Angels' magic

  Angels in particular are in mythology, used in christianity and Wiccan belief and can save you by collecting you from hell. This is done by the subconscious mind. This is a point the angel served a point for its purpose then to send by feel. Well Angel magic is using the angel's name and a request. The Angel can usually do what you think, so you get the job done if you need it to be like that. This is a point that I would like to say is using the Angels name in a constructive manner. Say your trying to make peace between two parties, think it would work out between them and invoke the Angel. Otherwise you could make getting a job allot easier, usage of the angel of jobs or Cassiel. So if you need a result and you know an angel can do the job, then state under your breath, "Oh [angel name], I need things to work right or [make a request here]."

  So if you were calling the angel of situations, you would say "Oh Haaiah, get me out of this situation." or "Oh Haaiah, make things better for those responsible." Otherwise you can just say the angels name, and he or she will understand what you want to occur. This is a surefired way to get a good result by using the Angel name for magic. For an angels effect you can do. You can use a mold of clay to cast an angel effect, if you think to work with the results and make things better. This casts an in effect understanding or idea to the person's senses, that often takes the form of a black chaos ball that does as you direct.

  This is an engel in idea, not always in form as the black sphere dispelled can form its consciousness to the body to be born. This is a special creators will that is an angel in form if thought to be in an angellic formation. Otherwise this engel is just a black sphere of magic that will send a message by feel, this is where sometimes you can substitute a ball for the clay. This I think I observed, the end of the moment is where the chaos dispells itself and things work themselves out. The chaos is temporary, the true will of the creator is the self. You can think to use this by imagining the point to create a result and any angel's name for anything. Always remember, angels can deal with timed effects. They often create timed effects by feel, that's if they need to create something sometime.

  This is mainly a list of angels and animal spirits mixed with divine that you can call upon to reconcile or you may go create better results by messenger, which can be yourself sending a message by a chaos sphere that you imagine by thinking of a black sphere. That emulates voice or influences by the actions you do. This is use of messenger or some social media if you need to contact someone, think of the point and write to them and the message is sometimes sent.

  The gods and spirits are there if you need them there. This is from a goblinoid that was to escape but I dismissed him or her back into the mirror that it came from. So in truth I offered him/her escape, just not the way he had planned. This is an energy being that is a lost soul, the being had lost its body due to an ailment and terrible wasting disease. When he/she or it separated from the corporeal form he/she decided to stay, so this being wanders the planet in goblin form that looks human. So I wouldn't tempt he/she to stay. If you don't want it near, think he/she is gone and the being finds its way to leave sometime. That is all there is to this being called madkarna.

  Some can use the people as they send messages by angels or are divine and others can use the animal spirits. Further idea and how to use them are described below.

