Third eye practices

These third eye practices are from a third eye seminar off of msn.

The third eye basically and strangely exists, we can also see it on people's foreheads. If we have a good sympathy connections with that person, it can happen very easily, generally it's seen as blue. But, we are going to talk about the third eye activation process at first.

To 'see', third eye actually isn't in need. There are several methods to activate it. Because we see with our own auras, that's why when we 'see' something or someone, we connect each other, even if it's an object. That's why some people can see the events backwards-wise when they touch to an item. Anyway, almost everyone sees some images when they close their eyes. We can improve that effectively.

There're ways. To go on, first, we stare at a 'not-so-much-bright' light (so our corneas don't die) and we close our eyes, we see it's still there (color burnings). And we know that colour burnings appear wherever we look at. To be 'seeing' is something like those colour burnings, as whatever we see, generally goes wherever we look at because we see it with our auras.

When we see colour burnings, we see them with our auras too because everything, especially the light has vibrations. Our auras perceive things as vibrations and whatever we have is perceived by a point called 'assamblage point'. It's there, on collarbone (aurally), and it's so believable if we consider the last quantum explanations (such as 'the field'). Anyway, there's a method and it's related to those colour burnings.

Where we switch the lights off, light a candle and meditate for a while close your eyes, and get in a relaxed mood, push away the thoughts out of your heads. No ideas, no thoughts, no opinions, no conflictions. And get relaxed a little bit, then open your eyes and stare at the candle. Now, look somewhere at your room and it doesn't matter any point, blurr your eyes and try to see the strings. (remember the cord theory). Some see the strings running across the wall like cobwebs.

Those strings eventually become more and more, now open the lights. They should look like stretchy fine strings. Blow the candle off and try to see the strings again, on walls. When you managed that, keep practicing about seeing them and check them out in skies, you can see them everywhere, because everywhere exists 'because' of those strings as they're the main-energy-particles in the world.

And in the universe, everything is made by those strings, even our ideas. Keep practicing on the strings, and when you have a nice, clear and unconflicted mind, start seeing them going more and more again. You stare at the strings and they start being gathered at a point on wall. Keep watching that and they'll start circling around, like something starts to get outside 'inside' of them. Keep watching and staring.

Something will really come outside of them, with an astral 'pop' voice. So, keep practicing until you see the whole new dimension 'pops' out from the strings. Anyway, until you get to that point, you can stare at the skies and 'see' some other stuff too. Especially work on clouds. You'll see sylphs anyway, keep seeing the sylphs and they'll appear like a movie after a time. You'll start seeing a 'movie' on clouds.

So, after seeing those 'movies' on clouds (with the sylyphs) and seeing those 'moving' or much likely to be 'floathing' colours (aether), slight beeings, etc, let your exercises continue on people. So don't directly, straightly look at the people when you're doing that, staring at them. Stare around over their shoulders, heads and other parts of their bodies.

When you're staring at the people, you may see white/gray floating 'flames'. That means you're at the correct way. Keep practicing on people, blurr yours eyes as you did on the walls at the colour burning method. Use the mirrors to view your own aura, let your 'seeing' process lasts longer but don't look directly ever. It's not recommended, especially to mirrors.

Meditate more often to clear your mind, in order to have control over your sight. As, you can usually see the negative space of reversed things, on the other side of the mirrors. Beyond a mirror is that space and every positive action is a negative there, as its a reversed place. So, use your room pretty good, don't let there be negative feelings and emotions. If you don't want it to become a haunted room. Because like I said, when we 'see' something, we connect it. When you see a being, it sees you too but when you see aether, it doesn't see you, so don't worry about anything.

When you practice with humans, look at their heads and see the floating 'field' or 'flame', you can have some 'fizzlings' or vibrations at your head chakra and the person you are looking at has the same feeling too, because you're sensing his/her vibrations at his/her own head chakra. Because his body knows that he's being 'seen'. So that's the connection I meant. You can let your experiments last long, and then focus around people's heads (again) and you will see their 'perception balloons'.

For example, when your teacher/professor/boss thinks about a person, you may see the person's perception balloon appears like an ampul's light. And you can see 'bridges' or 'links' between the boss/teacher/professor, and the person you are looking at, it's quite funny actually. When I look at my professor, I see her aura and her 'vibrations'. As an experiment, I think 'choose me' to ask something, and i see her 'perception balloon' appears like an ampul, and there comes a link to me, after 2 seconds there is a 'Libby'.

That's how things work, there're tons of things like that you're going to see with those methods. Anyway, you can manipulate someone like that. Make them think certain things.

Now let's talk about the third eye seeing thing. Choose one of your best mates, (not from your schools, or your jobs) and sit down with that person. Clear your minds, let your inner conflictions and else go away from your heads, and stare at yourselves face to face. Stare at your eyes, don't think anything, just see beyond their eyes, feel the emotionless, clear mind and he/she will feel that too. Now look a bit above, look at the front heads.

Stare, just stare and you'll see some kind of strings again, or at least you'll know there's something happening, so keep staring and you'll see the thing I'm trying to mention. It's strange, but amazing, generally blue, sometimes purple and green, it looks like an eye but also looks like a square too. Keep staring each others third eyes, and you'll understand that you guys are connected to each other, your third eyes see each other too, actually, you are seeing each other from your third eyes.

That's what happens anyway, then stop staring, talk about something else, but stare at your front heads when you're talking, then stop staring at that, think something different, talk about sports, drinks etc. But, don't loose the feeling, and stare at your third eyes at least for every 1 minute. Then you may have an incredible thing, you may see a light at your partner's forehead. When you see that, he/she will absolutely see the same on yours.

Now this is the miracle, both of you are having the same movements on your foreheads, same light. You're like miners with flashlights. This is absolutely one of the best things you can ever come round. And it can change your life totally. You'll realize you're already 'seeing' that person, from top to above, you're reading his/her mind and he/she's reading yours too; but amazing thing is, you both don't think anything, so what you read are only the grace revealed because of this miracle. When you get that point on seeing, keep going and experimenting but never get negative feelings. Nor talk about the things you see, to anyone.. unless they ask you for a scan.

Anyone who sees something uses his/her third eye, but not the 'actual' third eye though. The real third eye on foreheads are just manifestations. They exist there because we believe them to be there. They exist because we use that 'point'. Because we use our 'eyes' to see, and that's the perfect point to be seen face to face. When we remote view, we can use anywhere we want. Third eye is the manifestation of our sight-based reality's alter sections, by which we can see the unseen and anywhere else.

You can see anywhere with your third eye. You can manipulate anything with your real third eye. Just to manifest your real third eye into being, think to the third eye to 'open up' and it will, tell by thinking to yor third eye 'to see this place' and say or think of the place. And, it will do just that. To think 'close yourself' to the third eye and the real third eye will cause it to close. To think or say what you want of your third eye, or what you want, will cause the real third eye to do so. To imagine what you want as if it is to occur or will happen, will cause your real third eye to make it happen. However, if you didn't instruct your third eye to do certain things, then it won't.

So, to think 'transform my body into a more enticing form' to your third eye, will cause your body to change by the real third eye's influence, into a more enticing form that you think is enticing. To say rules to which the third eye is to follow, makes the real third eye do so, so be careful on how you instruct it.

This ends the seminar
Done by Libby.
Extra info added by Skyhawk and Silly