How crystals can work

 Here are a few ways that are counted as tricks that are some cool crystals facts, if you think to the crystals that you can hold or think to. Think to them to get them to do things. You have magic. Some quartz are useful this way. So your thoughts are programming or non repetitive moments, that it does using its own energy if you feel you need to create the effect. Yeah the larger the crystal the more they can do by feel.

 So their power can be cleansed by what you think to cleanse through water infusion, sometimes by the cleansing of the surface you cleanse the crystal itself. This means toothepaste also works, with dissolvation its the fluoride mixed with your cleansing thought that cleanses it spiritually. So its all good, as a thought exists for you or others.

 If you thought the same, then the thought may be this. You gotta clean the bad energy, yep tis important. A clean crystal surface allows the crystal to work with your thought as vibration better. Its consciousness is what you think of the point you thought it did. Just so you know how your crystals feel to you, you might wear them near you. If you want to cleanse them faster for a few days time.

 What magic to try with these crystals, so if you think to get something that you want and the crystals will oblige. Then if you don't know and you think you do know then you will know, for if you want to see the result unless you don't get it then it will happen. So I think 'it will work unless it wont work', hex or not thats the two ways of experiments. What they prove out by the idea is sometimes, that this is expressed to what occurs by the idea. So I guess its voice.

 As the sound is a voice or vibration that is used by the crystal, sensed and converted from within is where you send thought energy that allows for things that it can do. So this is where it could mimick your thought, this is a point as though you spoke something, as though understood then this means it knows what to do or not if not present. Otherwise this is a point, that is between the crystal and yourself. That shows up as a point or scene, that you notice and seems real but is not really there. That stops when you tell the gemstone, thinking to stop showing you.

 So this is for sometimes where its mimicked, done or used thought as if it is its own idea, as though you notice it and it seems to have a consciousness. So your feel or thinking is what it does, this by what you feel or think to use is where. Some think to touch the gemstone then think the instruction to the gemstone. But if you thought 'don't do that' to the gemstonstone, then you would stop the effect by what you do.

 I think this is just like hear something and your aware of things, so its aware to do things as it hears your thoughts by feel as vibes are its nature. See otherwise things are naturally understood, as its an amazing feel by the feel alone. So thats the two phases of the crystals understood nature.

 So however it works, when it works well and if it does. I think it believes what you believe or what others that get near it believes, as it has a simple consciousness that expresses itself by showing a point of what you understand. As this is people or activity being done

 So when in tune to your thoughts is by a touch, being near it or looking at the crystal. Then to know something by what is thought, think to the crystal to know what is thought. I think this does a decent judgement as well, where I think a judge or judgement and then you can get the judgement you desire. So if that is the point I think this is, for what thinking to a crystal does. Your communing to a crystal.

Written by caz, spellhawk, ben