The alternative elements and manifestation

  This is an alternative elements list and is possible to be used to cause events, that is from idea rattling around in my mind. These are the elements that exist in other realms of existence, the astral plane that is mainly amongst them with planes with allot of energy. It is easily gotten to by thinking your there, long enough that you spiritually or physically shift there. The dimension is the thing that shifts you there, by hearing your thought as a request to achieve.

  This dimension is the twin world, and is the place where most movies model from. Based off the modular spacial elements, that is here for now. This is using an ideal modular energy consciousness, as a point is a fact this picture descibes what is there. That is what happens when you invert it as a modular consciousness tests law upon the unwritten upon. Gotta imagine the square turning inside out. This reveal hidden fields of influence which gather to the revealed ninth point or not noticed is the effect. This is why people say beings travel through corners by feel.

  But as your there in thought and not in body, there are more than 8 elements therein as I only list 9 of them here. The effect of these element idea occurs naturally on the twin world. Still, its like a world away. They are obscure, its that obscurity that makes them so hard to believe, in fact. In the effect I see, I found that you can use them to cause effects almost anywhere. Then dismiss the idea or allow if you think, the effect could only be the cause, sometimes to do else. See or create in idea, as if the effect could be misunderstood and not figured out as you see to how you did it. The higher up on the element's list is the harder to use elements, so this is where the more obscure it is the more you know what it is or not always.

 What you look at things when astral working, this is the twin world sometimes without realizing it, thats effecting things. As its the world whence idea come from, the subconscious tunes into it for an idea or two and the subconscious can do idea there that manifests in this world as it manifests in there. Somehow what things done there can manifest here, as its a part of the astral worlds. Where it is, is on the other side of the object or person. There's a positive side which is here and theres a negative side which is there. Its only perceivable when working with objects or a person. Indeed this world is parallel to the world and not visitable unless you think to visit as you touch an object.

 There's people that are similar to us there, that could easily take our place. Thus the person that we do things with when astrally doing things, this is sometimes the twin world us. Think the point then the twin disappears, so it seems that said person is doing the acts we think of by feel. Sometimes before we think of them. Mostly its as we think of the idea, that causes the manipulation and mimicking element there to 'catch' our thought to be directed by it and make it reality through a similar person.

 We can almost always use them as a guide. The twin world us is perceptive and its a reason why we need to think of the astral world area and then what we want to happen, think to manipulate the astral plane to get natural results or the response. Because we instruct the person in some point you raise or lower in height, this is where those that exist could effect us. As though surviving off our energy by ideal, this is with a twin world to do just that. They have more ability. Now onto the elements.

 The four elements - the elements of earth, air, fire and water along with their combinations from a movie world I visite.
 Life - fifth element or the nature by anything that use is living or with another. The spoken idea and events thought as you speak can create, this use creates or seems where as you are in as well. That use is where or seeming, that you think on with use of intent. Often expressed in love, the life element is truly interesting and can overcome anything in thought. As combining idea or thought with a point to the area, so well energy sensed if violence is by avoidance in use.
 Say or create so what not in thought is thought to use, see in use thought created in use creates by the use in mention or concept by idea sometime by avoidance. Their will is an idea or concept, spoken that can seem done or otherwise possible use in life is mating or use with combined spoken, thought to seem or use in energy focus to the area. Seeming idea is not in use, so what you think to see or show to others is thought. As clairadience to see create or make in the moment turned off by a point or thought use. There is energy by the use or thought in motion to create by the usage if dosage is right.
 Negative death impulse - sixth element that makes anything alive near it be impaled or killed off. It forms as an influence.
 Manipulation influence - seventh element that is possible to use and cause actions by thinking and idea near this manipulation element which can manifest the idea.
 Game - eighth element that is possible to be used to create any game instance effect or just to be there in the game, spiritually.
 Mimic and copy - ninth element that is summoned by idea and thought of mimickry, it causes a body double and copying of attributes of the idea and formed into reality if its thought to do so or the idea is thought on with intent for it to be made to happen. A perfect defense for those searching for someone.

  What they can do or cause, with effort?

Alternative works:

 When you want to knock out somebody, or cause a physical effect elsewhere, use the alternative works. The alternative works involves the astral and the other dimensions, as they can interact here where you are. When they interact through some sort of effort done by you, in released energy they exchange energy and cause results from one object to a body or other object.

 Simply put, if one object gets effected then the other thing linked gets similar effects or events to it, too. So if you crushed a leaf here and it were linked to the astral body of something or someone. The link is produced by the thought you have of the person/people and the subconscious forming it from instruction. Usually on the action you do. This can be spoken or a stomping on a leaf or anything else.

 Then the crushing of the leaf would cause a disaster to the body linked to it. If the body appeared and imitated some form here, then that would count as a link. And, the third body would fail in some way, as well. Because the crushing of the leaf would cause a negative energy that traversed time and went to the linked bodies. So, it all depends on the type of energy you send to another place.

 By, acts of desire and some physical thing. Such as doing some thing in a certain direction, to cause a directing of the time flow on someone or somewhere. Or, saying something with intent, to cause the effect on someone or somewhere. As though an implied force that the subconscious acts out, using the alternative elements. Try not to control people who don't deserve it, as its possible to attain karmic debt that is made good in the next life.