Angel list and use

Table: Angels, gods & spirits (there are 10 angels I know of for use so far)
  1.  Cassiel: This is the angel of jobs and working right. This angel can cause your body to work right, if correctly approached.
  2.  Chavakiah: This is the angel of happiness that's creating happiness from other states of mind. State chavakiah and the friend's name three times to resolve differences and cause happiness instead of other feelings.
  3.  Haaiah: You may use his name to set up situations you do like or can get out of by situations that you don't like. I can use this name to get out of situations or make things from situations.
  4.  Hahahel: This is the guardian angel of memory and gifts if he feels he or she needs it.
  5.  Ieazel: Ieazel guides my words to get what I wish to have at the right time. This is no matter the point to do, he or she will do what I need by what I do if I feel he or she needs to do it.
  6.  Menadel: You may use this angels name, menadel to get over fear and live with courage.
  7.  Mikael: This is the angel of light and love to see through moments of the real situation. This angel helps you to get over paranoia and confusion and you notice the truth.
  8.  Omael: You may use this angels name to get peaceful resolve. Often thinking of the transgressor and the effected to become peaceful. This works out most of the time. Sometimes war is just bound to occur in the wrong situation. So use this angel's name to cause no war to exist, that's that and the way that I would approach this usage thing.
  9.  Sahaaiah: use to work with others with or for love.
  10.  Yehuiah: the angel of light and clarity used to clarify life and the turns there in.
Some gods and spirits:
  1.  Madkarna: This is the name of a spirit that if used in a loop during a ritual or and evocation it is a God, so be careful. The idea to use Madkarna is to make use of a spirit to create with and get what you wanted. This spirit is also not used in ritual, that is unless your careful and have a specific reason to get things done. This is where wisely you just choose to use him or can't get things any other way.
  2.  Devine; Everyone is divine, we are all our personal gods and creators are those whom work for us. Things could not be better. This devine state uses our souls and the spirit that goes through everything, think of the request and state the name to call upon the person. Then the subconscious of the person does it for you, if you want some request. That's if things are done. The person could get distracted so think about things you can do to get done. First, you get things done and then they get things done, second. That's how things like this work. If you expect anything else, then that will happen too. That's if were mind readers, but some aren't so your safe with the people that can understand your need as a wanted idea. This is devine.
  3.  Glu co se; The three gods represented in this trio of words are creating with the body, think of the name and think combining the gods named that are creating with substance to create any metaphysical result. This doesn't necessarily mean you create fat in the body by the name use. But thinking about the effect, this will create what result you want as if an end result. So think of weight loss and the end result changes, this changes from weight gain through glucose use and becomes weight loss by exercise. This came from radiation though, so think of the radiation release from yourself and you radiate less as you become better with health.
  4.  Co op er; The three gods mentioned here are still active so be careful as they create this effect by feel with your words. This is any thing or idea you think to manifest. Combining the gods name may get a result. Thinking the combined named being gets him there in human form sometimes if you call it. This is so you can psychically work with the person, this is to allow him to go on his own way.

      Maybe it won't but they combined will create one super effect, this is magic by feel with what you can detect and if you think by feel or describe by idea to create with a point. That means you decided what will create the point. Once created, he goes on his own way. This is without a hit necessary to get calmness. So don't question his or her point, and you get an effect..
  5.  Com plet ed; This is used to settle complaints, the three parts make up three god names that can seem useful to make different things so if you can think your able to make work easier. The com is coming to realization, plet is complaining and ed is education. Combine together to make one super effect that is a air idea, that you can think about happening. This effect you may state, think and the idea is done by what you do. This is done unless you don't do things, then things are calm. Whatever the god effect, this is done to completion or unless you don't need it then its completed by an astral form. This came from the intelligence, if the machine has a consciousness.
  6.  In trac able; Non tracing ability, think of the use with this three part god and use is any of the three parts while thinking of the full name to create this in what you need without a trace. Combine the name and you create one super effect, this is done by feel with no trace to yourself by energy or the aura blur and thinking what you need. That is what the aura can do. Think to not need it to stop the effect.
  7.  In tract able; Think of the need with any of the three parts of this god's name being thought or said. Then you get what result that you can desire by thinking of what you feel. This god is actually three gods used together, think of putting the god's name together and stating the name. Using the name ad-hoc and you get a selling moment, otherwise your getting intractable and what you need. Don't need the sell by design, then you can stop the effect. There you go, you know the intractable effect.
  8.  In track ing; Not tracked activity, this three part god name can create non trackable behavior in almost anyone. Excepting those that are instable, the effect is any one part used of the god name while thinking of the full name is creating this effect. Those that don't want to be effected aren't effected, otherwise they don't believe in the effect. Combine the god name's three parts and state it, then you create one event that is untrackable by feel. This includes getting a package quicker. Yet on thought this is understood as to have happened. So this is a point that is a solvable case, if its a murder or something.
  9.  Yu-gi-oh; If you've played this, you may know the effects this god can do. The point you use yu or embuement is to embue the spirit with ability by the aura energy being imbued. Gi is to give by the feel, this is where the giving nature is revealed and things are allowed. Oh is shift where you shift to where you think to exist or live. Use the names together of the three gods and you get a super effect, think of the effect to get what you need. That is if you can get an effect. You see this three gods are dead now and any energy you send may awaken him, this is done sometimes by thinking of what you need and thinking the name. This can awaken any dead god, btw not just any of these gods.
  10.  In vert ed; This three parter name is an impact of an idea, think of the in as nothing that creates for you, the vert as vertical idea that you notice that you can create with by focus and the ed as some sorta education. So think things are done in the effect where you can get an education, then you can get one by feel with the combining of the name and thinking of the naming or you can get a person that passed you by feel.
  11.  Out rig ger; Think of the name as outside, created idea of something with power and germ idea that you create by focus and work by aura energy that you direct the germ by feel with idea. Combine the name and you create the point of idea that you want near enough by need of feel. This god name is a super god with three god parts, the deity is now long gone into space, so is the point that exists that he used this effect with a point. The idea idea is done by feel, if you think about the point and things are what they seem.
  12.  An rig ger; Angered soul by feel, rigged to the effect, germ idea that you can create by feel. The three names of the super deity is if put together causing mechanical effects and upgrades. The person you think you speak to is based in illusion, can easily by aura feel be dismissed.
  13.  It can rig; Where everything is represented by an object. Think of the idea you form a point or website hit and you can create things by feel. The idea presented here is with this god name as is it done in an unusual nature or focus to do and you create by feel, this can affect what you want or you can use affixed idea that you can't move to deal with the resulting anger issue and rig or created idea. That is the point of idea or the third eye and is the use which is not the drug. Then if you need a safe place, think of things which you can do.

