All about demons  

General info by merkh ancient gal

  "How do you conceive of demons? This is a drink that is 3 inches from me. This is where americans got the term wrong. They create what they want by chemicals yet this is the feel if forgiven as a concept. I believe in hopes and dreams yet this is nothing if flawed as you remember you realize or figure things ot by ideal. Was this something you did for life, that means dislikes are demons so forgive or you are losing your mind to allow to use then stop losing your mind as that is just energy your mind is your energy in use then, you aren't as you are normal yet the creator removes the insane or area feel that is bad by insane idea as you work thing by resolve to not do unless a pest. Do you notice any consistency in their behaviour? Are some of them be friendly while others are adversarial? Does it make sense to you to consider Enochian and Solomonic greater spirits are 'Lesser' spirits to be viewed as "evil" only from a Christian paradigm and to generalize about spirits associated with no or little disease till insane enough to get disease, this is the people insane enough to do away things is alpha if non advisable or destruction and death as truly inimical to ordinary human life?" So you see this is not or use as this was an ancient posting seen from Cristopers sight this was use by idea. Yet this was seen or not. See as seen use is done your use is gone. I remember this from spirit rememberances.

  "That was from a forum A. O. Cime created as disagreement. Think you see to see use then you remember what is. So we use the area creator or not make the chaos by activity to stop. The temporal shift then or now is the moment you think to create with no damaged genes without degenerated mutated genetics or no damaged genes is the moment you feel is correct. Momentary stupidity then is not yes your creativity or temporal feel is some stupidity or moral no stupidity if water focused to help create. Think you use area feel to create normal or unstupid feel as this is demonism. I think I've seen this enough so I will stop now or then never continue as this is free to fee. Seen is some area to shift by area focus as you think stop, realize whats there then shift of use by feel. This was energy to the area fee to work from area feel." This was a faery there free from activity if seen feel. I don't think fee because they don't like dark energy effects. They are not fee there that form from the use by area energy, seem to neutralize the energy is to create with free energy. If that was a fee its not in your belly.

  Demons start as part of souls that are young and yet you don't have to respond, they aren't daemons so you don't have to worry about being chased down and killed in the road. They are actually not that experienced as they are formed from lies and turmoil. They are inner demons. The old souls either don't have need of them and withstand the demon and ignore this, use this or kill it where it is. They tend in thought to die and remain demonic or feel chaos to use by focusable thought, to change them when they go bad on themselves due to demonic control influence. Seen is the area feel is the point you created yet didn't so this was no reason to exist unless necessary to explore to understand things by use with thought trace or the creators area idea is some area you realize. Demons dement by the way you think, not meant to see with area feel that is resolve. I think by response or use is yield yet allow, so think to clean to use forgiving area seen by the feel or mot to keep by any body shape. See is the feel is focus so you see this if non clean. Sodium is with energy is nitrate or baking soda use to air by feel you don't have to praise anyone or alive by feel or what they want. I see this is then a point you think or create by what you see or live as you wish.

  As you kill the creator of the information to them, their influence ceases or use is thought to not work by feel. See or will think the idea to do, then they might do some idea to use love by activity not or the use if not some as no drugs as its like "I know so no you were supposed to bring me back to oklahoma yet you didn't have to eat sweets".

  When they are truly demonic, as they are released from the body your in thought is harbored as in an idea as an idea a personal degree in thought. If the body in dies during that time, no and they are the demon they formed in the body, yet they appear like the person in common interest by common feel or not as you don't intend. You don't have to believe everything you read or hear as if a thought "or not as thought is no use".

  This is a concept that can see evil or good use, this good is by some idea that is realized and not based on murder. As you are capable to do things and use the era information and feel its alright, if you think to not do or go and continue as this is work allowable. You could continue on forever, so stay away from the idea and think stop and you don't get the urge to feel like doing. What shouldn't be done as if by water you cure yourself as if you do things to frame yourself and create effect by guilt were this is released by letting go of the stress, think better by tense and release with use of the muscles and not killing or hitting and not have to blame thyself.

