Biolocation is alot like Remote Projection because its twinning the body to make another, don't do it to appear somewhere so use the creator to be in two places or similar think to seem by once and your mind goes with energy. As autonavigated by focus to the planet core is use to use mall magic with Hades, see or as creates is if two bodies same mind or created by the creator. See the unless your not in the area so your not split in your mind. Remote Projection is also no deals with sending by a Residual Image of what you yourself, think to yourself to a location whilst others can see it and is like physical astral projection.

 &nsp;See or not as noted except your presence can be. Cold energy is an imprint to senses that you see is somebody as a body, as you see that is an idea or body to us. See in life by relation is thought but can seem an object, see to adjust to circumstances or if near so cool is some person or a body as vampiric if undead as body hotness that can be felt as coldness if the body is deceased. This really doesn't work with some people so don't try to create it. Die or not the body lives, until the body you show seems to allow as the body decides to fall down as nothing or decapitated. This is nothing more than a memory as you just don't do anything and experience what is to come.

  Some can seem with them or hot from your aura. Some otherwise are living energy with a hot spot or action, noted not to seem your own is what you can seem. Like is near a physical area that is, seeing in use is also possible or not in use as aspect as you feel. Some in or use are able to seem near, seeing planet energy is use as you hop to see or use an area to see. That draws by thought if you focus, you are aware or not if hostile or not needed. As you see the sense is where the brain decides to take over, no hostility is nothing felt see as the cell activity you can see to do. Your own idea is water flow to use that autonavigation is a way, seen or as you seem you are you can self-focus in aura.

  See to see by resistance is thought or to seem or a sudden drawback, with energy yet not seem as your not near them. Because seeming as not is nothing you are with near idea. Yet in disagreement disagreeing by feel, you can stop the form as you arrange. Seeing by spirit except those you wish, seeing as no agreement is thought to allow shapeshifting. Just is the use with time, yet your will is your own area.

  Seeming to accept concept. As you are aware from energy with aura in use is focus energy in use somewhere in use, the planet aware conscious you see with or gravity can guide. Unless none so the creator is aware, that you can call a way to miss others as the area is the spirit sense. If a seeing or a body misses by an inch with the creator, those who are actually in a similar space that dwell in space. A cell is the most dangerous thing with this.

  See or sense with an idea by some use or thought is watching with focus in feel is with feel or thought by concept with thought by use, focus is thought unless thought not to do then think or know to not control. Thought to allow the brain to work, that is by the chemical not to pour them or autonomous spinal nerve in use. As things with a past link, those are reactive by feel yet not reactive. So thought is creative by use or focus in feel is life or not unnoticing.

  So if no purpose no thought is no life is energy by use as the thought is subconscious unconscious use to create a future to consider, fake activity or future moments seeable by point with focus to real area events. That is not until thought as self-fulfilling prophecy is use not done, think by not allowing things in use to see or feel is self-predicting thought so this is not done.

  So in by real people points in idea this is letting the area, to focus what death sense is seeing by area that is perception some. Some say the body is what reacts to the sensed area yet if you are aware that is use by an entirely different area, you let the body do as needed or see is thought "suppress" by idea or not the activity seen. See by idea or seeing to create is what you say, think to work by subconscious so you think by feel is no use or concept by what you do it yourself.

  Think to suppress is you think go for it or no to not do as you let others do activity. Color is depth sense until some area in sight seen is dark area a color. They happened to sense or think to isis to guide by sensed use in some idea hera is creative activity. This in use by energy in sight is direct use or relational, see or use by those linked are by use or are from association. So free food is concept by idea with past events. So you are as success to advance or stop as you look so your not effected. This is the area you see you are the use your not the use. See or feel ordered about? Say not anymore. This is my last bit of warning.

