God magic

  The key to god magic is the belief, in your god as the source of power. Call to your god or yourself for aid to make what you want happen. Make the spell as a prayer and think, on what you want when stating out loud, in any language with an authoritative voice "My god, I request and ask thee to grant me what I wish, an I thank you for your aid." Otherwise its "I am divine I think the idea to exist or then will the ideal I feel or think to exist."

   Seen uses; The secret to god magic is focusing where directed energy is thought directed to a drink then you drink. If you drink enough then you can create nearly any type of gas. This is substitute sugar with water with lemon juice with some sorta combination, that means that you could use a shifting by fart gas combo or aloe vera with the basil with lemon. Unless you avoid the fart gas release by using grape instead of lemon added to water, with substitute sugar is a restore to your body energy drink. This is directed energy to create with the ideal point to create by feel. Like think the element then the use or ideal by imagination to achieve.

  So think if you drink enough focused energy water, this uses us or other energy where you can use a charging plate then. You can release your energy to create with what you feel is appropriate. Just think then focus your ideal to create as energy is there, as this uses imagination or ideal solution the ormus solution is water with salt blended. This is thought with magnets nearby, otherwise strapped to the blender cup sides. So think then you shift away with warm water or shift back with a cup of cold water.

  The Orgone Energy Charging disk is designed as a tool to infuse life force energy into water which improves taste and hydration qualities. On a physical level the surface tension of the liquid placed on the disk is lowered, thus enabling better hydration qualities for the human body which improves cell hydration. The water also has energetic qualities similar to that of mountain spring water as it would be straight from the stream. The disk dissolves, go approach residual energy from all liquids and especially food.

  Which tends to accumulate more residual toxic energies than liquids. Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by its energized feeling in your stomach, thinking and ideal also improves the taste of other liquids such as juices and wines, along with food. Body lotions, tonics and shampoos improve their effectiveness after being charged and the residual energies have been removed with the disk. So to use the disk, simply place it under the container holding the liquids or foods and leave for a few minutes to charge.

  So http://spellhawk.blogspot.com/2016/03/orgonite.html describes the ideal of orgonite that creates what you think. Think as you are aware that this is the point that you think or work to make things work for you, otherwise the point is by what you can consider. Thinking a point then you know things and otherwise work by things that are there. That is the way you make delicious tea. So think as your aware, thinking the point then is the ideal that you create things only on the basis of need. Unless you don't need you know what you can do.

  So I think if you need to make delicious brownies, think to make some brownie mix with aloe vera added with dark chocolate or cocoa powder added to white vinegar added to basil, honey granules or sweet coconut powder. That is what creates a cure to cocoa need or sugar addiction thereafter. So think the point before trying this, as this will taste off if you think to use the ideal by now without some sorta raw or substitute sugar.

  We only use the god term because it activates our faith part of our brain that does things by feel. So think what you want is a term that creates by ideal what you wish to occur, then explain what you want yet expect to not actually create sucess where success is not there. So this is a point as then is the past you point out. This only means a measure of respect is there so think as you must. So this is point to the present by now used in ideal.

The God Guard

  The god guard idea basically is setting a god to protect as if a guard. This will default to being the only two aspects of god to actually do physical results; Tengri, pronounced [taen-ri], and Odin. Although you can use any other as there are many aspects to god. Its not as odd as you might think, as there's a basic reason for it, to set a guard over us by our asking a god to guard us from problems and situations in the future, as with an object or project or else. And, to keep situations from happening by attempts of the others idea.

  For people who don't really know to know this, its sometimes a god's duty to do as he is asked by some means and the same is for for goddesses. So think along those lines and you will know what to think on god and the actions therein of him. As though, god was an annagram of our will projected into the astral to do our will.

  Think or feel to do this trick, think is by practice to focus your mind on the intent of guarding and then try to find the mental state in your mind to call on god in any name that you may think as is him or her. Then state, 'I call you [god/ess's name] to protect me and guard over this idea and do the purpose I have in mind. May it be.' Its possible to get better results to imagine a candle being lit for you or lighting a white candle to achieve the result easier. It is possible also to effect this result, a regard of something to achieve results other than guarding.