  The acceptance is living with the results or avoid what you hate, as dismissal from what you practice can see the idea and think otherwise acceptancing by feel. The feel is not feel or not sensing by water from what is there, as you sense tis if you focus and think fix that fixes. What this is by physical feel or the need to use materialistic approach is objectionism. What is not by feel is by sense inthis case, as your idea is not always reproach or the fear from what you might get by what you can do.

  So feel in focus and feel the area energy, as if think and use love potion or idea to seem as if by what you do is create by the feel. This is by what you think and not do as the need is already done, thought to restore energy is meditation or by rest and some relaxed state of mind. As can seem acceptance, tis is the moment or notice to do as you see as if use is there.

  As there is no torment if you accept what is, thought and use as there or not done is if you accept the fact. Tis with a concept otherwise that is seem to create, use you feel and reject the demon as you think forgive. As this is necessary or focus and the need to see life or whatever you do to exist. Tis is how they can feel, act or seem different to the point. This is as energy is there to use as fire is the demons weakness.

  They mostly start to form by thinking of a need an go evil or having as thought is from need with an ego trip think "no ego" and thinking evil things as is with no lust. The young souls are likely to act out what they most dislike with their demon in control. They only give over control, when they don't realize it and they think nope or otherwise nope unless necessary if they act. Greedily otherwise or not is a required function to us as in demonic influence, if overwhelmed by what you do and realize in the idea what you do then you stop as you think or do something else.

  Look as you want, otherwise as you make thought to do things you get thought, if they use natural idea as control is energy over themselves. Young souls have a tendency to want power and get results quickly. With their demon, they seek power and get what they desire, by dark deeds and dark desire for magic. They tend to collect things to substantiate their demonic need in a moment allowed with realization from association time shift by relation and focus is energy to the mention or to the tune of a different thought to a different feel.

  They feed off death and events very easily as they fear they are in ability. They're afraid of real weapons. As you can get into a moment of comformity and not always use the energy in the moment you can direct your will against the thought and the shape your worm takes shape in and its disrupted. Why it forms is when you do things enough, as a willed thought is with allowed energy and actions you are easily forming the idea. This starts by coomon use, as common sharing is with common nature. Leading up to insanity by the need or insane motions that aren't necessary, you can delude yourself in public by thinking things that you want and not done otherwise.

  They only form as they who are support are slightly against you and you are using their energy against the will, the real worm that is right to you as you are only aware of the attempt you can feel like screaming and this when the worm foms. As you feel enchained and dead the worm is there, as this is not possible if you aren't doing things against others. As if an acronym you as your in life it is possible to control your actions and if guided can use words to draw energy from those with ability. This is to use with or for another so try to think and focus, as the feeling is positive as things done can instabilize unless a food sacrifice. As they only treat you like food, if you think you are and give them reason that is not doing wat they ask.

   After they are fully formed by dark deeds, such as killing things and killing idea they dislike, the young soul tends to think possessively. Then if thought, you can call it an inner demon that does exactly what they want not as you cut the scene benevolently. As the young soul gets older, and some demonic souls mature. They tend to become wiser and either lose their demon on death or end up with a truly hideous looking demon that tends to be very powerful. Think as arranged is a thought if end. This who isn't the inner turmoil or lies aren't settled, now your free as then the demon becomes of your in energy essence made by death on death owned in life by event and is a free being, if your in the point and back again as that can be dealt as you accecpt the act is natural will as if your the kitsune with a motion that counter will by nothing. As your the thought your the will, and the act is their will on their own as your way is the will.

  Use love and forgive with white fire thought at it to defeat the demon. Once defeated, they turn to the light and do better for themselves. They tend to go on purification quests to clear the taint and odor of the demon. Love can transform the demon or not allow the idea, when you love someone or love to do things. Master in your lust and greed with discipline and you control the demon.

  Say what you want and you control te deom to do as if blaming from intention or instance by instant idea, as if you need to do, think or say the idea, and the urge disappears where you are as thanks for coming and you can safely use the area to focus energy. As you think and use successful idea, thought is done as or not you work things out from possession and no vicious assault or lie down and rest.

  Demonic art in use or not in used thought as necessary, thought or in not necessary as when you go unrealistic you can use the art of control. That drugs can cause more easily except the right medical herbs are alright as recorded in history as if the history channel you think and feel better by such strong numbing cures as aspen tree bark, oregano, tea tree oil or aspirin as tis with harmony or harm if poplar or pain reliever.

