How to change the self

Supernatural or natural: How to create your own transformation

  How to change the self is both in life and by the self as this can be mystifying and working by conforming, there is also this subliminal. Some cant do it where some can. Think the effect is to transform then your subconscious changes the body, as though it were to change into becoming a unique individual. The way you can do this is think to meditate ot focus, then you think the change as you either speak it or think it. Then you create what you wish, as you think the point as you use some point as a rolemodel. Breath in then breathe out, then think to change as you wish or want the formation otherwise if not too late or think to the water or non high fructosed drink. Till the drink or water is heavy with coldness and drinking is causing the need to eat to dissipate. So where your pituitary takes over, otherwise then stationary you think the change then you are the change. There is a price to this, the need to eat or drink. Think a point then you are with the point that starts as weight loss or weight gain with what you eat, that is supernatual or naturally done as this is seen where a point is energy related idea or energy that is existing by the point. This allows creation with use.

  creation use; "Think as you want with the feeling you have, as the feel of life exists what you want. This is so you think as you are aware or awake. Just so you remember to focus with feeling or use is there by feel. You imagine it to be so if by feel, this is with what you consider a thought if you do this. If you think from the feel to imagine what you want. You imagine things to exist then they will with focus. So that I think is the way of life. Otherwise you get nothing from life in life that exists or not by the feel." - J n Spellhawk

  So this I think was by the energy consciousness, where you think your slender as you change then you start to not feel hungry. As you lose the weight or extra mass to change anyway. So think the way to work, then you are aware by what you think to do. So think that you do then you will transform by focus with feel. Due note you can use pea or any innard to assist the change. So its so easy to make a change. Just think it then the creator causes your body to change, yet the body resillience is resistance if you think there is some resistance to change.

  So think there is lesser weight then there is lesser weight, if you think to lose weight as you hold in your stomach where some drink water to assist the change. Water is best if purified. Then tense and release then, as you think the transformation the subconscious makes it happen. This is where you can think energy is resilient by still thought or activity with feel, as you think this is with life yet its not as its just the body. That is the release for fat and all there is for this ideal, that disappears after you start to move around. If you want to get back in shape, then you are aware that you think to use chi shaped into a ball. Then will a shift to be where you want to seem, so this is where you think by energy to get back.

  That uses the ideal that you think to go somewhere else and do something else, where you think to exercise elsewhere or do activity as your somewhere else as you think your not there then your not. So if you think to stop the compulsive eating and eating after. As I see it this happens to most people, feel by focus or think to stop if you really don't need to eat. Think your body shape is thin and state I will not eat my weight. Then you don't as it just was suggestion. So think to not eat yet drink water, cold water to counter the need. If you think a point as you were capable. Then you completed the tranfer of energy, that is counted as transformation or formation and stopped the starved body need.

  This is thought then with feel, not now or think so you do what you want. Seeing is believing sometimes with this, so the point identified is what you can think. This is not always true of the ideal you have. That is all there is as if thought to this is just, as the water that is warm causes the metabolism to go up. That causes eating or lessened eating, after drinking cold water there is no eating need if you don't starve yourself. Think to eat a little fat then the eating need disappears, this is like eating too much snake meat or slender non fattish meat. Where you feel an urge to eat then, that you can't dismiss until you had something that is just one bite. So think as your aware, this is not all there is as thought to eating but the changeshifting is what you think to do.

  So changeshifting is changing the body that you do things. That is of what you think to crate to sell or create what you consider a safe idea change. This is where you don't allow your pituitary to puff the body up from lack of minerals, instead you eat the minerals in some pill form then your body can consolidate or think to use things without much weight gain. As the body is puffed up you feel the urge, when the body isn't puffed up the body restored itself so you don't feel the urge. This is what you think to create, so think to not do upon yourself things you would rather not have if you think to create with what is there. Think then you don't that is the key to this, as you think to use things that are used you won't bother with the ideal too much.