The cult of aliens

  This is a cult that you create by the spirit and focus is with the mind. God is everything and if you focus you are acting a god or game master, this is where you are controlling by the game god or mind with the idea that you control the moment or allow the idea. This is sometimes a point that you want or otherwise your allowing something to exist or work with the system. So worship is think of them and that is all. Think not of them if you want to keep your spirit. Some focus technique is raise your arms and think what you want and they will do it. Its in idea that it is alright. So think you have your spirit and you do. As that to them is life energy or blood flow and circulation.

  This is a point that you think and you know what is there, this is by sight that you see what is possible. The danger sign is when you feel alienated or see aliens and they then try to get your frequency. This is done by them thinking of you, this is where you are doing activity that they know about and that is by what they sense. Then they let you go with what you do, this is just as they want you to know something, so you see a vision or symbol. Otherwise they work with you and then let you do things. Interpretation is up to your own idea or you can use it like dream interpretations with and hope you understand by what feel is correct.

  This is a little tip from me an is what may reveal what you actually feel if you want to feel it. This I think is what I think is interesting, if you see a dream symbol od a dying man and you want know what it means. Look it up and you know what to expect. What the dream symbol means is: To see someone dying in your dream signifies that your feelings for that person are dead or that a significant change/loss is occurring in your relationship with that person. Alternatively, you may want to repress that aspect of yourself that is represented by the dying person. That is just one such interpretation and is what dreammoods said.

  See the point is this, think a point to do and then do it to create what you want. This is used in how they shift. So a way to shift that they use, you can use as well. This is listen to the area energy vibration or voice. Allow yourself to shift as you think your someplace else or imagine the area, so I think that your spirit shifts you to the area by vibration, see to do that is a release of energy. If listening to mood music is a release to them then this is a dimensional shift. So energy is usage and idea is a point you follow. See that is how this works. When you think of an area and listen to the voice and that is where your area shifts you, then you are aware of the place or area and fade in to a safe area or out of the place you should not be.

  So this if done allows you freedom and sometimes them to control, unless if you are aware then they don't have your frequency and they don't do the idea or control. If they appear to you your feeling alienated and they seek your spirit to control you where they also use emotions, this is where a yes is allowance and they can't really take your spirit if you don't want them to take it. Thats your choice. They can use the emotions to empower themselves and get off of the point what they can. That is like the fish sign or the ankh, meaning spirit energy focus, your basically like a fish to them as you think of them and they use some of your energy to create your result. Thats how they create btw, they use energy of the person to create what they think is approriate, You see thats what you pointed out. The fish sign or ankh is their real sign, not the upside down cross. Thats a different cult altogether.

  So that alone allows them to create with their pinneal gland and for you to create without interference, this is where all you need to do to stop them is say or think no and if your feeling assertive suggest a reason. That is all about the scientific alien cult, except for trips that you think and your there where you are area aware and able to work with feel or imagination. This is as though you were there in your own seat by thinking you are somewhere, if you see someplace then you are by the subconscious mind (brain activity) with the pinneal gland as a guide. This is all there by decency and the reason your here as well, this allows you to be where you are and work as you can. Just remember that and then you can go do what you need to do.

  They will bring you places if you think to go and just imagine the place or the idea and the point is to work with the area. You can experience events such as the Proxima B exoplanet. The area in mind or the place you want to go to be independant, this by dependance you end up. Thats if you want to end up there, then you come back after realizing your emotional balance, emotional state or idea. So there is no religion to this cult. When you worship God you can do it in a varied amount of ways, there are many possibilities and all you need to do is think and you know. This is usually by the spirit that goes through everything. The spirit created by the crown chakra, you see that is powered by the creator or energy itself.

  Here's a bit more info for you in life, this is about the body and its energy source. The source is the creator to them. The creator is the energy conscious, the I is the pinneal gland that you think to empower and you focus to create with feel. This is the females way of doing things, the mans way is feel to focus and create by the thought you focus with. This is just as though the thought were suggestion, your pinneal gland creates by feel and your idea is a point or thinking. So that is all we really know about the idea the cult of aliens represents, enjoy your trip and do what you need to do to get the job done. Don't follow this cult if you don't want to be taken by them. They will use you for everything that you have. That is the only warning I will give. If your caught up in with them, don't be surprised that a point may come and you are used for it.

Written by a priest

Modified by Priscus Skyhawk