  This is to get away from reality as you cannot accept what is there. Say what you want as you need to say the idea you can safely use. As you think as that works or not you work things out from possession. As your willing to be as you think or consider, they can back away or not seem to be there as you will or think to not be. There and no common nature as there's nothing wrong with it. No attack by what changes you or causes things, this is sometime by witchcraft if a thought that you know is true or not. That or not is no attack by what you see, this as attack if undeserved.

  Energy is energy or not as this and if you feel you can be or are with energy you can create by water or any element such as earth, air, water, fire you feel or create to a thought that is from earth within or created in the air. As water can direct what the direction can do and you direct by focus and common nature is revealed by the element. Fire can heat up the idea you manifest or create as if a fusion piece, by the way if drawn away from the idea you use or create.

  So accept what you do as with results you do things and you are alright, any with any thought this is where the demon leaves and you can think better. As to forgive and think or do whatever in the area, as the demon leaves you as insanity is gone. As the insanity is not as if there and gone your idea is saner and sounding out this is what you can make more sense by the thought, this is by what you make sense with by the thought.

Demons cannot possess a fey, as if they are sensing your whatever you think and feel as you are and not what you seem to think. As if you are riding a monster and this is the point, that if you don't need one or a monster to seem gone in life. The monster is not there, as if the monster is dead. Think and the monsterous nature can disappear by the thought or virtue of love. This is as if "Ding dong the monster is dead" and the demon dies to your senses by your will.

  As if you think energy through the stones, imagine it by feel as you focus your mind to energy that is near. As your energy is energizing something, your energy can seem to be as a will to create by the aura that is suggestion free. Sunlight that has gone thru them now cures them of addiction, imagine it as sunlight energy going in through the stones and as in your able minded your energy is will as your not that bad. As I imagined the heat of the sun and it shining the third eye, thought to manifest is what appears to create as you want and you learn magic as a secret art.

  As they seem much more powerful now, respite not respoke unless its to repair a bike. Thus as your well you have energy that is both male and female energy, represented by gold for male and silver for female energy. That is your soul can see aura to collect from, the aura excess and send it where it needs to go. The magic in use equals more energy gained thru sleep. Think and more energy put to the source, is source temple energy this creates more energy there to use by the temple. As that is collected from the core of the planet. This is how the atleantian can use the pyramid that use is energy and power is the use by infini by a fusion piece or prysm.

  Here's the idea as if your sorry, as no point in thought you create intelligent use tis is intelligent thought by the use or united in nightmare. You can both together fight to defeat the evil and work as if the monster is dead. As time means that is an interesting idea, things in use or not done makes tis not dealt as a blow isn't in the head. Ding is the clear energy by a crystal bell and the monsters not from a drink as it from the area to use and interactions as you believe it to exist somehow or the monsters dead. As this is cool the idea is nothing wrong as you do what seems acceptable, as this is a compromise this is to seem de-possessed now and void shield added is to think by what you sense. As thats all I could sense of the idea from people, and thought not to use not is not to use as you are aware.

  Think water energy is energy and not acid to the point that you make, as your thought isn't my thought in a point that your view is usable or thought used in life. There is an energy an nulle by common nature in a field is what you consider or condone, what you can seem to make use of not insane or thought in the point that you listen to. Thought or not is seen as idea to seem in different idea or your thoughts, pick a different point by spell phrase in life is or is not done if not a disaster unless to block the disaster. This is to deal with energy by the art of supernatural idea.

  So what if the author was mistaken? Then the creator will fix it, cool or not as will is desire or thought about situations are done. Thus as in alchemy, the idea is common idea as if or not a thought. Common nature is common in ancestry and common in use energy, common awareness in individuality is thought in use by compatriatism. As nothing needed in drug use ever need be done, as you feel the need you can stop and not unless necessary to do. The need or not always done thing where you seem, to think and do things is near and where you think you are located.