  As "we live as we want to die is to pass to another planet you see what you want or given use your okay by what you feel." See your cool so you see with some feel or reason your able mind is cellular, do or feel the clons my respond or leave alone as you want by activity. This is your choice so that is idea so as you see to reason think, no think of the sense you desire or use the thought. See to shift by because you will need this, seen as you need or this is by feel to achieve to see somewhere. See then you shift thought there do not despise or not if you don't need to shift or thought your to be somewhere as you see the need or no is threat to not do things. As objects not a person feel are fulfilled or used in cold ignored if hot as cool down by feel, as you see yet have in or use no sense except a conscious. So this is area feel to clean with as the m-class or s-class is planet gravity shift earth, with the movement by tact as you are so think "you died" to pass away as an inward drawn breathe then you see or look down see to look normally your in your own time. Look or feel is thought to do or look up, as you are or not use by focus you see the point you are feeling. Say or seeing a cool point is to lay down or not, its the accepted theory the aid is the moment so you feel the theory, use with the moment seems what was useful yet don't accept the aid till necessary.

  You think to look by thought, this magic use an gnosis with feel so as you see or look in life to see what you get. This is some area to look out for by use, idea near lower prices is done as you see by imagination. So you realize whats there to imagine lower prices you find a lower price as this is energy or an active line is credit.

  This is not as not easy to believe but if you don't know, then you are not effected till you try or think about the idea or not. If someone mentions the fact, as the dedicated chemistry and you can emulate or not you don't do as you don't need to do. So you can tell an objects reactive seeing or sensation, senses are location by thought with what some object in feel.

  As a cool point you rule or see by feel that is feeling sensed as things can do or does near you or you see, with use on a subject is with the object to use. Think to use defense if attack or no attack if dodging, to back away to fix by feel is dodging aside to use as avoiding attack. The attack in idea, that is a concept or use by the concept. So you see the area you detect is from, what you do things for yourself to create or correct.

  Focus your mind on the thought that the subconscious creates two or more locations, with you in that or from the area can seem possible to be in as if thought when you happened. Things you do is stop willing the effect being in two places at the same time, if recalled is a memory that can seem to bring you back there so thought and willing action done. So your cool with use or not much to spend. So by thought that by thinking you can lower costs, the prices can lower by area feel in the idea or by other places costs can lower.

  Now as focusing if you realize you made a compromise to what is there, thought is subdued by this you spent or what you overspent. This is then by the use or then you can stop by idea now perceived. Liberal nature by this in use is use by thought, seen as thought to use is seen by feel as your ability is free use in life. So what you see is thought as you are or were.

   This as you are yourself with the area an use is by thought, so as you are to seem or focus by meditu or meditation see by focus in idea will see or allow without thought in use. As people can use take a different approach or take association, from what they perceive by what you can see by feel. Created by feel is what I saw in use so no if not necessary, there as this is accepted is by a view. As in some time or memory, sorry is "sorry blue laden" for the killing spree on your family or whatever.

   See that is what came of us as were extinct now to the point darkness consumes to not allow us to live here as anmals came in or not use after to seem human. See or feel as if this is counter to use by what we thought, see or not use is accepting by idea so are you doing alright? As our sun went out yours will too as in a wave by energy. As that is a chao wave so long ago by a similar society you see, that is energy by chaos waves caused by dark star energy. That was what they thought was defeated yet only shifted away.

  Frequency in use is your energy or an idea once expressed is thought by feel, so your energy is not with their energy by feel in a lull so energy. Can is cause you see to not move or move, as you think to move or create by focus. See to think unparalysis is as thought is focus or lucidity by an area away, from the area I see as to work with somebody.

  Then if use area is there you can see or finally focus to use. We're sorry only those people were allowed, just like the atleantians it was dishonor because nobody was there. Cared there was disruption by chaos or thought was energy to those for use as we were an energy generator.

  This proves you an I are so high tech we are feel so the work the people there do is thought or feeling not, as we we're use in thought as people think we use the body. As live they are creating the area use, so your waiting by idea by feel to do or see use done. As we think by idea or use is feel or see, that is not always to react or can sense you see that is nothing by dropped feeling.

  As you ask or are unnecessary as touch a button or don't need to you, so you see you won't try to do the idea as true the point. See this isn't in what then things observed will indicate, this is what you will see if you wish. This to realize by gnosis think or sense by use is focus, energy from your element is what you associated with what won by what is thought or seems true.