  All thats needed is to change the wording of the 'god request'. You will know if it worked or not by the idea of danger and damage being eliminated and not happening. Even if it does happen, then the danger and damage is reduced.

  There is even a wordless version to this idea. A person can use the "god", if 'god' exists for them, as a work or a thought to activate that part of there ability. As someone was feeling to control what they do and what their intent is forms the action that 'god' helps make happen. If the belief of god is there, then as a psion or psychic or so on, the natural ability to do things will be there.

  What do I mean by "god" anyway? A higher being who works with peoples thoughts, to do as the person thinks should happen and help the effect manifest. This works for everyone..even if their psychic/psion and so on. So its a allution, or a way to bring that power to help them. The result of asking 'god' for better weather wouldn't happen, otherwise.

  Lets just say this power is everywhere, as though a devine will that is directed by thought. By willing something, thinking god will help it occur, you actually ask god to help make it occur with a spiritual/devine influence. But by god, which is a spiritual thing, your abilities kick in and your actually being your own god. Directed by the same devine will, that you use to create the effect.

Psalm magic

  Otherwise there is a point by psalm magic, that allows what you want by use of this formulation. You think then make use of mention then you create by faith. The psalms are used in magic by thinking of the psalm number or thinking of the psalm itself, as you are being reverent. Then if the end result is spoken or imagined that occurs, stating the psalm number or your interpretation of the psalm in words creates the end result as a result. Thinking is the meaning that the number is with the psalm you call out by need, reverently think the work and thinking of your ideal God then state your intent with a point.

"I wish psalm [#] to occur here."
"I use psalm # [state psalm number]", think and if in your thought you think and the psalm comes or "as is" intent to use is achievement is for the psalm "as is the psalm I think [state the reason] the third eye will create."
"Oh [your god name] here, make what I need occur."
"Oh [Your God name], make [your interpretation of the psalm] happen."
"Oh [your god name with the religion that requires sacred ice or made ice, that dissolves otherwise sacrifice is necessary such as Roman or Greek gods], make [describe what you want] and I offer [describe what you offer] for this is the made point."

  For the Turkish Deity to manifest the psalm, seen as a result:
"Tengri [pronounced Taen-ri], I think to use psalm # [name psalm number]"
"Tengri, grant me [describe what] by Psalm (Psalm # here)."
"Tengri, grant me abundance or allow me things or money or [describe what you want]."
"Tengri allow or give me [describe what you want by now]."
"Tengri, use the psalm that I need to get my result."

  For the creator deity to manifest the psalm or ideal, seen as a result is this:
"Brahma [pronounced brah-ma], I think to use psalm # [name psalm number]"
"Brahma, grant me [describe what] by Psalm (Psalm # here)."
"Brahma, grant me abundance that is here or allow me things or money or [describe what you want]."
"Brahma allow or give me [the means or describe what you want by now]."
"Brahma I need [the means to do or describe what you want by now]."
"Brahma I need [the ideal to do by what I describe or what you want by now]."
"Brahma I need [the means to create or describe by what you want]."
"Brahma, use the psalm that I need to get my result."

  What helps is to imagine the psalm being stated, in the spirit or mind. As, you state the effective desire. Another way, is to announce the psalm as though you intended it to be working, somewhat using the format above.

  You don't really need a candle unlit or lit, as a thought of a candle is good and acts as a mind ritual, as this an act of magic this is so you use a white candle in your mind as this is done somewhere in your mind room as somewhere else, as you want it to be done. Think and respond, the effect is the concept being made to happen.

  But with use, an idea is to think of your god and say the psalm as an effect to do and you can do what you need. As, you think of the act as a thought in mind and the concept then you are able to get the end result that to that right there and achieve what is good. The psalms use in magic is here. Think the psalm number as you think of the psalm by mention, then the creator creates the psalm effect. As though soothing the nerves then allowing what is to be done, other use is where you think up a law that you want to happen then you create with the ideal what you wish.

  An example is this then or now: 11057 Thought is there as though the right things were being done, any court proceeding is negated as though the person gives in by what you think or do. This is use as though a good ideal, so think what you want then the person responsible will do it. As though free from guilt and allowing. You are by the laws of the land now free. Think to do what you want that is smart. That is how you use this.


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