Sorry thought sorry in life

  If your sorry your acceptance is the idea in thought, thought enjoyment in no more is cool in overabundent use. The point is a thought to the point tattoo energy creates with thought energy. So think this is a cool point in a pattern that stops, think and as you do your own thing. Think and as a certain point or at a certain point you stop parroting. Think this energy creates things no more than you want in life. That is how your idea is how the third eye is manifested, by you or thought in energy that is picked up. As no action that can seem to work if willed to stop, that stops what isn't necessary as you concept idea. As anything planted isn't done ye are good this create point is ended, as you think in life tis is in good enough to use and no the idea by energy stops.

  These effects can be reversed by treatment with negative air ions by active focus in mind, not as you write it or as a point if not intentioned and the writing disappears if you will some idea to seem not literally be there. As if real or seeming as this creates already tested by what happens that doesn't mind you. That is illusion so have fun and do you actually seem to understand?

  So as this is not in or out and not as when you go and feel you are unrealistic you use the art of practical control, now there as this the acceptance of the fact and use is the idea you can see practical. You don't have to do it. If you don't get it, its how illusion works as you see this use. Thought as the illusion on the area in point to the use is responsive an more is less. Time as in more focus or less detail focus and less thought energy, that is noticeable or not as you feel and think this is unnoticable.

  The reality is in then visible after the energy, this is there in use and unvisible in act and not in use by seeing it as you thought. Sometimes rage happens as you see things or create what is with water. To quiet your demon make calm thought, as your energy creates calmness with concentration on thought. As use is the energy that feels wrong in the area you see to sense, you sense to detect or after you observe you direct detect or lucid dream after.

  The tea is a natural curative an yet the idea you can see, is use as a considered thought not looked for in a article. So if your energy is in the focus and the energy is thought to do things, your use is the focus point and things are not observed by choice. As you don't build up in that space, its as its a tattoo when you see it you show or think to show it.

&nbp; When you send energy as ability you can send energy as thought as "not see me and not do me", or "not sense me out" as I have been seeing tis works or "don't see me" is unsensed by feel and thought broadcast forth is by focus. Thats unless thought and necessary to see you, as a basic use is invisibility till thought to see the area in feel. There is nanobites or no use by focus of energy in use by thought, think in activity and this as a point is not eating and as you are unnoticed you are not there.

  Concepted is energy and not always by the use, as your use is the indecisiveness that allows an idea manifest through the body. No as what you do or tis a point to create is with an idea to do in life. Think what you want or will, as if some idea to achieve is done. This is what is if not as you consider, then they might seem to in do or consider in or out with the body to create the idea as nothing is an idea was there or not there as you will.

  As you are aware in senses and no is enough, thin or not as you think as your thought is not there until necessary in life create as you will. As if then your will by energy is over, create or not as things restore to the rite and energy that you consider is done by an act in the moment. As your aware and either asleep or awake you can create with the energy with the spirit by a thought to order or need thats there, think as you are and your returned to your world or not as you don't do things.

  As your done or not as a servant elf is possible and will consists to in do, this is an imitation as if in an area that made to your order you shift. Thought and as you think home to be, as life is possible by the creator in life to create by will. There is idea to ward in and stop to step away from an energy by in movement with the will that loves the body, think to create as your will is what you don't always consider in life. To swirl something and think water in use and what you can do is possible, as it does what you want by thought or a concept not done if a concept not done. Thus its not done unless fair in mind and sudden movement is not so good.

Demonic art recovery by effort

 Think well when a demon is not possessing you and had left you, as you accept yourself for what you do where your left with a slight non feel insanity amidst the energy that is rapid to rise and lower. Things you do in an idea except is accept ability as act is where your body changes, or not as that happens as this can if though not balanced into a semblance of non disruptive behavior can create havoc in creative idea. As if "I think I understand....I can't stop spacing out..I happens every second. Everything just kinda.....stops."

 So think calm be rational and think to drink water think to seem to do things right as the point creates make, the idea is the focus point in balance by what you do. As the balanced idea, this is to seem that you want, thought to stay sane, made by the thought with things as you admit a mistake otherwise to see and do. As if the thought you see and hear, think is by thought is with other things you want to seem and other than that I seem to not need explain more to be.

 As if in this point, if you can feel emotion it is gone to the shadows that they pick up on and if they were inclined to do what they feel they can stop.  This will cause you to manifest, in an imagined form or not something is insane that is there and what you put or included in there. Think as there was and is a world that in every effort generates a form as if a point though is from the particle thats born. As the character denied now you can create any result as if on a purpose, think in life in mind and they won't know what you did.

