The aedric or daedric item ability

How to create an aedric or daedric item

  Think to create and create as you will. As you think its created its created, otherwise its not created unless it exists by the time you think about seeing it. All you need to do is think it near you. That is true if you think it to exist, otherwise unless you sense it its not there. So you will create by focus and thinking the point to create with the ideal or item.

  See that exists what characteristics or traits that you think, sometimes this is seen as a point and that is by what you imagine. For if you want things as thought to the object, then that is what you think to have. The objects materials also makes an ability so there is what you think and there is the material ability. So I think then you have what you want by thought, that is nothing but a wish. So the enchantment is a point or ideal you think you have as perception is what is there.

  This is what you do to create an enchanted item. The material grade improves the more magical it is. As though for a spell you focus as you think then create by feel. So if you focus as you can use thought or spoken thinking, that you speak or think then create if you focus enough then nearly anything can occur as though em in me. Sorta like you think an object can form a fireball and the material allows, then that is all you need to create a fireball. Then that is all you need to do for now.

  You can create anything using the materials that include what you want, as the object doesn't have to have a price on you except a little energy drain or otherwise you will feel energized:

Such as:

The elder scrolls

 "The scrolls contain records of all past and future events, but they cannot be read without a severe price―madness, blindness, even death. Many believe they were created by the Aedra, but why or when is unknown." -Protector Arfire[src]

  The Elder Scrolls are artifacts of unknown origin and quantity, being simultaneously archives of historic, past and future events. The prophecies of the Elder Scrolls and the Heroes are interdependent; one cannot exist without the other. They are also known as the "Aedric Prophecies," suggesting that they may have been created by the Aedra. Without technological aid, Elder Scrolls cannot be read without extreme side-effects, among which are blindness and insanity. Generally regarded as sacred, and narrowly viewed with skepticism, the scrolls are infamously associated with bizarre acts of magical or abnormal force. More commonly, the Scrolls are renowned for their impeccable prophecies, ranging from the return of Alduin to the Tyranny of the Sun.

  Really the scrolls are just paper, that create what you want as you think the scroll or the paper is the creator as you write the ideal. Then you know that the paper energy conscious creates what you want.


 "Can we flow through the Scrolls as knowledge flow through, being the water, or are we the stuck morass of sea-filth that gathers on the edge?" -Septimus Signus[src]

  The influences of the archivally historic Elder Scrolls cannot be overstated. Once a prophecy contained in an Elder Scroll is enacted in Tamriel, the text of the parchment becomes fixed. After that time, all readers ingest the same divine message, creating a historical document declaring the unequivocal truth of a past event. Scholars cannot argue the bias of the writer of an Elder Scroll, and the contents of a scroll, once solidified, cannot be altered by any known magic. It is known that the events which alter the linearity of time, known as Dragon Breaks, cannot be recorded or predicted by these scrolls.

  The influence is what you think, when you think the ideal, not more than that.

Reading an Elder Scroll

Dawnguard Elder scroll

Dexion Evicus reading an Elder Scroll (Sun).

 "To glimpse the world inside an Elder Scroll can damage the eyes. Or the mind, as it has to Septimus" -Septimus Signus[src]

  Any person gifted with prescient powers is able to interpret the contents of the Elder Scrolls with practice. It is said that those with no ability see only unknown etchings and runes, often claiming to recognize constellations and birth signs. True insight into the divine contents comes at a price as each new foretelling and interpretation strikes the reader with blindness that gradually increases with each reading, while simultaneously granting them a broader view of the scroll's contents. Ultimately, the reader, having engaged in frequent acts of prophecy, is left bereft of their vision, forever after removed of their right to read the scrolls. By time-honored tradition only those of The Cult of the Ancestor Moth may read from the scrolls, the younger members caring for the elder as they gradually lose their sight for eternity. The loss of sight for the reading of an Elder Scroll is described as "a price," probably for the learning of what the Elder Scroll chooses to reveal to the reader. Some go insane from reading an Elder Scroll because, as the game describes, it is too much knowledge for some to handle.

  The Dwemer were so technologically advanced, they were able to develop a device, called a Lexicon, which allowed someone to read an Elder Scroll without going blind or insane.

  Really the ideal is you can read it with the ideal from the source as you think to read it.

Aedric artifacts

  Think the point then you are aware, that if you think the quality can suffice then it might unless it breaks. So think the point then as you think the ideal to create, as you carve or trace sometimes tracing some symbol you think of where you think the symbol does things. As though empowered to create some ideal for better results, you can hold the artifact then think the effect.

  As you think while you feel to create the ideal point, then you create by what you consider. The side effects are that you may have a living artifact, otherwise a living symbol that is dispellable as you think the symbol or artifact has no meaning. Seen with repelling or respect you think to use things as they are of use.

  Seen with effect the artifact or symbol could use a bit of your energy, as the creator with a bit of tiredness is expected. See that use you used was a bit of energy drain until you think the energy isn't draining from you, so that you recover from with use of a drink of water. So as your aware that means you are freed from use by now as that is use.

Daedric artifacts

  The material is important for this as certain types create certain effects, such as creating with iron is focus your energy to the iron to disrupt the area magic. Then you create area disruptions as you use the energy that you put to the object to create what you wish. Otherwise this is use of a star or ninja star thinking to create better impact or holes, then the star does as you throw it right.

  Usually the energy of the material creates what you think it will, even though the material doesn't seem likely to create what you want. The effect can be draining on yourself as you use an artifact then, you create what you wish when you think to create what you possibly can. This works with whatever you think to use like that. Just know that you could find yourself doing things strangely if the energy of the iffy artifact creates what you think through you or others. This lists the point I made with a daedric prince named og.

Oghma Infinium (Skyrim)

  The Oghma Infinium (Plural: Oghmas Infinium) is a powerful Daedric artifact belonging to the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora that he used for attacks or ideal. It is an ancient tome of knowledge written by Xarxes, the wizard sage and scribe also known as "The Ageless One." The Oghma Infinium is given to Hermaeus Mora's champion upon completion of a specific task or quest. Once read, it disappears, returning to Hermaeus Mora's realm in Oblivion.

  The cover of the book is made from the skin of the different Elf races: green for Orsimer, tan for Bosmer, light for Falmer, yellow for Altmer and darkest gray for Dunmer. Upon closer inspection, there are in fact six pieces (the tiny dark scrap on the upper left, above the yellow Altmer hide, presumably the skin of a Dwemer).

  This is just a book that increases your ability to do things. That really depends on what there is by feel. Really the cover of the book is made of what materials that are there. So if you think to use this know it will only do what you think, as the ideal is listed by feel in it. So the point is what you want to put as this is really part history, part spells, part ideal with mostly the ideal that you read. Think then you know what is the point from the fiction.

Skyhawk, max out and Dr. Ed