  This seems by idea that is think the time to create, as you think you can do or they can sense to do. As you are aware to do, you do or you are as your aware yet focus isn't focus till you are by thought. Not to the point is the area by area to use with info or not, think though as you are what would you do as anything. Sometimes what we did was wasted as nothing lived for our planet was destroyed by thought you see, we had an ability to do idea till what you do is rediculous.

  The is from a star blown out that was the white dwarf star, that is energy use by watching so you are feeling from an area. What this is no longer focus is pressure all sides where you are, so as sudden as we came here with idea. As we are no longer there or thought is your life, this is your lifespan or feel is the spirit to shift or create with by use that we used to form the white void.

  The effect is by thought by feeling is your feel is yourself or not split apart by turmeric, thought by focus with two people is what I found out this was true. The thought of manifest is a second somewhere else or feel by time, focus is thought and the body there can by focus seem. Somewhere by thinking you are as you see where you can, see to link to not link there otherwise as you see the use is time lapse.

  Think your energy is ideal as that is activity or not actually due, so your a concept by activity that is energy use or not in use is use. See by idea or thought this is the words or feel, that you are or by felt concept this is a trap by things non operative are no longer cruel in thought. Seen or feel by felt or not to use moment is thought, this is shown in idea or use by the concept that by concept is attuning by feel to see as you think to seem immune.

   As you will don't do what you don't intend or relational intention to be is thought, as that is helped along by the words. This can effect it without the split mind by influence by the third eye manifest with idea you use. This is what you do to don't get so mean, do is don't intend to do as you acceded to be or not to mean to seem to be use in life.

  See or use isn't usable if not as nothing is use with the live area to see in an about or use is thought. That is how we were seen as the few years of civilization, as we are on several different planets now this is use. As we were created this was as we discovered ability or so we're able now to desist. So as your able to use things in use by feel, you think to notice sprite by feel as use is a sprite as energy is fire this is faery activity to cause or create by nothing.

  The break you see is not the break, you perceive its a break with a breaker somewhere. The area your in by subconscious use is focus to use the cosine string energy by manipulated, event or focus to create by event as you imagine any event. This is possible as you are aware the subconscious is aware by use or feel. This is how you can travel the strings by the energy use or use in focus, feel by thought so thought to use is travel as in idea is usable in feel. As you see or walk into someone, use a good excuse or no is thought nothing is concept a matter.

  So don't as you think at the end is what this is for a final focus, as a tribute you touch with the creator. As teletouch by understanding or think to effect, with thought or to see is use chi called ci or use feel to see view or by feel is chi feel. See to see by chi or create by use chi with the area energy ki is ka, see or feel is sometime with broken to create idea or clutter. If use is realized as no ka is good, this by feel with fixed things by idea with things or use is sometimes bad in no use or some use.

  Imagine yourself appearing somewhere in detail, as if your able to manifest somewhere this is by focus with thought. So use in focus to complete what you do. The process is there as actions you do not to due too much and you disappear debt, after if something wrong is done in the area then a demon or bad thing. This could be drawn to the area and only if use is a need, if you are in use by activity with a tardus.

  Then you can use thought to direct activity, as a product this is a crystal as if use is a thought. Focused with thought words direct to the area, and the energy does what you think. There is a point in time that you know as you energy create, think or don't think on, is as if you aren't seeming to do things and if you don't then you aren't actually effected. Thus even if you are to know what things used are that created this or is to seem as to be or not to be, as you think losing the energy to something and now you mastered tai chi.

  That is use energy and this in shifts you, or your thoughts as energy throughout time or magic energy use in thought as its thought safe. Then the idea is safe, until proven otherwise as like what you think and the idea is attracted to the area. Just thought idea isn't always as you think and do things your energy can spike the area electrical grid.

  So seem and remember as the spike happens and seem the way, as if thats acceptable by what others standards are. Consider and do a cool idea or as your near a power source the place shifts as you think to shift, by thought to see another time or will to seem as to be out of a building. As you are in a free area with noone nearby and your free, create as you were so you don't biolocate to area that aren't supposed to be visited.