 This is the moment you think of something, and think the demon within is gone as if the natural energy is the natural moment that you are respite. That is a personal regard that use in anything can get you things, that by natural rhythmic motion creates things and things you do. They are acceptable and you forgive as this is possible, to create with or not as the natural idea is done.
 As you feel insane or are about to lose the sanity, drink water and you are sane as well and good or think and focus on the idea to feel you have to the water. As you drink and if you can, as you think you can you can and thought you have is if instabilized is not there if you can focus or let the moment pass you by and the moment you think is gone as you wait till your stable in mood and your okay with life. This the moment is the idea to think on as you are somewhat interesting or just plain calm and avoid to not do things you shouldn't as you see the words.

 Print and look at them slowly..

Look (think and love to fix what you see)
Allow and don't do

  The way that works is the most difficult part to put words to something and look at the words and feel energy flow through them, a power phrase is think like this is the will and the way as that in life can arrange or situate to make the situation not always happen unless to create itself better and if you think they will work they might as your power is what makes them work and there's a 50/50 chance you think they will as you think or feel when its possible to the person.

Why they might form

  Mostly church goers and religions like christianity foster their demon, and sometimes love it. There have been other cases set in history. The demon tends to cause the thing they want to do to not actually happen. As they in form are there are use and things taken away, it may appear to occur and do things for you, as though it were a power for you. Yet you never truly get what you want, due to onset stupidity and impatience. Often caused by the stress of holding a demon. So, its best to forgive your demon, and kill it with love of fire or imagined white fire that enters the body and kills it as you forgive it. You will know a demon of someone else or a loose demon is near you when you sense something bad and there's no actual source. These demons feed off guilt and also negative energy that comes from bad feelings or positive feelings. Then, they use positive to digest the problem and use the energy to fuel their actions. Demons despise forgiveness and love that is real. So, it could drive them out of you and the area.

  Demons lose their effect on a person when the persons energy raises in vibration, through a higher being or use of higher dimensional energy, like the 5th or 9th dimension. The use of higher dimensional energy is simple, think of the number of the dimension and possibly the dimensional name. Then, attempt to do something positive with love, thinking of the energy of said dimension. Otherwise, think of the higher dimensional being and then ask it for an energy infusion. Such a being could be your higher self, spirit guide or the creator. To call the creator, think of the creator and talk to him. Prayers aren't necessary.

  To some, the term "daemon" by definition as it relates back to ancient japan and other spiritually advanced/developed cultures, are actually wise and experienced spirits, ones which have discovered power and thus have developed themselves to the point where they have discovered enlightenment and wisdom, and have thus carried these qualities over to the hereafter. As with human beings, meeting with a daemon should at all costs be treated with discretion, as one would meet a human, and even more so as you can't always see what lingers nearby and following.

  Except to clean up, they aren't demons and most demons do smell where daemons hardly do. They are actually VERY good and try to be benevolent, though misunderstanding puts them off as evil, so they get shunned or pushed away or even killed blindly without anyone realizing the effect of what they might actually be hurting when it just wanted to be of assistance to the one who accepted it for what it was. Most of us are guilty of something similar because of our own insecurities and inability to accept that part of ourselves as well.

  That may be true for the past. But isn't so true for what they allow. As it relates to the persons need and blindness. That blindness leads the person to act greedily and stupid. The demon would always do whats asked. However, there's no guarantee that the thing asked for gets completion. However, their are some unlike demons but similar. They are the exceptions called beings.

  The thing is that ultimately people can only protect themselves from them because it's your choice to feed them. You got to stay on top of things or they drive you insane and make you kill yourself. To protect yourself, think of white fire spreading through the area. After, imagine a white fire barrier surrounding the area. Think to the barrier 'keep there and keep demons out'.

Dark Demon

   Demean not yourself and ask nought for idea and things are undeniable, as you deny in or out you are a thought that can seem to create with you can if feeling need take in away. If you deny and create with a dark deed, the idea is an act to think and focus as with a thought and use the feel to not do if not intended as if by memory. Thus, there is no dark demon unless you feel you killed somewhere by the daring deed. There is in there as a mood in place, or thought in an idea that manifests from what you do. Their is a will in absolute will or thought as prejudice is in use and if directed, its their will as a loved one or person that is your friend that dies and this victim is a point in an area.

