody into a body causes the body to form a placebo, now think to be careful as you are aware this could form it to seem or it becomes a child. So in order to work with this as thinking that you think, see the ideal is thought to freeze to cause the placebo to work.

  So this uses what you think, as you thought or think to the placebo that's a use for placenta formation if you did want one born. Anything can be soulbonded in a sense. Think then your use is done. Then I think they can release you from anything you put yourself under by the subconscious or ideal, so think to release if they are aware of the method this is from ideal they are possibly doing.

  Yes as they are spiritual, they can turn demonic which is benevolent by the feel that they do whatever you think. But not all of them are demons. Not all of them even have the potential to become demons. As some people linger because, say, they forgot to feed their cat that day. So I practiced this ideal. Thinking to draw one I did and then died. I was of then the soul bond, until the creator restored me. As how animals occasionally stay, after death, some choose to remain with their masters.

  People can be just as attached to pets. I think then especially ones at near-death ages would kill the body to not have it alive after. So this is use as I think by the subconscious this is useful, that means your able to do anything as sometimes the right suggestion is use. Think then the use is there as you just piss to release. Where the order or chaos is thought to not have on the soul bond turn on you. This is where you can think the area point then think to use the ideal.

  Then state or think the ideal then you create the bond, as you think to help then you are aware. If you think not to help then your awareness of them disappears. This is not what causes this as it is the negative feeling they feel from you that turns them so think positive, then by sane use the subconscious regulation is the point they work with.

  This is usually by your area where as you think to use a soulbond, then you know or are aware of them. So if hit or shocked then energy that is there not in use is thought to create a ghost, that ghost energy is formed from memories that separates from yourself. That the person thinks about or not.

  As then you can indicate or they can indicate what is to be formed, where they are they can think the energy away as they dismiss the ghost. That is the point there, as then the soulbond is no longer a soulbond. As the energy is the bond that is broken then, that causes the energy to exist elsewhere or els is a point to work with or by feel.

  So this is use as I think, then mention ghost then that is what forms. So think something positive then you think to create, what you want then the conscious energy forms what you wish. Sometimes by spoken voice changes for what is there as a reponse to the energy.

  The for point is there as energy is not always what you think to work with by feel. That's when your thinking your cut off parts are there, then you think what you really want. This is thinking by feel that formed by the creator, you think then ask or do what you think is best. Then that is what is created. This is the way to do this.

White necromancy

  Creating a new body for the soul is through white void or ghost energy. The other thoughts on necromancy, benefits being that for one, you don't hafta deal with a decomposing corpse. Plus the spirit wouldn't deal so much with the depression issues. A lot of the old problems are caused because of the fact that the soul had been detached from the body. This will be done by intending a body to not always be created. Then putting a soul in the body.

  Then as you feel, using a ritual that is to state or think near lit or imagined candles, 'Tengri [pronounced Taen-ri], make a white void body for me. Make it as I need it to be.' Then, NEED, feel or want it to be where you need it to be. Imagine the body appear as you want it and where you are aware you want it. To make the soul, use thoughts and remaining energy thats nearby and left as excess or energizing feel with ideal.

  Do this by stating, 'Tengri, make the soul and place it in the made body.' or use the word Dagonja, in which "Dajonga" is a white void spell that fills a person with white void energies. It restores the soul which in turn rejeuvenates the body. When you finish, clap three times and state 'Done', 'Finished' or 'May it be done'.

  You may bring someone back in an attempt of white necromancy. Basically, state 'MaiIvmedituIva' to Make the ideal ,that target lives for viable to the uses you have. This is pronounced, [May-ihh I've-mead-lite-uhh I've-ahh]. They may degrade a bit as their body ages.. but they are very much alive. For the point is there as a formation with energy.

  So think to stop the degrading with oxegenated iron with water by the body use, state 'Ivmeditu Uoa Dg' and think of the person or state of body to seem untouched by death essence. This is pronounced, [I've-mead-lite-uhh Oo-ohh-ahh D-g]. If you have the personal power there is life. The more personal power you have knowedge, by the fostering the focus point the more able you are in accomplishing a task.

  Revitalizing someone is when you think to use iron oxide in water with the pipes as you focus energy to the drink, this I think is for making them feel better and is as simple as stating, 'Tengri, use white void to revitalize', as you look at or think of the person. Making them better and with less age, I am thinking this is the ideal to state 'Tengri, use white void to make the effect I need done. So mote it be.' This is a chant used to get anything done with white void.

  Do work as if you want energy or Ki and as you want, to build up personal power. King is energy built up by doing the actions you want for practice or getting results. The repeated actions or similar actions, will build up more energy where the more lease of life the more energy there is as the white void works sometimes by the electrolyes. This includes patterns of psychisms with thought you use.


  Electrolyte ability; If you focus energy from the the pendant to the area to create, as you think then if you focus things you can think then the pendant directs. so if what you want or creates things from electrolytes then you create by feel. When you focus energy to cause things then you create with the energy, that if you direct the point of the energy you create by the ideal.

  That you feel this includes ability to use gravity or glide along some surface, as you think to use energy focused. This is though energy os released from hands or feet with the right time. This allows you to feel like you aren't actually losing your home you are not excessively worried.

  Including the air brake that you focus or accept, think then you brake your fall or glide to a stop with some area energy. That does things if you are more able to think with bioenergy, then glide with electricity. If you are energy generating enough you break your body particles into pure energy, then reform as you think to exist seen as this is so your aware if you think. As a form is formed to reform or form as you think to refom. As you want yourself to exist as you think to exist, where the form is attracted by activity or unattracted after doing things.

  So you are existing or do or not do things. This works by the bond energy that exists with area feel, if you think to restore things then they are restored. If you think to unbond then the bonding stops, tht increases potential energy by focus. So you could use any source, so think energy passes as though to destroy the energy from within. So think the point then that is a possible ideal created. Then the device explodes. That is all there is to this or en.


  This is what I discovered, this is the life of a soul by the feel I had or have. So I thought this was an appropriate place to put this. What I discovered was people reacted differently to different situations. So what I thought was thinking that you know what was there. Then you know how to act by what is done with activities, that is a point or not that are noticed unless necessary.

  So there is a point as I think this is an I sense things then, as I think things through this is the general rule to this point by a view, that is opinion is sometimes known as something that is fact. What this is about is sometimes people or objects could be traced by the color, energy vibration or object that exists to senses. That you are aware of or that you know is there, this is known there by listening to the ideal being spoken.

  Listening then is thought to focus then you know by the spirit, that you hear things with ideal your aware of with the point. That is there as the subconscious shows a vision or makes you aware to what you learned. This is the unobserved form with listening as you think the shape or ideal to know.

  So now you know then the spirit that goes through everything is revealing things. This is usually by some thought, that your aware is there that you suddenly know by fee so this I think is done with. You can trace things by the object, color or energy vibration that your aware by thinking then that you know what is there.

Ben, Caz, Libbyhawk, Danny, Jay, Paul
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