Changes in effect by the world onion

    This is the world onion idea created not by a new drug, as the creator think what you need and your use is thought as keep slender and you can easily get away by thought. Think as not thinking and walk away with the layers of perception, formed by the creator with the area in energy or thought layers viewed. Tis thought in perception you can get away with, as from the area is energy as any aura is enrgy by influence or with the creator's shield. This is the thought that the onion is the layers of thought. Not the outcome that is with the rule.

  This is layered by the reality or feeling you think and imagine, as you want or can see the point to do. As the point is the world to make better by what in change is the perception changeable, by thought and in adapted thought to idea by the concept and as if an onion  or something eaten by peel. Think fruit and you get fruit and in some regard, you can use the fruit to make or create thought and no you can return to what you are doing.

  What is thought is what is there as if a non hurt field that causes thus, don't do or think out loud as your not needed to and you end up gone with what you can live with. Thought is and if make or see in thought what is around you, you don't always see a use or boredom as you don't have to do the idea. This is not so rampant as to see and believe to as not be important in life.

  As distraction happens in focus you improve in focusing the more you are not distracted by ttte use in thought and thought by the focusing technique, that you work with and out by thought is what you can tend to do also as a survival technique as you know by feeling to think use is cocoa and feel is the area. Create as you feel or sense energy as focus or use is there, as a sign is read as signals per vibration in feel as done is not reacted.

  Think as done or whatever not and this is done, as thinking tis what unexists the layer or your energy is what can not do in use. Think the creator shield as the layers are as self-periodic energy from renewed creator energy. Tis is by chi energy in some activity, as thought of the time in use becomes nothing this then is for nothing unless necessary.

  Thought as much is this in an idea as what is dissipated idea or not is thought and energy disappears, layer interaction doesn't always happen. Think release of muscle tensed as energy is there, though in some form that creates tension disappears easier in imagination. As that isn't doing what you want what this is doesn't effect you as you need.

  Think to know and confirm by nothing in that gets nothing done or meditation is done, till you need to do things to get things achieved by what you figure out. Think creating water effects or elemental effects in the point, you think or consider and if you think too much you can do nearly nothing.  Thinking and you can seem what won't be effected by what you feel and in your ability you win or lose as you want as you don't need to intend.

   As you can see in the onion layers, as those are actual creator made shield layers that are dimensional and you can see in between the world layers. As you think to create or see the idea in mind so you can see things as if good. The onion is like a mind world created and use is think of a point and the layers, that is with the mind are there in use.

   Chop or think as if in the onion to see the creator's shield in what you did point the idea, time of the point is thought into that which is an onion top. You are what is in thought if you think or not. Think the ions as expended energy as this is thought noticed, creation is working with things as they come. As this can seem the perspective view think change by mention. As if you see if you could get out of reality, think as you will a shift then as you think where you'd end up somewhere or focus to work. Consider as if your choice of worlds and not by the same seeming world, as if parrallel or as you were in thought to be here.

  That which you think makes it up and the idea is obvious if there is a moment to see things in expanded view as if there and wherever you are and you don't enter unless you want to even if the onion is uneaten. This also is a create a point, and use is an intuition that effects things is necessary. What changes you make, is what can seem interesting with use. Realizing what is there, is what can allow things for use. This is the effect that is interesting, what is use is of another idea in mind and use is with a point. Just think and not be beaten and you stop supposing, and things stop beating you as you think to ward away the issues and problems in life. As if you are an idea as if a thought, and things are there as if arrangement is done.

   There is no in other point other than exploring area that are interesting. That is unusual and reality shifts you away, if you think to seem there you are in. Out is the point that you think to exit, and you get away as if you are an idea in thought to seem energy and things are normal. As a point of practice, now you can try to see and do things as if you look for things. Use is focus on the need to see and you see in the world onion idea, that the right actions unlock the correct layers as if you are using the right frequency and key idea as if you can shift your conscious and see wjat world you want to seem if you want. As you think to seem somewhere and think yourself there, or somewhere else you can see the spaces that are there that your subconscious sees are interdimensionally connected.