   Think to consider and they might do things to avoid another death if they realize what they did, thats the concept that doesn't always have to have scene as a movie as in your thought this is a point you feel your death. This is as their energy is your use and thought as energy is life, think this is in a life considered your own, and their energy is nought. The dark demon dies as this is the point, stress such as raising things it does as it uses its energy up as to seeem and turns to dust by the strike though thought of "distended stomach" and always from that death as if you could a life.

   Dark demon are formed from in things and out result are such deeds, this is a demon considered arkciva or dark reaver, a demon born of dark matter in man and they become dark when they lock their soul in iron. The dark demon is a black being that is very neutral and hardly felt, except when they do things. They get what they want when they want it, by soul manipulation. With excess energy, they can manipulate souls. They use many means of which they manipulate by. Mostly, they stay trusted by being good in appearance. Otherwise, they do dark deeds to get what results they want. When they get it, they use what energy there by link to get spiritually strong. They do tend to die whence the object is an act destroyed, unless they cause the life force to shift to a new object or dissolve the link. But, they come back to life again, immediately using the life force of the destroyer.
   Unless in life, they were the destroyer in a point and this is from the past life remembered to be doing so, then they use another object energy source. They get what they want, then use it. The more they use the object, the weaker it gets by energy amount and the more likely it becomes breakable. The moment the person dies, is the moment that the dark demon exists freely. The darker the demon gets things by serving darkness, the more they get whiny and disrespectful. They tend to kill the monster that is the man that bears the demon. They also tend to use death and life energy easily. The soul reading ability comes when they gain enough energy. They risk as insanity is there, as their soul is with insanity from iron. They get nasty with iron, in as a darkness as their mood changes and so does their attitudes. Lava defeats them by causing their dissolvation. Call lava by thinking it there in you, it materializes as a spiritual force. Or, imagine yourself going into lava and the dark matter becoming lava. 

Demonic art

   To use demons is to use indecisiveness in action. When you are weak and indecisive you tend to summon demons to solve the possible problem you perceive. When you decide to do things with acceptance or forgiveness and attempt to do them with love and understanding, then the demon disappears. You are not weak, till you decide to be.

The voice of a demon

   The voice of demons can control anything and manipulate it into existence here. The voice actually effects on a lower plane of existence that effects here and causes what they control to do what they want. Except for the higher in vibrational energy people and beings. The voice doesn't control them. This voice is the ultimate tool in their arsenol that can be useful anytime they want to use it. This means demons physically can form in the 4th to disrupt your activity or not if you forgive them.

   The use by feel really is creative use, so you should be warned a demon can physically form by dying with whatever use is words. So you see the real reason the form is there is because you need a clone or seeing is believing so they could create or die the person that is truthful. Even the area if monilithical can empower them. Yet nulle insanity to stop them by feel. As you see the reason you create the feel. Spo to defeat the evil that you think you can use the sunlight as plasma energy to disrupt the energy to the area that kills hem if not empowering them. They spread insanity by activity or use by what they watch don't want to see or know. This acts as a point to aura use to remove their effect. So think sun to create the plasma being.

   As this is a lower realm, they might want control or use idea. As you see your aware you create, reverse the manic deadning or worse feel with no use in beating or use is control by feel by focus to create with the area you see. Block the control so they get outta hot in area seen as felt not or go beserk. You feel them by the "bezerk state you sense" in the area or you really can't feel them you see what they do. Once done the demon can beat the person if informing to use the idea. Say is the truth yet only if you think the area needs the true idea by feel.

   See to not release emotion swings as you see no effects. Accepting is cool yet if you disobey the rules, you see you won't get any bad or worse near them. Yet on leaving if they don't like you they can kill as you see as in as, is means fist to them or not the person you mention or yourself. See as they do idea to let a person go they are normal yet not effect is working with as you see blood. So to dispel the black aura feel or aura they create, you see to not cause war considered a black demon effect cancelled by cancelling or thinking no sentence is use or creation by focus done by feel. Use thought plasma to effect as you use sun energy to cleanse them not always to now look. See use is useful by positivity to use not be cruel. Yet you can use demons as defense or see, as you feel to use except your idea or use intuition.