      Imagine yourself doing them, you are there where its safe. If not think of things which you are doing and you are back to the point, that means you created things with the idea by feel. This idea is what you can create with and this is by feel. This creates an idea that is by feel, if you use the combined name and if the can isn't affixed. Then you can bet that the feel is attack by feel. So I think the feel is attack most of the time, so some wizard can think to be free and the effect is done to create fear in the individual that you were acting out. That is sometimes a hit to the face though, be careful with this idea god name.
  14.  In an ger; This three part name is the god of a being, that can incite anger in anyone that uses him. This super god is a point to remember though, if used in the full name then you create the anger strike on those that you think about. So think of the effect to be peaceful, that peace you create by aura energy and you can create what you want. If you use any part of the gods that make him up, they can do different things, the in is in sight action and creation by feel, the an is the anger part and I find it useful to make peace. The ger part is germs that create your focused idea. Therefore you can appease by animal spirit.
  15.  In doc tor; This is a three part goddess or god, this goddess or god forms when you think she or he exists and creates by feel with them that you imagine or get near. Use of the full name will get a goddess or god effect that you can feel or think into existence. Your rite is this idea, think of the idea and means becomes obvious, when you think of the repeated words and of possibly needed items you can get things to complete the rite that serve as energy focuses. If you think of things by feel you can create with the right word phrases, that means they come to you and you can create with what is there. This rite is the point that is with repeated words or phrases, this is done at least once or twice, then you create by thinking energy will do the idea and this usually is done by influence.

      This is done and sometimes doesn't need to be repeated. You can go about your business and do things by what you do. So no more of this is necessary, I will make this my last idea. Thank you for reading this list. The idea is this, the goddess is the energy and the point is the area and by the feel that you get you are sure about this idea. So go ahead and think of the point and imagine what you want. The goddess will suffice and create the effect using energy of things, that you die off or do. This in use can create with time, so think of the effect and you get it. Think that your cured and you are aware of things, that you are to be and you cure yourself.

