The five ways of love/anti-love 

   With the five ways of love, there are five possible ways of love and ant-love in relationships, that are opinions and facts based from observable and most obvious activity. These are warnings of the possible love you can get when its in a relationship. Love being desire or devotion to know to seem right. The goal is to make it seem the right thing your way and be correct by doing in things. As if the other idea is will to respect, in this case the other will know by psychic or psychosis linked to the significant other. This otherwise is known as the other half or whole soul in perspective. Earn the response you get with the right respect to them, which you never guessed at unless you know the future.

  1.    There is the normal love of devotion and working with others. This is where their with work to do things and they sometimes attempt to be the appeasing type and be done with it by things done in idea. Listed here in all about love. This is where you can care and concern for others and work with those whom want to work or think to be worked with. The devotion you have in this is what you think to use with others (sometimes intended with that is want of things or otherwise this is all that matters to them).
  2.   The fighting and hugging type, otherwise described as the fighting or thugging type are sometimes like this. Thinking like this is for fugging love of the moment; you love someone so much that you want to hurt them. By hurt, I mean kill them in some way. Otherwise, their aura influence is an issue that you notice around them at the moment you look in their direction. This is their thoughts with idea, that with by their look, they can cause you bad luck or things to go wrongly (the power of the evil eye). So a walk with a person is sometimes done to prove their stable. That's about all they could do with life and kindness.

      The person usually starts innocently, then they either tell the truth or lie to cover for themselves and then can get violent unless constrained. They don't do it to fuck you up, so they do it to use violence and get some mental pressure off their chest. You may attempt to talk to them and keep up communications until you talk them out of their problems. If intensity arises by feel or thought, don't attempt it. But at least, there is the point to where some don't like this tactic and can get even more violent for the rush of things. This is considered an adrenaline rush which comes to mind and they are off. They can get very jealous until confronted/told the right corrosively corresponsive reasoning.
  3.    There's the fucking love, or the love of wanting to fuck you up. This is the anti-love of the psychopath. Its sometimes badly thought of, as if the person may be emotional. As a point, they can attempt to fuck your mind up first. Next, they might attempt to fuck up your body. But, if there's lust in it, (and this can include the lust of money; which is how a fucked up person will be or think when they need something) then they will attempt to be nice till they get the moment of desire. As they see that there's a need to get something by using you they will seize the oppourtunity to take advantage. Then they go against you for some point or reasoning. If their intense in feeling, and show these actions they are a psychopath in waiting and it's time to go another way, away from them. Even then it's not so safe to be around them unless you are nice and don't speak to them unless they speak to you first or your quiet as they're there. As if you looked at them wrongly, where they feel the gaze so they intensify, and then they are aware to do things if they could get away with it. So they will literally seem passive aggressive at you if you try something in their direction. That's how bad off they can get. So think as my advice is avoid them, and hope you survive the idea that they bring.
  4.    The capturing love, is where you snare someone for the effort and sole enjoyment of it. This is where they go 'I do this because I love you and your worth it.' And, then attempt to do things to capture the love of the other. They must have alot of charisma to pull this charade off, as they try to capture someone into a loving mood as the succubus spider in web, only to use that 'love' to get something from without return (drain you sadomasochistically).
  5.    Finally as you work, this is the spiritual love of the moment. Where they love to do things because of the spirit of the act, or the law of the effort or attraction. They love the moment, not you. The comparison to the spider is used because these entities have the same qualities this is their true selves; nothing more than souless workers of manipulation and cold-heartedness with intanglements of torture for their desired bloody devour. As they get a rush out of just the attempt to do things. Some are adrenaline junkies. Some are junkies, period. This love style is where your in love with being in love. This means you are addicted to love chemicals in your brain ie (Oxytocin). So I justifiably believe that this loves endures the most, due the truth of humanity and the lack of things. This is excepting for the short bursts that will work with the moment by feel and this is where they think or point things out to create what they perceive is appropriate. So to the brokenhearted, you can always be assured that you can have the intuition-based ability to know what will occur. Think as this is obvious by what they do.

   In conclusion, and by the optimistic will-power you can endure the normal love. It is undeniably possible if you think it is worth it or desire a relationship, sometimes both. It's best to avoid the fucking anti-love, and try to prevent the fugging love. If you can't prevent the fugging love, then avoid it as you can and walk the other way as you sense the fugger nearby. The capturing love is okay if you like being used. As the capturing love is objectifying a person, ie the "trophy wife".

   The spiritual love can last a long while if done right, but the thorn in the finger pierces when the person who uses a voodoo style of spiritual love and actually feels its not 'good enough' and wants something more with some who believes in 'not good enough'? Unless they are religious or active and non religious, they can't figure out it is them who are the cause sometimes. This is as if they didn't get enough out of the moment for their enjoyment.

   Where the partner, does in due time. The spiritual love can get intense, for they are devoted to appeasing. They can sometimes appear fake, changing colors like a cold-blooded chameleon. Sometimes for both good and bad intentions and/or for self-serving purposed for that very reason. So be aware and beware that hatred, this I believe coincides with the chemical high of what has been described love. All four, except normal love, are extremely unhealthy and not really love at all.