  There is a place that you see to work with, thought to do and not to do. What you time things to do is what you are aware to see or seem to know as you observe. As think and do is the idea to achieve with life. This is thought as every act in creation is what you will, think this can work out or not and this is what you think. As your body is what you think where it is as how this is energy. Thought adjust is by what you think is possible, given the area that can exist or seem psychically.

  This is autonavigation by gravity from feel is with result, think and detection with sensing and you can seem where you want. Thought with realism is energy by the idea think, thought to use in an area to go through. See and believe if you want or not as you can and not run into people, there or here and you can work with water you get or creation to do is some area activity.

  Think to know what to do if you need to do, so just know the area moment by sensing with trace. Thought by act to see a trace, ci is chi as energy is focus is what can seem by what you saw. As thought you see to find out, see or not interested is with no interest create is thought to focus to chi. Say as life is focus to use as you think, thought to show by claireaudience is thought perceived to use an audience, that return is seeing or not showing as the person seen is some or some use or some animal spirit is a cool guide.

  The idea you see is what is going on and things you do can encourage, if you think about the scene and your presence is felt. So think and create by what you read, as a concept to create what you want to happen or not to not have and this won't happen. The creator can correct anything, as you think to correct the idea he or she can correct the point by night. There is nothing to use an idea with after a point to use positive, as light by the area or theory is a light use as less weight no problem to create things.

  Think or use day as your identity is powered except by night, the idea is what you can see to use as you really should watch the quality of the material. Night is a being that creates by will and is the good nature of darkness. Forming her or him in the correct by thought area is to think your point by imagination and feel the intensity as if night formed a body to serve or do as she wants or not.

  This can be any shape, size or area presence, whatever you want to create by is aura energy and made is the thought. As thought if necessary that night can create, you see the need or not need and this as you see isn't demonic in use. Just see as you are so you know what is alright by use.

  So its what energy essence that disappears from use or created idea if no contamination. Irritations are by irritants and can be seen as you are, as you still can sense by the presence night can cause awareness of with sunlight. Day can create as you use energy with light effects, as the thought seems to create by the creator with a safe way you can create by will.

  So to not create is use to see or one use is one thing, doing multitasking is another then another idea as the subconscious. You can create as you focus by the subconscious with suggestion that isn't alway in use.

  With the daylight you can erase and night energy is you, this can erase the bad idea as you wish. As if your free from the mind, this is freedom to appear or not and think good you are good. As you heal by ions your energy restores things, this is where you want to know and seem there. That is where you think into existing does, if you are aware or not if you imagine yourself going or not effected your away before to not see or seem caught.

  This is good by use in response with charm and this charging sigil by thought you can do what is by thinking on the sigil, imagining it being near you and in a sunbeam for 1 minute or more. Then if a thought is done, as attempting the effect in this can get in a result. Otherwise as you say, you can draw or paint or use on something. So thought and use then is putting use not acyual till you know what you do as use in the sun, allowing the idea focus to charge the area to create.

  Then as you say or don't use the created idea, making or tracing the sigil think what you see or want. As you are or want near the area, to cause the sigil is work by the energy focus in the area by air as medium use with your area choice by the moment you don't have to feel alive to feel alive. This is what you can create by element focus. As your not incompetant your ability is able use is not disabling by not too much, seen use or focus use is use by "diability" with too much by anything is disabling or no ability if you it or your able by no abuse or non is used. Think of this as with an elemental planet, manifests that are uses with the created view or idea are with thought from the 11th dimension.

  This is in by focus in breath as out breath in with effect is with a use as your body is thought this is in focus in a genstone that is a energy that passes through the stone or gemstone as if a thought to seem in use as energized in a sunstone or other idea that you think as an aphrodisiac, with focus to see and think as if viewed in thought what you want in focus and the idea can materialize in form viewed by thought and is in thought as if there.