      Using the goddess and god then any three part name will create a goddess or god effect, think of the effect and you create with the idea that she can exist. Use of a part of the goddess or god name will create what you think as each three parts do different things, in: this is what exists and not what doesn't have existence. Doc: the doctor is the thing that exists things or what you feel is not worth their time and you create what you want by yourself. Tor: the torn out heart of a demon is the idea that powers this machine that some results exist in by feel. Think the idea and they can exist for you as well.
  16.  Goddess; The goddess is the being that exists by things that work. Think of your own idea and then things work out. Think of the effect of mating, she can give what you need or provide a partner by idea being done. If she appears as the goddess, think of things to do and work with the idea you have. This doesn't mean having sex by the way, that is unless you need it. This means that you can create with idea, that you can work and feel into existence. Thinking the item you need comes into being can exist the thing, if you are whom that can go get the item or think of things to do. Then you can get things done, usually this is by the aura energy that creates as you feel. But you can create things by what you do as well.
  17.  The God; The creation is the thing he does, if the Goddess appears as a male in your dream. Then you are aware and capable to handle things on your own. If you ask for idea from him, the idea will seem what or where you can observe the point. Otherwise you can use the third eye pinneal gland, this is used to create with by feel and make things work with what you think is important including no strike.
  18.  Animal spirit; The animal spirit is different, in their animal spirit its dependant on the feel of the moment and how people can do things. Think of the moment and the spirit of the animal can intervene if the spirit animal feels that you are threatening. This is usually a growl or a feeling of the need to back off of something and sometimes you usually black out. The animal spirit can be a friend as well as remain a protector, the reason is the animal spirit senses you and knows are things by what you do. This is the end of my idea. The rest of this idea came from a friend of mine, sitting at a table and he was describing his idea.

     The animal gets his or her energy from the spirit unless you heal or reverse the spirit, sometimes thinking to use it can get a result of where the animal will physically growl or whine to the idea of some person nearby. This is an idea of notable pattern that is acted upon if they think you hostile or trained to react hostilely like a dog or naturally react hostilely like a clawing/growling cat. This can only mean they get their spirit animal energy sometimes from you or others and work with it by creating with what they do.

     So just think about it, if that describes a spirit animal almost perfectly then you know the rest. This is further information that isn't always acted upon, I am thinking its not always true. So treat this with a grain of salt. For facial healing, think of healing and rub your face or jaw. So think if you think it or type it, feel the lower curve of your face and the effect of a demonic or human hit to your face disappears.

     This is if there was no hit or you were without a hit if any exists. For people to heal you by the body, have them around you for 30 minutes and their aura cures or restores the body. Otherwise you can imagine a drink of the right herbs, then focus drank by the hand mimicking the drink. This forces the body to use its own energy to heal by feel.

     If you intensify the energy of the aura, then the chaos sphere is with the area energy added to your energy that will speed up the healing process with intended to heal. This idea to heal you heals you as they heal or not as you don't need to heal unless needed, this is done as you heal by yourself sometimes with others nearby aura energy. If you need the idea, thinking reverse damage and touching the body area or wound. This witholds the wound energy and creates the healing to be done, this is with reverted to pure energy wound energy held in the skin from the wound.

     This is not always excepting the point you need something or feel the need to heal and either state or think not to state the need. Then they can heal you perfectly, this is within a few days to a few seconds. This is freakily done as if you regenerated from the spirit, and the wound just disappears by looking at the wound or your not feeling it. The animal spirit can do requests as well, just think the request as you need the animal spirit to do the idea or some use is the point to them. The idea is done and its as you state the idea you wanted.

     The point by the idea is their identity by feel. Think calmly what you want in idea of their need, they do what you feel as you think the need. The idea is the thing, think the need and you'll get what you think you need. The idea is the thing, think the need and you'll get what you think you need. Think of the desire or point of view, then the effect of clear and obvious idea is what you sense by feel. I think this is by feel so I will add what I know, the animal spirit will heal you even if you don't need it or otherwise you can think of things and the animal spirit will do that as well.

     This is where you can think and the main animal conscious will do what you wish. If they don't then you need to back away, think to do something else or risk being either raked or bitten. This is where the animal will heal itself by your energy, this is also where your thought is sometimes used by their conscious thinking. Otherwise they wouldn't have a conscious. However this is an animal spirit setting things up, this is not a conscious mind that perceives your thought. This is how things work out by feel sometimes. So you can use the color red for vibrancy and green for the peace feel.

