Human consciousness

  Your consciousness is always expanding, naturally What really matters, is not the expanse of your consciousness, but of it's distribution and it's state of being. A rock has just as much of a consciousness and an intellect as a human, or a super computer; the difference, is that in this perceived level of reality, very little of it's consciousness shows. It's consciousness exists mostly on some other level of reality. Humans simply have more of their consciousness present in this particular level We perceive, as an idea is for example, that some other humans even, and many animals, seem to be "stupider" than us; in reality, it is only that less of their consciousnesses is present in this world.

  So the goal as concept is a thought in use to have a optimal distribution of consciousness through the different levels of reality which allows an to be most productive in using connections and receiving information. Focusing in to your inside and expand it inwards, not outwards and think as you want you can get what you desire. I think this is what you looked for in your past life yet today your alive with what you know to release or realize by feel is what you see you think or think you can create or think you are aware then you are. Think you create by feel or feel you are created by feel. This is the rulke of release to release by focus think to touch then you are where you think.

  Now, the human mind follows a very simple mment as is in view yet follows a profound rule in the subconscious: "I have more limits, than that which I worship."
  You see, if you devote your consciousness to something, but your mind recognizes this thing to have some limitations of some kind, (for example; a goddess is still defined by her form...she has a gender), then your mind reasons that since you are not as great as what you worship - for otherwise, why would you do so? - then if that thing you devote your consciousness to has a certain limitation, your consciousness also associates the same limitation to a higher degree to it's self.

   But since God - or Allah, Zeus, Vishnu, Odin, The creator, The Great Spirit, or whatever name you prefer to call the Supreme Consciousness by - is of course completely and infinitely limitless, then upon devoting your consciousness to the Limitless God, your consciousness cannot any longer impose any limitations upon it's self; it no longer needs to, in order to make sense of what you are working with. So if you feel or think, it begins to become purged of limitations.