  This is considered a thought in process by what you use, think and use as you want in a profession concept as your ability is use by energy considered Wizard Biolocation. Consumption of drink and food energy is what, even that can seem in use to aid the process in what use there is as a thought. You can get a warning thought from people, as if you perceive from the stone you use as this creates the point to seem an avoid this if issue is a use. So to use some idea as thought you don't always do things, this is to create what is an idea in a final result. As if in use the thought may occur, timewise your use able to see some or bye if wrong that will occur.

  When you feel yourself in two places with one mind intact you are biolocated thus control the body, with gut feeling and iron will to make it seem to the subconscious as you are to seem there in essence. As if a presence and only in focus is there a contact, as wanting it to happen is imagining the idea as long as you quit focusing after unless needed. Its a fine balance of mind and feeling that makes me think Biolocation is a form of dowsing with the body as you feel the location but use the do force to send you to the other place and assume the body form. What happens in that biolocated body translates to your body as in you somehow get wounded there thus that wound appears on your body to disappear quick if you regenerate.

  A.K.A Limit Break by accessing the Shen energy which is very elusive indeed and used by biolocation as Shen is the do force. Same thing for high emotion where shen energy could be Aether. I mean, if you take into count the physical boost. I think that Shen could be Aether as in mind force, since it entices humans with the physical manifestation of power, think but realize only when they need it and High Emotion could be Ether, or spirit force, where a ghost is a form of high emotion given purport form by sheer need and desire.

  Shen: A very mysterious energy. It can so far only be accessed when one is in a state of extreme anger. It is this energy that attributes to the limit break. Limit breaking allows you to surpass your normal amount of energy. When one achieves shen, one is truly mysterious is
The Underground's explanation. This medical website shows a similiar idea of biolocation called dowsing.

  Here is their explanation about Limit Break: "What are limit breaks and how do they effect us? A limit break is when a person is put in a position of extreme emotion, where he only has one way out. The emotion, whether it be
anger, pressure, or sadness, pushes a person past his regular abilities to where he no longer thinks about doing something, he does it. The most common effect of a limit break is where a person is faced with a position of life-or-death, and he shows an incredible feat of strength to escape.

  For example, the other day(1/1/01), a BOY lifted a car off of his father. In this case, that was the only option he had. He was so scared that his father was going to die, he decided he was going to do something about it. There is a concept by nothing done to do as necessary. Thats no possible and non molecurize by thought not destructive, without thinking that triggered nothing to respond as he lifted up the car.

  That was a feat of strength. But there are also events in fighting that occur. Something that I've seen happen is one of my friends was getting the crap beat out of him. It was 5 to 1. Then suddenly he got a crazy look in his eyes. He turned around and got smacked in the jaw but didn't even flinch. He knocked all 5 down and broke one of their arms. He fell to the ground after the damage was done and started to feel beat up again. The 5 boys were left in awe and ran off.

  The Full or somewhat by purpose of study in limit breaking is to one day figure out how to conciously control. So far if in use, then no one has. But I have gotten the closest(I think) from what I can tell. I got so close to figuring it out that I was able to create a less dangerous, but still lethal is hi chi, a version of it which is taught to advanced students going in to teachers. My definition of the limit break: A sudden surge of power caused by extreme emotion, in which a person is blinded with

intention to get something done and does it without thinking. Often shown in short feats of strength, the limit break happens subconciously and so far is uncontrollable."

One does not need anger in the face of threat just the do force to use Shen. I beat a rapist down feeling no anger where I just summoned shen and succeeded by feeling the threat of the rapist while moving to the flow of shen. When faced with situation there is two ways always: so be a bit crazed and win the fight or calmly focus the do force to control shen. I consider myself a aether manipulator tho so it comes easy and here's a thought; never go unless necessary, as where the energy where you are is there by thinking is thought. This by the safety to the use in life, as green or yellow mana or use in the area is interesting.

  Think or thought in use viewed, think or created moments that creates by what you suppress or thought to make seen. As reason or conclusion that is whatever natural responses, think or not as you want or not go sane into a fight this use is shen to limit break. As you focus energy is into a point that creates what you want, use by the feeling your life is to create or not see is with no use as you want to need is as you can see or know.