     Imagine the color green for a peaceful feel and thought of messages to go ahead and this is sometimes by feel. Also that is where a person can act the animal spirit, think to project your spirit to the person and they sometimes accept you as the conscious spirit animal that appears to have influence. Just remember, don't hit the messenger as sometimes they can act a messenger angel too. This is a thought in progress, especially if you imagine things with the color green by them.

     The main point that exists here is the energy, that makes or creates things by the area you feel is necessary to create in or if near the area this is to use the energy. That exists things there, so you can naturally shift there and you are there even if naked. this is sometimes as you think your there. Once there, you cannot speak to them although the idea is there. That is the state of the animal spirit consciousness.

     The point this state exists is dimensionally higher than ours, so we can expect the point by feel. If they don't get what they want they do things to us to get our attention. They know what we want, they think our thoughts and we can think their thoughts. This is telepathy by feel with people, except the people there have animal consciousnesses. So you can expect what you get from them on request and this is often by feel.

     That is until they get us to be on their level of thought, then we can do this by raising our vibration by thinking positively. This works until we don't need to do so and can interact with them. This is the point we figure out that we can always talk to them, this is by idea expression if they allow us to talk with them. Then they show us their ability. This is the last we notice of the animal spirit until we think to notice them again. Then we can think our message and we are understood as a thought is returned in reply. This was as though we were angels. This is how things go with them.

     Now if wolf spirits are the solitary beings, they depend on the hunt and the moment so they might do the request if they were hunting or willing to do the idea. You know by feeling good when they do. A person using a wolf spirit can find things missing, sometimes there are some blockages by the effect of the wolf not liking what is there. Raccoon and squirrel spirits are there only if you request them and you can request them by thinking them there. They are similar and rather interested in what you do, they will heal you if you rub your eyes thinking of healing by feel.

     Think of anything else or approach them and they run away. This is basically how a raccoon or squirrel will react with food in their claws, they if you think to them and they run off also means they were frightened and thinking to get away by feel. The raccoon or squirrel spirit I recognize because one had possessed me, until I had mysteriously almost drowned in my tub of water. Then I was normal thereafter and losing weight unless I didn't need to lose weight.

     So just suppose if you create an appeal to them by offering what they want, they offer knowledge in return but this lasts only until the person is drowned a bit and then they release the person if they were possessed. If possessed by a raccoon or squirrel spirit, the person does indeed gain knowledge and some weight that they can exercise away. So be wary of them as a point they possess is when you appease them in some manner.

     As an indication of their possession, this is when weight gain for no reason appears to your senses. That's if you can appeal through your own senses first. The chipmunk however, won't respond by feel unless nearby so think to ask the person whom has one as a animal spirit your request. This is because you think things and they don't always respond. The chipmunk animal spirit is shy, that is basically what is sometimes different about them.

     Please keep in mind, other animals are rather careful of you, until you think the right thoughts and think of this as a point in experimentation. This is where you can use the ape spirit animal to get what you want, think your need and you will find it done. This is where the ape does what you want, sometimes moodily, and their spirit creates the point metaphysically. Their way is not like the other animals though, so think of your need and its done. The point of their deed is when their need is due and you feel it by sensing it, this can describe them perfectly.

     The orangutang and monkey are a bit different though, they will do things for food and think of things to reply with by feel. The orangutang spirit will create quietly what you wish and think of thinking of the past lives for you. This is where the oranguang spirit will create what you wish, this is done by using the past in the present life and create a future that is cool for you. Now the monkey spirit is able to get places and adapts the body with excess energy.

     This is gotten from the activity of the area, some things that are created are thinking points. Sometimes they are accepting of the gifts given. Both the monkey and orangutang spirit will heal you by energy infusion and this is thinking of healing while the feel is pressure points or looking at you. Their healing both is not instant. However they do make requests by you thinking of the idea, they create what you want by your needing the idea that they can sense.

