Why attacks work and where to expect them

  If you want to know why attacks work on some people and not others. Read on, as its explained through detail.

  It depends on their frequencies vibration, maybe it's multiple factors though its where some people might be effected because of poder, that is personal ability with focus energy and power. A person is more liable to get off on things if their frequency almost matches the others frequency, or is over the others frequency, which is causing the effect of the subconscious picking up on the others need. Also for poder, if you can make the effects, then that frequency rule exists to make effects with, otherwise they shrug it off. What I mean is that like goes to like nature as this is the metarule of affinity.

  The frequency of someone is how high of dimension they are in, as to be what allows them to perceive what they do. If a person's frequency of aura is higher than ours, then we might have trouble perceiving them. All they need is thought of something, to effect it. Thus like goes to like with people and items. This is when the affinity happens. When the person is near the frequency or higher than your own, then they can effect you with something, as they have more poder and are focused on you.

  So the attackers, as when they're on different frequencies than us, it's hard to perceive them. So think positively, what you feel is thought to protect yourself from the effects of others, raise your poder and your aura frequency. Doing more activity and thinking, as in 'I am untouched by the effect and I raise my frequency.' Then it don't matter what they do. Still, there could be other methods, each is befitting the person. Similar to laughing at your mistakes, then laughing at problems and thinking for yourself. Otherwise your ability is where your heart is by feel or thought. Think to know or speak if you want the point known. The known point if felt, if true and even if not so true will only validate what you say. This allows things to occur and you will seem higher in vibration or raised in status.

  The ones affected by the attacks have a lower frequency than those who were affected less. Each attack attempt can lower the bodies frequency, making the body easier to effect. This is just at least temporarily done. This makes sense as it goes back up with your activity of sorts. The trick to raising the frequency is upto you, this coincides with you to find the moment out if true. This is of what you want out of others, or what your thinking from the point that exists. Impeccability is at the core of it, though. Impeccability, in this case, is the not doing something unnecessary, in order to get results and acting on the purpose which is decided on for what is done.

  So in this case, doing something unnecessary is getting emotional, which consumes maybe 70% of our energy, and stopping our inner speakings. Also, when your emotional, you tend to feed some entity, elementals and other inorganic or astral beings by those emotions that be causing the emotions. However, positive emotions don't steal our personal power, but also they make us vulnerable for psychic attacks. that kind of energy is usable, manipulatable. But, you pull low vibrational entities to you when your emotional. The best way of living with the magic is keeping your energy field clean. And also, things like fasting, -especially fasting of silence, limiting the masturbation etc.. helps you with gaining personal power.

  No sex? Nope, just limiting masturbation as sex energy is important. Its the life blood of our body's energy. Its only the body act, like doing sports and at the same time having orgasm and wasting some of your life giving energy; but its probably better than wasting that power with your own hand. When I say 'life giving', I don't mean making a baby. What I mean, is that its life energy.

  The drug overuse, may cause lower vibrations in the end, causing you to be more susceptible to attack. This is where the drug has potential to raise the energy, at first but the inhibitors in the brain override the good feel of it. Then it doesn't work too well. So, if the the right drug is used then the effect on the body is to need more of it to sustain the high state. Creating an incessant demand for it from the need. This creates the lowered effect of the aura thats around you. Making the aura deflect the bad from body less. This invites the attacks. And, you become pie for something thats unnecessary luxury. This pie is an edible thing for beings. An exception to the rule is Salvia, which leaves your energy up and there's no lessened vibrations. The fact of this is that you are more liable to be be hurt by stupidity.

  Part of survival in this idea is warrior's tactics, to seek out and handle situations or defeat the petty tyrant or seek out problems to 'fix' them in your way. Attack can be used as a needed defense, as its when you want. A petty tyrant is the person or thing that keeps you under unnecessary control. Often cruelly doing the deed of what he or she wants and forcing you to comply.

  This is from caz, "I think that having a petty tyrant gives you an extra edge in dealing with things magically. It's like warrior training without reading carlito or others." This in part, allows you to be more unaffected by the tactics used against yourself.

  Also in part, part of the warrior's tactics are to laugh off the results and small stuff. As you can't always get what you expect, so take what you get and work with it or through it. And to treat things as though they were a challenge. As though everything were a challenge to win and the fight is to get results. You win when you get results.

  This can block things that you formed, sometimes from losing and whether you become aware of them or not, are to be treated by yourself as if they weren't there and you can pass right through them in your mind, if you decide they can be passed through. And, you choose what you do with it. Let others not pass the barriers the blocks may pose. However, its your mind and you decide what to do with it. However you block them out of your mind. This is intented as a point, otherwise known as a point with an intellectual.

  A warrior tactic is also part of the men of knowledge who uses it to aid the purpose they have in mind. Basically, one who knows by the intellect and choosing of choices sometimes by want and sometimes using instinct and intuition, with knowledge and will to help make the decision. This is considered controlled folley. Where you think or decide the best choice you think is good despite the feelings and knowing things.

  So sometimes people just keep getting attacked without realizing or couldn't get back enough energy, and just kept losing ground until they were completely under the effect desired. The cure then turns out, in keeping the vibration high and to be unaffected by attacks is impeccability. If you think to use the warrior tactics. Repeat them until you hear them in your sleep.

  Now the proof to the frequency thing.. say a fan was turned off, and you could see the blades, then you turned the fan on. The turning blades are blurred so you can no longer see the blades. Another imagery is two cars going along a road, one is going at 30 mph, the other at 50 mph. That is like our aura frequency, where the blades and cars are the objects representing it. We can basically raise our auratic moment in activity to become harder to discern, and this is also including how one is perceived in speech.

  If we did more activity, and thought an affirmation and etc.., then we'd also be harder to effect and detect. As, 'I am higher in frequency, so I am harder to effect..when I focus on not being effected, things slide off or around me.' If you work with beings believed to be at a higher frequency This will raise your frequency even farther. Still, it's true, your frequency opens you up to other attacks too. As your more open you get more magic effects in general for instance.

  There's a time of low energy for anyone and high energy that follows. Consider the fact an effect of low points and high points, where drugs can raise that low point. Where, the personal shield is least effective. So the only defense is being impeccable, in truth.

  The other things that matter, are the will and the way that is possible, the will is of the person which must be focused to create an effect, to be strong in some things and subsequently weak in others momentarily. The way manifests itself and by the will you need to happen. And so, when you will things you can instruct the subconscious to create results. A weak willed person is someone who is focused on things that distract them from the need which is important. This includes the need of wielding energy to create defense and effects. If they never think about defense, they are likely to be effected more than less, but they never seem to be aware of the effect. Unless they are told of it.

  If your higher in frequency than a person is, the less effected you can be. It's just that, you're less open to some kinds of attacks and more open to others. So you need to guard weakpoints if your a high frequency mage, carefully. But, everyones different and its why you can be attacked by parasites so much. For instance as with similar things. As each person is almost always at different energy levels. There can always be varying results.

inspiration by the brothers who used such tactics