    I call shen as a force as a natural supernatural energy or water energy that can be the "do force" for its the same thing because of its similiarities. The "do force" can take a balanced mind as its pure adrenaline control, with focus and to think also used is flowing creative energy to control. As if a biolocation of the body, this which is with your gut emotional feeling.

  So to focus the energy outside of yourself, you biolocate yourself back as you can manipulate. The outside action or force by thinking the energy dissipates, this creates that to do or allows to think. Possible use of your third eye and threat makes it more plausible that you can control anything with it channeling. If in the use of control, focus through the spine to control the body as prevent panic.

  Tis a point or "do you know your conclusion by use" or think in, then focus is energy to use is feel and create or not as you hold in the stomach as this is thought to think use for use by water. As you are in the end, this is natural energy though through the energy that is fix by thought. Thought or planet core energy, so this is where its the functions and intentions by what remains is always to not always be used.

  This is energy as a point where this is a complimenting of use with your ability, the energy by use or creating is what balance there is focus with held breath or released breath if as you in think are in coolly as fire is shen force. As you think fire you are fire, as this is thought to biogate you to another area or so to do is concentrate or not. Shen focus or no corrupt focus, is thinking this is water under the bridge or some creation sometime ago. This as use an area that is a land got built on, by thought to use as a peace treaty between two countries.

  This to create fire with focus, uses thought to hold in focus or release to release energy or creating. Fire is focused energy to where you feel necessary or nothing by thought, use is thought to create fire or not to cease chen fire by thought focused ions. Water is use to create with chi use as water is fire your use is energy. This energy creates by the use of the right elements, as focus is energy by fire in light by the area energy. However if you don't, so this is what you can do.

  Focus your idea force into a weapon in hand just channel need and desire into the imagined shape of a sword, alternate weapon or other shape. This is for advanced people who practiced enough times and combined with the underground explanation of shen and biolocation so it ties in with shen energy. Biolocation uses shen energy or do force to accomplish the task but the shen force biolocation won't happen because it would be
dowsing without it.

  Shen force is found in Limit Break that releases adrenaline and if by feel your combining Astral and Sub-Astral energies to control that adrenaline. Biolocation is a form of divination but isn't divination as its physically placing yourself at a place of desire thru sheer need and gut feeling accomplishing something with feeling the location by feel or this as not to be in attack.

  The chi fire travel focus is similar, so use is create by feel or use of an imagined idea to create with faith by the creator as you focus or not to create. This is what earth elemental you use so as believe in yourself, focus as you don't believe in yet heal for hi chi in spiritual faith this is what you see or believe.

  The use in end result to lessen body weight is to remove fat by chi focus, fire in aura as you focus in the weight thought to dissipate or seem to disappear as quickly as this comes. So you will creates it to disappear if necessary. There is another or other consequence, as your ability is not or thought in life "wheter" or whether corrupt foods disappear.

  As if magic your weight gain dissipates or is if in you can feel cool or warm, as you use all the bodies molecules to burst or put on no weight. As you think red in fire focus from the fingertips you compress or not, don't do the manifest unless necessary. This is the energy shift to shift red or yellow fire bursts focused near where this necessary, as if after you can create the fire in the cure to burn up impurities. Then as you don't think the energy, as you feel the energy in shift as to create what you want or not do.

  I did it before and its more difficult than usual but easier with practice and the do force in truth makes the other you happen and when you place yourself at that place you need to keep active shen thus always on edge and always near breakpoint. If one body dies the do force keeps its portion as a shift for the dead portion thus you keep life as that is life. This makes the biolocation technique priceless lifesaver and or thought for doing other things in other places sometime at what you or need that is done.

  But this from a registered website is what I saw this on as this is cool on that health website, this wasn't Shen and from a couple of other websites it said in the same thing. As both water use is instead of fire; so you literally have to limit break thus the health website won't know this is the rarer form of the two biolocation forms because they haven't tried things whereas the other is dowsing the location out of items or water. This rare form uses do force to place a physical you at another place possibly divining the area force first thats a combined divination/shen focus so in truth its both.

Dowsing is described here, The underground is here.

Skyhawk & Zackal