  See the real people that wrote this died a long time ago, so long that time hasn'tbeen measured to the point they were alive. See the area I saw was not in use so I saw nothing that out of order as they died horrifically. I am a demon so I use idea that I gather information to use if not a trap. So I see what I create as I create the creator creates so this is the idea a birdcage was trapping then time was immortal till they decide to die. The reason this page was existing creates things to use or to understand things. This was useful till I realized not to write till necessary, so they that died remained dead started remaining dead so that explains my purpose. Don't think them alive to use their information. See this was apart of some area episode saw or not as I stopped watching to do something else. Normal people can't do this en is.

  Yellow demons are creative people that come from piss on a dead body. See that is what was use till what you see is seen as the body, seen is as you create or you think then the body cell molecules form to some area or you to work as they that die. So this is the area I noticed has them, see the area to use some idea or your use is useful information that they are live yet you can see them, as died by energy as the energy state is mainly a curse not to you yet to others this seems if you use thought you create some idea. They are alive seeing they are dead after they choose to die. They are omnipotent yet are careful to use not abuse as never abuse they are as they are so if they are what they are you live on.

  Dissolve or not use the piss or scent in the area or thought scent their are uses in useful measures. Their special ability is some molecule or the molecular energy is no control or whatever they think to use. They are molecular proof to what dissolvation or thought can seem disrupts or not, see to use the clean up by the area that is usable info. See as they might not control you if you don't think you can seem controlling. You are aware you can seem by feel or what you see is what you see is decent or able or enough. Seen is able minds as the nucleos or nucleus in idea. That attracts them as yellow energy is seen. As a moth to a fly this is candle keep idea. As a feel your a fetus or not as a cool area, so you see this is use by the feel.

  Seen is seeable use as your user feel is interrupt or focus to the area use. This is nothing or thought to fire to dissolute the energy or energy use is idea in use, so you go away by theory to use I mean science not magic unless necessary. Not as use anymore the user feel is use not the exact use to create "as you see no use" is use or area that felt is death. See the area first before going if you don't understand what I say. Say this is getting us nowhere as you see this is getting, them energy or your not disallowing things by use. Not withstanding the misunderstood use, they are dead demons that are raised demans can do allot that is what these are atleantian idea by what are demons are what we call them today. See as your aware of the use, their use then is something your allowed to the area or not as use is a robot.

  Em is a component to some area or time machine that is broken for ages yet not as use, able to seem activated so to see as you see is aware by area feel. So mostly you see the arrangement is a clean area with a clean room. See that is what I see or am saying to create, seeing to resolve as esolve yet you see to think fire to dissolve the piss essence or not if you perceive to understood area feel. The people they effect are likely to seem charred or charmed if they are disrupted from within to destroy the body one cell with idea to use thought focus or not as defense. The truth? I found a old machine then put 60 billion or not if more age old code to see what happens, see or use as this is so a death god is a monster created by this. Then as given sonic energy irritation is strongest by what you see, the point is or by area use you could see.

  So you are aware to the area or not as to seem or create better. Nothing this is after is what you create that isn't always there by what is to seem or encounter, so you see until necessary then you see or say most likely or not necessary is things necessary. Non em is use emphatic to create sometimes yet not always achieve what you feel. Seen is the point by Dr who that was named xean that is the film prodrice or producers dream doctor to watch, as he was wasted by those that discovered him till death no shit or as shirt on the back then came back till decided to die as decaying was the body or not. No break is possible to use.

  The area you sense is less likely to seem there so don't bother searching. So you see they are aware don't see to create, so as you see if usable or your credit can drop. Seen as you say is the interest or for use or most theory or area is likely, more use to your area if your not there or shift away as you walk. Seen as if derivative is use if found isn't publishable till proven useful. So if your energy is useful, think ahead to create you sight or your not going back. Seeing as your able to use this energy, this is if useful your aware to the wakeful point you see as enochs were demons. Then their way is their own so your way is to dilute in the use to disrupt, the body then by cold feel then hot energy that causes the body to get to dust phase or just before as your not as you see the use.