The dragon voice

This is probably true where this came from with a vision as I thought to see them and with an explanation only I am stating it to you, the reader.

 Dragon voice is the point you speak and the focus or determination, that is what creates the point you make by thinking or used by activity. The dragon voice is a god voice technique known as a point you think, then speak to create what you want as the fog voice that fogs something in the mind. This is usually by what that is or makes so thinking is what we think. So focus energy into the voice then think what you want to occur, that you think to create as you project the voice that is how to manipulate or control crowds using voice. Think there is a voice and you don't have to follow it, if you think the voice gone then you still your inner speakings as you think to create what you want or wanted in life.

 This is where you can imagine them hearing "This is the last will remainder that I will leave for you so farewell." Then they will respond as though emotional yet willing by remorse. This is a point to do, think that is heard somehow and you will cause them to do things sometimes that they don't suspect they want to do. Think that they thought to do, then they that "heard" the thought will not do what you think. This is where they will do what you thought. Thinking a pattern will create a patterned point and think it "off" will create something not done as though it were done. Think not to do things and they won't or you don't do things as you intended what you thought for yourself.

 What you feel or think is what you intend sometimes. So know yourself, this is before you attempt this feat of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes they will follow your thoughts, so think not to be found and your thought is not found as you aren't. Your thought could also be any item as well, thats easily found if illegal. Think your not aware to be found and they aren't finding you as your thought comes from thinking what you think thinking you hear the ancestors thoughts and see his or her actions will allow you to perceive what is there that they did. This also works with past life rememberance. So I think this covers for the point that was made.

 As you state the right things to create the right result with the correct ideal. Think to create as you focus energy to go forth to create with the voice. This is as though the right or correct food choices were made in an ideal point. Otherwise some result might occur. You see the food influences the magic that you can do. So with the right food choices you could get good results.

 The words shape the effect or result. Otherwise think the effect to create then think the effect will occur as the element forms with a symbol drawn in the air really that creates by the subconscious as the subconscious forms what you think should be there. This and more can be learned from using, this ideal is create or use things with meditation processes as a focus using voice or ideal. I think this ideal outlasted you, so develope a spell to cancel the ideal to the area feel or point.

 So think or then suggest a single thing, that you create by thinking the ideal that's near the point you want to effect. This is where use is a point then that you want to create, wherever it is that uses a medium to create your effect. As you focus on the single thing then think, as you direct with voice to create what is possible with alpha trance. So I quit all junk with this. This came from where is the thing.

 If you think, focus to use the frequencies of radionics or energy to create a shadow form, that is made of blue fire to appear thinking the activity is your own ideal you express or feel as the frequency is a, c notes in a chord to restore or sustain by feel by e note for energy. Added to D for the vibrationality of some destructive yet restorative octave, that you so can create havoc with if overfocused to the virii cells that repair instead because of ormus. What energy you think to target is eliminated of bad programming. That you create by thinking with the voice as your extension. Not for me do they do this, thinking to work by themselves they did.

 With this however you will know then avoid the more dangerous foods that could effect your health, this to the tones of A, C with maybe a D vibration for deep hurt to be restored from. So I seem to think the area is there with people every now and then, look around and try to feel their feelings if an empath then you know. There is noone there as there is there where no emotion sensed. So think then your aware of the point, that exists by what was done for what you are aware is there. I think therefore I will arm myself as there are dangerous people around here.

 I wonder for how far this stage of spending no money will last is what I think, so then as I spent almost no money so I think I saved allot. This in reminder is for things or from what I thought. So whatever this is I know this is correct by what you do. Use C, D, E tones to restore or destroy by A, C, E tones. The a d noted tones vocalized is the right ideal to use, so you stress the importance that exists cooperation and can get what you think is necessary. If hostile then arm yourself or create peace by area focus. This is where you are with the peace of the area to work with others feel. This is what I would do on a normal basis.

 Fun point: think then work and you can create what you think if you need it. Not so fun point: think the need then act in accord to those that need you and think to survive, if a brutal contact where their need counters your need by feel. That is what I saw with these ideal uses for the power of water that can transform itself or the body as though a non taken soul. This is what I thought about for the last 64 years, as I wrote creative engineering rules for the ideal. So enjoy yourself as you are creative. The end is near I did it I managed to parse the reality generator that the archons held me under, so long ago I managed to get in here now I am getting out of here. So see ya around. I think then therefore I will do something spectacular so things work out.

Written by caz, ben, mike, jay