Astral and physical manifestation:

  Astral and physical manifestation is to know how to make something astral physically manifest and is simple.

Method 1:
  1.     To focus your mind
  2.     Think of the object or person and relax for a small time. 
  3.     Think of the target and feel your energy go to it. 
  4.     Think of it as already there to place it or the person using gestures or whatever method. It should make the idea of the target appear. 
  An alternative is simple manifestation and considered part of summoning in method 2:
  1.    To desire what you want to occur.
  2.    Think about it for one thought.
  3.    Then it happens soon enough.

  Technically it, the second method heavily relies on the Law of Attraction, hence why it works. It potentially could alter reality if you so desired, though in very subtle ways. Someone played with it for a lawnmower one day. And it was there in the store waiting on sell as it was found.

  The other manifestation techniques are summoning. Starting with:

Summoning effect 3:
  1.   Well you think of it, what effect you want to occur, and then that will come about eventually.
  2.   As a form of summoning the pheromone or item, or idea to fruition. The longer you think about the effect, the more chance it will occur as though you had it.
  3.   Any negative thoughts will short out the effect eventually or cause a negative result of the thought by opposite synopsis efects.
  4.   Think of the idea enough, as though it was there and you will sometime get that item or effect thought on gained.

  It can be applied in other ways from what you think. As, to apply this with a woman. As to think the person goes out with you, using the same idea as law of attraction for manifestation. Think, of it, as the woman has fallen in love with you. This is like believing that you have a lot of pheromones to attract ladies and soon they will come by effort of your thoughts. This is the simplified form, where you don't have to believe anything. You just have to think about it, as though its a fact and there. Does not always work as it can backfire with doubts.

Summons effect 4:
  1.   To think of your need or want, and then think its there as of the moment.
  2.   Optional is to say your thought as though it were done, willing the result.
  3.   Then See the item or idea as though it were there. Near where you want.

  I found you can summon anything as long as it is needed. This includes idea, items, events and moments. If you speak negatively, as in, 'no, not, don't, haven't, won't' and etc.Then a negative result will happen instead. Like 'I will not die', makes it possible that you die earlier. But a 'I avoid gaining weight but lose weight.' Will cause avoidance of weight and weight loss. Where a 'I will live on and avoid dying' will get what you need, a will to live on and you somehow avoid dying.

  If done right with the first method, you can see the outline, and then act as though its there and use it as though normal, for the object may still appear invisible except by psychic means.

  If you're going to summon a spirit, you better have salt in case if it's needed.

  But don't put the salt on the point you're going to summon the spirit. If you do so, he/she won't get closer to you. Don't be so curious or doubtful, observe and stay neutral. If you're summoning a spirit for a purpose of someone else's who's not related to these things, draw a circle of salt around him/her. And when summoning demons or spirits, have a token of your appreciation ready to be of the summoned spirit or demon so it will do as you ask. A token could be possessing something or someone including you. This is for a short period of time. Or, a token could be an object that you give to them, the spirit or demon.

  How do you understand that a spirit has come?

   -A slight wind of sorts comes from nowhere.

   -Lights go off/on.

   -Your body sorta reacts with vibrations, fizzlings or electricity itself.

   -Your inner speaking just gets lost as its absorbed by the spirit for energy.

   -You become slightly possessed, but that happens because of the electricity between you and it.

   -Candle flame and thoughts can be blown off.

  You will hear or feel everything related to the object and spirit, or possibly, if done right, see it fully. I got the taste of the food I imagined there where I wanted possible, after acting as though it was there and physically doing the gestures to eat it it was. As maybe, an object or something can appear or be apparent.

  With enough of your energy you can make it happen but it doesn't have to be all of your energy. And also, the effects are permanent so it can be a source you prepared. Some invisible food actually spoiled and it was unseen an smelled until I manipulated it to the trash.

  Real money may be manifested this way. Like, in dollar bills or pure gold. But, if you get uranium in your area and you lay on it unseen you could shorten your lifespan. I thought real money could but if you keep it on you it draws real money and it doesn't shorten your lifespan.

  If I manifest a magical item, I can manifest wants much easier. For example; A pendant made from gold with a large emerald on it enchanted to attract money actually got me $50 from my mother a couple days early, along with my debit card and a book to keep track of my spending.

  Okay, interesting thing on manifesting a living being . . . They need exposure to an energy source every day or they unmanifest. Solutions to this could be a pair of objects that channel energy from the manifester into the manifested at a certain time or times, or to be that exposure to the morning sun give the manifested energy to stay manifested.

  Chaos warps the methods, so that the more chaos nearby can effect as to cause what you want always happens. I mean, it can be completely visible to all. As to gain or lose something is completely visible an it seems to appear as visible when you want it an then need it badly enough. Sometimes your actions make it come appear, as chaos makes it appear or its not there. It doesn't always appear near you. It can also appear by it coming from somewhere or from a friend near you. Idea from Skyhawk and additional information from Anonymous.

Skyhawk & Annonymous