5d way of Abundance

  11 Tips for manifesting abundance in 5D!

  1.  Have a global ideal and various personal missions

      If you want the Universe to support you with material, emotional and human resources, you should have a noble purpose which is worth supporting. Creating a good life for yourself may not be a complete mission statement. Just think about it this way, would you give support to a charity with your mission? Is your reason for being on earth compelling and transformative?

  2.  Express gratitude for the support that you do have by feel

      Living in fear of scarcity, of circumstances, use of the future reference and all such negative thinking is associated with 3 dimensional living. If we focus our thinking on the negative aspects that is what we will attract and experience. Expressing gratitude is a more secure way to lock down the higher vibrations in your mind and body which will attract the optimal circumstances into your life. Be grateful for the many ways that you do thrive.

  3.  Keep good company

      Those who think negatively, or who's vibration is less than optimal according to the above mentioned characteristics, should not be entertained more than necessary. Other people are big influences on our energy fields. From the material perspective scientific studies show that your close friends can often reflect your weight, your mood, and your wealth. So use compassionate discernment and see how discussions proceed, what you do, and how you feel when spending time with certain people. To be at your highest potential, you should surround yourself with those that you admire and would like to emulate, because they will probably end up rubbing off on you. Additionally positive, successful people are often well connected socially and are guided by inspiration, so they may support you in ways that you would not have anticipated.

  4.  Purge old energies

      This is usually in addition to negative companions, negative habits, belongings, thought patterns etc. should also be gotten rid of in order to make room for the new 5 dimensional ways of thinking and being. Simple activities such as cleaning your 3D space can free your mind to some extent. Also avoid negative stimulations like wasteful TV programs, used movies, the news, some gossiping, junk food amongst those or more and etc.

  5.  Keep your eyes and mind open

      Opportunities and inspiration come from the limitless mind of the Universe. Having an optimistic attitude that looks for connections and expects good turns of fate is more likely allow life to deliver such circumstances to you.

  6.  Share

      The old concept of tithing can have some truth to it. If you put at least a little of your resources towards a good cause and improve the circumstances of others, you are likely to make positive connections and good karma for yourself. That energy comes back to you in positive ways.

  7.  Practice Positive visualization

      Without getting excessively caught in daydreams or the 4th dimension of illusion, it would not hurt for you to have an idea of your dreams. Visualizing and feeling positively about your intentions can add increased energy to your goals. Just be cautious not to become overly invested in materialistic outcomes. Also if you do not want to be rigid about processes or outcomes because things can often occur in better ways than you could imagine.

  8.  Forget about time

      While using your time well is one thing, to believe that time dictates your outcomes is another. You don't want to feel restricted by normal linear timeframes. With the support of the Universe behind you, things can be accomplished in a much briefer period.

  9.  Learn by intelligence and teach good values

      Keep your intelligence and wisdom expanding in your areas of interest, at least, if not in broad ways. Share this knowledge with others who are interested. This will give room for your mind to expand.

  10.  Be creative with life

      Do creative projects such as writing, making other forms of art, using your body to dance or express, etc. Being creative opens up the doors for further inspiration.

  11.  Connect with your Soul

      Your inner Self is centered and wise. It knows how to get you in alignment with your life mission. It has the quality of peace that allows for inspiration and guidance to flow through you. It will help you to accomplish many of the above mentioned recommendations as well. There are according to the book, "365 ways to connect with your soul" by Courtney Long.

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