The art of discipline

   Discipline is gained as if from a repeat or non repeat moment that has results that can be desirable considered "tey". There be three ways to do discipline and Willpower is part of all of them. To even attempt to use the three possible ways, requires a will to which you want and need to do something, mostly with your life. Not even the if there is a will then there is a way or not as no need no way. But if use is there don't always use the need, there it can be with others but not with you. The idea was "Don't is in do to create as you want un in discipline for whatever is in discipline." Yet was as in were. "As you want you get as in were use or not get as no need." From what I observed you see I saw a cool area thought then the area formed or unformes the idea after not wanted. So the area unformed them as the focus to area unformed, see the area that was discipline in use then you see what I mean or can do with no manic.

   So thinking or using thought is to be knowing this can help you in the end. The moment of will discipline thats using an energy source and an element of time by feel. Illucid is thought as now distraction is done you are what you see in sight, as illithid mind non eaters or not in mind as unseen these are the area people that are left by cthulu. These are time machine people that want your life as if with love. They are what you can see is useful or thought in life is creative in a wiles feel or not in use. This was when we realized in 2000107 or 2013 BC that we realized that cthulu was in existent. There is energy to trace in change to change your form, as in use of idea is method by imaginating the change or situation to change with by thought imagination after use. Think with your imagination the right visual point and you can create what you want with what you will have to do things with feel. This is the way of visualization.

   There is thought no is thought competance to better idea so get better is by the feel. This is an energy to the use by feel if the body allows by not unexisting feel so you know spellcaster. There is none idea to this in life as no illitid exist unless seemed from a game. In life your able to get what you think as this is not actually accosting spirit or not, think to see the illithid as you think ward away as the illithid dissipates to where you think. Think "So lets not as your idea is not except to do what you think with no good ends." Thought that isn't will or will seem not to be done, so think to do what you want and aura directed with idea is the point you sense. This is there in another space the area doesn't seem to happen.

    'Attitude is a main ingredient to discipline. If you have an attitude expecting failure, you will practice your hardest and inevitably fail or hit a wall when obstacles present themselves, even if you surpass those obstacles a negative attitude degrades performance, whereas a positive attitude can change your outcomes for the better in every sense in thought. In a thought or a childs mind your idea is thinking to not always do, except by the feel in what is corect or by the energy of the core. That is idea in the planet as you are in or think to see in use or think correct, as focus is there and any more will get you killed if a bad attitude. As if an end to war is ending enough.

    Also, this means that you can have the will and the discipline and work hard but attitude can make or break what you are doing. In the end, a negative attitude defeats you as does one expecting to take longer to achieve results, even one that allows memories of a past injury can alter results and actions in training. To have a positive attitude will make the result be clear and a success. As the use is thought to use, so for this is discipline enough.' - Aryn

  1.    The first way is the training way to use activity and decision to make an achievement which effects others or yourself. First, decide on whom to discipline, either it be yourself and/or others. Then cause the target to do things that help them improve on the effect you need them to improve in. Doing the repeat moment enough times that cause the basic idea you are attempting to train, into becoming habit. The more you attempt of an activity, or genres of activity, the more will you build up. This is use to concept where in use you can think idea to use that is other intended result by thought, what you sense easier as thought if your with ability or drop the issue if unwanted pestillence.
  2.    The warriors way is yet another adaptation to this. Its the second way thats done by the self. This is to do things that are impeccable and to store poder. By, not doing things or results, that aren't needed. This is the effect of choosing the more efficient option. Doing something that wastes your time or choosing to do things that you actually need to do. Poder is your personal power. As you use controlled folley to get even better results, you can use controlled folley by choosing on the moment to which you will do.

       Don't do in the act is seeming good or not if wasteful acts are in necessary noting points of view that is tis, still this is basically your focus focused energy to thought or focus energy. Think with in concept to ccreate is there in focusing energy by thought to get by idea or create by thought color, see with focus or think in idea also to make use with focus. Release tension to thought release if no other focus necessary is with release of a cool area that releases the muscles, think from strain or consist sometimes with water by mucus or thought to create uncreates wat shouldn't seem there. If you do or create use a thought of fey or faery to thought, projection if you can see use to create by idea. So focus is energy as energy manipulates to manifest or not in earth energy if no need in use.

       Everything is a choice, with the warrior's way that you attempt because you choose to. Either from thinking about the situation, doing an activity on an educated guess or from doing the choice on a whim. Thus, controlled folley is very enduring. It can be very unique to do your own thing, that you choose and get power from. And we only actually have a certain amount of power that we are born with. That can be redirected to better purposes. As though everything be a personal challenge, seem and if necessary is a fight or flight reaction to or not thought achievement. Work with things that come your way.

       Recapitulation is necessary to reclaim lost memory and poder. Which is named other things as well, like summarization. Listed here @

       Also, try to laugh at everything that happens, as you also laugh at yourself. This improves the mood and you learn to not take everything seriously. This creates an idea situation to do things better and you don't get 'down' on life. Try not to let the things that happen be too much of a concern. And, worry is annulled. As with the saying, 'don't sweat the small stuff.'
  3.    The third way is self disciplining, which be to attempt to achieve that which effects for yourself and have the guff to do things till they are done or you get tired of the actions. Decide which you want to do and go for it! Use controlled folley for things you are unsure of. It helps to talk about and will yourself to want to do the actions with intention to do the necessary acts. Again, don't let things be too much of a concern. In fact, meditation on the act or effect you want to achieve, also meditation on just nothing, is helpful. And, if something was done that you didn't like, laugh it off.

       Feel free to use psychology with these techniques and combine some of them for better effect. Always remember with using discipline, to work with what you get or work around what you get and laugh off the small stuff.

       Controlled folley and the warriors way is from the Castenada books.