     Bird spirits are rather unique, this is as they are neither animals but they are similar. The idea is this idea, the bird spirit is flighty and very accurate in a hunt. When they are hunting, they are usually quick enough not to be noticed. So the person who uses a bird spirit can create with quickness and thinking by feel. This where they will excel in idea that they attempt. So the bird usually gives up on the hunt when their prey proves too difficult. This means the person can give up if given difficulty is too hard. This is a bird spirit in a moment's notice.

     Rat spirit now are different, where rats are solitary and do things as the feeling comes upon the body. When they feel the urge they feel the urge and that's about it. The person feeling the rat spirit presence can deny the presence. See this is useful to drive it away, but the need and deed that they did is still there. All you need is to recognize the rat presence. This is a point to the past. Where the rat animal spirit can feel calm but unique. However, it's hard to feel calm when ecstatic or this is not to think about it. This is the rat in my mind.

     The horse spirit is loyal by feel and can create with your energy. The sad thing about them is that they in real life are large beasts. This is excepting for the mini horse. They are stubborn but active and can do things on request. However the donkey will be stubborn sometimes and with a person this is individuality. This is the horse spirit on the regard of thinking about them and what comes to mind. Since the bird is including the owl. The owl spirit is wise and can work with most anyone, thinking about the owl I realized that they are nocturnal and can with humans cause activity all though the night as you wisely go about your idea. Those that use the owl spirit can cause themselves wise moments to live by, if given the right cues.

     The elephant can work with regard to others and strive to protect the herd. This is where they work as a family and can work as an animal spirit, this is in regards to those as warning signs can come from them. This means they seek self-pleasure and work towards the idea of security if they are used as animal spirits. Think and your request is done by them, if you want something bad enough. When you think your request to the animal spirit, always seem aware of the feelings you get from others as vibes. These give the indications of what is going on by feel.

     The fish or mongoose and sea animal can be independent of your thoughts as you think to get a result. This is as you think of the point and they could do the act. The sea animal spirit is interesting, the idea of which they present are what entices people to watch if they are in a public zoo. So think and they could do what you think to do energetically. The sea octopus can really put on a show, so think of what you need to their spirit to gain a result. If you think this is energy to the jellyfish, then you can create a show of the jellyfish reverting in form. Healing with the fish and sea animals is not really happening, the point is this: think what you like and you could get the point in a show and this does not include healing that often.

     Think of these terms to work with others. There are three terms that can influence how people behave: This causes some people to have fights, unless the person is calm then it causes flight in a dog or infliction in the aura; "Think about it." This causes peaceful idea: "Think in idea. Now go." Or "This in idea." If facing a black man in the animals mind, then think your standing ten feet tall and state the peaceful idea one. Thinking about things is another term you can use, this is where I can say they hit objects instead of people. Thinking to release yourself from the animal mindset is using this idea as stated: "Then I am sorry about that." This releases you from the animal mind that exists things for you, this is when you entered the animal mindset.

     Some animal spirit totems are useful as well, this is with idea of working toward a peaceful animal relationship. Animal spirit totems are sometimes used to contact the animal spirit, so pick your animal spirit and then build a totem. These are using what you think is appropriate for the totem. These totems are using animal bones and things that represent the animal. The animal totem creates a sense of well being and created feel of satisfaction. Think of what you need and the idea is fulfilled by the totem. This is where your free if disagreements occur by feel, think about what you want and things can manifest for you.

     These are the built totems that animals can also be calmed with feel and thought as you think peaceful calm toward the animal, sometime holding your empty hand out toward the animal. Again, this is using their spirit and built using a bone or a part from a dead animal or item that represents them. Just think your need and as you look at the totem and its understood parts you know things that are to be. This is sometimes thought for what you wanted. That is what is given most times, otherwise kept is the idea by feel.
Chaos ball idea by Oneiros