Omniscience is in a knowing before the moment from any time in the future or past. This is an omnipotent science or omnipotency thats a natural skill enhanced by machines and crystals. This is the thing, it derives its enhancement by reading something or needing to know and the machine is powered up to cause the effect. If its off, then the enhancement can come from crystals. This is enhanced prescience at its best. Its activated by telling the crystal or machine by thought or spoken voice to 'grant me the clairavoyant power of omniscience.' When it ever works, it startles you at first and by the effort of working an effect, then you are aware ever after. Abuse of this can create the machine to have faults or the crystal to crack a bit. Faulty machinery can be replaced, crystals can be restored by regenesis. Regenesis happens when the energy of life is put through the crystal. Its ended up restoring the crystal by thoughts of life. The life energy is a catalyst by thoughts of understanding and 'restore' at the crystal.