The Matrix and how to get out of it

   The Matrix is a realm made by computers energy/earth, soul and dead bones energy to keep people who would steal/do bad things limited. Energy there is higher than reality due to it being fed by the machine energy/bones energy. By a point things can look like any other disguise by default, as we are all in this realm until we decide to leave by thought and idea.

   Here's how: Imagine a door opening in your mind. Walk thru it and lock it behind you. You will fall thru a wormhole essentially. The first thing you will notice when entering actual reality is it will feel odd to you, everything will look odd and I change things, the odds are as you wont know why unless needed the creator changes by what is there or things change where he is focusing. The second thing is you'll feel heavier because gravity will have a stronger effect on you. Magic will be harder to cast as its not fed by computer energy any longer but more fulfilling. You will feel energy more, for instance if your making toast.. you'll feel the fire energy from a few feet away.

   Once you exit the matrix, you'll need to disconnect your computer from the grid. Do this by thinking about the computers hard drive and willing it separate from the matrix. You can easily get pulled back into it, if you don't do this step as if to prove difference.

   Music is a good indicator whether or not your still there. If your soul dances to the music and you get transported to the place/time period of the music, or your body moves to it without you trying at all then your out. If not your still in the matrix. Telepathy is natural and is able to be done, once you leave the matrix. Also, things will work right when your out of the matrix, most times.

SH and Zargeo